Marielena Montesino de Stuart
NOT A GOOD MIX: John XXIII, John Paul II... and I
By Marielena Montesino de Stuart
May 1, 2014

*- (This article originally appeared in on the day of the canonizations of John XXIII and John Paul II).

The intersection of modern Roman Catholicism and Communism changed my life forever.

John XXIII and John Paul II once stood at this intersection. Their "contributions" to the Church and to the victims of Communism in Cuba in effect became a patent recognition of Cuba's Communist institutions.

But with Francis in the Vatican and an administration that has modernized the Church beyond recognition – it should come as no surprise that the speedy canonizations of these two men have taken place, without regard to the traditional rules of canonization.

After all, it was John Paul II himself who in 1983 did away with the Devil's Advocate – turning the canonization process into more of a political and special interest operation, moving away from the precise inquiry, discovery and authentication of saints – that until then had been practiced by the Church.

In 1910, the English Catholic cleric, Thomas F. Macken, wrote the following observations in his book titled, The Canonisation of Saints (excerpts):
    The "fierce light, which beats upon a throne" is as nothing compared to this most careful and elaborate enquiry. The proceedings throughout are conducted with much greater care and formality than the most important suit at law. The history of a secular jurisprudence can show us nothing approaching the extreme circumspection observed in these investigations...

    In the processes of canonisation everything is reduced to an exact science. The legal procedure of civilized nations is based largely on the established methods of the Church.

    The great object of all enquiries, from beginning to end, is to avoid all possibility of error or deception, and to ensure that the truth will shine forth in all its brilliancy and splendor
The truth about John XXIII and John Paul II needs to be exposed – but it has nothing to do with brilliance and splendor.

Ah... but you'll alway$ encounter "Catholic" opportuni$t$ who have the nerve to $ay that those who oppose these speedy canonizations are mistaken and confused. Each time I think of the$e individual$ the $$$$$$$$ key gets $tuck on my keyboard.

Hey... if the $hoe fit$, wear it!

You will also find those who love going down rabbit holes – and simply do not want to hear the truth, because they just want to "feel good about themselves."

So... if you really want to know what I think of John XXIII, aka the "Good Pope" (as if the one who immediately preceded him had been a bad Pope!) – then you need to read, "For More than 50 years Catholics have believed this bull...".

John XXIII's "opening" of the Church to the modern world has been a disaster which allowed hippies, homosexuals / pederasts and communists to enter the Church.

Now, Francis is putting the final touches on John XXIII's modernist experiment, called Vatican II (Second Vatican Council).

And if you are not familiar with John XXIII's Vatican II train wreck, then it's about time that you start reading the pages of – but be forewarned that is NOT for delicate minimalists.

Want to know what I think of John Paul II? Then you need to read, "CUBA: 55 Years of Communist Terror, Erased from History."

A victim of "social justice"

I am a living and breathing example of what it is like to be a victim of the "social justice" (socialist) takeover of the Roman Catholic Church.

You see, most of Cuba's priests who celebrated the Mass in Latin were placed on ships and sent back to Spain after Fidel Castro's Communist "revolution."

Very few of these reverent and traditional Spanish priests managed to remain in Cuba.

What followed was the new wave of modernist "social justice" priests and Vatican emissaries – who would "dialogue" with Fidel Castro, while the imprisonments and executions continued in Cuba's hellish, fiery pit.

As far as John XXIII and John Paul II are concerned – they were both cut out of the same modernist, "social justice" cloth – and they were instrumental in promoting "dialogue" with the enemy in Communist Cuba.

So, you can stop wondering now...

No, I do not support the canonizations of John XXIII and John Paul II – because as one who survived the horrific persecution conducted by Communists in Cuba, I see John XXIII and John Paul II's maneuvers of modern Vatican diplomacy from a very different perspective.

A perspective based on experience.

A perspective that is, for the most part, absent in Catholics who have never lived through Communism.

The Catholic Church is a powerful entity – with vast amounts of money and the most sophisticated diplomatic corps in the world. But the hierarchy in the Vatican decided that the "modern" Church would not confront evil head on – and would follow the "dialogue" approach of Vatican II.

Those of us who have been victims of the evil Marxist ideology were caught in the middle of this dialogue – and eventually abandoned. Yet, the truth is that the administrators of the Catholic Church have the influence and the means to undermine political systems – when they want to.

Those who suffer under Communism want their oppression to end. But the modernists in the Vatican simply want to chat about it.

Welcome to the world of "social justice."

Go to mass, go to jail

Attending Mass during Cuba's Stalinist period was a dangerous activity that could land you in jail, but we attended Mass just the same – and took the risks – whenever a brave priest would celebrate it, very much in violation of the atheist state laws.

