R.T. Neary
'Thought Crimes' – in the People's Republic of Massachusetts
By R.T. Neary
May 3, 2021

There was a time in our lives when spring’s appearance evoked in both our bodies and souls feelings and thoughts of total joy. Not so in the year 2021.

Enjoyment of this time of year in towns around the city initially called Tremontaine for its Majesty, seems to be in jogging attire and wearing a mask or some other new type of body covering. Others, mainly females, are seemingly struggling while walking a fluffy dog on a leash. Some of them are allowing the pets to kiss or sniff others likewise-leashed.

Any groups of humans gathered are generally small families, staying close to each other. The adults looking somewhat fearful. So-called social distancing has produced more people weaving from sidewalks to streets and back – a maneuver scarcely seen in the past. A soft gentle wave or just a single thumb up is now a more common greeting or acknowledgement.

April, however, in the Boston suburbs produced its beautiful burst of bright yellow forsythia followed by the pink PJM rhododendrons originally developed In a Metrowest Boston nursery. These presented a very pretty picture outside and helped people forget what happened on April 15, 2013, the Boston Marathon tragedy. The killing and mayhem of that day by the Tsarnaev brothers was not what the event this year though. It was the Wuhan China virus which has affected every facet of people’s lives.

As with the entire U.S. now, this area is technology-driven and it was a little-known Cambridge company named Moderna which was second in producing a vaccine for the Wuhan virus.

On the socio/political level, plain-clothes thought-control police are actually in charge here in Greater Boston, and the Biden/Harris lawn signs were still plentiful right up to April. BLM signs quite often were on the same lawns. White guilt has always been common in the more affluent Boston suburbs. Meanwhile Black Lives Matter’s lesbian co-founders are living in several luxuriant California homes, as the organization has amassed over 90 million dollars from donors.

The local citizenry by high margins voted for the cognitively impaired Joe Biden as the figurehead leader of the U.S.A. He is well-known here. Every one of the state’s 9-member Congressional delegation is a lockstep Democrat. A Trump/Pence lawn sign! What’s that?

Sen. Ed Markey is a virtual clone of long-time ally, now- President Biden. They are similar when it comes to their political timespan and the route to Washington. Each had appeal to female suburban voters, the only difference being Joe Biden in opting for hair plugs, while Markey was able to stay coiffured and sleepy-eyed. He comes across as a non-threatening male – and it has worked.

To many Bay Stater’s surprise, Markey rather handily defeated the darling of the younger, giddy Democrat element, former Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III. Although now a proven loser, he is just re-grouping, surveying other future political offices where the Kennedy name still has catapult value.

Malarkey, as he has been labeled by conservative voters, obviously feeling his oats has bolstered his alliance with Boston University Economics major/bartender, now U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in making wild claims on climate-change. AOC and he have always been readily available to the fawning media, who are thrilled with the duo’s “leadership” qualities on the New Green Deal.

The Left, now in full command of the U.S. Government, is elated to have Massachusetts U.S. Sen Edward Markey, rather than the much more-targeted Sen. Elizabeth Warren to co-sponsor the bill which calls for the U.S. Supreme Court to be expanded from 9 to 13 Justices. Back to FDR days!

Sen. Ed Markey made a 180-degree change in his views on increasing the size of the Supreme

Court. In the past he had agreed with Joe Biden’s calling it “a bonehead idea”. He now not only has said

“the court is broken and make no mistake about it”, but adds “Donald Trump broke it”. He and the Democrats are claiming that the former President “stole seats” in referring to the 3 appointments to the bench during his time as U.S. President. It is political balderdash – but not questioned by the MSM, which accepts Ed Markey’s words as sounding reasonable.

The majority of this Supreme Court have the final say on the interpretation of what the U.S. Constitution wording really means. The thought of what the implications of such a marked change literally scares many of different political stripes. Memories of originalist Antonin Scalia’s brilliant jurisprudence quickly comes to our minds.

