R.T. Neary
20/20 Vision – A 400-year distortion of it in the year 2020
By R.T. Neary
October 4, 2020

“In the name of God. Amen”

That is how the document started. Shortly after this, we read, “Having undertaken for the Glory of God, and advancement of the Christian faith …”

How utterly alien to this land these words seem to have become after being recorded 400 years earlier in the Mayflower Compact. This is an agreement among men anchored on a ship off the tip of Cape Cod in what is now officially the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Intent on solidifying their thoughts “in the presence of God and one another …” the group, who had just completed a stormy voyage from England formed a “civil body politic.” This Mayflower Compact is in reality our nation’s first constitution.

The stop at the outer tip of the Cape after 66 days of a rough crossing of the Atlantic Ocean on the Mayflower produced these words. They are now an embarrassment 400 years later to the leaders of 1 of the 2 main political parties in what eventually became a proud nation – one stretching across the North American continent into the Pacific Ocean.

This so-called “Democratic” Party once actually voice-voted down the inclusion of the words “under God” in its platform. Embarrassed, the Convention chairman simply acted as though they gave approval.

New England, however, now gives one a good vantage point from which to judge what we, as a country, have become in these intervening years since the inspired signing of the Mayflower Compact.

The morality of the Bible has now been largely ignored across the 3000-mile continental expanse to the Pacific Ocean and beyond. The only difference in the New England cities is that local political protesters are not currently torching and destroying property ruthlessly, as in many of the others run by the “Democratic” Party nationally.

Make no mistake, notwithstanding some beautiful steeples and historic churches that still are seen, all of the current uprisings in the streets – at their core – are part of intense spiritual warfare. We in the U.S.A. have lost any sense of our need for Godliness.

Since God and truth are one – the OBJECTIVITY of truth is being ignored completely. The center of this country’s socio/political universe can no longer be located, because it has so many SUBJECTIVE dimensions to it – truth literally be damned.

There is such a mass of intervening elements between actual daily happenings that the public seems to be mostly unaware of what these are. Labels mean nothing, as subliminal messaging is what counts to these Godless forces at work. It is HIGHLY successful.

The end result has become so distorted that even an outright lie has lost any moral significance. Success in accomplishing one’s goal is the only criterion. All others are not even worthy of consideration.

The Judeo-Christian books which make up the Bible are treated as just another compilation of writings. Meanwhile a story written from anonymous sources in a national publication called the Atlantic is called “journalism”.

Fast-forward 4 full centuries from the Mayflower Compact and view our history as a spectrum, trying not to forget that most of this worldly existence is multi-dimensional.

We are now 50 very-divided governmental bodies, yet officially known as the UNITED States of America. Some try to assign us a red or blue color, depending on Republican or Democrat party majorities. This color-coding is meaningless. There are those who believe in God and respect the Bible’s teaching, and those led by the powerful Secular Fundamentalists – with most people not even being aware of it.

At the point on Cape Cod where these early Puritans initially stopped, 4 centuries later there is a completely different population.

Although the Portuguese, with fishing skills and Catholic family values, established an early similar biblical culture, the current ruling class at the tip of Cape Cod is behaviorally quite different They are identified as the LGBTQ element. Their lifestyle would certainly be alien to Mayflower passengers – and cause much wonderment.

As November approaches, the first Tuesday which is our national Election Day, seems to be looming as far more important than the Thursday, designated as our official Thanksgiving Day. The one-year survival of half of the Mayflower passengers who eventually settled in Plymouth on the mainland, is something we treasure. Their religious Bible-centered underpinnings, however, are essentially reviled by those wielding the power in today’s society.

Our Judeo/Christian past now is under all-out assault -especially since November 8, 2016 with the surprise election of President Donald J. Trump. Notwithstanding his undenied sinful past, he has been proven to be biblical in his leadership of this nation – and the world. One wonders at times if his given name was meant to be David.

Of foremost concern to many is that the most vigorous enemy assault on the USA is not from an alien nation, but from forces within – and the extensive moral erosion of society is highly visible. Once-strong biblical leadership in Protestant denominations has been emasculated, and it shows. The Roman Catholic Church also has suffered extensive damage by the development of a homosexual sub-culture in its clerical and hierarchical ranks. While there still is a small number of strong conservative Jewish moral leaders, they have been muted by the MSM.

In this year 2020, committed Christians in a once-proud nation might reflect as November 3 approaches on what the Good Book said about the Church of Laodicia in Chapter 3 of the Book of Revelation: “Because you are neither hot nor cold, I will vomit you out of my mouth.”

We would certainly do well to pay attention to the subsequent advice: “Be earnest, therefore, and repent.” November 3, 2020 will determine if we have followed this biblical admonition.

