Rev. Austin Miles column
Rev. Austin Miles has broken many major stories including the required study of Islam in the public schools, and reviews books, movies and concerts which brought him an award from University of California at Fullerton for Critical Review. He was a writer/researcher and technical consultant for the multi-award winning series "Ancient Secrets of The Bible," which debuted on CBS TV and has been in constant re-runs since.

FINALLY! Prosecutor jailed for false conviction
Rev. Austin Miles
March 25, 2015

GEORGETOWN, TEXAS (3/24/15) – According to a breaking story in the Huffington Post, former D.A. and Judge Ken Anderson pled guilty to intentionally . . .

A man called Glesty--an unlikely suspect
Rev. Austin Miles
March 23, 2015

SAN DIEG0, CA (3/21/15) Glesty Waters, an auto mechanic, could be called a good ole boy. He is a home-spun man who loves his family, our country, and God. He is . . .

Belief in Satan a psychiatric disorder?
Rev. Austin Miles
March 18, 2015

BRENTWOOD, CA (3/17/15) – ”The question above is a carefully planned device to direct people into disbelieving a real and present danger. We are . . .

BREAKING! First ever 3-male "marriage" ceremony!
Rev. Austin Miles
March 14, 2015

LONDON, ENGLAND (3/12/15) – There was no lack of it being foretold. We could all see it coming when the homosexual lobby pushed to redefine marriage, . . .

Obama declares war on chaplains--not ISIS
Rev. Austin Miles
March 11, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. (3/11/15) – A newsletter had just been sent to Northern California Chaplains who had trained under me, extolling the accomplishments . . .

New-Age cure-all fear lecture on PBS
Rev. Austin Miles
March 10, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (3/9/15) – The government broadcasting network, PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), presents some great documentaries, lectures and of . . .

Obama's intention--no further elections!
Rev. Austin Miles
March 5, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. (3/3/15) – All America should feel profound disgust with the way Obama snubbed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his . . .

Dumbest judge decision yet
Rev. Austin Miles
February 22, 2015

RICHLAND, WA (2/21/15) – Thank God we have some real judges like Judge Roy Moore scattered about who uphold the constitution and religious freedom . . .

Obama's solution--send social workers to ISIS
Rev. Austin Miles
February 19, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. (2/18/15) – At last Obama has come to an intelligent conclusion about dealing with ISIS (his kinfolk) that makes sense. Forget about . . .

Obama's fingerprints on beheading knives
Rev. Austin Miles
February 17, 2015

CAIRO 2/15/15) – While Obama plays golf and apologizes for America, the Muslims committed yet another atrocity aimed specifically at Christians.  . . .

ObamaAlert! True history of the Crusades
Rev. Austin Miles
February 12, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. (2/12/15) As expected, Obama used the National Prayer Breakfast to exhibit his contempt for Christianity. At least he is dependable. There are . . .

Shocking reason Obama skipped Paris anti-terrorism stand
Rev. Austin Miles
February 9, 2015

Following a vicious attack of a cartoonist' office and a Jewish market in Paris, which killed and wounded innocent unarmed civilians, the top world leaders . . .

IS the news media REALLY biased?
Rev. Austin Miles
February 7, 2015

That question in the headline is so stupid that it would be like asking if The Pope is Catholic. This past Wednesday we got an understanding of the . . .

BREAKING! Obama's kin slaughter children and babies!
Rev. Austin Miles
February 4, 2015

WARNING! PHOTOS IN STORY BELOW DISTURBING! NORTHERN IRAQ (2/3/15) – Obama's kin are, at this moment, beheading Christian children systematically after . . .

Obama throws israel under the bus
Rev. Austin Miles
February 1, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. 1/31/15 – Obama is the most anti-Christian, anti-God, anti-morality, anti Constitutional "president" in the history of The United States. . . .

D.A. refuses to toss fabricated case against minister
Rev. Austin Miles
January 28, 2015

MARTINEZ, CA (1/27/15) – An intriguing case in 1994 was and still is closely watched. A minister was charged with "assaulting a police officer with a fax . . .

BREAKING! Joe Franklin father of TV talk shows dead at 88
Rev. Austin Miles
January 26, 2015

NEW YORK CITY (1/25/15) – When Joe Franklin passed away yesterday (1/24/15) it truly marked the end of an era. His was a familiar face on TV and a . . .

Winning Academy Award NOT an entitlement!
Rev. Austin Miles
January 21, 2015

WALNUT CREEK, CA (1/19/15) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a REAL 'reverend,' was a sincere man with a sincere mission. His sacrifices and efforts resulted in the . . .

