Steve A. Stone
A letter to Joe
By Steve A. Stone
January 17, 2021

Dear Friends and Patriots,

What you'll see below is a letter I wrote that I haven't been able to deliver. I'm being blocked in many ways and am nearly shutdown. I wrote the letter because there's someone I'm trying to push into waking up. He's a friend. I've known him since around 1995 and watched him all his professional career. I'm trying to save his life.

Joe told me recently he's "neutral when it comes to politics." Really, Joe? Really? Then he said he thought I might just be suffering from "confirmation bias." Only people who listen to and heed certain voices ever use that term. You know who I mean. That was the "tell." Maybe Joe does believe he's neutral, like hundreds of thousands of others who also listen to those same voices. I think I know the truth. I think you do. Joe has always been one of my favorite people, so I can't just write him off and walk away. But, I can't seem to reach him now, either.

I'm sharing this with anyone who will read it, and my hope is one will send Joe the link to it with a note simply stating, "Joe, look at this. It was written to YOU!"

This is it. A LETTER TO JOE:


You and I go back many years now, and in all that time I never lied to you, and whenever I had an issue with you I always tried to point you in the right direction. I always tried to indicate the right, proper, and ethical answers. I'm doing that now. Please pay heed. I've taken a long time in constructing this. Honor our past by taking the time to read and understand it.

You have to know who tells you truth. Those with TDS don't. Never-Trumpers don't. Limousine Liberals and Country Club Republicans don't. The so-called Mainstream Media doesn't, including all but a small handful on Fox News and Fox Business. I could give a 1-week seminar on how the progressives prevaricate.

I can go all the way back over 100 years and then go forward to show how their methodology was created and by whom, who the past masters were who took over entire nations in the exact same way the American progressives are doing right now.

There is nothing new going on. The big brouhaha isn't because of any new initiatives. They've been in motion for years. The excitement and energy is because it's time to seal the deal. We are witnessing the last chapter of a very comprehensive plan that was initiated after a single conference held over 90 years ago. The plan was started immediately after that conference and has been in play ever since. There was an objective statement to that plan. If you haven't figured it out yet, you are like the vast majority of Americans. You've been watching the hand they've pointed you to every time, while the other hand was busy moving forward along their timeline.

I've watched over five decades of misdirection. Every time I saw it, I tried to find out what was behind the big curtain. In every case I think I figured it out. Well, I admit, I haven't figured out what was going on behind the curtain on the 6th. Something was. But whatever it was is well concealed right now. Maybe I'll find it. I'm looking.

I do understand Charlottesville. I do understand the Freddie Gray riots. I do understand Portland and have been watching Rose City Antifa for years. That's the Antifa Mother Ship. I watched the creation of Black Lives Matter in the aftermath of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin thing in Florida, and knew who the first members were and are, who they worked for, and who finances them. I watched and saw how things were put together in Ferguson MO and learned a lot about Antifa logistics. I learned much more when the events went down in Minneapolis, especially how it was engineered and prepped-for. I've watched and listened to the New Black Panthers ever since they were chartered. Now, I'm trying to understand more about the John Brown Gun Club.

I can write entire books focused on any one of those groups I just mentioned. But, I don't have the time, and I know no one would read them. Instead I put things in the books I do write to prompt others to do their own research. If they did, and if you did, you'd find out an amazing truth ' they've never hid who they are and what their objectives have been all along the way. That's the beauty of the original plan. They knew us very well and realized they could always divert us, even as they were pursuing their grand design in full view.

They have always hidden in plain sight. When I went looking for them some years back, I found traces everywhere I looked. Someone way back over 90 years ago was a genius. They knew exactly how to operate in the public, yet do so without being seen. They knew just how to manipulate us to their benefit every step of the way. I have to admire what they did, just as I have to admire some of their public promoters whose names became famous in history, people like Saul Alinsky.

The problem, Joe, is that you exist on a plane I left years ago. I am on a different plane. I'll explain that a bit later.

I have a very long history now. I learned an important life-lesson in one experience in my home town in Oct. 1973. I learned that our society is stratified. We think all we see and know is the only reality that exists, but it isn't and never was. We all live on planes. Everyone lives on one, but some live on more than one. I'm not going "spacy" on you. I'm not talking dimensions. It's social planes. It's not about rich vs. the poor. It's not that, it's much more than anyone's financial means ' it's more aligned to philosophy and values.

My awakening came when I went down to the plane below me, from that plane you exist on – where almost all people who are normal and operate according the principles of good will exist. I was doing what we in submarines used to call "gutter dragging." I'm sure that term isn't in use now, but I think you know what I mean. I was in my home town and decided to see what was lurking in the gutters there. I shouldn't have been doing that, because I already knew the gutters in that town were, and still are, filled with people who always travel armed and are prepared to kill. Someone died in my hometown every Friday and every Saturday night. Some inside the bars, some outside – shot in the head as they were putting their pickups in reverse. That kind of thing. But, I was never afraid of anything, which I learned was incredibly stupid in that town.

