Steve A. Stone
What do you expect from the Republican Party?
By Steve A. Stone
October 23, 2022

Dear Friends and Patriots,

What you see below is an expanded version of a response I gave to an email from a friend. Yesterday, I sent out a list of well-known Americans who were alumni of the World Economic Forum’s Young World Leaders training program. One note I received in reply was this:

    You know that Up until a few yrs ago an invite to the WEF in the world of politics and business was the cat’s meow.

    That was before the WEF came out of closet with their agenda.

    I’m sure you remember that one of the milk toast republicans, maybe a Bush or Romney, use to often refer to the WEF or maybe spoke there.

    Keep up the good work.

I suppose it’s just my mood. We’re closing in on Election Day, and I’m a bit pensive about how things might go. After reading the note above, I found my fingers banging away in response. I’ve added a bit to it for the sake of clarity, not deception. Bear with me on that. Once in a while a bit of “literary license” is useful.

This is my “enhanced” response to the email above (offered with my apology):

    That would have been 41. He was all about the New World Order.

    Both Bush presidents and almost the entire family were and are globalists. Almost all of them publically announced their votes for Joe Biden in the last election. Romney has always been a globalist, just as his father was. They all survive among us because most people make one single mistake—we pay attention to what they say. We dissect their words and assign descriptors to them. We say they tell us truth, or they tell us lies.

    What we all too seldom do is ignore their words and focus only on their actions. If people would only learn to do that, they wouldn't be fooled nearly as often.

    People are led to believe the term "Republican" means something real. You may believe it, too. I did, until I spent time studying the party platform. Then, I went out among my fellow Republicans and asked a simple question, "Have you ever read the entire party platform?" I have yet to get a single affirmative answer. My conclusion is pretty simple— hardly anyone reads the party's statement of philosophy. If one never reads it, how can one be accused of willful violation of any part of it? It's not law, so ignorance is a viable excuse.

    We have people among us who are considered "good" Republicans.

    What does that really mean? Does it only imply they attend party meetings on a regular basis, work the polls, wave signs, help out at fund-raisers? Is that what being a "good" Republican is? If someone runs for office under the Republican banner who has violated major tenets of the party's platform and even state party rules, yet that person is supported by the majority of Republicans in the state—doesn't that say something very real about the subject? How does one pretend to be a "good" Republican and still support a person whose background shrieks out their indifference to the party's published ethos? Yet, I look around me and I see that happening everywhere.

    A few years back, there was an exodus from the party’s ranks. People's words were, "I didn't leave the party, the party left me." What happened there? I think people who fled had finally woken up. They realized the party that would run a lunatic like McCain and a globalist, elitist neo-liberal like Romney isn't what they thought they were getting into. They realized there's a party of record that has a platform of principles they admire, but there's also a party that tosses those principles aside whenever it's expedient, then tells the party membership the main principle of all is WINNING. But, how do you win with such characters as the party offered? People saw, they heard, they bailed out. They believed the party had sold them a bill of goods. The party was not what they thought it was. The myth of the Republican Party was, and still is, just that...a myth. Most people don't want to play that game.

    I've been a Republican all my life. I've never voted for a Democrat. That's just true. No matter how bad the Republican candidates were, they were better choices than the offering of the Democrats. But, doesn't the party owe us more than the lesser of evils? Don't they owe us to run REAL Republicans on their slate? If they'd only commit to that, they'd sweep the country and there would only be a handful of Democratic Party enclaves. Some of the major cities would turn red. But, that's not what they do. Instead, they've adopted the guise of "Democrats light." They tell us it’s OUR fault; that we just don’t participate enough in the primaries, and inferior candidates end up running as their candidates. Who wants that rationale? Who needs that? The truth? The Republican Party is a private organization that can deny anyone a place on its ballot in the primaries. They allow those inferior people to be considered, when they should be guarding the interests of the people. In doing so, they pave the way for what we see—a system where money and influence paves the way to the general election, not merit. In that regard, can they claim to be any different from the Democrats?

    My party of choice has always been Republican, but my main philosophy is libertarian. When I study libertarian ethics and compare them to the principles espoused by our founders, I find striking compatibility. Many of our founders would find themselves far more comfortable among libertarians than among Republicans. Notice I didn't say anything about the Libertarian Party, which I sort of loathe. (That's an entirely different subject.) I don't party with the LP, for good reasons. But, I find the Republican Party has a very strange way of holding libertarians at bay. People like me can never get traction within the party. Those who form the core of the party, the "establishment," don't want my kind in their midst. They want us inside so they can keep an eye on us, but they don't want us in positions of authority, where we can sway opinions. We cause the Republican establishment angst. They understand that if they slip up and allow libertarians at their tables the truths that would be heard would mean the eventual end of their reign.