Protesters' communist sponsorship PROVED!
Rev. Austin Miles
January 16, 2015

World Communist leaders have taken seriously and manipulated an old saying of absolute truth: "A house divided against itself cannot stand."** In their . . .

Freedom of speech throats need tonsillectomy
Rev. Austin Miles
January 14, 2015

When can the brakes be applied to Freedom of Speech when that speech pushes people to cause destruction of property, rioting, looting and provoking the . . .

Critic slams minister for New Year's Eve story
Rev. Austin Miles
January 1, 2015

ANTIOCH, CA (12/31/14-NEW YEAR'S EVE: The ink was not even dry on my New Year's Eve story published earlier today, when an email was fired off objecting to my . . .

Edgy petitions for new year
Rev. Austin Miles
December 31, 2014

WALNUT CREEK, CA (12/31/14-NEW YEARS EVE – It was ASTONISHING to see the crowd packing into the club house last evening for an invitational Christmas/New . . .

Buffalo herd reacts to wedding
Rev. Austin Miles
December 29, 2014

FREMONT, CA (12/28/14) Animals, both big and small, are very attuned to the spiritual world and yes, to God Himself. That is not exaggerated. I once had a . . .

Christmas feature: Santa's surprising origins
Rev. Austin Miles
December 24, 2014

MYRA – (Editor's Note: This story was first published on December 20, 2001. It has been picked up and re-published all over the world every year since, . . .

Christmas or holiday cards to politicians?
Rev. Austin Miles
December 20, 2014

Approaching the holidays, once again, the difficulties arise as we attempt to wish each other Seasons Greetings without making anyone mad. It is so touchy that . . .

Pope agrees--dogs go to heaven!
Rev. Austin Miles
December 15, 2014

ROME 12/14/14 – At last I can totally agree with a current Papal Proclamation. OK-OK it is not officially a proclamation but it might as well be since . . .

Candy cane monster strikes soaked California
Rev. Austin Miles
December 12, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO-12/11/14 – As everyone must know by now, California is practically underwater with fierce rains not usually seen in The Golden State. In . . .

State violates church separation "law"
Rev. Austin Miles
December 9, 2014

Obama's greatest ally is the Marxist ACLU which carries a loaded pen ready to fire off a brief at any expression of Christian activity that might be seen or . . .

Don't tell others to be compassionate--adopt a thug
Rev. Austin Miles
December 3, 2014

From the mid-west to the Middle East, efforts, are being made to tear up America. Blacks in Ferguson, Missouri, under Communist leadership, went on a rampage . . .

Obama rated 5th best president in our history
Rev. Austin Miles
November 30, 2014

COLLEGE STATION,TEXAS (11/28/14) – When frequent contributor Rev. Ed Berkey (retired) sent me this in an email, like you, I yelled out a loud – WHAT . . .

How many sex partners? YOU???
Rev. Austin Miles
November 27, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (11/26/14) – When newlyweds have that first night together – at least that is the way it was at one time – there were six . . .

U.S. citizens' indentured servitude!
Rev. Austin Miles
November 20, 2014

SAN MATEO, CA (11/18/14)--Indentured Servitude is a phrase seldom used today. It is time to re-introduce it and put it boldly front and center since it's . . .

Founders: were they or were they NOT??
Rev. Austin Miles
November 14, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C.-11/13/14 – In an effort to relegate our history and our Constitution into the PC dust heap, The Founding Fathers are being trashed by . . .

Obama castrated--the people spoke!
Rev. Austin Miles
November 6, 2014

At last the people, have spoken. Republicans are now in control of the Senate and The House for the first time since 1940. Back then there was a decency in . . .

Blazing politics--the devil you say!
Rev. Austin Miles
November 3, 2014

Beware the Ides of Tuesday! The election is upon us. Like the gup spewing from the exploding volcano in Hawaii creeping toward the town of Pahoa to ensnare it . . .

Politics and Halloween--the perfect match
Rev. Austin Miles
November 1, 2014

Here is the intent: If Obama's scheme makes it through, there will be no further Presidential elections. This has been planned for a long, long time. One thing . . .

New clothes without an emperor
Rev. Austin Miles
October 31, 2014

An empty suit occupies The Oval Office and has managed to drive America to the edge of the cliff to push us over, and he will if he is not removed from . . .

Surprising Sheriff Joe info
Rev. Austin Miles
October 30, 2014

MARICOPA COUNTY, AR (10/28/14) – Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona, labeled, America's Toughest Sheriff, is spotlighted in my upcoming book, Angels Unawares-4 . . .

