Curtis Dahlgren
Ivy League environmentalists, pagan religions, and the rest of us: at loggerheads
By Curtis Dahlgren
October 23, 2009

"Over-specialized elites often can't tell the difference between a wave and a RIP tide." — C.D.

"'There is a tide in the affairs of men,' [said] Shakespeare. Yes, but undertows, too. As Obama, Pelosi, and Reid rush to transform America into a European-style social democratic state, they must be nervous . ." — Mona Charen

AL GORE IS PROBABLY SORRY HE INVENTED THE INTERNET. Too many people are by-passing the "certified" news outlets these days (and he's not going to like this column).

God bless Helen Thomas, one of the few people who are still speaking their minds. Did you know that "geezer" — etymologically speaking, is related to the word "wise"? I don't know if the years have made Helen wiser or if she just figures she has nothing to lose. I'm beginning to relate to that, but whatever happened to the criers of "First amendment?" The messengers of fearless investigative reporting? Whatever happened to the Constitution?

Well, that's another deep subject, but whatever happened to Dave Letterman, et al? The Qualye-Bush baiters are treating Obama as if he were a Muslim who would cut off their heads, or at least their ears, if they said the wrong thing.

Zig Ziglar wrote, in a September 2009 column, "Some say truth can be denied, but it cannot be avoided. We can say the same thing about moral/ethical values. Eventually, they must be followed, or we end up on the horns of a dilemma."

It's no wonder that the post-modernists can't stand to read the words of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, or Madison. They all spoke of the Laws of Nature, "and of nature's God," to point us in the right direction to an optimum society. The corollary is, there are natural penalties when those laws are violated. But the "hip" don't get it.

President Clinton once said, "We have beaten the business cycle."

The common ordinary man-on-the-street can now see otherwise, but the Establishment doesn't CARE. The current President really really wants to repeat the mistake of Mrs. Clinton's Hillary-care — the Hillary who once declared:

"I can't be responsible for every under-capitalized company in America."

Our Congress is spending "money" like there's no tomorrow. Do they know something we don't, or what? On the list of the Top 20 issues to worry about, for the common man health insurance is nowhere near the top of the list, and on a list of the Top 100 worries, Global "warming" is about a "zero" or "20 below zero."

The "under-capitalized Federal budget" is definitely in the Top Ten on OUR list, and the President's approval rating has fallen from 62 to 52.9 percent (that's a 15 percent loss of supporters, if you figure "9" is 15 percent of 63).

NEVERTHELESS, the Esablishment is proceeding full-speed-ahead — not only on government-run "HELLth" taxes, but environmental cap-and-taxes, syntaxes, and maybe a value-added tax (national sales tax). And a "U.N. treaty" on a "green" Global government.

And they think that they are saving the planet?

For new visitors to, I want to re-post excerpts from "One farmer debates the entire Ivy League" —

I wouldn't take a scholarship from the Ivy League if they paid me. I have nothing to prove. An economics professor at the University of Wisconsin (Madison) once urged me to stay in college, but I preferred to work out of doors. One of the things people who have had a real job just understand about economics is the difference between "equity" and "equality."


That last sentence just about sums up the "Two Americas." Never the twain shall meet, I guess. It's like the difference between Green Acres and green-with-envy. High Life versus "high-class." We work hard, and if we find ourselves without a job, we work even harder, chopping wood. In the U.P. of Michigan, don't talk to us about "global warming" until about the first of August. As of March 24th, I still have almost a foot of solid ice on my front sidewalk.

Speaking of "green," I've mentioned an article in the July-August issue of "Fast Company" magazine, "Tree Huggers Corner a Trillion Dollar Market." The sub-titles say:

"Legal limits on greenhouse-gas emissions are coming fast, with a $1 Trillion carbon market emerging. At the core: a cadre of young, idealistic Yale forestry grads. But will carbon offsets do anything to slow global warming? . . Yale forestry-school grads and professors dominate the emerging carbon market from finance firms to the World Bank."

[AHA! Follow the money; "solving" a non-existent problem pays Big Bucks (to the few).]