I found myself confronted one night by someone who wasn't even on that next-lower plane. He spent most of his time on that plane two below the one you're on today, and could even have been from the one below that. I'm not certain, but I know who he was and he showed me what he was doing. I had no real comprehension of what I was facing that night. I was only aware of that one plane below, but once that guy put a .45 between my eyes and told me I was about to die, I learned about that plane two levels below. Allow me to explain.

The plane below yours is where the dregs of society live. They're the druggies, the alcoholics, the petty thieves, and the people who have no interest in being useful citizens. That's where you find the dedicated "takers" who think there's nothing wrong with being a lifetime parasite.

The second plane below the "dregs" is worse. That's where the career criminals dwell. The swindlers, the assassins, the drug runners, the drug manufacturers, the ones who create and promote pornography, and the ones who prey on, encourage, and help the parasite class to stay on their plane.

There is yet another plane below the one inhabited by the criminals. If you think the criminal-class plane is evil, some are and some aren't. Some are just practitioners of one or more of those Seven Deadly Sins the Bible talks about, and they have no heart. The plane below them is much, much worse. It's inhabited by slime. It's the plane where you find the true deviants and those with no soul at all. It's the plane where the little missing kids, teens, and young women, and sometimes even men who get a bit too curious get taken to. It's an extremely secretive plane. The creatures there use recognition signs so they know each other. They have their own communication methods on the "dark web." They network, but usually don't know each other's real names. They are people with no souls. They are Satan's minions. They are real. What they do is real. I won't go into that, but I do know. They are the worst humans on earth; barely human, really. They're more animal and their every action is meant to fulfill one or another of their lusts, desires, or imagined scenes. I've never been into that plane.

Like I said, I am certain I dove one plane below yours, but I never, ever meant to go below that one. I did accidentally find myself on that third plane below, among the career criminals – on three occasions. The first time almost got me decapitated. The other ones were later on and I recognized soon enough where I was and managed to get out before any harm came to me.

That second time was in Hollywood, FL, and the third was in Pompano Beach. The one in Hollywood was another occasion where I went gutter dragging and found myself in the wrong place. I managed to leave without much incident, but I learned something that night. Ever since, when I go into any club in any town I always look to see who's sitting along the wall in the farthest corners, often in shadows. There is where the trouble will be, if the trouble is there. I saw, and instinctively knew, I had to leave...then.

The one in Pompano was more innocent. Irene and I had found what we thought was just a country dance place where we could practice our Two-Step. But it turned out to be a place inhabited by some people I recognized as being from that third plane down. I was on the dance floor with Irene when I woke up. I grabbed Irene and said, "Get your purse. We have to leave...NOW!" Something made her move without her usual protest. I told her as we were headed to the door I would explain in the car, and I did. I left a bit late, but early enough. If I'd stayed five more minutes I might not be here now. I'd been sitting for over an hour next to a true career criminal, and he was making the same mistake that first guy did – he thought I was a threat; someone I'm not. They don't play.

Now, I want to tell you about some things you can do to increase your awareness and sensitivity and maybe help anyone who reads this epistle beside you. There are some movies that you should get and study. I don't mean watch, I mean study. I'll list them. I may miss a few, so this isn't the full list, but off the top of my head:

  • The original Rollerball, starring James Caan. Pay attention to who runs things: the social order. It appears we may be headed to that exact order.

  • Bladerunner, with Harrison Ford. The original, again, not the new one. Pay attention to everything you see and hear in the background. What goes on behind the main characters is critical to understand. Look at the population density. Look at what people seem to be doing for jobs, or not. Listen every time you hear a message being broadcast in the background to get an understanding of how the government in that movie works. If you do, you'll understand why we should never allow mail-in ballots. What you see in that move is what the new rulers of America truly want to transition to. If you can't figure it out, let me know and I'll explain.

  • Another good movie is one with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, back when they were married – a movie entitled Eyes Wide Shut. It's a sort of tough movie to watch and one I couldn't believe was actually made. It's a Stanley Kubrick movie. He's been trying to tell us our future for decades. No one understood Kubrick. He's never been into entertainment. He used his movies as warnings. In Eyes Wide Shut Cruise's character, a doctor, somehow talked himself into diving into the pool. He didn't go one level and just gutter drag. No, he went straight down past the second and third levels below and went right into the door of that fourth level – among the deviants. The way they were depicted and how they operate makes for an extremely disturbing movie. Know this – everything in that movie is real. Every little nuance of that movie is true. It's a movie people like me study so we'll understand in case we open the wrong door. Those like me know how to back out. Others don't and that's how they end up dead.

  • Find a movie entiled Savior, starring Dennis Quaid. It shows you some some unbelievable, but very true, things that happened in the Balkan War. There were others made about that war that show them, too. One starred John Savage, but I can't seem to find it in his filmography anymore. It had some truly scary and horrific scenes in it ' things I learned were taken from actual testimony from the trial of Slobidan Milosovitch. Unlike the dystopian movies on this list, this one is true history.

