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Michael Bresciani

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Make these four changes or the nation is lost
Michael Bresciani
May 6, 2024

Caesar was quoting from a Greek comedy when he declared that the die was cast, but our present path and its subsequent outcome is no comedy. Time is running out . . .

You are not Hamas: You are just a spoiled American brat indoctrinated by liberal nonsense
Michael Bresciani
April 25, 2024

Nothing an American college student espouses today would have more than a 24-hour shelf life in any major Muslim country on the planet – this is the rule.  . . .

The fine line between ignorance and idiocy
Michael Bresciani
April 21, 2024

Most of the time, it is too hard to see the line between ignorance and idiocy, but then most of the time, no one is looking for it. What would we see if . . .

Gay is OK, but trans for kids is on the skids – Have Americans now become judges of evil thoughts?
Michael Bresciani
March 18, 2024

“Are ye not then partial in yourselves, and are become judges of evil thoughts?” (James 2:4) The adage “choosing the lesser of two evils” was . . .

Ghosts of the dead lament at Biden’s State of the Union
Michael Bresciani
March 9, 2024

This writer often wishes he had the luxury of being a ribbons and roses prophecy person. The kind of message that promises nothing but God’s blessing—full . . .

A country without a border, a president without a backbone, a political party that runs on hatred: the new America?
Michael Bresciani
March 3, 2024

Democrats acting disgracefully without dignity or decorum exude hatred and vindictiveness toward our former President like a gushing broken sewer line, and they . . .

Trump says he will seek no revenge
Michael Bresciani
February 23, 2024

If ever there was a likely political figure to seek revenge, it is surely former President Donald Trump. And yet, he recently exclaimed that he will . . .

What is a prophet? Are there prophets in our world today?
Michael Bresciani
February 19, 2024

(First published June 2006) Of all the things we seek in a modern world, the prophet or prophecy in general doesn’t get very close to the top of . . .

Hateful Democrats, derelict president, and cops beaten in the streets – is this our beloved America?
Michael Bresciani
February 5, 2024

In the world of honest journalism, two facts emerge every day. First, when a few Bible verses are quoted, or too much emphasis is placed on the right and wrong . . .

Lefties, loonies, Swifties, and pink Stanleys, and plenty of idols and demons for the kids
Michael Bresciani
January 21, 2024

Forget Disney—come to TikTok American pop culture is transmogrifying once again. Move over rap, move over rock, here comes the Swifties, and the mind . . .

Riley Gaines: An all-American class act
Michael Bresciani
December 11, 2023

Before champion swimmer Riley Gaines began her address to Congress on Tuesday December 5, 2023, she was pummeled by Democratic Rep. Summer Lee of Pennsylvania.  . . .

Prophecy 2024: Major prophecies are closing fast
Michael Bresciani
December 5, 2023

Since 2008, my website has offered a compendium of prophetic events that will affect our future and change the shape of our world. This year the waves . . .

Child decapitations and abortion: Cut from the same cloth?
Michael Bresciani
November 12, 2023

This writer has been addressing the American people in one form or another for over 40 years. One disheartening matter has followed my writing, and it . . .

American universities: Where the indoctrinated are called elite, and haters hide in a crowd of ‘freedom’ marchers
Michael Bresciani
November 5, 2023

According to sofi.com, “Harvard University is known for being one of the oldest (if not the oldest) institutions of higher learning in the United . . .

Christian Fluff: Why do musicians, actors, influencers, and some preachers think that backsliding is moving up?
Michael Bresciani
October 28, 2023

It is all too easy to criticize, and the reticence to do so is reflected in the New American Prophet website. In almost 20 years of publishing, nearly 5000 . . .

Why are college students and the cowardly protesting in favor of Hamas terrorists?
Michael Bresciani
October 20, 2023

On October 16, 2023, Greg Gutfeld uttered a remark during his opening monologue. It hit like a heavyweight boxer’s uppercut to the jaw. Greg said . . .

Israel, Hamas, and Ben Shapiro: You hope for peace, what you get is prophecy
Michael Bresciani
October 16, 2023

I have followed Ben Shapiro’s stellar course and have been amazed by his strong conservatism and principled stand on most things. I have also . . .

Church at the speed of light
Michael Bresciani
October 9, 2023

The Pope recently blessed the homosexual agenda, and Pastor Andy Stanley is now allowing gays to speak at his church. What more do we need to see? This . . .

Canadians stand up for their children – When will America stand?
Michael Bresciani
September 25, 2023

In a stunning nationwide protest, Canadian parents are gathering across Canada and demanding that the LGBTQ leave their children alone. This article . . .

Keep preying on our children—watch the nation fall like a house of cards
Michael Bresciani
September 11, 2023

It’s beginning. California is awaiting the signature of Gov. Gavin Newsom on the newly passed bill AB 957. Already approved by the California Senate, it . . .

A prophetic message concerning the 2024 elections
Michael Bresciani
September 5, 2023

Written by Dr. Michael Brown What is the Spirit saying to the Church concerning the 2024 elections? Based on the wisdom of the Word, based on practical . . .