"I love trees," says Yale forestry grad Radha Kuppalli. "They're so tangible. You can go somewhere and say, 'There's my forest! There's my carbon!'"

OH — BTW: I just read that that Tongan undersea volcano blew its top, followed by the one in Alaska. Volcanoes are so "tangible." And so "TOXIC."

There goes the "idealistic" clean-up job on the greenhouse gases, eh? Water vapor already was the main component of the "greenhouse effect." Now the Yalies and other Ivy Leaguers want to tax American businesses TWO TRILLION dollars with their "idealistic" cap-and-trade scheme? R.U.KIDDINGME?

When these "idealists" can no longer afford corn or corned beef, we Yoopers will be eating lake salmon, brook trout, and wild turkey. Maybe these "Yalies" will be asking us to teach them how to fish and cut a tree down (I've done a lot of that in my life, and you have to be a "tree hugger" to shinny thirty-five feet up the trunk of a tree. Man, I love trees). We love wolves too. A neighbor of mine says that they taste like chicken (ha ha).

These stupid Ivy Leaguers not only want to burn Christian books, but they would ban the printing press if they could — never mind the fact that this continent has more trees today than when those 'Dead White Males' came here (thanks to planting projects by the lumber companies, the paper industry, nursery companies, Christmas tree farms, etc.). I've personally saved more trees as a tree surgeon than most "Deep Ecologists" ever will save. And that in private business, without a Yale forestry degree!


They say that things happen in threes, and should that volcanic dome building under Yellowstone Lake ever blow, there goes the stratosphere! But who knows, though? Maybe that would save the planet by creating some shade between us and the sun's rays, or by reflecting heat back into outer space, eh? Environmental "experts" may be the death of America as we know it, if the politicians don't beat them to it. These "experts" don't even know what they don't know.

One thing I do know is that the very same people who want "separation of church and State" are using their OWN religion to cram stupid ideas down your throat. It's the religion once known in ancient times for the worship of the goddess Cybele or Gaia. As the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th edition (1910), says:

"She was also known under many other names, some of which were derived from famous places of worship: as Dindymene from Mt. Dindymon, Mater Idaea from Mt. Ida, Sipylene from Mt. Sipylus, Agdistis from Mt. Agdistis or Agdus, Mater Phrygia from the greatest stronghold of her cult; while others were reflections of her character as a great nature goddess; e.g. Mountain Mother, Great Mother of the Gods, Mother of all Gods and all Men" [as in "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature"].

Now if you're not accustomed to reading past-tense history (as opposed to "social" science), hang with me a few more minutes.The Britannica goes on:

"As the great Mother Deity whose worship extended throughout Asia Minor she was known as Ma or Ammas. Cybele is her favourite name in ancient and modern literature, while Great Mother of the Gods, or Great Idaen Mother of the Gods, the most frequently recurring epigraphical title, was her ordinary official designation. . .

"Her best-known early seats of worship were Mt. Ida, Mt. Sipylus, Cyzicus, Sardis and Pessinus, the last-named city, in Galatia near the borders of Roman Phyrgia, finally becoming the strongest centre of the cult. She was known to the Romans and Greeks as essentially Phrygian, and all Phrygia was spoken of as sacred to her.

"It is probable, however, that the Phrygian race, which invaded Asia Minor from the north in the 9th century B.C., found a great nature goddess already universally worshipped there, and blended her with a deity of their own. The Asiatic-Phrygian worship thus evolved was further modified by contact with the Syrians and Phoenicians, so that it acquired strong Semitic characteristics.

"The Great Mother known to the Greeks and Romans was thus merely the Phrygian form of the nature deity of all Asia Minor. From Asia Minor the cult of the Great Mother spread first to Greek territory. It found its way into Thrace at an early date, was known in Boeotia by Pindar in the 6th century, and entered Attica near the beginning of the 4th century."

[Quoted by the Britannica from Grant Showerman's The Great Mother of the Gods (Bulletin of the University of Wisconsin, No. 43, Madison, 1901)]

Here are some more pithy excerpts from the Britannica:

During the brief revival of paganism under [Caesar] Eugenius in A.D. 394, occured the last appearance of the cult in history [the last open one at least] . . .

