Kurt Kondrich
An unborn woman's right to choose life -- the XX Factor!
By Kurt Kondrich
October 31, 2011

"Reproductive technology that allows parents to know the gender of their fetus has led to a shortage of 117 million women in Asia" http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/10/06/ultrasounds-blamed-for-asias-female-shortage/ .

After reading this article I thought surely there will be a cry of outrage and disdain from women's rights organizations for this very clear discrimination against the most vulnerable of females. The silence unfortunately continues to be deafening across the globe as the facts and truth conclusively show a campaign to identify, target and eliminate children diagnosed prenatally as having XX Chromosomes. I am a very strong supporter of an unborn woman's right to choose life, and I suggest we start a new series called the XX Factor to show the countless contributions women have made to this world.

My beautiful daughter Chloe who has Down syndrome has an extra chromosome, and a culture of death obsessed with misguided perfection is indentifying, targeting and terminating 90%+ of these priceless children who bring incalculable happiness and Blessings to the mothers who deliver them and the people who embrace them. I challenge individuals to look into the eyes of my Chloe (and any female) and tell me she is any less valuable or precious than other members of society, and I wish women's rights advocates would do the same when it comes to this silent eugenic movement against beautiful, priceless females.

According to the article "Female infants in these countries tend to have a much higher death rate than their male counterparts. Postnatal discrimination — expressed through excess deaths among female infants and young girls — has not entirely disappeared from several countries and reflects the relative neglect of female children."

Again I will ask the question "Where is the outrage and when do the protests and marches begin?" I have been trying to shed Light on the very slippery slope of prenatal eugenics, and an extra Chromosome 21 and XX Chromosomes have already placed millions of unborn females and children with Down syndrome on the termination list.

ALL people need to ask the question "Who is next to be targeted?" The greatest issue facing this nation and world is not the debt crisis but the DEATH CRISIS of millions of priceless, prenatal human beings that no amount of money can ever replace.

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