Stanley Zir
America has reached the crossroad
By Stanley Zir
August 20, 2019

Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – the Anti-American, Anti-Semitic, Pro-Communist Islamic fascist – has upped her game. She now calls for an armed insurrection against the government of the United States of America. Where is our Calvary?

We're facing insurrectionists who will do and say anything to make us think America is unworthy of our noble mission. Those who are determined to undermine our republic and our Constitution are called "social justice warriors." Meanwhile, we who defend the Constitution and everything this country has fought for since its foundation – justice, freedom, and the rule of law – are branded "deplorable."

"The democratic party has become the envy of every dictator that is sent out to rule the world The hard Left wing of the their party has taken over the party apparatus – which has morphed – National Socialist American Racist Party (NSARP), formerly known as the Democrats" (D-Day DEPLORABLES published 2018 A collaboration of Stanley Zir & David M. Brodsky,

And when our free press acts on behalf of an anti-American racist insurgency, rather than as a check on the advancement of its treasonous agenda, they give credence to a fake news curriculum that provides the propaganda that the National Socialist American Racist Party (NSARP) use to complete their circuitry of deceit.

Their attack on the Constitution mirrors the systematic attack on America by her worst enemies. This is the final impediment they must overcome to achieve their goal of fundamentally transforming America," into a full blown liberty hating Communist State.

And Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has taken the lead and lit the fuse she now says "Marginalized communities have no choice but to riot:" This is nothing more than a call for an armed insurrection class warfare.

Her incendiary tirades against the rich and the capitalist system she claims are the seeds of economic inequality are whipping her base into a frenzy, igniting a culture of street violence and lawlessness, as seen in Third World nations that are divided into warring camps, capitalism and communism.

We've seen this in Ortega's Panama, in Castro's Cuba, where and criminals and thugs take to the streets to enforce their will on any who dare challenge the dictates of their junta Occupy Wall Street was an early warning sign of what is to come in America.

Their disrespect for the rule of law alerts their base that any attempts by those who dare oppose them are not mere disagreements – opponents become enemies – and they issue directives, a call to action from their supporters to o intimidate, threaten, and terrorize the populace. As President Trump says" They harassed and threatened us in public restaurants" look no further than Maxine Waters call for intimidation, one among many others of her ilk.

Too many Americans are being consumed by a lie that makes the voices of the righteous sound like the ravings of a madmen In order to survive this final assault on liberty's fortress form within we must lift the deadly plague of deception that has descended us in Liberty's name Only by revealing the cancer that that given birth to this mosaic of deceit, can we find a clear path to victory.

To end this threat to our free republic all patriotic Americans must reconnect with the original mission of our Founding Fathers, which is, which always was, and which will always be to stand against tyranny and those who promote. It's in her DNA and what makes America exceptional in the world.

This mission is what drives our 200+ year history. It underlies every battle that we have fought since our inception. The Founding Fathers fought the tyranny of the Absolute Monarchy. Our Civil War was the result of the incompatibility between our mission and documents that denied Citizens of color their American liberty.

In the twentieth century, our grandfathers fought the tyranny of Fascism; and our fathers fought the tyranny of Communism. Very simply, America is the defender of liberty and stands un-apologetically in direct opposition of those who embrace fascism, tyranny and hatred.

Our Founders had no tolerance for those who embrace tyranny because it is diametrically opposed to the rights and freedoms that we enjoy today, and neither should we.

The Constitution of the United States of America survival is now on the table, will be a nation whose sacred documents of liberty are usurped by the forces of tyranny from within or will we stand with President Trump and our defend our Free Republic.

The 2020 election is a referendum, a choice between those who support our Constitution, our Nation, and our rule of law, and those who would destroy everything that we have fought for since the founding of our Republic.

Join President Trump as he fights against those who do not hold the Constitution as their beacon nor respect those who fight to protect it. He's draining the swamp, now t's time for us to clean House! Get out and vote.

© Stanley Zir


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Stanley Zir

Stanley Zir has dedicated his life's work to two issues: (1) combating forces that undermine the unique freedoms held by American citizens, and (2) the importance of the safety, security and survival of Israel. As founder of several websites, he is unafraid to spotlight incongruity, illegalities and treason in government power plays.... (more)


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