Michael Gaynor
Sean Hannity's endorsement of Wendy Long flummoxed foolish Redstate and Western Journalism
By Michael Gaynor
July 1, 2016

Trump would have to be a fool to think Schumer would help him make America great again, and Trump is not a fool

Sean Hannity and current New York United States Senate candidate Wendy Long have the same conservative views as they had in 2012, and Redstate apparently has lost its mind.

After Hannity tweeted an enthusiastic endorsement of Long, Redstate put out an article titled "SHOCKER: Sean Hannity Endorses Political Opponent Of Donald Trump" (www.redstate.com/leon_h_wolf/2016/06/28/shocker-sean-hannity-endorses-political-opponent-donald-trump/).

Long has been enthusiastically pro-Trump throughout the race for the Republican presidential nomination. She was a Trump precinct captain during the New York Republican presidential primary. On her campaign Twitter page, Long describes herself as "100% for Donald J. Trump. #AmericaFirst !"

A "political opponent" of Trump, Long is not.

Nevertheless, Redstate wrote:

"Sean Hannity has announced his endorsement in the New York Senate race, and to the surprise of many, he has endorsed a candidate who is running against one of Donald Trump's best and oldest political allies. A man Trump has said that he has a 'close' and 'good' relationship with. A man to whom Trump has repeatedly donated large sums of money and repeatedly endorsed.

"I dunno, maybe Hannity has soured on Trump somewhat to unleash such a vicious attack against one of Trump's allies and endorse his opponent...."

Incredibly, Redstate continued: "...And hey, maybe Wendy Long really is pro-Trump; I haven't been paying attention...."

Redstate readers deserve writers who get at least the basic facts right and pay attention!

Redstate weirdly asked rhetorically: "Why won't Sean Hannity respect the will of Republican voters and fall in line with what Trump wants to do? The only reasonable thing for every Republican to do in this Senate race is to support Donald Trump's candidate, Chuck Schumer."

That's nonsense!

Long is the nominee of the Republican, Conservative and Reform Parties and reasonable Republicans are eager to replace Schumer, not let him block Trump's nominations, especially his judicial nominations.

Redstate doesn't realize it, but Hannity knows it.

It is Redstate that flip flopped, not Hannity or Long.

In 2012, Redstate was delighted with then New York United States Senate candidate Wendy Long and Sean Hannity's endorsement of it (www.redstate.com/diary/ashbrook/2012/06/15/sean-hannity-endorses-wendy-long-for-senate/)

Under the title "Sean Hannity Endorses Wendy Long For Senate," Redstate announced:

"Last night, more than 700 conservatives gathered in New York and heard Sean Hannity endorse Wendy Long in the New York Republican primary for United States Senate on June 26th.

"Long will be on Hannity's radio show today.

"Why the Republican Party has created a primary against one of the most attractive candidates to come around in a long time is an an open question. But it is a fact that the leadership of New York's Republican Party interceded to create a primary and this week broke its own rules about remaining neutral in a primary.

"Everyone, from liberal reporters to conservative voters, who have seen or heard Long agree she is a dynamic candidate. She will give incumbent Democrat Kirstin Gillibrand a run for her money. Long has been endorsed by John Bolton (who, after meeting her, broke his rule of not endorsing in primaries), the American Conservative Union, Americans for Tax Reform, and The New York State Conservative Party. She has also won local endorsements up and down New York State.

"On Tuesday, June 26th, New York Republicans have an opportunity to select a conservative Republican who will make them proud and help all Republican and Conservative candidates in New York running in November.

"In addition to voting for her, you can help this candidacy by donating to her campaign. Her web-site is here."

This year Long's campaign website is here: www.wendylong.com.

Western Journalism is reporting nonsense about Hannity's endorsement of Long too.

For example: "When Hannity, a native New Yorker, shared his endorsement ahead of the Empire State's upcoming U.S. Senate election, however, some identified the announcement as an apparent break with Trump. In a race against Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, the Fox News host endorsed Republican challenger Wendy Long"(www.westernjournalism.com/hannitys-endorsement-in-ny-senate-race-sparks-online-debate).

Anyone who thinks Hannity distanced himself from Trump in endorsing Long is deluded.

Hannity's tweeted endorsement of Long stated: ""Proud to endorse fellow New Yorker @WendyLongNY against#CorruptChuck Schumer. Conservative pro-Trump constitutionalist!"

In Hannity's words, Hannity and Long are "conservative pro-Trump constitutionalists."

Obviously they follow the late William F. Buckley, Jr.'s rule: "Nominate the most conservative candidate who is electable."

As to the presidential race, Long decided that is Trump last year and Hannity endorsed Trump after he became the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

As to New York's United States Senate race, Hannity decided that it is Long and Trump will be running with her on the Republican and Conservative lines next November.

Trump would have to be a fool to think Schumer would help him make America great again, and Trump is not a fool.

© Michael Gaynor


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