Former Vice-President Joseph Robinette Biden is the chosen candidate of the Democrat Party to challenge President Donald J. Trump’s quest for re-election to another 4-year term. Biden is a visceral liar, and he is patently suffering from acute cognitive deterioration. Yet, his devious handlers allied with the MSM were successful in propelling him to the top rung – and ahead of President Trump in early polls. Almost all of this has occurred while he has been housed in a makeshift basement TV studio reading from teleprompters.

How possibly could the voting public ever allow this man to win the Oval Office on Nov 3rd? A professed Roman Catholic, he performed the marriage ceremony for two male Congressional aides – the Book of Genesis be damned. V.P. Biden joined those who know what God meant much better than all the ancient writers.

Additionally, he has flipped completely on the legal right to destroy a pre-born child in the womb, as well as the 1976 Hyde Amendment, which does not allow our taxpayer dollars directly to fund the act. Once opposed to the Supreme Court decision destroying over 60 million new humans, Biden also now wants to protect Roe v Wade by codifying it.

It behooves us to examine how we ever got here in 2020.

After commencing a convoluted “Democratic caucus” in Iowa, the process belatedly gave us pro-abortion Pete Buttigieg, who states that life begins with the first breath, not conception. A former mayor of South Bend, Indiana and the LGBTQ favorite, Pete is legally married to another male, who is known as Chasten Buttigieg. Socialist Bernie Sanders won the direct vote in N.H., embarrassing Mass. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and others such as former VP Biden and California Sen. Kamala Harris.

Biden’s campaign made a dash to South Carolina to capitalize on his popularity with African-American voters. As was well-reported, his endorsement by House Majority Whip South Carolina’s Representative James Clyburn, and a big win in S.C., led all the dominoes to fall and to his locking up the nomination. Sen. Harris who fared poorly was one of the first to withdraw, and with a purpose, immediately endorsed Biden.

The entire array of leftist alphabet-soup groups including the MSM cheered approval, coupling the Biden win with blame directed toward President Trump for everything from Covid-19 to floods and forest-fires.

The nauseating, brutal death of George Floyd was exploited to the hilt by Left-wing groups. No one viewing this horrible misuse of police power could justify the 8+ minute “neck hold” to apprehend a man already in handcuffs. A call for a thorough examination and the necessary reforms nationally was mandated, but what followed went totally beyond righteous actions.

In many Democrat-run cities, it was a total breakdown of law and order. Rioting, arson, window-smashing and murder followed. Once-again so-call “black America” was being exploited, by self-serving people and organizations. Fortunately, some such as African- American civil rights attorney Leo Terrell have put it in perspective, switched parties, and are avidly supporting Pres. Trump.

Leo must be heard with many others such as Alveda King who is MLK’s niece, Larry Elder, Candace Owens, Herschel Walker, Kim Klacik and a host of others – ignored by the MSM. They are anathema to the media because of their truthful views – conservative Christian ones.

The summer of 2020 was actually surreal, with the MSM accelerating the tempo. Gambling casinos and bars were treated with deference, while religious bodies were suppressed and most churches were kept closed by regulations.

Anti-Trump rhetoric was ratcheted up as Nov 3,2020 loomed closer on the horizon. In reality, what President Donald J. Trump had accomplished in the Middle East was phenomenal, considering the problems he inherited. His 3 nominations (not just 1) for the Nobel Peace Prize ARE warranted – unlike Barack Obama’s, which was absurd.

After much behind-the-scenes activity, Biden announced that he would select a woman as his running mate. Hillary Clinton was obviously exerting much pressure, but the Obama element showed they were now pulling the strings – not the Clintons.

President Trump, however, alluded to Hillary’s disappointment in a Fox interview with Laura Ingraham over Labor Day. Laura did not push him further. The team which got Obama to the White House, however, saw Kamala Harris as more tractable and offering more balance.

The media elements were thrilled, and all the accent was kept on Trump blame for the Covid-19 pandemic. They continued to exploit it, as well as to distort the number of deaths directly attributable to the virus. In many instances, if the elderly patient merely had Covid-19 symptoms, some M.D.s admittedly assigned it as the cause of death.

How the Democrat Party could conduct a virtual Nominating Convention, without any mention of the street rioting, looting, arson and the increase in murders in cities they politically “governed”, goes beyond head-shaking. The fact that the MSM mostly ignored this fact with their hand-in-glove relationship, accents the need to keep the Republican Party strong – and especially in these leadership positions.

The real Joe Biden is still being handed a pass, given the fact that he is one of the most dishonest men ever to serve as V.P. for 8 years. His entire family traded off his Obama-delegated powers literally leveraging billions of dollars world-wide – to accumulate many millions personally.