Observing the current political scene brings us back to the pre-Donald Trump turnaround to those Obama years. Joe Biden was a prop then – and that is his role now – only up one notch. Just a pawn on the world chessboard, he is still the same pawn – and with the same array of stage managers. This is theatre, but worse still is that the majority of voters are still blinded with every trick and technique the Left can muster to maintain control for two years – and far beyond.

This strategy is observable and understandable, but appears to be still one notch below the majority of the public’s level of perception. This is precisely why the Left has sharpened the clear-cut divide in America by using the race card primarily – and then attaching as many other issues as they can improvise. This nation has never seen such machinations as are clearly observable to us currently.

Another part of the Democrat plan is to gain statehood for Washington, D.C giving the party 2 more U.S. Senate seats, The District of Columbia was never established for this purpose. and is 1/18th the size of our neighbor Rhode Island, the smallest, but one of the original 13.

The Democrat Party is convinced that this new Civil War can be won, and they know their major weapon is what has been labeled “packing” the Supreme Court of these once-United States of America. The U. S. Constitution does not specify how many justices will comprise this third equal branch of the longest-lasting constitution in history. If the Left is successful with this thrust, the country will suffer immeasurably. Even Justice Breyer, as well as the late Justice Ginsburg, have voiced concern. There are vast political ramifications of such a marked change. It MUST be stopped.

Massachusetts Sen. Joe Markey is not only on the AOC Green New Deal level of thinking now, but he is relishing the camera attention. Nationally, he was little known. And this was especially because Oklahoma-import 1/1024th native-American Elizabeth Warren was at the MSM’s beck and call. Elizabeth Warren’s entire judicial and political ascension has been proven to be an outright falsification.

Evidence is now available proving she lied in the past about her heritage, which assisted her to gain a U.S. Senate seat and have U.S. Presidential ambitions.

Boston’s Axis of Evil, comprised of Harvard, the Globe and Planned Parenthood, may have even increased its influence in this geographical area with the Biden/Harris election. Its power never really

declined much during the Donald Trump Presidency, although they did juggle some tactics.

GOP Governor “call-me-Charlie” Baker, who is actually aligned with the Axis powers, has been wearing an invisible face mask since he first ran for political office. He is a poorly disguised transparent Democrat, who admits he twice did not vote for Donald Trump. Never ruffling the local Establishment’s feathers, his brother and brother’s husband provide a perfect out-of-sight liaison with all the alphabet-

soup Leftist political elements.

Harvard University’s over-40-billion-dollar endowment remains shielded from public view by the fawning media, as the institution’s wealth and power are still sacrosanct. It actually grew by 7.3 per cent this last fiscal year. Scrutiny is a bad word when it comes to any questioning of Harvard University’s privileged status here – and worldwide. Stories of shady dealings with Jeffrey Epstein, itsCommunist China connections or anything else negative has a short lifespan.

This Ivy-covered walled institution across the Charles River in Cambridge has satellite property in many other locales. Why does the MSM never ask, “How many of the homeless street people have you invited inside those high walls – and fed in 2020-21?” Follow this up with, “How many empty dorm rooms have you set aside this summer to house for the ‘undocumented immigrants’ the Biden/Harris administration is allowing to flood across our southern borders – without food or housing?”

It also is a thought crime even to ponder why the MSM, being relatively quiet about the current Biden/Harris southern border crisis, has never once questioned Sen. Elizabeth Warren about how many “undocumented immigrants” she has been housing and feeding in her Cambridge mansion.

Warren was amply covered by the MSM when the Senator made a trip to the Texas border and lamented “the children being ripped from their mother’s arms”. Her words were, needless to say, an eye-opener to those whose tax dollars are being used at 1055 Commonwealth Ave. in Boston to rip pre-born children from their mother’s wombs over 20 times each working day.

The Boston Globe was pleased with the selection of Mayor Marty Walsh as Labor Secretary as it gives them the opportunity to direct even more aspects of the city’s political/social scene. Walsh’s climb up the political ladder came from the union ranks, and despite efforts to improve his dull image, he is still simply a hack with little class. From the barroom bullet he took in the leg to his bouts with alcoholism, the man’s past was anything but attractive.