  • The Hunger Games is another that seems to be a visual depiction of the plan for our future. That plan, I've studied it for years. The movie gives a truly good idea of the social structures that will result if that plan goes into full effect. What plan? It's was first known as Agenda 21. It was revised with six new sections added a few years back and is now known as Agenda 2030. There's an America-specific derivative of the Agendas. It's known as The Green New Deal. Do I have your attention? Go onto the UN main web page. You'll see a Pico search window. Type the names of the two Agendas there. You'll get pages of hits. Keep scrolling until you see the parent files and open them up. Then, assuming you have woken up, go back and look for the progress report our then-Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton gave. It would have been around 2013. Agenda progress reports are required of all signatory nations every five years. G.H.W. Bush signed for the U.S. in 1993.

  • RED DAWN – Patrick Swayze and others who later became names in their own right. I don't remember who, and that's not important. What is important is to watch the movie and understand that everything the Wolverines do in it is impossible today. It may have been impossible even then. Of that I'm not certain, but today – ain't happenin'! There are things in there that are still possible. Watch what happens to the people who don't run for the hills. Yes, we could see that same kind of scenario very, very soon. That's the important part of the movie to understand now. I'd tell you more about the Wolverines, but that's not germane to the purpose of this letter.

  • One other movie before I shift gears. Get Soylent Green. It has Moses as its star. Ben Hur. El Cid. Maybe you know him as Charleton Heston. He said it was his favorite movie. He never really said why, but I think it was because he understood that movie for what it was – a warning. I won't go into that. I don't have time. Get it and watch it. Pay attention to who Edward G. Robinson plays in that movie. What is his history? What is his purpose? What do his actions and words tell us about our own future?

Now, I want to talk about books that have to be read. All but one of mine, of course! I've been following along in a long and unbroken line of people who have been sounding warnings no one heeded. Read Orwell. Read Animal Farm and 1984. Even if you read them in high school, get them and read them again to see the parallels in today's events. Orwell wasn't a prophet, but he may just have been a seer.

Read early Heinlein, where he describes future technology, before he was famous. Most of that is very late '40s vintage, but very, very forward-looking. Get his Stranger In A Strange Land.

Read Ray Bradbury, but especially Farenheit 451, and if you read it after watching Soylent Green, understand the parallel themes.

Read Kurt Vonnegut the younger's short book, Player Piano, and understand how the scenarios in his book are our planned-for futures.

Read William Golding's Lord of the Flies, which you may also have read in high school, but need to re-read to understand the truth it's trying to portray – how quickly and completely civilized people can degenerate to an animal state if they have no guide-star to focus them. We saw that exact theme play itself out in the Balkans after Marshal Josep Broz Tito died and Yugoslavia disintegrated. There were things that happened there that hadn't been seen since the Middle Ages.

I have to go now, Joe. I'm late for an appointment. I want you to tune up. I know you have potential, but you have to educate yourself to understand where I'm at; what plane I'm on now. It's not yours. You can't get where I'm at unless you do a few things. What I've given you here can get you into basic training. If you commit, you may get move on to where I'm at. There's no governing body for such things. If you study hard enough, learn, and have the right degree of faith in God, one day you'll know you've risen. But if you insist on staying put where you're at, you could end up regretting you did.

Yes, and just in case you're wondering, there is a plane above mine. I know it's there, but I've never even peeked into it. It's the plane where God's real prophets are. I'm no prophet, and I'm no seer. But, I do know they exist, and I do know far, far too many people have ignored them. That's why we are at the point we are in this world and this country. They've tried for many decades to tell us of just this time, but almost no one listened. I didn't, but in 2013 something happened and I woke up and have been wide awake ever since. It's not confirmation bias, Joe. That's a dumb term progressives invented that actually means nothing. There are such things as conspiracy theories. I know them all, and try to ignore them and focus on what's real and right in front of me. What I see is conspiracy alright, but it's not theory. It's all fact. It's all true. And you can find those same facts if you learn how to look. God shows us the truth. All you have to do is open up your heart and learn how to hear. Let Him guide you. He'll never let you down if you do.

You should wonder why I put this epistle out the way I did. It's because others might learn too. Others might want to open their eyes and follow the breadcrumbs that lead to understanding the dynamics that make everything in this world move, and they might just wake the heck up! We need everyone fully awake now. We're being pushed and shoved to a place no one alive should want to go to. No one can do a thing about it unless they know what's going down. This is your only invitation. That goes for all.

Very soon you may not find me, no matter where or how hard you look. Very soon l may be done. And, in case you do try, you won't find me on MeWe or any other social media. If I leave it will only be because I can no longer add anything positive to the conversation and I'm just trying to survive. I will stay as long as I can.

I have to go do other things now.

In Liberty,


© Steve A. Stone


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