Joe’s son. Hunter Biden, aside from the disgrace of receiving a dishonorable discharge from the U.S. Navy for drug addiction, is well-known for amassing millions of dollars in his dealings with both Ukraine and China. Joe’s knowledge and involvement is readily available on videotape. In current jargon this situation involving Vice President Joe Biden should be classified as nepotism on steroids. His 47 years in Washington are best condensed into one sentence: This man’s political success is because he is someone totally without scruples.

The pseudo-tough response by Joe Biden when cornered is 7th-grade schoolyard, rather than displaying any class. Cusswords are always included. Yet, the MSM has always given him a pass, while initially painting Donald J. Trump as crude since the one comment he made in a “Hollywood tape”. It was a trap, set by NBC and released during the 2016 debate season.

The surprising death of SCJ Ruth Bader Ginsburg has positioned the Democrats and their allied elements into an all-out, bar-no-holds attempt to stop the re-election of our President. Legal abortion, they know, is at risk. Given what President Trump has overcome, from a criminally-organized impeachment to China’s release of a deadly predator from a virology laboratory in Wuhan, the man has been almost superhuman. Strange as it sounds, his having a tarnished past should not surprise those who accept the Bible as being God’s words from Genesis to Revelation.

Donald J. Trump seems to be straight out of the Old Testament, the Hebrew writings. A self-made billionaire, with an undeniable sinful past, he is now producing an enormous amount of good. It must be remembered that David was an adulterer – and worse a murderer. Not only did Solomon have multiple wives but over 600 concubines.

Divine Providence often does not intertwine with logic, but it certainly does account for Nov. 8, 2016. The political moguls and pundits would do well, for their own PERSONAL benefit – if not political foresight – to start more than a perusal of the Bible’s pages.

The Master in Gethsemane said. “Thy will be done.” God IS at work, and we, the human family, are admonished to carry on. While the devil is the father of lies, it also has been said, “Satan frontloads, but God saves His best for last.” God called pro-abortion Justice Ginsburg home before Election Day, but had Amy Coney Barrett waiting in the wings. The USA is now immersed in evil, but it can be changed.

The willful LEGAL destruction of over 60 million of innocent pre-born members of our human family is a national disgrace. Worse still, it is the mainstay of the Democrat Election Day Nov. 3, 2020 thrust, and intentional destruction of innocent pre-born humans must come to an end. Each is an individual, a human – with a new and unique DNA.

Democrat candidates’ euphemistic reference to child slaughter as “reproductive rights” conveys their blatant dishonesty. It is a multi-million-dollar business. A human being has already been “reproduced” and he or she is destroyed by the act of aborting this HUMAN existence. As Amy Johnson, former Planned Parenthood abortion clinic director said at the GOP’s virtual convention about the destructive process, “I know what abortion sounds like.” Then she paused – and added, “I know what abortion SMELLS like.” Realistically, she drives home, using another of our senses, why abortionists always speak in euphemisms.

Antifa exemplifies the Alinsky-style centrality of the lie today. The title comes from the claim to being Anti-Fascist. THEY are the Fascists. Lies are their greatest weapon; goal attainment still reigns supreme, and that is why society is so awash in deception, deceit and fraud. Joe Biden, never challenged by totally biased “Moderator” Chris Wallace, says they are only “an idea”. Just tell that to someone whose life has been physically threatened face-to-face by one of the Antifa thugs. This writer has!

Once again, Leftists and the Democrats are telling us, “words are what we tell you they mean – not what they really do mean.” We have been foretold, though, to be as wise as these serpents – and we are.

Facebook. Google, Verizon, the N.Y. Times and all the alphabet-soup intermediaries, purporting to relay facts are clearly on a mission – and one far from our cherished God-loving ideals. This nation surely has failed at times in the past. – but we still have been able to keep its true mission intact. Our Preamble laid out the “why” and the Constitution the “how”. Left-wing Democrat proposals to stack the Supreme court and change the Senate in order to control the decades ahead, are no secret.

Over a century ago, the prominent thinkers proposing Communism decided to change its label to Progressivism, because it had a better sound. Modern-day liberals have done the same. It is still outright deception – and an all-out attack on Judeo-Christian beliefs and rights.

Sen. Diane Feinstein, whose husband made many millions of dollars in business dealings with the atheistic Communist Chinese, said to Amy Coney Barrett on her traditional view of our Constitution, “the dogma lives loudly within you”, obviously referring to Barrett’s reputation for living out her Roman Catholic faith.

Feinstein’s anti-Christian views came to the fore. This is modern day Democrat thinking, and more than a wake-up call. Our answer: Senator, we will NEVER surrender to your God-less modernism.

We must cast our votes for Trump/Pence and then rely on Divine Providence as the Mayflower passengers did – and as we successfully did 4 years ago.

“In the Name of God. Amen”

© R.T. Neary


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