Steve A. Stone
A report from the field – 8 Jan.
By Steve A. Stone
January 11, 2021

8 Jan. 2021

Dear Friends and Patriots, and especially all those who write for publication on,

I no longer have access to a computer with a word processor. This is sent from my little cell. It's taken me three hours to peck out. It's both a report and a plea. Do with it as you see fit.

I'm not spending much time at home now. I just stop by long enough to feed and water my animals, check the mail, and pick up phone messages. Nothing more. I am totally off Facebook, though I learned I can't kill my page or my deleted posts. All is still available to be handed over to those who want to examine it. You may see very little of it, but they can, and do. I discovered I can't delete any photograph of me, nor can I delete images of my book covers. I assume the photographs now serve two purposes – to prove who I am when they come for me, and to provide evidence of my "visible advocacy for anarchy, treason and sedition." That's what they might try to charge me with. You can go and look at my page and judge for yourselves.

I may live in the safest spot in my county, and in one of the safest states in the nation, but that doesn't make it safe. The best place now to conceal my presence is among those who would rat me out in ten seconds if they understood who I am. They're curious, but not overly so, yet. I now am among my enemies. As long as they're looking outward, they might not see me.

Recall that AOC and even our new VP-Elect Harris have made very strong implied threats in our direction. They talked of retribution and payback against known Trump supporters and Republicans in general "for what they did to us the past four years." Yeah, Trump made them rich and now they want to punish us all. Getting rich off the Trump economy and their usual scams isn't good enough for them. They want more than just to control our nation's destiny, they have to have it all, and want our hides tacked to the wall of their barns.

I can tell you truthfully I've been warned that I'm watched closely now. Eyes are on me. I'm a nobody who writes books no one buys, and those few who might have bought never read them. I'm a boutique author whose main clients collect my books as novelties or investments, "just in case." I know just who I am, but evidently I've been broadcasting some truths that have gained notice. Not the kind of notice that would make any of us rich and famous. No, this attention could possibly result in my disappearance.

I watch everything now and encourage everyone to do the same. Until we hear the current rhetoric of hate die down we are not safe. None of us are safe. I don't advocate that anyone stand down and go off line. I do advocate for vigilance in your daily undertakings. Always know who you're talking to. Don't discuss events of the day with anyone you don't know unless a very trusted friend or close relative can vouch for them. Always keep your head and eyes moving when you're out and about. Make sure you know who's near you unless you're in a very public place with lots of people around. Even then, be on your guard. Watch the cars around you when you drive. Watch your rear views mirror especially. Be aware that you may be tailed by a series of cars that rotate turns, observing you. I haven't been tailed, but I still watch for it.

I have been observed and photographed on the streets by at least three Antifa people in the past week. All fit the general description of the Antifa people we saw in earlier days, before they were issued their ninja outfits. I was out on Tuesday in a very distinctive blue outfit, just to see if someone would come out to surveille me. Two did. You have to know who you're looking for and when you're in public – always look for them. If they're interested in you, they'll be around, betting you aren't smart or aware enough to know they're within feet of you. I'm a trained observer. I have learned to watch anyone and everyone around that seems a bit odd. I look for anything that just doesn't look quite right. It could be little things. You have to learn the skills if you want to be safe when you're in public places. You need to keep your eyes open and your brain engaged. Our republic's enemies are everywhere now, watching and waiting. I take it for granted there's no safe place at all. I hope that will keep me from harm. We are never safe.

I'm trying now to arrange assistance from a couple of very well known people in my area. I want to have a sit-down with the city's Public Safety Director or the Chief of Police. I've already tried the Sheriff and one of his Deputy Sergeants. I'm getting nowhere with any of them. All I want them to do is take the threats seriously and allow me to help them develop contingency planning – just in case. That's what smart cops do, isn't it? Evidently not. I have the background and skills. I just need them to take the threats seriously and allow me to aid them. Smart people always plan for worst-case scenarios – they don't wait for them, then try to react. That's the path to certain and avoidable death and destruction. I want them, the authorities, to be smart and develop a viable backup plan that takes advantage of readily available resources and skills. Is that asking too much?

As an example I point to the Capitol Police and how they totally screwed up their response to what was clearly a crowd of people worked up and led to them by Antifa agitators. Whoever planned that rally should have known they would be there. They should have known there would be a move to hijack them in one way or another. The leadership of the Capitol Police should have understood and been ready. Granted no one can think of all possibilities, but the rally leaders should have issued warnings at least hourly to all over their PA systems to be aware of and expect infiltration. I had friends there Wednesday. I warned them in advance of the possibility and what they needed to be looking for. None of the people I knew were "storming" the Capitol Building.

What I saw that afternoon was a few, possibly as few as 100 people who were actively taking part in any agitation. Later, after they had gained access to the rotunda I observed peaceful protestors strolling along, gawking like the tourists they'd turned into. I saw nothing violent in those videos. I saw them walking within the rope lines, all the while being photographed by ... who, exactly? I don't know who those people outside the rope lines were; men with cameras and cell phones snapping pictures and taking videos. Not press, though. That was clear.

