Steve A. Stone
Letter to President Trump
By Steve A. Stone
December 30, 2021

President Donald J. Trump
c/o Mar-a-Lago Club
1100 Ocean Blvd.
Palm Beach, FL 33480

31 December 2021

Dear President Trump,

The last thing I wrote in 2020 was a letter to you. This letter is the last I’ll write in 2021. I believe it’s important to communicate my thoughts to you, since you may once again run for office and reassume your place as a major factor in the lives of all Americans.

It’s true you’re still a major factor in the lives of millions, even out of office. We look to you for inspiration and as a reflection of the great heights our country reached during your time as our President.

I’ve watched many of the interviews you’ve granted this year. The most asked question seems to be “Will you run for President in 2024?” It’s a natural question, but it still leaves me wondering if those asking truly believe they’ll get a definitive answer or are doing so because it’s expected of them to ask. We all know it serves no good purpose for you to answer now. There’s plenty of time for that, later on. I’m not asking. I can wait.

There is great speculation regarding the mid-term elections. The majority of honest members of the pundit class seem to be in agreement that the Democrats have seriously overplayed their hand and the elections of next year will see a tsunami of new Republicans elected to office to begin the process of undoing all the damage the Biden regime and the current Democrat-led Congress has caused. My own opinion is predicated on a couple of huge “ifs.” If the mid-term elections are held it stands to reason the Republicans will increase their numbers in both the House and Senate by decent numbers. The other “if” regards the historical record of Republicans – they have a notorious habit of riding high, on the crest of a wave of popularity, only to blow it toward the end. They could win. They should win. But, regardless of how things appear to be, we can’t know if they will win until after all the votes are counted. Notice I’m not making statements about an honest election. I personally don’t think it matters in 2022 whether the elections are honest or not. Republicans tend to be good losers, even when they’re supposed to mop the floor with their opponents. If anyone can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, it’s a Republican.

Back to my first “if.” I don’t believe we can absolutely count on the mid-term elections being held. The Democratic Party is fully in the hands of committed Marxist communists and socialists now. Their mantra is well known. I’ve heard it chanted many times before, “Socialism, socialism, socialism; by any means necessary!” They mean it, too. If the trends continue and the lot of Democrats begins to look desperate I predict their intermediaries and financiers will arrange for a series of dramatic events that could be used as a pretext to suspend the elections. I foresee a period of unrest that might make even 2020 look like a very placid year. If that scenario unfolds I would expect to see National Guard troops deployed all over the nation, and possibly a national declaration of martial law. We’ve had similar predictions before, but 2022 seems the most suitable time for such a scenario to play out. If we see a “hot” summer again, it’s the scenario I will expect. Today I put odds on holding the mid-term elections at 50-50.

I spent much of the past year watching The World Economic Forum. I’m fully convinced it’s the principle house of the cabal responsible for the election debacle of last year. They appear to be the group behind the big international push toward The Great Reset and accomplishment of all the prerequisites necessary to fully implement Agenda 2030. Their American participants are easy to spot. Just listen for any mention of a 2030 goal or anything connected to The Green New Deal and whoever is doing the talking is most likely a minion of The World Economic Forum, even if they’re unaware of it. Those committed socialists I discussed earlier – they are most definitely among the minions. They are what Vladimir Lenin referred to as “useful idiots.” Of course, being idiots, they aren’t aware of their true status and are quite pleased with themselves of late. Idiots though they are, they present a clear danger to the existence of freedom and liberty in the world. They must eventually be confronted and pushed aside. Will 2022 be the year that happens? Regardless of any costs, I sincerely hope so.

I’ve been trying to keep up with you this year. I’ve watched your interviews and have monitored your tour with Bill O’Reilly. I often wonder at your patience. O’Reilly and Mike Lindell are both good and well-meaning souls, but they both get on my nerves a bit, and for the same reason. They both want the spotlight, even when it’s yours. Bill hasn’t fully recovered from his fall from grace at Fox News, where he was the king for over 13 years. His ego seems to require constant feeding. Mike is a different matter. I believe he’s largely unconscious of how he presents himself. I watched his last “interview” with you and realized he just doesn’t understand the difference between a professional interview and a personal conversation. Most others who’ve interviewed you did better. The main thing is – you’re maintaining your base of support by your appearances and calm, Presidential demeanor. It’s somewhat soothing to your supporters, even as it serves as a grating reminder of what transpired between the first week of November and into this past spring. If I understand you at all, I know I can trust you’ll keep your profile high.

