Steve A. Stone
A few words about a few topics
By Steve A. Stone
May 5, 2021

Dear Friends and Patriots,

There’s a lot of “stuff” in the air, isn’t there? I hear a lot that needs explaining and commenting on. You hear it too, don’t you? Let me impart a few words about some of those topics. I’ve held fire on most of them on purpose. But, because they deserve to at least be memorialized, I’ll weigh in a bit on some. I won’t elaborate on them, though. Most are in our consciousness only because the media put them and keep them there. Most are cons, with some elements of propaganda to support their rationale. They’re present long past their “fad” stage only because they serve to control civic behavior in one way or another. To be free people again, we have to purge ourselves and our localities of such nonsense.

I’ll not waste your time with lengthy explanations. If you want to know more, do your own study. The principle thing to know about all of them is their overall intent – to segment society in order to create social division, sow the seeds of chaos, and to make conversation in our land very, very difficult. All are but diversions – shiny toys for the average people to focus on so they won’t discern the true dangers that face us. Real dangers awaits us all – the entire world. But, even those who understand that find themselves caught up in the social madness and find themselves explaining the shiny toys instead of keeping their focus on those very real dangers.

This is but a short list of topics that fall under my assigned heading of social cons:

Cancel Culture – Really? What part of fascist ideology are we not supposed to get? Do the people who put all this tripe forward for our consumption actually believe what they spout, or are the people who sop it up just falling for a major social con job? It’s just a shiny toy. Move on!

Masking – Really? What scientific justification have you ever seen that convinces you wearing anything but a military-grade, full face, replaceable cartridge mask with the one (one, mind you) biological hazard cartridge capable of filtering out a virus, does anything positive for you? Masking mandates? Who empowered anyone to make such social demands? It’s a huge con, nothing more. It’s another shiny toy. Move on!

Critical Race Theory (CRT) – Really? CRT is the godfather of The 1619 Project, the Justice Movement, and Black Lives Matter. The main point it makes regards racial and social equity (not equality, mind you). It’s been around on the fringes of lunatic academia for quite a while now. But, what is it? It’s cultural Marxism. If you want or need to know more, I refer you to Mark Levin’s statements and works that delve into the subject. Levin has been all over CRT for a long time. Anything I say further will be repeating something he’s said better. Or you may want to read the March 2021 edition of Imprimus, published by Hillsdale College. It has a good summary of CRT, written by Christopher F. Rufo. My own summary of CRT – it’s another major con and another shiny toy. It moves us down the road toward the real progressive objectives, but it never points to them. Its intent is to anger people; to provoke them into doing stupid and violent things. It provokes no real thoughtful debate. Such debates cannot be held with those who practice Hegelian dialectics, which most of the major proponents of CRT do on a daily basis. Again, please … move on!

The 1619 Project – Really? This is nothing but history for congenital idiots. It’s founded in Critical Race Theory, but so what? That just means the 1619 Project started out as a blatant fabrication, so … why am I part of that problem? The 1619 Project pretends to be an Afro-centric view of American history, but it fails miserably to support its supposed objectives. It’s not accurate history, and it’s so Marxist in its interpretations it’s almost comedic. Yet, there’s nothing funny about it. It’s being used now to anger people; to further the legitimacy of the now-ubiquitous charges of systematic racism, and to nudge people into accepting the false notion that a race war in America is inevitable. It’s a huge con that’s now forcing its way into school systems all across the nation. It’s a shiny toy, but one with an overarching purpose – to promote racial misunderstandings, hatred, and violence. Please, move on!

Constraints on Liberties – Really? Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington D.C. has issued an edict that regulates how marriages and wedding receptions are to be conducted in her city. No gathering in a public place can be attended by a crowd exceeding 25% of a room’s rated capacity. Wedding receptions cannot include dancing. Not only that, but people are banned from standing along the walls. They’re allowed to sit, eat, and chat with their socially-distanced neighbors, but that’s about it. This kind of nonsense has been going on since the whole COVID-19 scam was begun. Aren’t people fed up yet? Evidently not! Meanwhile, such draconian and authoritarian edicts are all mere distractions, meant only to provoke us. Naught but more shiny toys, designed to keep our attention off things we should be watching and listening to. Please, let’s all move on!

