Audrey Ignatoff
Who invited Dan McQuade to the Hannibal Buress Show about Bill Cosby?
By Audrey Ignatoff
May 7, 2018

It occurred to me that no one seems to be asking a key question about the Cosby case: Who invited Dan McQuade to the Hannibal Buress Show at the Tracadero Theater in Philadelphia? This may be important because McQuade stated that he was invited by a friend who bought him a ticket, but never said who that person was. McQuade was a freelance writer for Philadelphia Magazine. I wrote to Mr. McQuade but received no response.

The answer to that question if asked may provide some interesting information about the case. Perhaps that person wanted McQuade to write a story about Cosby's alleged rape of women and wanted to use this article with its included video of less than two minutes to bring Cosby down, and bring him down fast. McQuade stated that he was there as a guest on a social outing, and not a journalist, but decided to videotape Buress' performance about Cosby and write an article anyway because the subject was so interesting. Perhaps this was, in fact, his intent all along or perhaps he just couldn't resist doing so once he was there. It was like putting red meat in front of a lion and expecting him not to bite.

There has been speculation about possible conspiracies against Cosby by those who didn't want him to return to NBC, and especially to buy NBC. Certain people could have been threatened by these possibilities, including celebrities and executives. Another theory was that many white supremists hated Cosby because he was successful and black, and that went against their stereotype. They especially like to state that "Black men rape women." Many were fed up after Obama became the first African American president.

The identity of the inviter may lead to much more information as to who was behind the speedy downfall of Bill Cosby, who was a groundbreaking entertainer, philanthropist, author, educator, and icon for more than fifty years. The identity of that person, including sex, affiliation, nationality, or occupation may lead to important clues. For example, if that person was a Russian, would that be significant. We must remember that Cosby's son, Ennis, was murdered by a Russian in 1997. Do the Russians have a vendetta against Cosby, or were they acting upon the request of someone else who does? The Russians know about getting around the Internet with speed and efficiency and have many troll farms set up to do this, as they clearly did to affect the outcome of the 2016 election.

This is only one possibility, and not necessarily the correct one. It could have been a woman who felt wronged by Cosby, or a person with an axe to grind. Or possibly, it was a person who wanted to put Cosby down to destroy products associated with Cosby such as books and/or productions because they didn't like these products, or the people associated with them. Please note that Mark Whitaker's biography entitled Bill Cosby: His Life and Times came out in September 2014, just one month prior to the McQuade story with Hannibal Buress.

The video about Cosby being called a rapist went viral quickly and resulted in more than fifty women coming forward with similar complaints. The Internet was more powerful than other incidents of complaints, including a 2006 interview on Satellite Radio of Janice Dickinson with Howard Stern about her alleged rape by Bill Cosby.

The identity of the person who provided the invitation to the writer needs to be uncovered, and perhaps this could prove or quell any thoughts of conspiracies at this critical time in Cosby's life. He could face significant time in prison. It would be a shame if he was wrongly convicted due to prejudice or other conspiratorial acts, and it would be a travesty on our system of justice. In 2005, the prosecutor stated that he could not charge Cosby criminally due to lack of evidence, but in 2015, the situation changed without any new substantial evidence except for the testimony of more women with similar stories. All these women could be telling the truth, but none had any hard evidence either in 2005 or in 2015 when criminal charges were filed just before the statute of limitations ran out. Perhaps the new prosecutor wanted to see justice done or perhaps he saw a chance to advance his career by bringing a case against a celebrity.

I have no vested interest in Cosby's innocence or guilt, but do have some interest about maintaining a fair system of justice for all citizens. I question why the testimony of the person from Temple University who stated that Constand was looking for an older rich man to lie about and get money from was not allowed, yet the testimony of five women claiming to be victims was allowed even though they had no proof other than their words and these charges were never proved in any court. Also, the fact that Cosby's plane showed no landing in or out of Pennsylvania during January 2004, the month that Constand said that she was attacked by Cosby. She could only be attacked by Cosby if they were both in the same place at the same time! Also, some of the woman said that they had been raped multiple times, and I question why they would put themselves in the company of a rapist again and not tell the police to protect them and others. In short, there was no forensic evidence, including rape kits, chemical analysis, photography, video, or DNA. I hope that justice was done but do have doubts on the merits of the case. Hopefully, the lawyers will figure it all out.

At least 16 women have accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment and sexual assault, but nothing has happened to him so far. He even bragged about how he sexually abused women, and even young girls at beauty pageants. Would it take another viral video with Hannibal Buress accusing him of these acts to produce the same results as the Bill Cosby case? Many others have also been accused of sexual misconduct or sexual assault, including Bill Clinton, Bill O'Reilly, Roger Ailes, Charlie Rose, and Harvey Weinstein, but none of them have been charged criminally so far, perhaps because they are white.

Again, knowing who brought Dan McQuade to the Tracadero Theater on that fateful night might be a very important piece of information in this case.

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