Just to illustrate my own support, I attended your 21 Aug. rally in Cullman, AL. Due to concerns for my wife’s health I had to miss both of your rallies in Mobile during your first election campaign, and just missed the one you held in Biloxi. I was literally at the Biloxi Coast Coliseum parking lot for that event when I realized my wife would not be able to withstand the wait, lines, and the press of the crowd. We went to her favorite Greek restaurant instead. I was not about to miss your Cullman rally. The advertising indicated the ticket booths would be open at 3 p.m., but I was concerned that wasn’t going to hold. I arrived on site at 1 p.m., after attending the Alabama State GOP summer meeting, held just up the road. There were already at least 2,000 people there, so I skipped lunch that day and stayed. My parking spot was a half-mile away from the stands. I stayed through the thunderstorm we had that afternoon, and was one of the last to leave the site. My seat was 10 rows up, behind and to the left of the speaker’s rostrum. I was about three people out of camera range. I picked my seat; being out of the camera’s view was my choice. Whenever I mention being in Cullman I get asked to describe the experience. I tell people it was something I wouldn’t trade for the world, but it was a very, very hard day. It’s a true sign of commitment when people are willing to stand for 8 to 10 hours to see and hear from any one person. My own estimate of the crowd size tells me about 50,000 were that committed. You make rock stars envious!

I want to get more serious for the rest of this missive. I want to touch on some of the events of 2021 and give you a sense of how they played in my neighborhood.

The pull-out from Afghanistan was shameful. You articulated the right strategy and plan, but were constantly thwarted by Deep Staters in the Pentagon and State Department. The best time to leave Afghanistan was 6 months after we went in. The next-best time to leave was on any day after that first 6 months, but we stayed for 20 years instead. History is filled with stories of those who thought they could pacify Afghanistan. Alexander the Great figured out the only way to do that was to integrate with the tribes and culture. Afghanis have never changed. They still have much the same tribal warrior culture they had long before Alexander came along. We watched the Soviets struggle there. Our own press referred to the Soviet misadventure in Afghanistan as “their Vietnam.” You were right about Afghanistan, and how to end things there. You understood we could stay for another 20 years and the end scenario would always be some variation of the one we saw this year. At least, if you’d had your way, we’d have left with our decency and honor intact. All our own people and those our actions had placed in jeopardy would have been evacuated ahead of the troops. We’d have taken all our war-toys with us instead of equipping the Taliban beyond their wildest dreams. You would have saved us from international embarrassment.

The decline of our nation’s military is evident for all to see. China now challenges us across the board. Russia is re-positioning to do something similar. Today we “enjoy” something of a stalemate, where before we had clear and unambiguous superiority. It seems evident there’s a lack of will in the Department of Defense. Perhaps it’s time to rename the department once again. How would “Department of De-fence” work? Or, is that name better suited for Homeland Security? Most veterans I know believe our current Department of Defense is much more dedicated to social causes than to actual defense of our nation. The services are being used to promote various “justice” movements. Most veterans don’t like the notion of “justice warriors” in the uniforms of our nation. I have no idea how those on active duty think about it. Today’s military members aren’t at all like they were when I was in uniform. They’ve been condition to accept the various insanities and inanities that are part of today’s military. Those who can’t conform to the new ways of thinking are leaving. Some who are willing to conform otherwise, but refuse to get COVID vaccines are soon to be cashiered.

One thing I wish you’d done in your time in office was to purge all the military officer corps of those with primarily selfish interests. Instead, you trusted them to have real integrity and to value the fact that you fully funded them and supported their endeavors. Far too many failed to live up to your faith and trust. You never quite comprehended that our military officer corps are filled with self-interested careerists. They’ve been that way since Jimmy Carter was President, thanks to the service academies introduction of career management courses into their curricula. Far too many officers have been and continue to be “ticket-punchers,” who spend their years in uniform planning and positioning for their after-service careers. There have always been such officers, but never in the numbers seen today. Those officers who are still motivated by God and country have suffered from mostly pedestrian-level leadership and internecine intrigues. I beg you to change that situation, if you’re given another chance to do so.

The Biden administration is fulfilling the dreams of former Democrat administrations with their open immigration policies. It’s amazing how they pretend to follow our immigration laws, when it’s blatantly obvious to anyone who takes a casual look they’re allowing almost anyone who can drag themselves across our southern border to stay. Not only stay, but they’re financially rewarded for their efforts. The whole idea that taxpayers are funding the nightmares of illegal immigration is sickening. The Democrats are buying potential voters. We always knew that was their desire. Now that the desire is reality we’re soon to find out if America can survive it. Can any nation survive millions of new “clients,” most of whom will need years to be able to survive in our society without aid?

One bright spot in 2021 was the inability of the Democrats to pass their giant Build Back Better program. We owe Senator Joe Manchin for that. He’s suddenly the most important man in Washington. If he ever yields we are done for. Anyone who understands the Build Back Better legislation knows it’s intended to legalize our path for America’s accomplishment of Agenda 2030 action items. It’s designed to transition our country according to the needs of The Great Reset. If it ever passes the America we have known will never be again. We will transition to an entity still-called America, but it will never again be a sovereign state, much less the wealthiest and most powerful nation on the planet. We will be bankrupt and at the mercy of the world’s central banks. Today things look good. But recent signals from the Democrats indicate they may break the Build Back Better plan into pieces, figure out what will buy enough support to pass each piece, and sprinkle the 2022 legislative calendar with a series of new bills to accomplish the very same objectives. If that transpires it will be a perfect example of “… by any means necessary.”

