Frank Maguire
Dr. Joseph Sonnabend: immuno-suppression and AIDS (HIV in Africa...and population control foundations)
By Frank Maguire
April 1, 2020

Originally published September 28, 2010

The popular, emotional, politically-correct use of AIDS/HIV is exploited by numerous foundations, International Planned Parenthood, and the United Nations, to infiltrate Africa and other undeveloped countries. The true intent of these groups is to engage in population-control practices.

Consider, also, the deception by
Susan G. Komen For the Cure <(>( that has had a continuous association with International Planned Parenthood. They have been cited as working in tandem to hide the burgeoning medical connection between abortion and breast cancer. Is Komen, then, honestly concerned about "defeating" breast cancer? Or is their essential function to raise a beaucoup of bucks which they then share with population control groups like IPP and with agencies associated with the UN Population Control groups.

Joseph Sonnabend was a scientist and practicing physician. He claimed to be "gay." In what I've read he hadn't written about his life, other than his medical practice and his contrarian views vis a vis the medical establishment.

Sonnabend was what we would hope all scientists and doctors would be. I don't, of course, mean homoerotic, I mean honest and dedicated to all whom he served. One gets the image of Pasteur in reading his research on AIDS, and the intransigent opposition that faced him within the medical establishment.

I have to go back a number of years to let you know how I became aware of Sonnabend.

In the 80's, I read a book on AIDS (many, actually) and was stunned by a statement that were it true, had an astonishing implication. The statement was, "Sperm is an antigen." The writer explained that spermatozoa entered into the bloodstream is an antigen (alloantigen) that works to suppress the immune system. In following this lead, I encountered the work of Joseph Sonnabend.

Sonnabend was a South African expatriate. In 1956 he had received his M.S. at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. "He was, then more interested in medical research than in medicine. He specialized in infectious diseases at the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh, Scotland, (and later) at the prestigious international Institute for Medical Research in London."[1]

Sonnabend ran afoul of his scientist peers when he discovered interferon's antiviral properties – it works against viruses. He and others who were doing research found themselves voices crying in the wilderness of medical unbelievers.

"In the early seventies, Sonnabend came to the (United) States as an associate professor of microbiology at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York City."[2]

Because Sonnabend's grant that funded his interferon work was not renewed, he ended up back in London. Ironically, Sonnabend received a "fat tax return check from the IRS, and he used the money to return to America. This time he got a job at the Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, a public hospital. It was not a plum appointment. 'It was clear that nobody wanted to work in that place,' (Sonnabend) said."[3]

"Sonnabend moonlighted at the New York City Department of Health. His interest in infectious diseases led him to the Bureau of VD (venereal disease) control. There Sonnabend was 'discovered.' Because he was not only a doctor but a researcher, in 1978 Sonnabend was made director of VD control. As director, Sonnabend came into contact with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta. He also established ties with New York's gay community by doing volunteer work at a gay clinic for sexually transmitted diseases."[4]

Politics and opposition to his research led Sonnabend to finally go into direct medical practice. He had established himself as one of the leading experts on sexually transmitted diseases. He knew that there was an epidemic of STD's rampant in the gay community, so he opened an office in Greenwich Village.

His findings were frightening. He found that a herpes virus – cytomegalovirus (CMV) was widespread among his patients. He found that CMV was affecting the patients' immune system by suppressing the T-4 cells which "normally sweep the blood clear of disease invaders."[5]

Sonnabend also found that the Epstein-Barr virus, and such diseases as Pneumonitis cystii and Karposi's Sarcoma were also prevalent. His research discovered that findings like his own were becoming more publicized.

"Sonnabend showed that the immune system of an entire community, the gay community, was under severe stress because of constant attack by syphilis, gonorrhea, and other STD's,"[6] and that opportunistic parasitic infestations were pandemic.

"Sonnabend published his results in the Lancet (British medical journal) in early 1982.... Then Sonnabend wrote the same warning in the New York Native. He said that the fast-lane gay lifestyle was killing people. He said they were going to have to stop being so promiscuous that having hundreds, if not thousands of sex partners was making them very sick and very vulnerable."[7]

The response was disturbing. Sonnabend was told by the gays that "freedom (for them) was not simply the ability to love other men without legal or social restraint; it was defined in terms of sexual promiscuity. For many, to be young and gay and liberated in New York City meant having anonymous sex with two, three, four partners a night, night after night, year after year, STD after STD."

"For his efforts, Sonnabend was denounced by virtually all of the gay community leaders. He was vilified in the community itself."[8] Many of the gay leaders accused Sonnabend of claiming that "they had some responsibility for this new epidemic."[9]

Sonnabend was astonished, and responded, "I was trying to save lives." The reaction baffled him. "His own community was turning on him. It was a betrayal."[10]

Sonnabend's work proved to his satisfaction that the medical community that was claiming that AIDS was the result of the singular HIV (human-immune virus) was wrong. He responded that "It was homosexuals with a long history of syphilis and gonorrhea, who usually had heptatis B and various parasitic infections who were getting Karposi's sarcoma and pneumonitis cystii. Both were usually accompanied by other infections. It was a combination of infections that was important; cumulatively they were weakening the immune system."[11]

"The more research Sonnabend did, the more convinced he became that the break down in immunological function was due to simultaneous infection by at least two viruses, CMV and EBV, hitting people already weakened by previous exposure to a series of STDs."

In AIDS: An Explanation for Its Occurrence among Homosexual Men, Sonnabend explained that pathogenesis (birth of the disease) and etiology (cause). He wrote that HIV is a virus that is maintained in latency. He wrote that "the expression of HIV is an effect, rather than a cause of AIDS. He added that "repeated exposures, particularly rectally, to large inocula of cytomegalovirus (CMV), together with repeated exposures to multiple alloallergens contained in semen, and repeated exposures to other sexually transmitted pathogens, resulted in cumulative impairment" of the normal immune system response.

Sonnabend's hypothesis includes the following conclusion. "It is during the first stage that promiscuity is important, because it is associated with an accumulation of effects that will eventually lead to the second, self-sustaining stage. We believe that the cumulative effects associated with promiscuity result from repeated infection with CMV, reactivation of Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), and immune responses to spermatozoa, as well as to alloallergens on all cellular components of semen."[12]

Sonnabend's analysis answers other questions: why do some gays diagnosed with HIV get AID and others don't; why are some heterosexuals, including numbers of women who practice anal sex, getting AIDS. Since HIV is spread through blood transfers, the co-use of needles among drug abusers is also a major vector.

1. "The Clap Doctor," by Bruce Nussbaum, Good Intentions, 1990

Ibid. 2-12

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