How dead is brain dead?
Rev. Austin Miles
October 27, 2014

OAKLAND, CA (10/26/14) – An issue dominating the news is a diagnosis called, "Brain Dead." This too-long awaited discussion topic has been brought into . . .

Chaplain's certification ceremony in California
Rev. Austin Miles
October 23, 2014

ANTIOCH,CA (10/19/14) – During a formal ceremony held in Antioch Covenant Church, nine chaplains were duly certified to serve their communities. This . . .

Chimps made a monkey out of me
Rev. Austin Miles
October 14, 2014

Attention Readers: As you know, my book, Angels Unawares-4 Legged Ones, with the subtitle: What the Church Didn't Teach Me I Learned From My Poodle, was . . .

Abolishing death penalty for animals
Rev. Austin Miles
October 9, 2014

MARTINEZ,CA (10/8/14) – Defendants who have done absolutely no wrong, offering nothing but love and service to those who need them, suddenly find . . .

Islam--Religion of peace? Read the book!!
Rev. Austin Miles
October 6, 2014

To KNOW what a religion is about, read their 'sacred' book. If you do not, you can be caught totally unprepared for destructive surprises such as September 11,  . . .

WW II vet's letter to Obama
Rev. Austin Miles
October 5, 2014

This letter from a WW II veteran and a Pearl Harbor Survivor has made the rounds. He died at the age of 96 on Tuesday, May 17, 2011. Obama had been in office . . .

"Strangest" little known Major League catcher
Rev. Austin Miles
September 28, 2014

It is amazing how little we actually know about people we think we know, or know of. Bob and Geri Boyd, hosts of the excellent national radio program, Issues in . . .

BOOK REVIEW! Lutheran Bible Companion
Rev. Austin Miles
September 24, 2014

Becoming educated about all essential things is the duty of all who would contribute the most to the world. These essentail things include knowledge of The . . .

Public schools quietly drugging students
Rev. Austin Miles
September 22, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. (9/21/14) – This outrageous government action has been taking place right under the parent's noses. It was brought out years ago by . . .

Ferguson shooting--the rest of the story
Rev. Austin Miles
September 21, 2014

FERGUSON,MO (9/19/14) – Are you as sick and tired as I am of seeing daily "news" references to the Ferguson, Missouri shooting, proclaiming that a WHITE . . .

Senate chaplain's censored 9/11 prayer
Rev. Austin Miles
September 13, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. (9/11/14) This morning a special 9/11 ceremony was held in Statuary Hall in the Capitol featuring the awarding of Gold Medals for heroes of 9/ . . .

ISIS-Islam-The Koran and 9/11
Rev. Austin Miles
September 10, 2014

Frequent contributor, Rev.Ed Berkey (Retired) sent us a wonderfully written public letter from an American Airlines pilot. The only part I would disagree . . .

Cal Gov slips $1.6 BILLION to Common Core promoters!
Rev. Austin Miles
September 6, 2014

SACRAMENTO,CA (9/4/14) – The ancient Greek philosopher, Protagoras, stated, "Man is the measure of all things." A man of such wisdom no doubt understood . . .

Where are Obama's girlfriends?
Rev. Austin Miles
September 2, 2014

How much value would a degree from Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, or the University of California be if suddenly there would be no entrance exam, tuition, . . .

Obama vacations while Marine rots in Mexican jail!
Rev. Austin Miles
September 1, 2014

LABOR DAY WEEKEND (7/31/14) – As Americans celebrate Labor Day with partying, barbecuing, and visiting with family, one American [who] will be NOT be with . . .

Military nixes (legal) marijuana on bases
Rev. Austin Miles
August 29, 2014

Obama has managed to abolish God from the military, forbidding military chaplains to say the name "Jesus" in chapel services and at funerals, has reshuffled the . . .

BOOK REVIEW: God laughed
Rev. Austin Miles
August 27, 2014

It has often been said that "God has a sense of humor." He must have to have This reviewer has often chuckled over a curiosity in The Bible, such . . .

Marxism, Satanism and Obama
Rev. Austin Miles
August 25, 2014

Does anybody know what Marxism REALLY is? You will be astonished to learn in the story below. Hint: The first thing Marxists do when they overtake a country is . . .

Journalistic malpractice in Ferguson!
Rev. Austin Miles
August 22, 2014

FERGUSON,MO (8/21/14) – The real crime committed in Ferguson, Missouri was the Communist instigation and orchestration of the riots to make this a racist . . .

Phone scammers target injured veterans!
Rev. Austin Miles
August 15, 2014

MARTINEZ, Ca (8/14/14) – The most shameless marketing scheme of all time, driven by people with no conscience whatsoever, targets injured veterans as they . . .

