Rev. Austin Miles
Oscar's black flak twist
By Rev. Austin Miles
January 22, 2016

HOLLYWOOD, California 1/21/16 – Who would expect that film actors (or anybody else) would get flak for being nominated for a high level award simply because that they were not of the chosen race? This growing outrage is not based upon the extraordinary abilities of the nominees, mind you, but only upon the race of the nominee.

Al Sharpton who race baits for a living, is, of course, the wind behind these ragged sails, feebly pushing along his leaky boat through the murky waters of racial agitation in an effort to bring unrest between blacks and whites, allowing him to collect huge sums of money for his hustles, but most importantly, keeping him in the spotlight .

This particular award is based solely upon acting talent which is judged on many factors including superb acting skills, the charisma and realism of the actors, how they come across on screen along with the deeply felt portrayal of the character played. The standard is so high that many capable white actors are passed over and HAVE been passed over this year. Read this again.

However, blacks should never be passed over for anything don'cha know. Unlike the whites, they are entitled simply for being. Edged on by Sharpton, black performers have orchestrated hysterical outbursts over the fact that "Every Academy Award Nominee is white! Not one black face can be seen there." They proclaim to all: "This is racist!" Yep, a black should have been included in the awards, not due to talent, but simply because he or she is black. Really?

As a result, a movement has belched out for blacks to boycott the Oscars and at this moment, that would include Chris Rock who has been scheduled to be Master of Ceremonies, which to me is the highest honor anyone could be afforded, black or white. Oh yes, The Sharpton Gang is trying to recruit whites to boycott the event as well.

But alas! A welcome twist has entered these portals. Black actress Stacey Dash, married to Jamie Foxx, said this to Fox News while discussing the "White Oscars" boycott: "I think it's ludicrous. We have to make up our minds. Either we want to have segregation or integration, or if we don't want segregation, then we have to get rid of channels like BET (Black Entertainment Television) and the BET Awards and the Image Awards where you're only awarded if you're black."

During her interview, according to AOL News, she had also said America should get rid of Black History Month. "If this was the other way around, such as a White History Month, we would be up in arms. It's a double standard."

As to be expected, Ms. Dash took a lot of heat over her views. There was one person who did stand up for her. Academy Award Winner Morgan Freeman who also opposes Black History Month, but has never taken as much heat as Ms. Dash has for believing that all people advance due to their acquired abilities.

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