COVID -19 – Really? Yes, it’s real. It’s the “big Kahuna” of distractions, don’t you think? It’s the grandest and dumbest excuse for a lot of the idiocy we’ve put up with for the past 14 months. Aren’t you just sick of it all? I was, just two weeks after it all started last year. I know when I’m being scammed, and I understood COVID-19 was designed to impose authoritarian rule upon us. I understood it would have a negative impact on the November elections. I thought at first it would be over in a short time and the promoters of COVID would move on to the next thing; the next shiny toy. Evidently COVID glitters so well and instills such fear in people, those in power may never let go of it. We may have COVID-II, Son-of-COVID, Grandson-of-COVID, the Malaysian Variant of COVID, etc., in perpetuity. Look at what’s going on in India today (India – after America, aren’t they China’s biggest competitor? HHHhhmmmmmm). We may have to live the rest of our lives with stories of the next newly identified COVID variant and impending deadly outbreak. At least, until a more certain means of controlling billions of people comes along. Today COVID-19 is a world-wide con. It’s worked, too. But, it’s still just a con, intended to provide excuses for tyrants to be tyrants. How does it work for you? Now, can’t we all just move along?

Wokeness – Really? Was this thought up in Hollywood? “Wokeness” is stupidity on steroids. It’s a moronic concept. I’m certain it was thought up by morons, perpetuated by morons, and bought into by more morons. I’d go on, but the very concept of “wokeness” irritates me. I’m no moron. I was “woke” before “woke” became a “thing.” The social phenomenon known as “Woke!” is intended to give morons a weapon, a cudgel, to allow them to feel powerful and superior. In the end, it doesn’t work. Morons are morons for good reasons. Most are unaware of their incredible hypocrisies. It’s just another shiny toy, folks. Move on.

Economic Shutdowns – Really? Was there ever a real need? When in the history of mankind was such a thing ever done? We all know the answer. When was such a thing every needed? We know that answer, too. It’s totalitarianism, pure and simple; a means to an end. If your entire focus is on taking a nation or a series of nations and reducing them in terms of economic power – is there any better way than to edict shutdowns? People – we are being played like fiddles. This is a huge and potentially a fatal blow to real freedom, not just in our country, but in most of the world. We should never be so afraid – of anything. Politicians who ordered shutdowns are guilty of tyrannical behavior. They’ve interfered in the lives and livelihoods of average people. It’s all a huge, huge con and violation of the natural rights of every citizen. It’s not a shiny toy, though, because they’ve made it all too real.

De-Fund the Police – Really? To my libertarian way of thinking, cities dumb enough to go along with the De-Fund Movement should take their money from where their mouths are, spend it all on Mardi Gras parades and buying Starbucks coffee for all the homeless, and just leave the rest of us alone. They’re sure to reap what they sow. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the end game on this one. Let’s all just wait for it. We don’t even have to pay attention to any aspect of it, unless we have a friend or relative on the PD in one of those stupid2 blue zones. The real con here is to give hyper-sensitive people another axe to grind. The police aren’t a factor at all in 99+% of American’s lives on any given day. Meanwhile, they keep the animals at bay. Does one occasionally shoot an unarmed individual by mistake? Sure. Are some of those individuals black? Of course. Seven unarmed black citizens were shot by police in 2020. SEVEN! That’s seven out of a total population of over 330 million. Seven, out of a population of the 46.8 million who identify as black, equates to .000015% of a population that makes up 14.2% of the nation’s total, for a grand percentage of .000002%. When you consider the numbers – where’s the “systematic” in there? Where are all those “out of control, racist, fascist cops?” Numbers don’t lie. Liars do. And whoever is behind the De-Fund the Police movement – those people are notorious liars. Just consider that seven deaths in the black communities of Chicago is considered a quiet weekend in Chicago – and no one is marching or shouting in Congress about Chicago, are they? It’s another giant con. It’s another shiny distraction toy. Move the heck on.