BREAKING! ISIS planning attack on U.S. as Obama golfs
Rev. Austin Miles
August 12, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. (8/11/14) The FBI and U.S. Intelligence officials have warned the White House and Congress of the intent of ISIS ((Islamic State of Iraq . . .

MilesTones: Dumbest university lecture invite EVER!
Rev. Austin Miles
August 9, 2014

It is not that the invited lecturer is not well known. On the contrary, Francesco Schettino was the captain of the Costa Concordia, one of the largest . . .

2nd attempt to silence blogger + animal book excerpt
Rev. Austin Miles
August 6, 2014

ANTIOCH, CA-(8/5/14) – Yesterday, while nearing the 3 million visitor count, another attempt was made to shut down my website:, . . .

Tony LaRussa a star of more than baseball
Rev. Austin Miles
August 2, 2014

Tony LaRussa, who has been very much in the news lately, was inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York on July 27, 2014. However, he is . . .

MilesTones - in praise of Obama
Rev. Austin Miles
July 29, 2014

Yes, you read that headline correctly. (Brief pause while readers pick themselves up off the floor.) Despite immense criticism for virtually . . .

Serious health risk in eating meat!
Rev. Austin Miles
July 27, 2014

WASHINGTON,D.C. – (7.25/14) – Full disclosure: I stopped eating meat long ago. First of all, as Dr. Doolittle played by Rex Harrison said in . . .

A country founded by geniuses but run by idiots
Rev. Austin Miles
July 18, 2014

This classic analysis was brought to our attention by Frank W. Brown who responded on a blog site with a story about the state of affairs of our government. . . .

Cops killing family pets MUST stop
Rev. Austin Miles
July 14, 2014

A recent disturbing story in World Net Daily should make everyone's blood boil. I know it certainly did that for me.This horrific action must be stopped and . . .

VA personnel steal pain killers from vets
Rev. Austin Miles
July 9, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. (7/9/14) – The best 4th of July celebration of all was the one held on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol. And how good it was to see . . .

Go 4th to D'Souza's "America" - Movie Review
Rev. Austin Miles
July 4, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO,Ca (7/3/14) The best way to celebrate this 4th of July Weekend is to rush to the nearest theater showing Dinesh D'Souza's "America – . . .

Why power grids targeted and by whom - eye opener!
Rev. Austin Miles
July 3, 2014

The Daily Caller headline and story on Monday June 30th inadvertently tells only PART of the story: Hackers Have Quietly Penetrated Over One Thousand Power . . .

Minister's popular website seized, shut down!
Rev. Austin Miles
June 28, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC – Obama does keep his promises. He has let it be known that He intends to control the internet. That would include blogs and websites . . .

Christians suffer in Middle East wars
Rev. Austin Miles
June 23, 2014

BAGHDAD, IRAQ – Whenever Christians are caught in the crossfire of civil wars, (but always in the cross-hairs), Christian Aid Mission is the one . . .

Falsified marriage stats benefit LGBT
Rev. Austin Miles
June 19, 2014

How accurate are the statistics that are published as fact? A major targeted area is, of course, anything Christian, with manipulated stats dedicated to . . .

Obama arresting citizens who criticize him!
Rev. Austin Miles
June 18, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC – While marching America into Communism, Obama, right from the beginning, was not subtle. He told Joe The Plumber that he intends to  . . .

Obama spiritual adviser catches flack
Rev. Austin Miles
June 16, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Not many people are aware that Obama has a "Spiritual Adviser." The mainstream media has been mostly silent about it leaving only a . . .

Is it OK for Christians to take a drink?
Rev. Austin Miles
June 12, 2014

First, let it be established that The Bible nowhere states that drinking will send you to hell. It might get you there sooner, but the act itself is not listed . . .

MilesTones: racial-gay slurs quarantined
Rev. Austin Miles
June 7, 2014

WASHINGTON,DC – It is now a punishable offense to even THINK politically incorrect views. But to actually SPEAK them is worse, especially racial slurs . . .

Words of prey scramble minds
Rev. Austin Miles
June 3, 2014

We live in a world of increasing Manchurian Candidates, meaning that minds are captured, seduced, brainwashed and programmed to do precisely what those who . . .

No church welcome for young soldier
Rev. Austin Miles
May 26, 2014

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND-FT. RILEY,Kansas-early 1950s – As the troop train rumbled from Ft. Sheridan, Illinois to Ft. Riley, Kansas, many thoughts were . . .

Paying to be indoctrinated
Rev. Austin Miles
May 24, 2014

The word 'propaganda' is tossed about freely with that word suggesting involuntary indoctrination. And we blame the government and the media for influencing our . . .