Some of the masses that we were fortunate to attend were in Latin. This presented a unique and beneficial situation. The local communist thugs, who lined the walls of the church to instill fear in us, could not understand what the priest was saying. This linguistic conundrum was very intimidating to the communists – and it gave us a great thrill.

The Latin Mass was the only Mass I had ever known – until I came to the United States.

HINT: The Latin Mass is the only Mass that your local socialist government cannot understand.

One of the first shocks that we faced after arriving in the United States was the absence of the Latin Mass at the local parish.

This was quite a different environment for me.

In the United States we were suddenly exposed to priests giving their backs to Christ and the altar.

Nothing could have prepared us for such a strange and irreverent practice.

What followed were years of witnessing one liturgical violation after another – which would further strengthen my determination to seek and support the Latin Mass.

We did the best we could to "function" in an environment where people insisted on hugging and holding our hands – while they swung their hips and sang the Our Father. We were made to feel like unwelcomed outsiders when we rejected these theatrics.

Fortunately, I had received my sacraments in Cuba, surrounded by the blessing and the beauty of the Latin Mass.

Modern Catholic "social justice" in Havana

As the years went by we noticed that the Vatican continued to make faint gestures about caring for the desperate plight of the Cuban people under Communism.

But it always came down to just that. Gestures. Nothing concrete.

At the end of the day, it was all about dialogue, dialogue and more dialogue – while the Strait of Florida turned into a cemetery, with the bodies of untold thousands of Cubans who tried to flee from their communist nightmare.

Fifty-five years later, the "dialogue" between the Vatican and Cuba's Communist dictatorship continues with no end in sight.

This is what I call modern Catholic "social justice" in Havana.

Instead of justice, the modernist Vatican has delivered to the Cuban people the likes of Cardinal Jaime Ortega – who has sat laughing next to Raúl Castro, a vicious Communist murderer.

Cardinal Ortega has shamelessly dialogued with Cuba's Communist government – while scolding Cubans in exile who want a TRUE and FIRM Catholic stand against Communism.
    Yet, through it all, both in Cuba and in the United States, my family and I never, EVER, sought the help, membership or company of any lay Catholic group – such as Opus Dei, Regnum Christi, et cetera, et cetera.
We simply did not feel it was necessary. After all, we are practicing Roman Catholics. Our identity is clear.

The age of the Internet

It was John Paul II who brought the Internet to the Vatican – which gave the world access to critical documents and information that would otherwise not have been available to the masses, such as John Paul II's very own praise of Fidel Castro.

Yes, you read that right.

Since this commentary is about "John XXIII, John Paul II... and I" – you'll have to indulge me, while I quote from my article titled, "CUBA: 55 Years of Communist Terror, Erased from History" – published on January 1, 2014 (bold and underline added for emphasis):
    "While this harrowing communist scenario has unfolded for 55 years, the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy, including every modernist Vatican II Cardinal elected to sit on the Throne of Peter – yes, every single one, from John XXIII to John Paul II to Francis-- has chosen to dialogue with communists in every continent, instead of denouncing them head on.

    It's called rapprochement.

    Let's not forget that John Paul II, after vigorously negotiating the freedom of the Polish people from Communism, proceeded to pat Fidel Castro on the back
    , praising his socialized health care and education. John Paul II's double standards are legendary – and his betrayal of the Cuban people has left deep scars in the hearts and minds of many who looked up to him for the work he had done in Poland.

    The average faithful Catholic, unless he or she is actively following the events and publications of the Holy See, has missed the Ostpolitik agenda of the modernist Vatican during the last 50 years.

    Excerpt from John Paul II's address to the Cuban Ambassador to the Holy See, Raúl Roa Kourí, on January 8, 2005:

    "I am grateful for your kind words and for the greetings from Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz, President of the Council of State and the Government of the Republic. I express my best wishes to him for his good health and for the integral prosperity of the beloved Cuban Nation. For this Nation I ask God, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, venerated in your Country under the lovely title: "Nuestra Señora de la Caridad del Cobre," to deepen the sentiments of mutual understanding and genuine brotherhood that will enable the Homeland to be the true home built by all.

    At the same time, I can tell you of the interest with which I follow the commitment of the Cuban Authorities to maintaining and developing the goals they have succeeded in achieving with effort in the areas of health care, education at various levels and culture in its different expressions. The Holy See considers that by assuring these conditions of human life one sets in place some of the pillars in building up peace, which means not merely the absence of war but also the possibility for all a society's members to enjoy integral human advancement, good health and the harmonious development of mind and body."

