Stanley Zir
No candidate can stop Iran in time, only "we the people" can
By Stanley Zir
July 17, 2016

Redefining America's Top Priority

Prior to the this double crossing deal our Administration made with Iran, Arizona's Congressman Trent Franks warned us that if President Obama cedes victory to Iran, "Jihadist terrorists the world over will have access to nuclear weapons and the world's children will forever have etched in their memory that moment in history when this government allowed the hellish shadow of nuclear Jihad to fall across their future." Two years later, the Congressman's fatalistic prediction is about to become fact.

Our nation and the entire free world sits idly by while this ticking time bomb is about to detonate. The fact is that our immediate focus must be on stopping Iran from becoming a legitimate nuclear terrorist enterprise. We cannot wait until the next President is sworn into office next January. By then, Iran will already have established themselves as a legitimate and acceptable trading partner in the world. In other words, the deal President Obama secured for Iran will have enabled it to transform into a legitimate and universally recognized state. With the international community's willingness to normalize relations with the radical Iranian theocracy, once the deal was made in the hope of achieving peace and economic security, Iran is now on the verge of establishing a secured fail safe nuclear terrorist state well ahead of the time the next president of the Untied States takes office.

All the hoopla and rhetoric of the GOP candidates focusing on reversing the Iranian deal when they become president is simply a waste of time. The collateral damage created by the integration of Iran into the global economy will be irreversible. Both parties are equally culpable of skirting the greatest threat to this republic and the rest of the free world, focusing instead on less incendiary issues that only serve to divert attention on Iran and the impending nuclear threat by a terrorist nation.

Regrettably not one candidate is fully committed to putting the survival of America and the free world first in their run for the White House by demanding that the deal be scrapped and calling for the destruction of Iran's Nuclear Terrorist War machines. The fact is that if we fail in this endeavor, we and all future generation of Americans are guaranteed to find ourselves at the mercy of madmen armed with nuclear devises who are committed to worldwide Nuclear Jihad.

Even more devastating is the fatal effect this deal will have on the status of our nation, as the major shift in the balance of power will leave other countries without a strong American leader. How can any of our allies or any nation ever trust America again? Once we have relinquished our primary role as defender of the free world, how will any tyranny ever fear us? The residual effect on our financial system will leave our dollar worthless as America will become unable to protect and defend our free market enterprise, the very source of all prosperity. Global tyranny will be the new guardian.

We cannot wait another seven months before a new foreign policy can be implemented. It will be too late. Unless we face this fact we will pay the price that must be paid for those who wait to long. Prior to his presidential run, Ted Cruz stated that preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon was "the single greatest national security threat facing America." Somehow that priority got lost.

Even Donald Trump recently conceded that Iran will soon have nuclear power. "The way it's going; Iran will have a nuclear weapon. And it's very close. And, as soon as that happens, it's a new ballgame." He might claim that he wants to make America great again, but without stopping Iran immediately, by the time he may be elected to the House our Founders built, it might be burnt to the ground. Throwing cold water on ashes will not make America great again. Finally, even Nancy Pelosi stated that the biggest threat to all of us is that Iran would have a nuclear weapon.

Astonishingly, only one televised discussion regarding stopping Iran after the deal was in place came in a presidential campaign debate one week before the Iowa caucuses when Governor Gilmore was asked about his stance to "rip up the deal" coming so far after President Rouhani was already landing billions of dollars in deals with European allies. In particular he was asked, "Won't that horse be well out of the barn?" Essentially, his answer circled around, but went no where. He never took a firm stand.

Thus while the liberal and conservative media focuses on the minutiae of this campaign, they are not pointing to the Iranian deal as the writ of execution to America as we know it. No candidate, no party, no group is posing any objection or resistance as we watch the balance of power switch hands from a just democratic republic to a psychotic terrorist state.

Therefore; all these campaigns for President that are being waged are nothing but pointless endeavors, like Nero fiddling while Rome is burning. So how is this new group of candidates who claim they are not the "same old, same old" really any different than the current group of congressional losers who never made stopping Iran their top priority? They simply relinquished victory to Iran and Radical Islam over America and her Constitution, throwing their hands in defeat, folding up their tents and leaving the battlefield once the deal was made. Evidently, the new group coming up isn't doing any better.

Who speaks for the American people? Who speaks on behalf of our Founding Fathers and our Constitution? Who among us has the courage to stand alone with Liberty as our sword as our founders did 233 years ago?

We must overcome Obama's treachery. As conscientious American citizens, we must take matters into our own hands if we are to prevent the greatest threat to our nation. Preventing such an occurrence necessitates nothing less than our full commitment to triumph over evil.