God's miracles amidst raging California fires
Rev. Austin Miles
May 22, 2014

BRENTWOOD, California 5/20/14 – We learned about this at a reception given for U.S. Congressional Candidate Tony Amador of California's 9th District, . . .

2nd Amendment WINS in liberal state
Rev. Austin Miles
May 17, 2014

SPOKANE, Washington 5/16/14 – Pastor and Attorney Richard Lee is not one to blink an eye at powerful opposition from the left as he defends Constitutional . . .

The empty cupboard and a mother's faith
Rev. Austin Miles
May 10, 2014

(When this tribute was first published a year ago, the touching responses were such that it has become a permanent part of the Mother's Day celebration, which . . .

Efrem Zimbalist Jr. dead at 95
Rev. Austin Miles
May 5, 2014

SOLVANG, California – Efrem Zimbalist Jr., the suave film star with the beautiful cultured resonant voice, who starred on the popular TV series, 77 Sunset . . .

Planned racism
Rev. Austin Miles
May 4, 2014

LOS ANGELES,California (5/3/14 – The most vilified person on the planet at this moment is Donald Sterling, a very rich man who has been the owner of the L . . .

Hated for all the right reasons
Rev. Austin Miles
April 28, 2014

ANTIOCH, California 4/27/14 – When leaving my place outside New York to travel to Antioch, California, a part of that journey includes a visit to Antioch . . .

Intellectual stupidity !
Rev. Austin Miles
April 25, 2014

Would a gifted artist create a masterpiece, then splash a bucket of paint on it? That not only would prevent the painting from hanging in a prestigious salon . . .

Brain-bending: atheist and Christian views on life compared
Rev. Austin Miles
April 23, 2014

Are Christians and atheists at opposite ends of the pole or is it a simple matter of up and down? Is one system at the top of the pyramid or the bottom of . . .

Easter special--how Jesus might look back at the cross
Rev. Austin Miles
April 19, 2014

Note to Readers: When this story was first written in the late 1990s it immediately hit a responsive chord, was published world-wide, and has been an annual . . .

Fed's attempted Nevada land grab a test
Rev. Austin Miles
April 17, 2014

CLARK COUNTY NEVADA – This past week the government attempted to hijack The Cliven Bundy Ranch, a family farm that had been in existence for 140 years . . .

Rev. Austin Miles
April 13, 2014

Why is the world in such incredible disarray and chaos? Simple. According to an explosive book, it is due to the deliberate skillfully managed disinformation . . .

Doc sez "I correct God's mistakes" (?)
Rev. Austin Miles
April 8, 2014

BUSAN, South Korea – This is the most arrogant statement ever uttered by any human being not caught up in Noah's flood but no doubt would have been . . .

Noah's ark hijacked by atheist pirates
Rev. Austin Miles
April 3, 2014

LOS ANGELES, California – It is time to deal with Hollywood producers who misappropriate biblical names to deceive believers in God to trust that their . . .

God's Not Dead a Hit--with ALL
Rev. Austin Miles
March 31, 2014

BRENTWOOD,California (3/29/14) – The last time I heard applause during a film was for Donald O'Conner's wonderful "Make 'em Laugh" number to cheer up his . . .

God now a physicist hacker???
Rev. Austin Miles
March 25, 2014

STANFORD UNIVERSITY, California (3/24/14) – Reading the news is a unique adventure these days. It can be a bit entertaining to maybe nibble on, but . . .

Phenomenal young Phantom star
Rev. Austin Miles
March 11, 2014

ANTIOCH,California (3/9/14) – Many Phantoms of the Opera have graced the world stages. The youngest actor of all to play that demanding role just took his . . .

Roadshow gets audience IN THE MOOD
Rev. Austin Miles
March 8, 2014

ANTIOCH,California (3/5/14) – Leaving my home outside New York to come to Antioch, California to visit minister-author Ron Partain, I was surprised by a . . .

Talking parrot solves murder case
Rev. Austin Miles
March 6, 2014

AGRA, India (3/4/14) – It was not a stool pigeon that brought about the undoing of a murderer, but a talking parrot named, Hercule. Recently in India, . . .

The prayer of a clown
Rev. Austin Miles
February 22, 2014

WEST ASHEVILLE, North Carolina – Have you ever heard someone say this about an individual? "Ah, he doesn't have a prayer." That could be about someone . . .

Sochi's heartless killing of dogs - U.S. Olympian takes stand
Rev. Austin Miles
February 16, 2014

SOCHI, Russia – It was shocking to learn that Russian authorities have ordered that all stray dogs in the vicinity of Olympic Village (which includes many . . .