Gender Politics – Really? You do know in California there are 62 specific genders, don’t you? At least there were about two years ago. Perhaps they’ve “grown” past that now. Public schools that instruct according to the National Sexuality Standards are teaching young people there’s no such thing as gender – you are what you feel, not what anyone tells you. Your parents – they lied to you when they told you “You’re a little boy,” or “You’re a pretty little girl.” Your grandparents lied. Your aunts and uncles – they lied, too. Your doctor and hospital – not only did they lie, they gave you a birth certificate that attempts to lock you into a sexual identity you might not want, and – legal proof you are the victim of a vast right-wing conspiracy! This is yet another con. This is a shiny toy, but one designed for a special purpose. It’s intended to psychologically neuter male children. Girls are affected in many of the same negative ways as the boys, but it’s the boys who are the bigger targets. The intent is to raise them up to be what Arnold Schwarzenegger used to refer to as “girly men.” Girly men will not stand up and fight for the Constitution, principles, their natural rights, or … their women. Girly men will be more concerned with choosing which bathroom to use, the color of their hair dye and nail polish, and the next lawsuit concerning their participation in the sport of their choice. The entire effort seems intended to turn America into a nation of confused, whiny sissies. Gee, why haven’t we already moved on? This subject creeps me out.

Anti-Second Amendment – Really? They still want my guns? And, yours, too? Well, they can’t have them! Gun confiscation is usually a prelude to the imposition of the worst forms of tyranny. Any government that seeks to disarm its population is one that deserves to fear them. Why make it easy for them, though? I’m an advocate for carrying a weapon at all times. In most states it’s your right. If you want to lose a right – just don’t exercise it. Think of it as a nuisance and it’ll go away one day. Then, belatedly, you’ll understand why it existed in the first place. Unlike most things on the list, this one is not a shiny toy. This one is buried among shiny toys to make it seem much like them, but it’s a deadly serious thing. I believe more people should open-carry than do. To make a point to our government I would love to see a movement that designates one day a year as National Second Amendment Day to ask every gun-owning American to just go to the end of their driveway with one of their guns on full display – for a full hour. Imagine if 75 million Americans did that – just stood at the end their driveway with a holstered gun or holding their shotgun in their hands for a pre-designated hour. The guns wouldn’t need to be loaded – just visible. If you don’t think 75 million people doing that kind of peaceful demonstration wouldn’t get international attention – you know nothing. The media couldn’t ignore it. Politicians couldn’t ignore it. No one could ignore it. The statement being made would be, “This is my gun. I have a natural right to keep and bear it, which is affirmed by our Constitution. I’m on my property, posing no threat to anyone, and not breaking any laws. ” Don’t move on from this. Study it instead. Defeating the Anti-Second Amendment movement is critical to the future of our nation.

Stop watching the shiny toys! Don’t be sucked into the cons. Most of what you see and hear is merely purposeful distraction. Focus on what’s important. If you stay focused on any one or combination of shiny toys and cons you’ll wake up one day and find all your freedom and liberty has been taken from you.

All the signs point to a near-term economic tsunami. You all know it. You all see it, too. If the Biden administration has its way, it will happen soon. The administration would love to have us at war with each other and use an administration-declared insurrection as the pretense for what they intend to do anyway – collapse the economy, provoke mass chaos, and impose authoritarian rule.

Our future looks grim unless we decide to make it otherwise. By my reckoning – we’re a bit late in starting.

In Liberty,


© Steve A. Stone


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Steve A. Stone

Steve A. Stone is and always will be a Texan, though he's lived outside that great state for all but 3 years since 1970, remembering it as it was, not as it is. He currently resides in Lower Alabama with a large herd of furry dependents, who all appear to be registered Democrats. Steve retired from the U.S. Coast Guard reserves in 2011, after serving over 22 years in uniform over the span of four decades. His service included duty on two U.S. Navy attack submarines, and one Navy and two U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Units. He is now retired after working as a senior civil servant for the U.S. Navy for over 31 years. Steve is a member of the Mobile County Republican Executive Committee and Common Sense Campaign, South Alabama's largest Tea Party. He is also a member of SUBVETS, Inc., and a life member of both the NRA and the Submarine League. In 2018, Steve created 671 Press LLC as his own marquee to publish his books under—he does it his way.


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