    Both John XXIII and John Paul II will soon be canonized, as part of the modernist Roman Catholic "saint factory" – without regard for the millions of victims of communism, who these Popes betrayed. This is one of the manifestations of the erosion of Catholic traditions under the disastrous rules of Vatican II." – From "CUBA: 55 Years of Communist Terror, Erased from History" – January 1, 2014.

John Paul II and Marcial Maciel Degollado

The age of the Internet also helped to slowly expose the details of John Paul II's embrace and endorsement of the infamous pederast known as Father Marcial Maciel Degollado – a Mexican-born priest who founded the Legion of Christ and the Regnum Christi movement.

Maciel had a magic touch for raising great amounts of money. He always had a red carpet waiting in Rome, until the putrid smell of Maciel's crimes was so unbearable, that the Vatican was forced to begin an investigation.

The heartbreaking testimonies from those whose lives Maciel destroyed personally – and through his organizations – continue to this day. Yet, John Paul II refused to publicly acknowledge the denunciations that were being presented by victims of Maciel's sexual abuse.

And a camarilla of pederasts remained active in the priesthood – along with their cover-up artists in the halls of the Roman Curia.

Sadly, millions of faithful Catholics all over the world, who are mostly uninformed, sat by their television sets to watch the equally uninformed masses that crowded St. Peter's Square, as today's canonizations of John XXIII and John Paul II unfolded.

This level of ignorance and enthusiasm is reminiscent of Cubans who would pour into the Plaza de la Revolución in Havana, to cheer Fidel Castro during his speeches. No, I'm not comparing John XXIII and John Paul II to Fidel Castro. I am comparing the ignorant enthusiasm of uninformed masses.


For those who are still looking for trouble, trying to put a label on me, let me recap with the following words, which I have expressed to some who are occasionally intrigued about my Roman Catholicism:
    I am a practicing Roman Catholic. The roots of my Catholicism are in Spain, where Spaniards have learned to openly defend their faith for hundreds of years. I come from a long line of Roman Catholic warriors who have carried the Cross to their death. This Cross continued in Cuba, where I was raised as a Roman Catholic, in a country that shut down churches under the government's official atheist (Communist) state laws. I suffered greatly for defending my Roman Catholic faith, but I received an excellent formation in the process – a formation forged under fire.

    My family and I suffered unspeakable persecution as Roman Catholics in Communist Cuba. Members of my family were imprisoned, tortured and executed. My father and my uncles were political prisoners. One of my uncles became one of the longest held political prisoners in the Western Hemisphere.

    As we refused to collaborate or cooperate in any way with the Communist regime, the persecution increased, until they decimated what was once a beautiful and large family.

    As such, I am not about to let anyone – particularly the pederasts, socialists, cowards, liars and thieves who have infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church – corner me and put labels on me. Giving in to such tactics would be a betrayal of the blood that members of my family shed in defense of our Roman Catholic faith.

    In other words, I did not have Catholicism poured into my brain on a cruise ship lecture in the Caribbean, between canapés and glasses of beer.

    I do not see the need to hide in the catacombs.

    I do not see the need to belong to groups.

    Christ did not hide when He spoke the truth about His Father.

    Christ did not hide when they came to torture Him and to crucify Him on Calvary, where He gave His life for us – nor did He join a group to avoid death.

I have watched modernist Princes of the Church be elected to sit on the Throne of Peter, with the enthusiastic support of infamous Cardinals like Roger Mahony in Los Angeles. If these elected modernists want to step down from the throne, in order to tour the world with their "social justice" New Evangelization agenda – then let them.

But I do not have to like their actions.

Just like I do not have to like Francis's proclamations – such as:
One can only assume that the above positions go hand in hand with the meeting Francis held on September 11, 2013 with the father of Liberation Theology, a Marxist Dominican priest by the name of Gustavo Gutiérrez.

As far as the liturgy is concerned, I consider the Latin Mass to be the most reverent expression of our love for the Eucharist. I embrace the Cross and long for its eternal light to lead me. I don't turn my back on it.

I have spent my entire life observing the Church's modern administrators abandon the traditions, richness and beauty of the Church – as they tear the pages they don't like from our glorious Catholic history – while raising their glasses in the dining halls of Communist despots.

Indeed, my life was changed forever at the intersection of modern Roman Catholicism and Communism; therefore, I do not have to like the actions of John XXIII, John Paul II, Francis – or for that matter anyone else who dwells in rapprochement with communists and perverts.

It is my opinion that John XXIII and John Paul II should not have been canonized.

Blame it on my Spanish blood.

Someone has to say the truth...


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