MilesTones - naked church bares more than souls
Rev. Austin Miles
February 13, 2014

BUT FIRST – Minister's Puzzling Black Eye. I wanted to wear dark glasses to church this last Sunday, but Shirley said that wearing them would just call . . .

Flags at half mast--full honors funeral for K-9
Rev. Austin Miles
February 7, 2014

PITTSBURGH, Pa (1/7/14). The humanity of dogs was spectacularly confirmed this morning when a full fledged funeral was conducted for Rocco, a K-9 Officer . . .

TVs Animal Planet - cruel fakery for money
Rev. Austin Miles
February 6, 2014

Animal lovers rejoiced when the new network, Animal Planet, made its debut. It originally showed the beauty of the animal world with such personalities as Steve . . .

No animals harmed in filming?
Rev. Austin Miles
February 2, 2014

At the end of films using animals, a comforting notice is flashed on screen with an American Humane Association's (AHA) "No Animals were Harmed" credit. Those . . .

MilesTones: Global warning certainty - newspapers' usefulness - end of life decisions
Rev. Austin Miles
January 26, 2014

The Dotted Lines: As you know, California is experiencing its greatest drought in history. It is so dry out here that we received a letter from L.A. and the . . .

MilesTones - Vital recall notice
Rev. Austin Miles
January 22, 2014

(Note to readers: This recall notice should be instantly and earnestly acted upon since it affects the very lives and being of of every living thing on earth.) . . .

Auctioning a license to kill!
Rev. Austin Miles
January 18, 2014

"Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself." James Anthony Froude . . .

Indiscriminate police killings of family dogs
Rev. Austin Miles
January 16, 2014

Outrage is growing over the shootings of beloved family pets by police officers who have stormed into homes, oft times with a wrong address, and quickly kill . . .

Wild animal hospital unlike any other
Rev. Austin Miles
January 7, 2014

WALNUT CREEK, Ca. The word undoubtedly had spread through the woods that our backyard was animal friendly territory. Many visitors have come through including a . . .

BREAKING! The Mark Now implemented!
Rev. Austin Miles
December 28, 2013

"No one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding . . .

Part 3 - Conclusion-Tchaikovsky
Rev. Austin Miles
December 27, 2013

Part 2 covered the desperate fight Tchaikovsky had against his sexual orientation. We now cover the one woman that the composer deeply loved and might have well . . .

Santa's surprising origins
Rev. Austin Miles
December 24, 2013

MYRA – (Editor's Note: This story was first published on December 20, 2001. It has been picked up and re-published all over the world every year since, . . .

Part 2--Tchaikovsky's torment
Rev. Austin Miles
December 23, 2013

Part one left off with the torment of the death of his mother that he talked about openly. Now we come to the torment that he could not speak of openly, . . .

Tchaikovsky--the conflicted genius
Rev. Austin Miles
December 21, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO. As Christmas approaches, it is to be noted that a couple of days ago, December 18th to be exact, was the day in 1892 that The Nutcracker Ballet  . . .

It's true--a sow's ear into a pink purse!
Rev. Austin Miles
December 20, 2013

BETHLEHEM. There are those who uglify the world. (That sentence introduces a new word, courtesy of MilesTones.) They uglify cities, roadways, the neighborhoods . . .

When you have wronged someone
Rev. Austin Miles
December 16, 2013

(Below is a very personal message from Rev. Austin Miles that will surprise many. And this is a public apology to the memory of the late Rev. Len Evans)  . . .

BOOK REVIEW: The New Sociology of Knowledge
Rev. Austin Miles
December 11, 2013

Those with a scholarly bent are invited to an intellectual barbeque prepared by Transaction Publishers. Here is where the definitive books on every issue of . . .

MilesTones - Macy's-kinky boots and Santa
Rev. Austin Miles
December 2, 2013

NEW YORK, NEW YORK.(12/1/13) So what does transvestites in kinky boots have to do with Thanksgiving and Macy's Department Store? Let's begin with the history of . . .

Ugg Boots-fur-suffering and Lady Gaga
Rev. Austin Miles
November 28, 2013

Warning to readers. There are specific references to the fur and UGG Boot businesses and how those furs are obtained. Even though extremely disturbing, this . . .

So you want to be a celebrity
Rev. Austin Miles
November 18, 2013

There was a time when being a celebrity was a highly privileged position. Those in that category were treated like royalty and respected. They were under strict . . .