The Iranian deal puts us in direct compliance with a nation that embraces tyranny as their rule of law. This tear in our moral framework is not the Republic our Founders created; this is Obama's handiwork. Any deal that gives legitimacy to a nation that declares a holy war against America and the free world, champions a nuclear holocaust against Israel, and places a target on his own troops (giving back $150 billion that will knowingly be used to secure munitions to destroy our troops, weaponry and installations around the world) is akin to a declaration of war on our Constitution.

Ultimately, this abomination of a deal sends a clear signal to every tyrannical religious and secular enterprise who rejects freedom that America will capitulate and no longer stand for human rights and justice. Our Founders made a permanent deal with the American people. They left a Constitution whose stance against tyranny is its rule of law that secures our freedoms from enemies foreign and domestic and demanded we the people protect our Constitution at all costs in order to survive as a free society.

However, once we violate this law by promoting a deal that gives nuclear access to nations that embrace nuclear jihad as their protocol and choose to bring darkness to the world, we pull the plug on the power source that keeps our republic intact.

Who will be left to keep the lamp of liberty lit? We certainly can't trust the Untied Nations, an organization that honors secular and religious tyrannies as viable partners for world peace.

This is why as a freedom-loving people; we must never be bound to any agreement with any nation that embraces fascism. Neither should we comply with any request made by those in the international community that would ask us to show restraint in the face of an impending nuclear holocaust

Currently, there is a void in our political leadership that is preventing us from reacting quickly enough to eliminate the threat that Iran poses or reverse a foreign policy that has betrayed our national just purpose and cause. We can no longer wait on those who believe that stronger sanctions will achieve our goal. Sanctions against Iran are the last vestige of hope for the deluded who think they can avoid a conflict with fascists.

To harvest victory, we must overwhelm the President, Congress and the candidates with our demand to scrap the Iranian deal and assure our national security by using military force to destroy any nuclear capabilities by this terrorist state. Without this action by our leadership, it will be "we the people" who will suffer the consequences of their blunder.

In order to bring a reversal and termination to this nation-betraying deal, we must create a firestorm of media and social pressure on our government, and our current candidates that would force them to take action. There must be a grand awakening to the fatal consequences if we fail to address the realistic Iranian threat as our top priority.

We must proceed with lighting speed to put this initiative into play because our politicians erroneously believe that there is still plenty of time to act when dealing with Iran.

Like all other fascists before them, the mullahs in Iran can only be unseated through the initiation of a force that is more powerful than their misguided beliefs.

Nuclear extortion is their ace in the hole. Deny them access and they will lose face and be vulnerable. This is the shortest route to unseat the Iranian leadership thus clearing a path for a regime change

Therefore only an emergency procedure that delivers a payload of destruction directly into the heart of Iran's nuclear facilities and her strike-back capacity would abort the birth of an emerging Nuclear Terrorist Empire that would have the free world do the bidding of madmen.

In a recent article, Helen Freedman, Vice President of Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI) point out that they were deceived by the Obama administration before the deal was made.

"Now that the truth is out, we ask the question posed by the Post's May 7 editorial: "Schumer's Humiliation": "Well, senators, now you know the infuriating-and for you, humiliating – truth. What do you plan to do about it? "We would go further and ask the American public, "What do you plan to do about it?"

Well, here is my retort to all of these questions why as an American are you not availing yourself the tools provided to us by our Founder's blueprint for a free nation.

The solution is presented to us in the very first amendment of our U S Constitution; the right of the people to peacefully assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. I invite you Mrs. Freedman, along with all my fellow Americans, to utilize this right provided by our Founding Fathers to demand that this double-crossing betrayal of a deal by our government with brutalizing terrorists be scrapped immediately. If our demands are not met, we will act on these rights by joining together to shut down the Capitol by holding sit- ins, participating in hunger strikes and withholding our taxes until our goal is achieved.

To View Document:

Statement of Grievances and Demands for Redress

A Petition By The People of the United States of America to Restore America's Honor and Reclaim Her Just Purpose and Noble Cause

Post Script

To understand how powerful and feasible the instrument of protest such as a sit-in is, just this past week, astonishingly we witnessed the Democratic Party stage a good ol' fashioned sit-in, in the House of Representatives to insist there be stricter gun controls. The fact that they found the courage to step out of the norm in order to bring attention to their demands is actually commendable.

Ironically these representatives are showing "We the People" the way to achieve our goals when our government fails to represent us. Unlike them we must stay the cause until our demands are met for the price of failures is to great.

© Stanley Zir


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Stanley Zir

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