On June 26, 2014, the day the U.S. Supreme Court announced their McCullen v Coakley 9 -0 decision that the 35-foot “buffer zone” at the PP entrance violated the U.S. Constitution, Mayor Walsh made a quick hop to 1055 Commonwealth Ave. He wanted to be in the company of 8 police officers and a Lieutenant, allegedly to protect the abortion clients from harm by Right To Lifers.

Needless to say, the peaceful pro-life counsellors did exactly what they always do: verbally try to deter a woman from entering the PP facility and save the child in utero. Playing the role of a great protector, he actually looked foolish and rather quickly returned to City Hall. One of the pro-lifers made a point to thank each of the police officers for protecting THEM, and the exchange was very cordial. The police departed around the noon hour. The many probing members of the MSM never got the story orthe quotes they sought. Right to life peaceful protesters’ words are anathema to them.

Walsh actually benefitted greatly by succeeding Thomas Menino, who could have gone by the name Mayor Malaprop, with the way he botched the language. As the former President of the Laborers’ union, Walsh had everything fall in place in his political ascension, and he is totally without any class- or scruples. His parents Galway, Ireland immigrant status was used to political advantage in sentimentally attracting many older Bostonians of Irish descent. It saddened many, however, who were such admirers of the class shown by late, great and honorable Mayor John Collins, and Ray Flynn, as well, who showed tremendous stamina against the hostile Boston Globe.

Marty Walsh retained his residence in Dorchester with longtime live-in girlfriend Lorrie Higgins and was always listed as a Roman Catholic. His political handlers relished having them in a church photo with accommodating Boston Cardinal O’Malley, who was never known to criticize the Mayor’s lifestyle.

The friendship Walsh developed in the last decade with Joe Biden, though, was what made his cabinet selection easily predicable. Kim Janey, being a woman and of African/American heritage moved up, creating 2 more firsts for the city.

Resurrection Sunday is the highest Holy Day on the Cristian calendar. In truly celebrating it, we Christians accept the teaching of the Nazarene who claimed to be the Jewish Messiah back in Jerusalem close to 2 millennia ago. The concept of eternal life is beyond awesome.

Thoughts of what transpired that day have provoked the imagination of humans from the lowest to the highest intellectual levels. His own words have been recorded as saying, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” His followers have made Christianity the world’s largest religion.

Now more commonly known as Easter, as this label lends itself more to commercialization of the event, we Americans have found, however, that the celebration and media coverage of the day occurring on April 12th of this year 2021 was much diminished. In fact, the relatively new celebration of what is known as Earth Day a couple of weeks later, in many areas received much more attention. The AOC/Markey element, because of their connection with several of the other Democrat issues in vogue, were still deemed more important.

What was really politically noteworthy, VP Kamala Harris who has been delegated by President Biden to find a solution to our U.S. southern border mess has never been down to view it. She did, however, make an Earth Day visit to N.H., a state which has no issues approximating that horrible Biden/Harris-created Mexican border catastrophe. One cannot but connect the fact that Joe Biden is clearly a one-term Chief Executive, and that Harris fared very badly in the last N.H. Presidential primaries. Image polishing has always been her prime pursuit, and it’s obviously worked wonders for her in her ascent.

President Joe Biden, seemingly enjoying his new role, made a mockery of Resurrection Sunday by appearing on the White House balcony with his wife Jill and a giant-sized Easter Bunny. It is genuinely scary when pondering that this is the man in possession of the nuclear code!

The irony of his assent to the Oval Office is that the N.Y. Times suggested that he could be “the most religiously observant” President in 50 years. As with the entire MSM, Biden is referred to as a Catholic without the prefix “baptized” for journalistic accuracy. Biden’s stance on aborting the life of pre-born humans, “marriage” of 2 persons of the same biological sex, and transgenderism – to name a few – are diametrically opposed to the tenets of Roman Catholicism. Yet, Joe Biden’s Press Secretary in January described the new President as ”a devout Catholic.”