Vivek Ramaswamy and Evangelical Christians: A match not made in heaven
Michael Bresciani
August 24, 2023

Without doubt, someone on Fox will, during the first debate, bring up the fact that Ramaswamy took scholarship money from the Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship to . . .

Bidenomics: An epic Disney fairy tale?
Michael Bresciani
August 20, 2023

As the 2024 Election season approaches, polls abound. Putting the concerns of most Americans in order looms large in the scheme of things. Most polls . . .

America says it's climate change – China’s Xi says change the words of the Bible – God says change yourself
Michael Bresciani
July 21, 2023

America’s most dreaded bogeyman is climate change While China produces over twice as much carbon dioxide emissions as America and dozens of times more than . . .

Film Review: 'Sound of Freedom' – You will never be the same
Michael Bresciani
July 10, 2023

This author has reviewed 15 movies over the last twenty years. I was sure that I would be reviewing “Sound of Freedom” only minutes after viewing . . .

Transgenderism: The new religion – believe it or else!
Michael Bresciani
June 18, 2023

Transgenderism is a make-believe religion that when taken seriously endangers the lives of all people, but especially children. Those who share the . . .

Why is America running away from the protection of the living God?
Michael Bresciani
June 2, 2023

In the Canada Free Press, writer Milt Harris asks the question, “Is a liberal strain Of 'Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy' responsible for the transgender . . .

Some sound biblical advice for candidate Donald Trump
Michael Bresciani
May 25, 2023

This writer, preacher, and prophet is among the millions of ordinary Americans who have appreciated what you did for us in your previous administration. . . .

Climate alarmism, transing children, and trashing Trump: Things America is not buying
Michael Bresciani
May 16, 2023

Chicken Little Has Gone Green Ever since Sky News reported that the entire climate cult was following their religious convictions to a total evidential . . .

Russia, China, Iran busy with world dominance – America busy with drag queens, transgenders, and confused kids
Michael Bresciani
April 10, 2023

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is getting scorn and backlash for gaslighting the American people since three children and three adults . . .

LGBTQ activists have their own phobias – four words the woke don’t want to hear
Michael Bresciani
April 2, 2023

Only between 5 and 7 percent of Americans identify as gay, and that includes the 0.6 percent that are trans. How is this minority able to hold the . . .

America’s woke: Professing themselves to be wise, have they become bumbling fools?
Michael Bresciani
March 21, 2023

“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and . . .

Amazing revival draws people from around the globe at Asbury University, Wilmore, Kentucky
Michael Bresciani
February 20, 2023

Almost all prophetic ministries and websites often quote the following verse from the prophet Joel. The prophet was speaking of events that would take . . .

Italy’s Georgia Meloni rips woke extremists to shreds – Are you watching America?
Michael Bresciani
February 13, 2023

Since October of 2022, Georgia Meloni has been serving as Italy’s Prime Minister. She is a 46-year-old woman and the first woman in Italy’s history to . . .

Prophecy 2023 – America is drifting too far from the shore
Michael Bresciani
February 5, 2023

Every year since 2008, the New American Prophet website has given a brief analysis of the events of the past year with a prophetic eye toward the . . .

Davos? Do we save the planet or the souls of mankind?
Michael Bresciani
January 22, 2023

Men like John Kerry are telling us that we need to fine-tune the earth’s temperature to keep it at a crisp 1.5 degrees Celsius above the evil pre-industrial . . .

Powerful rebuke of President Joe Biden from Jonathan Cahn [VIDEO]
Michael Bresciani
December 31, 2022

The title of this article started out as “Powerful Message to President Joe Biden,” but that would not be an accurate description of what is clearly . . .

Wokeism, transgenderism, child abusers: Death and hell are about to give up their dead
Michael Bresciani
December 19, 2022

“And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were . . .

Pelosi, House Democrats, and 39 Republicans voted to defy the counsel of the Living God
Michael Bresciani
December 13, 2022

“ Those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside.” – John F. Kennedy 1961 Kennedy spoke these words during his . . .

Why Libs, Dems, LGBT and Trans activists can’t identify the source of their own deep confusion
Michael Bresciani
December 2, 2022

What do we call a generation that decided there are over 150 genders? This is a generation that thinks that they are better educated and more . . .

No red wave? Were Americans checking the wrong list?
Michael Bresciani
November 14, 2022

Democrats' two-point list was democracy and abortion. Democracy was never at risk and abortion is still murder in God’s eyes. Anyone that believes that . . .

It's Democracy at work, Mr. Biden, not a fearful fuzzy mega MAGA monster
Michael Bresciani
November 7, 2022

Never was a clearer definition lent to the question of what democracy is than that given by Tucker Carlson on Thursday, October 3, 2022. Tucker said . . .

Will New York City start fresh with Zeldin or slide back to the mud and vomit?
Michael Bresciani
November 2, 2022

“But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the . . .

Democrats' demon platform for 2022: Codify the death of unborn, transgender the rest
Michael Bresciani
October 22, 2022

During every election cycle, politicians make promises, some are possible, while a great deal of them are blather and hype. Joe Biden has taken it . . .