MilesTones - playing billiards with David Hume
Rev. Austin Miles
November 12, 2013

I became obsessed with the idea of playing a game of billiards with the late philosopher David Hume. But how? I stopped in the Los Medanos College Laboratory . . .

MilesTones - trillion dollars no big deal for Obama +
Rev. Austin Miles
November 6, 2013

To put that amount of money into seconds brings it into focus. A million seconds is 12 days, while a billion seconds is 31 years. A trillion seconds, now hold . . .

MilesTones - A new and improved Ten Commandments
Rev. Austin Miles
November 1, 2013

Jerry Newcombe's current story, A Secular 10 Commandments ( index.php/more/469 ) unlocked the recesses of deep thought from years . . .

Sticker shock! A BillionBucks to PROMOTE Obamacare +
Rev. Austin Miles
October 30, 2013

While the Obama Administration pathetically pleads the need to "cut back" on government spending due to the orchestrated shutdown, Mr. Obama, to sincerely . . .

MilesTones - Obama dictates "girly hats" for military
Rev. Austin Miles
October 28, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. Earlier we reported that Nancy Pelosi, determined to ramrod through the 2,014 page Obamacare Bill that nobody had read, famously said, "Look, . . .

MilesTones - cocked eyebrow tidbits
Rev. Austin Miles
October 24, 2013

ANTIOCH,Ca. (10/22/13) Outrage arose yesterday during a walk while encountering a young woman named Erika with her dog, Nala. the outrage was not at . . .

MilesTones - Washington Redskins name flap resolved +
Rev. Austin Miles
October 19, 2013

Carol Lee Olson, the popular Senior Columnist for the Contra Costa Times just forwarded a news item of interest: Team Folds Under Pressure And Changes . . .

BOOK REVIEW - The Disunity of American Culture
Rev. Austin Miles
October 14, 2013

Philosopher Immanuel Kant was so startled by reading David Hume's "An Inquiry Concerning the Human Understanding," that 'it awakened him from his dogmatic . . .

Nobel Prize to deny God? Yep
Rev. Austin Miles
October 10, 2013

STOCKHOLM – Another strange Nobel Prize has just been awarded, this time to two scientists whose goal it was and is, to deny God. The atheists have . . .

Why study philosophy?
Rev. Austin Miles
October 8, 2013

Philosophers are usually pictured as bearded older men. Perhaps the enthusiastic acceptance of this writer into the university course was to give the class some . . .

Bob & Geri Boyd--voices of clarity amidst chaos
Rev. Austin Miles
October 1, 2013

IRONY: The U.S Dept. of Agriculture is distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever, to 40 million people. Meanwhile, the National Park . . .

Church bombing in Pakistan followed by earthquake - coincident?
Rev. Austin Miles
September 26, 2013

PESHAWAR, Pakistan 9/25/13) It is time for Muslims to get a clue. As the attacks on America and especially upon Christians and their churches by Islamic nations . . .

MilesTones - Rev. Austin Miles remembered
Rev. Austin Miles
September 22, 2013

It was expected. Today, September 22, 2013, the bridge was crossed by the widely published writer, author of three books and host of the website: www . . .

MilesTones - new scientific explanation for human origins
Rev. Austin Miles
September 19, 2013

According to scientific geniuses (who poo-poo Creationism), human life did not originate from God or even the Big Bang, get this..."by a dirty . . .

Track chaplain sounds off about street racing
Rev. Austin Miles
September 18, 2013

ANTIOCH,California (9/16/13) Three nights ago, Friday the 13th, a tragic event took place. Tragic because it took the life of a teenager. On Hillcrest Avenue . . .

Social injustice because someone succeeds?
Rev. Austin Miles
September 16, 2013

Social Justice means that people who work and succeed must accept that they are selfish and be compelled to share their wealth with those who do not. It is . . .

Heroes of 9/11 - including spectacular 4 legged one
Rev. Austin Miles
September 12, 2013

NEW YORK CITY (9/11/13) When the surprise unprovoked attacks exploded on September 11, 2001, many could not help but snatch some of the feelings President . . .

Did the Bible predict 9/11? Must we forgive?
Rev. Austin Miles
September 10, 2013

NEW YORK CITY (9/9/13) The surprise attacks on September 11, 2001 spawned many questions, debates, theories and 'what ifs' from a bewildered America. Those . . .

MilesTones: Wild West-new bridge-global warming-looking up
Rev. Austin Miles
September 7, 2013

The reason for no columns during the past 2 weeks – MilesTones was stuck in San Francisco traffic. When the first cars went over the new Bay Bridge they . . .