    In the end, all is about money and power. The difference between Republicans and Democrats is the lengths to which they'll go to acquire and hold onto money and power. Democrats are now fully in the sway of progressive, socialist, and communist ideologues. Their intent is to "create a fundamental transformation of America," just as Barack Obama promised. Are the Republicans better? Once in a while maybe, but mostly not. Most Republicans in politics are sold out. They've been compromised. They've yielded to those whose sole intent was to determine the price to buy their souls.

    You may read all this as statements of monumental cynicism. I will plead guilty if charged. But, if I were ever tried for that, I think my defense would prevail. There is very little in the world of politics that should make me anything other than cynical.

    Next month I'll cast my votes for Jimmy Blake instead of the RINO Governor Kay Ivey, and John Sophocleus instead of the turncoat, she-wolf, lobbyist Katie Britt. I'll vote for Charlie Wyckoff for Sheriff in Mobile County. I'll cast those votes for one single reason above all—I firmly believe they are the right kind of people; that the people the RP offers me are corrupt and inferior. It's not my fault that I can't vote for many Republicans anymore. It's the fault of the party, and the people of the party who don't understand exactly how things work. If the average Republican Party member can’t understand the need to demand adherence to the party’s published ethos, then what is it they expect? We all get what we vote for in the end, don’t we? If the party can’t comprehend the need to run candidates who are true Republicans, then there’s no reason to expect anything other than what we’ve seen.

    Thoughts automatically turn to Trump, don’t they? Yes, where does he come into play? I’ll admit to something. I still have no clue regarding Trump’s core being. I find myself admiring most of what he accomplished. His deeds were often magnificent. By my own standards, he deserves hero status. But, that doesn’t mean I’m 100% sold on him. That’s my cynicism speaking. I still have to deal with the facts in hand—that Trump sliced and diced all his opponents and ascended in spite of the party, not with its aid. He suffered at their hands as they capitalized off his success, while offering only the most tepid support. He ultimately suffered abandonment at the party’s hands as they stood by and watched the election steal being set-up. The party could have done a lot to disrupt the steal, but they didn’t. Donald Trump was the party’s nominee only because the other candidates quit the field, not because the powerful members of the party ever wanted him. That statement applies to both election campaigns. They still don’t actually want him, which means we may never get to find out once and for all if Donald Trump is the Real McCoy or not. The cynic in me says, “Watch out. He could be a major piece on the game board, but we still don’t know which side he truly represents.” I’m mindful that he failed us in his last year in office. He should have pushed Anthony Fauci off the stage early on, but didn’t. He allowed the vaccine program to progress to implementation. I’m a bit conflicted from all of that.

    I'm done. I was just in an emoting mood and picked you as my victim. I hope you don't take any offense. I'm not pointing my finger at anyone in particular, just the situation in general.

I think the response to the note I received is a good reflection of my mood, concerns, and intent. I’m not at all happy with the way the Republican Party has ignored the truth of the status in the world. They’re playing the same old partisan games, not addressing the dangers that are poised to strike this nation down. I see very little that tells me anyone of importance in the Republican Party is even aware of the World Economic Forum and its campaign to destroy our country. I see and hear nothing to indicate any desire to fight against the anti-Constitutional forces in Washington. All I see and hear are desires to keep playing the games.

I recently posted something on my Facebook page that seems entirely pertinent to this dialog. This is it:

"The only difference between the two parties isn’t

the mission but the motivation. Democrats are agents of

chaos and carnage; Republicans just want in on the grift."

Steve Deace, 22 Sep. '22



Yeah, I think that may be a perfect summary and closing comment.

In Liberty,


© Steve A. Stone


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Steve A. Stone

Steve A. Stone is and always will be a Texan, though he's lived outside that great state for all but 3 years since 1970, remembering it as it was, not as it is. He currently resides in Lower Alabama with a large herd of furry dependents, who all appear to be registered Democrats. Steve retired from the U.S. Coast Guard reserves in 2011, after serving over 22 years in uniform over the span of four decades. His service included duty on two U.S. Navy attack submarines, and one Navy and two U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Units. He is now retired after working as a senior civil servant for the U.S. Navy for over 31 years. Steve is a member of the Alabama Minority GOP and Common Sense Campaign. He is also a life member of SUBVETS, Inc., the Submarine League, and the NRA. In 2018, Steve has written and published 10 books.


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