"She was known as the All-begetter, the All-nourisher, the Mother of all the Blest. She was the great, fruitful, kindly Earth itself.

"Especial emphasis was placed upon her maternity over wild nature . . . Her universal POWER over the natural world finds beautiful expression in Apollonius Rhodius . . .

Her especial affinity with wild nature was manifested by the orgiastic character of her worship. Her attendants, the Corybantes, were wild, half demonic beings. Her priests, the Galli, were eunuchs attired in female garb, with long hair fragrant with ointment.

"Together with priestesses, they celebrated her rites with flutes [etc] . . and tambourines, madly yelling and dancing until their frenzied excitement found its culmination in self-scourging, self-laceration or exhaustion. Self-emasculation sometimes accompanied this delirium of worship on the part of candidates for the priesthood."

[Doesn't this sound vaguely like some of our modern music and "multicultural" life-styles, including sado-masochism and nature-worship? Are we experiencing a stealth "brief revival of paganism" as in 394 A.D., or what?]

"At Rome the immediate direction of the cult of the Great Mother devolved upon the high priest, Archigallus, called Attis, a high priestess, Sacerdos Maxima [etc] . . "Besides other priests, priestesses and minor officials, such as musicians, curator, &c, there were certain colleges connected with the administration of the cult . . . "

[Oh, that reminds me, the "art museum" at Harvard right now has an exhibit celebrating ActUp, pagan "eunuchs," and other strange things.]

Environmentalism in the extreme, or "Deep Ecology," by any other name is pure paganism — a CULT WITH DEEP ANCIENT ROOTS. The "green movement" is not a "secular" one, as advertised, but is deeply religious in the pagan sense.

That this cult-movement now has one-party monopolistic control over our nation means in a very real sense, that Christians are battling wicked spirits in "High" places (and I don't mean Mt. Ida). The Britannica concludes the Great Mother of the Gods article thusly:

"Together with Isis and Mithras, she was a great enemy, and yet a great aid to [professing] Christianity. The gorgeous rites of her worship, its mystic doctrine of communion with the divine through enthusiasm, its promise of regeneration through baptism of blood in the taurobolium, were features which attracted the masses of the people and made it a strong rival of Christianity; and its resemblance to the new religion, however superficial, made it, in spite of the scandalous practices which grew up around it, a stepping-stone to Christianity when the tide set in against paganism." [my emphasis throughout]


The "god" of the modern nature-worshipers also has [they think] "power over the natural world," so much so that its high priests and priestesses truly believe that they have power over the entire eco-system of the entire planet! Graduates of their colleges tell us that right now, we may have only "50 days to save the planet" from Global "warming" (just "trust us," and the United Nations panel on Climate Change)!

I'd love to take more time to expose them and reply to their frantic warnings, but EXCUSE ME — and have to restart my wood stove and go split some more wood! It's FREEZING in here!

P.S. In Paganism, as in Orwell's "Animal Farm," 4 legs = good, and 2 legs = bad. Well, Chicken Little said that the sky was falling and Chicken Little had two legs (sometimes two legs really can be bad, I guess).

More "New Age commentary" to come next week, but some recent headlines were:

- The Patriots' field last Sunday looked like Lambeau Field in January.

- Vikings win sixth straight game with a geezer quarterback.

- Madonna's neighbors complain about "noise."

- Tennessee (13-3 last year) loses again ("There is a tide in the affairs of men, Al").

PPS: The whole point is, there are two sides to every issue. That's why the University of Wisconsin's motto is "Winnowing and sifting the Truth."

Whenever someone wants to "Stop the debate," there are probably reasons he wants the debate stopped. Whether you are a geezer or one of the young targets for "HELLthCare" dollars, you would do well to at least consider BOTH sides of the debate. Don't shoot the "messenger of dissent" just yet (over 31,000 scientists say that Al Gore is just wrong).

If the Establishment thinks that it can not only control the climate of the hemisphere, the stratosphere, and the whole biosphere — and also control the news — it is mistaken. Here are some of the websites where you can get the suppressed information on climate:

- Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise

- Institute for Energy Research

- Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney's film



- [home page and archives]

© Curtis Dahlgren


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