Among 21 executive orders issued in January by Joe Biden was rescinding the Hyde Amendment and now forcing taxpayers to provide money to fund abortions. What was certainly noteworthy about the “Uncle Joe” dictatorial style is that in this time period, our nation’s 7 preceding Presidents hadissued a total of 13 – with the much- maligned President Donald Trump having only 4.

While Boston-area Protestant denominations have secularized for decades, it is because they have allowed society to define them. Currently, there are few resembling the fundamentalist Bible-centered ones of centuries past. Many of their churches can be observed as closed on the Sabbath Day and having no services whatsoever. Universalist-Unitarian churches usually have a rainbow flag and BLM signs in evidence – while empty of people.

Roman Catholic parishes have been much more active in the effort not to allow this pandemic to seriously damage the core of the Faith. There are a large number of believers who desire to be able to attend and participate with other believers in celebrating the Mass.

One such admirable group is the Roman Catholic Collaborative involving the outlying towns of Medfield and Norfolk. The Priests and Deacon started with a Eucharistic service on the front steps of the Church with sound amplified to the parking lot. Parishioners attended, while opening a car window to hear – and it was as basic as you could imagine – but very solemn.

From this start, however, as did the early Christians, it led eventually to the distribution of Holy Communion – the source and summit of the Faith – to attendees in the parking lot. This ultimately led to a televised socially-distanced Mass with music inside the Church – with masks being worn The April and May readings of the Acts of the Apostles has taken on real meaning in these current times.

Resurrection Sunday’s approach saw several over-subscribed Masses in the churches, but the priests provided Eucharistic opportunities in 2 parking lots several miles distant from each other. While TV reception of the indoor Masses went somewhat awry, there was radio transmission. Holy Communion was provided, with one site having 133 vehicles present and the other 100.

Above and beyond this earthly ground, the message and promises of the biblical Yeshua, whom we accept to be Christ the Messiah, did prevail spiritually on April 12, 2020 despite being ignored by so many in the secular surroundings.

He is Risen! As Pope Saint John Paul II also added, “and Alleluia is our song!”

With there now being a sharply divided USA. and Joseph Robinette Biden at the helm, a tremendous danger is looming in the near future. Only non-believers in the Word do not perceive it.

Human life is still pre-eminent – and its preservation must be pivotal in all our political decisions. Individual liberty and the rule of law, our founding principles, however, are under constant siege.

With much concern that the Supreme Court has now become majority originalists, this pawn of the Secular Fundamentalists, stated they need not fear the overturning of Roe v Wade. Governing by Executive Order being his specialty, Biden assured everyone that the Roe decision will be codified.

The excommunication of Joe Biden, as well as Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and a host of other politicians who have traded on the Catholic label, is long-overdue, scandalous and has done serious damage to the flock of truly religious believers. This latest promise by Biden is just more evidence. The Roman Catholic hierarchy has disgracefully ignored Canon Law 915 in this regard by their inaction.

The bitter irony here, is that Biden is roundly lauded by the multi-millionaire co-founder of BLM, an admitted “trained Marxist”, while 20 million pre-born children of African-American heritage are among the 62 million whose beating hearts have been stopped legally in this American Holocaust.

G.K. Chesterton said that “only live fish swim against the current. The dead go with it.” We have seen this spring that there are still many of the former – and strong ones. It is also easy to see that some, although Christian believers. have developed a negativity – a pessimistic view that now only the first 3 and the last 3 chapters of the Good Book are pertinent reading. This can take one in many directions not worth pursuing. Optimism must reign. Praise the Lord!

We must never allow America – with its scarred but rich history to be taken down Satan’s path from its original roots as a Democratic Republic. Mistakes have been – and still can be corrected – within this Constitutional legal system. Our essential Godliness is what is systemic.

Pentecost Sunday May 23, 2021 is now more real to believers in the Word.

Come Holy Spirit!

This has become a MUCH more powerful prayer than in the past half-century!

© R.T. Neary


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