Sylvia Thompson
Of course they are coming for your children
By Sylvia Thompson
April 29, 2022

America is finally seeing the result of its total abdication of Christian principles, after having bowed to the homosexual agenda.

When two homosexual men, Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen, first published After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90’s and then proceeded to create a masterful psyop on the public, I’m sure the authors never dreamed how far they could go with their scheme.

These men targeted all of America, but my focus is directed toward Christians.

When religious leaders moved the red line of sexual degeneracy to accommodate homosexuality (under withering pressure from the Kirk and Madsen crowd), I’m sure they hoped the degeneracy would go no further than, say, legal recognition of homosexual behavior. I’m sure all of America hoped that would be the case. Solid Christians, however, were very much aware that you cannot compromise with sexual sin, and we could see where it would lead.

Now that sexual degeneracy is being openly expressed in all manner of sexual sin (lesbian, gay/homosexual, bisexual, transgender, queer—LGBTQ, and so on), decent people rue the day they bowed to the brainwashing of Kirk and Madsen.

Some conservatives and some Christians boxed themselves in with the “adult human beings doing their own thing” argument. Consequently, they ignored the biblical statement that God abhors disordered sexual behaviors. He makes no exception for where the disordered behavior occurs (in a bedroom or not) or who is acting it out. And He does not relegate such sexual sins to a par with other sins that are not against the nature of what it is to be human. Scripture describes unnatural sexual sins as abominable.

God’s only directive for humans afflicted with sexually disordered orientations is that they seek the necessary help to end the behavior. It is the same directive for all who are enslaved by powerful obsessions (drug addicts, alcoholics, and the like). First, seek spiritual help from God Himself, and medical psychological help for ingrained harm done to them by adults who preyed upon them when they were defenseless children. That’s all God will accept—changed behavior, regardless of what our rotted culture accepts.

A lukewarm position on the sinful and destructive nature of the homosexual agenda is one of the reasons, in my view, mainline Christianity in America (and throughout the world) is so ineffective.

That same failure to recognize the destructive nature of the homosexual agenda is why children throughout this country and the world are now at risk from groomers and sexual predators.

Recently, a prominent so-called conservative, the homosexual podcaster David Rubin, announced that he and the man he lives with had “rented” eggs and the bodies of women to produce two children.

The disturbing part regarding the strange announcement is that some so-called conservatives were enthusiastically onboard with the men’s behavior. These so-called conservatives seem oblivious to the willful denial of a mother in these children’s lives, solely to satisfy the sick need of homosexuals. And the operative phrase here is “willful denial.”

We know children can be denied one or the other parent because of divorce, illness, or death, but none of that is willful. No normal person marries with the intention of getting divorced, no parent intends to become ill, and death is usually uncontrollable (suicide is not the norm).

Mark Dice, a conservative podcaster, took issue with Rubin’s behavior and called out known Christian conservative commentators for their silence.

One such conservative was Allie Beth Stuckey, who blocked Mark Dice from her site after he called her out. Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh was another conservative called out for his silence.

Feeling somewhat compelled to speak out in response to Dice, both Stuckey and Walsh later gave statements as to their beliefs. Both, however, seemed irritated at having been called out.

Ms. Stuckey made a statement about her good relationship with Rubin, and proceeded to explain her Bible view on the incident. In her statement, she confirmed the lie Rubin is living by calling his partner his “husband.” I stopped listening to her discourse after she spoke that phrase, “his husband,” because that is an indication to me that Ms. Stuckey is part of the problem with Christianity in America today.

Confirming the lies that willful sinners engage in is not the job of a Christian. We don’t confirm error; we call it out. Men cannot have husbands, and women cannot have wives. Men cannot marry men, in God’s mind, nor can women marry women. Marriage is a contract established by God, between one man and one woman, and confused Christians do not negate that fact.

I noticed, too, that the so-called conservatives and Christians who had to be called out for their silence regarding the Rubin situation know Rubin on a professional level.

It seems they need to tread lightly because of their careers. Otherwise, as professed Christians, one would think they would be more vocal about the destruction homosexuality poses to the culture, in the same way they are vocal about transgenderism and pedophilia.

In his book The Marketing of Evil, David Kupelian, a prominent conservative author with WorldNetDaily (WND), presents his examination of the reasons why Americans accept ideas and behaviors today that were unacceptable less than two decades ago. The author exposes how acceptance of traditionally unacceptable behaviors and increasing secularism are due to marketers that play on our emotions and values. They carry on where Kirk and Madsen left off.

The primary sufferers of this total lack of discernment on the part of Christians—when it comes to homosexual behavior—are children.

From the David Rubin types, who deny children normal lives by purchasing them for their own selfish gratification, to the out-and-out predators, who use them sexually and criminally, they are all despicable characters in my view.

Nobody is born homosexual; somewhere along the way they are shaped (broken). Therefore, they must shape young minds to be like them, because none will be born like them. The sexually disordered will not be replenished naturally; consequently, they must break what God has created wholesomely—the children. They have said as much in song—We’re coming for your children.”

I question the integrity of any Christian who doesn’t see this reality, or who refuses to accept this reality for the travesty it is.

© Sylvia Thompson


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