Many are now worried about the status of currency. There is a great push to eliminate tangible currency; to transition to a cashless society. While that may sound great to many who now love to use their cell phones and QR code technology instead of carrying wallets filled with plastic cards and currency, those who understand how our government uses digital information consider such a thing to be the death-knell of freedom. If we do make the transition off tangible currency the government will soon be the Big Brother we’ve long feared (which assumes they aren’t already). When any government has the ability and legal authority to monitor the movement of any of our future “ones and zeros” on deposit in any financial institution we lose much of the freedom that made America great. I recently had this conversation with a bank branch manager and asked him if he thought his bank would have a future in a cashless society. He said he hadn’t considered it. I gave him my opinion, that if a nation transitions from currency there’s no need for any commercial bank at all. Everything from that point on can be done by a single central bank using cloud computing services. I’m certain Christine LaGarde can give hours-long lectures on the great benefits of such a scheme, but we all need to understand the inherent dangers that lie there. Unfortunately, the “wireless” generations won’t get it.

Everything in 2021 was COVID in some way. The government’s COVID responses wrecked us. It was always a mistake to allow bureaucrats to run the nation’s response efforts, but it was easy to understand how that was engineered. I could see in January 2020 that you were put into a box you couldn’t get out of. Perhaps it would have been better to push the entire government medical community aside at the very beginning, but with an almost completely hostile press and in an election year, it’s easy to comprehend the limits of that box. No one I know faults you, but you do understand we’re still living with that legacy – with no end in sight. The current administration capitalizes off the COVID scam every day. They have no interest in ending it – yet it must end. Our nation, along with many other nations, is being ruined by all the nonsense surrounding COVID. The people want all of it to end. We understand there’s no path back to greatness as long as we’re wearing that stinking albatross. Dr. Fauci, and all those at NIH who are part of this scam, must be dealt with. It may well be the future of the entire planet is already in grave jeopardy due to their misdeeds.

I will offer an opinion regarding the purpose of the giant COVID scam – it was engineered as a key component of The Great Reset. It’s all part of the plan to accomplish Agenda 2030 on schedule. Many consider that an irrational opinion, but it’s far more rational than any of the others I’ve heard. I fully appreciate that, even if you were inclined to agree with me, you can’t articulate anything approximating such an opinion in public.

If we were to look at the COVID saga in a more objective manner we still have to deal with the idea that it furthers the cause of those who advocate for nationalized health care. It provides a scenario where the federal government directs resources without input from the citizens and spends untold billions for dubious purposes. Instead of answering questions like, “What exactly is COVID?” and “What is the best way to prevent getting COVID?” we see billions being spent on extremely expensive experimental drugs and huge inoculation programs. The truth that the vaccines and inoculation programs have been monumental failures, while effective preventives and treatments are in ready supply, is covered up by media and the statements from government officials, right up to the President himself. How do we get out of this mess when the will seems to be to plunge us further into it – to repeat its commitment to “The Big Lie”? How does our nation regain its sanity?

Americans are growing weary from dealing with COVID insanities along with all the phony social initiatives that keep coming at us. We know the push to embrace trans-genders as if they’re some significant segment of our population is just another aspect of the Democrat social segmentation strategy. We aren’t dumb. But, how are we to stop it? Where’s the strategy to end the socialist domination of most colleges and universities – a fact of college existence for over 60 years now. We know The 1619 Project, common educational standards, and Critical Race Theory are all just the most recent manifestations of the takeover of education in America by Marxists and socialists, but what are we to do about it when our government now gives official support to it all? Again, how does our nation regain its sanity?

To me, the central questions of the day seem to be: “What are Americans to do when their government turns on the people? How are we to deal with a government that is now so huge and powerful that we know we are no longer in control, but are its subjects? What do we do when we all wake up to the truth that we are now minions of an authoritarian regime that intends to destroy the American Way once and for all?” These are the questions that keep me up at night. These are questions that will be answered one way or another; sooner, rather than later. I pray for peaceful answers.

I will end this missive by wishing you and your entire family a Happy New Year. Know you have my support for any decision you make regarding your own future. I understand your options. I understand the time factors involved in advertising your chosen option. I stand ready to aid you in any future undertaking. I state that because I believe to the depths of my soul that you have the interests of Americans at heart and will always act in good faith according to the guidance of our nation’s Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

May God grant you and your family success, peace, and serenity in the stormy season that is sure to be upon us all.

In Liberty,


© Steve A. Stone


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Steve A. Stone

Steve A. Stone is and always will be a Texan, though he's lived outside that great state for all but 3 years since 1970, remembering it as it was, not as it is. He currently resides in Lower Alabama with a large herd of furry dependents, who all appear to be registered Democrats. Steve retired from the U.S. Coast Guard reserves in 2011, after serving over 22 years in uniform over the span of four decades. His service included duty on two U.S. Navy attack submarines, and one Navy and two U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Units. He is now retired after working as a senior civil servant for the U.S. Navy for over 31 years. Steve is a member of the Mobile County Republican Executive Committee and Common Sense Campaign, South Alabama's largest Tea Party. He is also a member of SUBVETS, Inc., and a life member of both the NRA and the Submarine League. In 2018, Steve created 671 Press LLC as his own marquee to publish his books under—he does it his way.


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