Do dogs go to heaven?
Rev. Austin Miles
August 29, 2013

This thought cannot help but seep in when a beloved dog dies. The probing question cannot be restrained, nor should it be. And knowing what The Bible says . . .

BOOK REVIEW: Restricting Freedoms
Rev. Austin Miles
August 23, 2013

When everybody has freedom, nobody has freedom. The above thought, long held by this reviewer, is evident in the new Transaction Publishers release,  . . .

BREAKING! Verdict In for Rev. Austin Miles
Rev. Austin Miles
August 14, 2013

DANVILLE, California 8/13/13. It has been an agonizingly tough week waiting for the jury's decision. The evidence concerning me is solid and would be difficult . . .

Left brain vs. right brain dilemma
Rev. Austin Miles
August 9, 2013

Critical thinkers, take note as we begin with caution. Neurosciences recognize that their discipline, the study of the nervous system headquartered in the . . .

In search of our closest relatives
Rev. Austin Miles
July 31, 2013

It must be true. It is taught in all university anthropology classes, high school biology classes and declared on The History Channel and documentaries . . .

BOOK REVIEW: The Genesis One Code
Rev. Austin Miles
July 26, 2013

To be let down, especially with planted expectations, is disconcerting as well as disappointing. (PR Firm) notified us that their book The Genesis One Code . . .

Do animals grieve? You bet!
Rev. Austin Miles
July 22, 2013

WALNUT CREEK, Ca. It must be remembered that animals feel the exact same things, physically and emotionally, that humans feel. That includes dread of pain, . . .

U.C.Berkeley does not actually exist! (?)
Rev. Austin Miles
July 16, 2013

BERKELEY, California. Dilbert is a comic strip that can not be taken for granted. Each day the reader will be hit with an unexpected zinger that can . . .

Do God and evolution mix?
Rev. Austin Miles
July 12, 2013

Martinez Hewlett, a molecular virologist professor from the University of Arizona, gave a lecture titled, "A God For Evolution," at Los Medanos College's Little . . .

Is critical thinking no longer P.C.?
Rev. Austin Miles
July 6, 2013

In days long past they were called, "Philosophers." The term engendered respect toward those hearty individuals upon whom the title was bestowed. A . . .

Joel Osteen with Nik Wallenda at Canyon Walk
Rev. Austin Miles
June 26, 2013

Nik Wallenda is a true megastar. Not for effectively portraying others on the big screen, but by simply being himself. He is a highly skilled performer . . .

"The Serpentine Wall" outs separation myth
Rev. Austin Miles
June 17, 2013

The grossly manipulated "Wall of Separation between Church and State" is the most colossal fraud ever perpetrated upon The United States of America.  . . .

Big Bang created us? Surprise ending!
Rev. Austin Miles
June 11, 2013

The theory of gasses forming in the spacial universe that clashed and exploded, resulting in the earth, life, the human body including the intricacies of the . . .

Freud's faulty marriage concept
Rev. Austin Miles
June 5, 2013

Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychiatry based every relationship and experience on sex...not sex fulfillment, but suppressed sex in everything. Yep, It is a . . .

MilesTones: operatic cat photo delights world
Rev. Austin Miles
June 2, 2013

WALNUT CREEK, Ca. Carol Lee Olson, a columnist for the Contra Costa Times (published in Northern California) provided the photograph taken by cellphone that . . .

Glaring omission in Memorial Day services
Rev. Austin Miles
May 27, 2013

BRENTWOOD,California-Memorial Day-2013. It was not deliberate or intentional. This writer just became aware of it on this Memorial Day while preparing a . . .

Actress Christine White dies at 86
Rev. Austin Miles
May 21, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. Actress Christine White died on April 14, 2013 at Brinton Woods Nursing Home in Washington, D.C. but news of her passing was delayed until a . . .

IRS targeting not new says minister
Rev. Austin Miles
May 20, 2013

The IRS bullying tactics currently in the news is not a new thing. This individual, targeted by the U.S. version of the KGB, learned that the IRS is totally . . .

Book sales surged after "Lincoln"
Rev. Austin Miles
May 16, 2013

Hollywood films eject a powerful impact that influences the world. As incredible as it may seem, sometimes that influence is for the good. To prove that . . .

The empty cupboard and a mother's faith
Rev. Austin Miles
May 9, 2013

The sights and sounds of Christmas were everywhere, twinkling lights in windows, music of the season in the background along with the sounds of happy children. . . .

CAUTION! Death panels launch PR campaign
Rev. Austin Miles
May 6, 2013

WALNUT CREEK,CA – Obama supporters huffed, puffed and jeered when Sarah Palin suggested that the new Obamacare plan would have death panels to decide . . .

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