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January 21, 2024

January 21, 2024
WORLDNETDAILY — Last November, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten annoyed the vast American homeschooling community by expressing bafflement at the trend to remove children from school. "What's behind the increase in homeschooling?" Weingarten posted on X (formerly Twitter), referencing an article on Axios with the same title. This apparent cluelessness drew snorts of derision from parents all over the nation, who didn't hold back on their responses by the thousands – so much so that Weingarten turned off replies to her post.... (more)

January 19, 2024

January 17, 2024
DAVID HARSANYI — Granted, I’m not a professional political consultant, but I’m starting to get the sense that the Democrats’ 2024 focus on “saving democracy” suffers somewhat from their constant efforts to demolish every basic norm of constitutional governance. Then again, maybe we just need to define our terms, since “democracy” has been stripped of any useful meaning. The word certainly doesn’t signify adherence to the Constitution — a document barely, if ever, mentioned by the contemporary left for obvious reasons.... (more)

January 16, 2024
WORLDNETDAILY — Concerns are intensifying among far-left national security “experts” and Pentagon insiders over the possibility that former President Donald Trump might leverage the U.S. military to enforce his political will if he returns to the Oval Office. In a detailed report, NBC News inadvertently admitted the existence of a “Deep State,” allegedly working to facilitate a military coup against former President Trump if he is freely and fairly elected by Americans.... (more)

January 16, 2024
NEW YORK POST — The first contest was no contest at all. Former President Donald Trump won the Iowa caucus in a blowout Monday night — confirming his standing as the clear front-runner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. With 97% of the expected vote in, Trump had 51.1% support, followed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (21.2%), former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (19.1%) and biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy (7.7%), who ended his campaign and gave Trump his support as the result became clear.... (more)

January 16, 2024
NEW YORK POST — Dr. Anthony Fauci “should go to prison” for mishandling the COVID-19 pandemic and making the “worst decision ever made by a public health official in the history of time” regarding the origins of the deadly outbreak, Sen. Rand Paul charged Sunday.... (more)

January 15, 2024
WORLDNETDAILY — In the secret thinking of America’s ruling elites, dominated as they are by today’s ever-more deranged and totalitarian Democratic Party, absolutely nothing is more valuable, indispensable, and life-giving to their great cause than the Jan. 6, 2021 “armed insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol.... (more)

January 15, 2024
RENEWAMERICA STAFF — At 4:08 am on January 15, 2024, a person claiming to be a representative of Facebook sent RenewAmerica a threatening message regarding RenewAmerica’s Facebook page, which we operate for the benefit of those who frequent social media. The threatening message said: "Important Notification: Your Facebook page will be permanently deleted due to a post that infringes our trademark rights. We have made this decision after careful consideration and in compliance with our intellectual property protection policies.... (more)

January 12, 2024
YOUTUBE — Oxford mathematician and apologist John Lennox is joined by Samuel Marusca and Justin Brierley at the Practical Wisdom Conference in London to discuss faith in the age of science. John Lennox challenges conventional beliefs about science's explanatory scope, and exposes that science doesn't even explain what you think it does. Lennox delves into the assertions of Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking, who propose that the Universe originated from nothing, presenting a compelling case for creationism. He adeptly critiques the limitations of the theory of evolution while simultaneously clarifying his position on the age of the Earth, claiming he is NOT a young earth creationist and emphasizing its compatibility with the Christian worldview. Moreover, meaning and the semantics of language suggest that there is intelligent design in the universe.... (more)

January 11, 2024

January 10, 2024

January 9, 2024
PRIESTS FOR LIFE — Travelling to DC for the March for Life? Start the day at the 29th Annual National Prayer Service on Friday, January 19, 2024, at DAR Constitution Hall, 1776 D St. (18th and D), Washington, DC, from 8:30-10:30am! Catholic Mass at 7:30 a.m. Priests for Life will present the Pro-Life Recognition Award to Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, TX; Mark Lee Dickson, founder of the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn initiative; Sr. Deirdre Byrne, POSC; and Mark Houck. It will be a time of prayer, praise, music, and inspiring speakers. Veteran pro-life leader Frank Pavone will deliver a powerful pro-life message. Sponsored by Priests for Life and the National Pro-Life Religious Council. Admission is free.... (more)