It was also clear to me that as much as 99% of the crowd never participated in anything after the President spoke. They didn't storm anything, anywhere, at any time. Most were either leaving the scene post-haste or milling about while they waited to see if anything useful was going to happen.

Where was Congress after the doors were opened? They'd already left via their underground railway system, spirited to "safety." If they were in any danger at all it would have been from the Antifa people who were photographed repeatedly as they posed and snapped pictures of each other. They might have presented a danger to legislators if they'd encountered any. Antifa declares they have no interest in any (R) or (D). They're ideological anarchists who have no love for any politician. They create havoc for fun and because that's what they're hired to do.

I knew the rally was hijacked and had turned into a false flag event as soon as the crowd started moving to the Capitol steps. I could see on my TV who was leading them. But the audio was all about the Trump people "storming" and "out of control." I heard those words and except for those in the van I saw a whole lot of nothing. People were all over in the camera shots, ambling and milling. They certainly were not storming or in any way out of anyone's control. I knew within a minute the entire scene was being staged for the cameras. But, that's me. I'm sure there were a few million people watching who were sucked right in and shouting outraged oaths at their TV sets.

I regret that some sheep from within our fold fell for one of the oldest tricks there is. But, they did, and they will have to live with their shame and whatever consequence comes their way. I blame the organizers of the event. I blame Antifa. I blame the media. I blame those few of that mighty crowd who had been enjoying themselves for almost 24 straight hours in that one spot without a single incident. But in the end, all of us have to blame ourselves. I'm not saying it was any of our doing, but people, we have to acknowledge that we failed. Many of us understood the potential for disaster and none of us made any difference at all. We were outplanned, outmaneuvered and even out-shouted. Whatever it is we aren't doing, we need to figure it out. Maybe we need to become Stacy Abrams' students and figure out what she does to get seemingly normal people worked up to the point they're willing to participate in a national sell-out and feel proud of it.

Newsmax has been reporting truth. A few voices on Fox have as well, though their scripts are too obviously slanted. They're far more subtle than the other MSM outlets, but subtle or not, they're following the progressive script just a bit too well for my taste. I don't get OAN, so I have no idea what they're reporting, but if they're staying true to their reputation, they're also giving it to us straight.

The President is doing all he can now to stay alive. I mean that literally. The rats are all in self-protect mode now and are abandoning him, one after the other. He's been sold out like no leader in American history. There are parallels in world history, though. Those parallels tell us what can happen in a coup. That's what this is, you know? It's a grand coup that's been in the works ever since Donald Trump swore his oath of office. They fear him like they do no other living human. Their fear makes them desperate. Desperation makes people do very strange and terrible things. I put nothing past anyone whose motto is "... by any means necessary."

It is likely that the republic fell yesterday. It's a great and enormous thing, our republic. It'll take a while in falling, but I perceive that it's on its way down. I also perceive the current talk in Congress, talk of a renewed impeachment and an effort to invoke the 25th Amendment as the talk of near-lunatics, but nothing unusual in the historic sense. It's horrible, but it's been done many, many times over the course of human history. Remember the old saw, "The bigger they are, the harder they fall"? When we crash land it will shake the earth in every nation on the planet. Many other nations will fall in turn, until the masterminds behind it all achieve the end they've spent decades and countless billions of Dollars to achieve.

The objective of the current conversations is to try to draw us and our people out. They want a civil war. The people who've paid for all this to happen want that civil war. We have to cool our people down. We'll all get blamed for whatever the next big move turns out to be, but because we try very hard to be people of honor in the worst of times, we cannot start any war. We all need to communicate with local and county law enforcement and get solidly behind them, in a literal way. They may need us, whether they think so or not. Reach out to them. I tell all my friends, "Find the blue lines if things go sideways. Get behind that blue line. Never get in front. If you are in front you'll end up a target or a suspect. Remember the only relatively safe place will be behind the blue. Then, just pray to God they don't do an about-face on you. If that happens, it's all over."

Be safe, my friends. Be safe and be smart. Don't take anything for granted. None of us is guaranteed a tomorrow. We have to ensure our survival the best way we know how. Today I see nothing that will save us but ourselves. Only one question remains to be asked – CAN WE DO IT?

God save us all, and God save the American republic – Amen.

In Liberty, which may soon be obsolete concept,


© Steve A. Stone


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Steve A. Stone

Steve A. Stone is and always will be a Texan, though he's lived outside that great state for all but 3 years since 1970, remembering it as it was, not as it is. He currently resides in Lower Alabama with a large herd of furry dependents, who all appear to be registered Democrats. Steve retired from the U.S. Coast Guard reserves in 2011, after serving over 22 years in uniform over the span of four decades. His service included duty on two U.S. Navy attack submarines, and one Navy and two U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Units. He is now retired after working as a senior civil servant for the U.S. Navy for over 31 years. Steve is a member of the Mobile County Republican Executive Committee and Common Sense Campaign, South Alabama's largest Tea Party. He is also a member of SUBVETS, Inc., and a life member of both the NRA and the Submarine League. In 2018, Steve created 671 Press LLC as his own marquee to publish his books under—he does it his way.


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