January 8, 2024
THE FEDERALIST — To say that contemporary Western culture is not family-friendly would be something of an understatement. Rather, it’s positively hostile to families. Whether it’s popular entertainment, schools, politicians, or even one’s neighbors, parents and their children are regularly pushed into terminal dysfunction. Virtue is derided while vices are celebrated; confusion and contradiction frequently overwhelm decency and common sense; and the feeling of optimism and commitment to excellence is now smothered by widespread anxiety and nihilism. As one would expect in such an environment, marriage and birth rates continue to plummet with little hope of recovering.... (more)

January 8, 2024
YOUTUBE — The Babylon Bee sits down with Siaka Massaquoi to talk about how the FBI recently separated him from his pregnant wife at the airport and arrested him over charges related to January 6th. What really happened on January 6th and what was Siaka doing at the Capitol Building?... (more)

January 7, 2024
YOUTUBE — The decline, the deception, the dogmas... Thomas Sowell details an assessment of the state of education in the United States.... (more)

January 6, 2024
TOWNHALL — Late last month, Townhall reported how one Republican governor vetoed measures to protect women’s sports and to protect children from irreversible, experimental transgender “care.” This includes puberty blockers, sex reassignment surgery, and hormone therapy treatment.... (more)

January 5, 2024
YOUTUBE — On a snowy Thanksgiving Day, two strangers — Robert, a construction worker, and Catherine, a pediatrician — find themselves stranded in a blizzard. Being forced to seek shelter in an abandoned cabin gradually gives way to an unexpected connection. Through their candid conversations, they discover a mutual understanding and a spark of attraction that defies their differences.... (more)

January 4, 2024
CLIFF KINCAID — Congress is back in session on January 8 and a government-shutdown deadline is weeks away. Funding for Ukraine and Israel and securing the border are major issues. But there is another major issue: the consolidation of a communist dictatorship in the United States if “Special Counsel” Jack Smith is allowed to continue his persecution of former President Trump, persecution that subverts our system of free and fair elections.... (more)

January 4, 2024
JERRY NEWCOMBE — History is filled with people who quit too early, and thus never fulfilled their key task in life. With a new year upon us, it’s good to think about how God pours His blessings on those who persist. Even when facing adversity, when the time comes, they push forward with what they feel He has called them to do. Of course, in the eight Beatitudes of Jesus (“Blessed are…”), He never said, “Blessed are the persistent.” But throughout the Bible, we do find encouragements to press on, to keep plugging away at doing the right thing.... (more)

January 3, 2024
WORLDNETDAILY — Back in the good ol' days, Western nations were democratic and politicians were voted into office to protect the interests of the people. Their job was to defend national borders, secure citizens' rights, provide justice, and guard national resources from outside predators.... (more)

January 3, 2024
NEW YORK POST — Harvard University President Claudine Gay’s resignation over plagiarism will be “just the beginning of the reckoning,” House GOP Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik told The Post Tuesday — vowing that Republicans will carry out a “long overdue” cleansing of higher education’s “institutional rot.”... (more)

January 2, 2024
PJ MEDIA — Democrat strategists and talking heads were gobsmacked to see so many working-class people vote for Donald Trump in 2016. In fact, part of the mercenary decision to run Joe from Scranton against Trump in 2020 was the cynical calculation that he would be able to recapture those blue-collar Democrat party defectors.... (more)

January 1, 2024
YOUTUBE — Join archaeologist Joel P. Kramer as he goes to Nineveh, modern-day Mosul in Iraq, and tells the story of the archaeological discovery unearthed there which linked evidence from the dirt with the Bible's account of Hezekiah, Sennacherib, and the Assyrian conquest.... (more)

January 1, 2024
WESTERN JOURNAL — Former National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins has admitted that tunnel vision handicapped the development of public policy to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Collins, who stepped down at the end of 2021, was the superior of former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci, who along with Collins proposed and supported lockdowns as the major policy element to deal with the pandemic.... (more)


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