The dangers of liberalism from the cradle to the grave
Michael Bresciani
October 16, 2022

The dangers begin in the womb. The chances of surviving a death planned and executed by your mother has decreased somewhat by the removal of Roe V. Wade, but . . .

Are midterms the cure for coddling criminals, cutting up gender confused kids, and a failing and disgraceful presidency?
Michael Bresciani
October 9, 2022

We hope so! But if we take the right and privilege to vote seriously, we will not have to trust in hope. Scenes that are hard to forget In the . . .

Prophecy and the 2022 midterm elections
Michael Bresciani
September 26, 2022

If you are expecting a specific passage of the Bible to refer to the upcoming midterm elections, don’t hold your breath. But as the Bible refers to . . .

Fentanyl kills America’s kids while Joe Biden fights imaginary MAGA monster
Michael Bresciani
September 11, 2022

Fentanyl seizures at the southern border have increased 233% since Joe Biden took office. It is easy to see this as just another statistic waiting to be . . .

Biden says, 'Something is going on in America that is just not normal.' He is right: it's demonic
Michael Bresciani
September 4, 2022

Thursday night, September 1, 2022, Joe Biden addressed the nation from Philadelphia. The speech was heavily laced with anger and insults toward a . . .

Biden, the liberals, and the climate change cultists are sinking America. How are they going to save the planet?
Michael Bresciani
August 26, 2022

We have all heard the term about choosing the lesser of two evils, but the Bible refines the idea by calling it the judging of evil thoughts. It is . . .

Christians: Help your country – stop hiding behind the phrase 'God is in control'
Michael Bresciani
August 13, 2022

Common wisdom sometimes is so readily accepted that, even if it has taken a serious turn for the worse, it is still received and repeated as gospel . . .

Taiwan, Pelosi’s attention-getting distraction: A political stunt
Michael Bresciani
August 4, 2022

It is beyond belief that the speaker, who tore up the copies of Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address on national television, expects us to take . . .

The gay gateway to America’s moral wasteland—Now another blow against marriage?
Michael Bresciani
July 26, 2022

For many decades now, we have been told that marijuana is a gateway drug. We have not been told that many acceptable behaviors of the day also are gateways or . . .

Americans marching for the right to kill? The cry of the Omega generation
Michael Bresciani
July 14, 2022

We know full well that this generation is most often referred to as Generation Z, but that is only for those who are living exclusively in a secular . . .

Hiding behind a façade of ‘save the planet’ green, Biden’s ‘liberal world order’ ushers in a blood-red culture of death
Michael Bresciani
July 5, 2022

“I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore, choose life, that . . .

Nancy Pelosi says drag queens are what America is all about!
Michael Bresciani
June 22, 2022

We are still waiting for Justice Ketanji Brown’s answer to what is a woman, when along comes another hard-to-answer whopper for Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  . . .

From God to gay—Is America worshiping the Rainbow Calf?
Michael Bresciani
June 10, 2022

The more the gay life becomes part of the social scene, the more the movement becomes militant. The response from some of the Christians has become anodyne and . . .

Things to do list—before America is totally lost
Michael Bresciani
May 29, 2022

Turn back to God by the thousands—it’s called a revival. It has happened five times already in America. It can happen one more time.  . . .

Wokeism: The arch deceiver’s final and deadliest trap
Michael Bresciani
May 22, 2022

“And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was thrown down to the earth, . . .

Abortion: Was not ever political—it has always been a moral issue
Michael Bresciani
May 11, 2022

The very sound of the words “a right to kill a baby” gives us a clue to how deeply immoral America has become. We are now up there with the top . . .

Biden: 'I am a child of God'—Does he think abortion is a God-given right?
Michael Bresciani
May 7, 2022

When Joe Biden declared on Wednesday, May 5, 2022, that government did not give him his rights, and then said “I am a child of God”—was he . . .

Roe v. Wade gone—America must turn now or forever be lost
Michael Bresciani
May 4, 2022

After the leaked document from the Supreme Court hit the news cycle, we saw instantly just what we expected. Protestors began gathering in front of the . . .

Why is Joe Biden the only president in U.S. history who appears to hate Americans?
Michael Bresciani
April 28, 2022

At the Easter Egg Hunt on the lawn of the White House, Joe Biden had to be coaxed and cajoled a few times by his wife, Jill Biden, to wave for the . . .

No, it’s not the economy, stupid – it’s the raging perversion, moral depravity, and transgender mutilation of our own children
Michael Bresciani
April 21, 2022

Bill Clinton’s campaign strategist James Carville was the first to use the expression “It’s the economy, stupid,” which helped Clinton gain . . .

Transgenderism – America’s demonically inspired path to its own destruction
Michael Bresciani
April 3, 2022

Those mature in their faith and fully grounded in God’s word have learned that God has charged us to proclaim what he said – debating it, is more . . .

Abortion doctors and Vladimir Putin – both, deadly for children
Michael Bresciani
March 20, 2022

With children all around him and some on his knee, it is recorded that Jesus Christ uttered these well-known words. “And whosoever shall offend one of . . .

Biden’s SOTU – A walk through the valley of blatant lies and obfuscation
Michael Bresciani
March 6, 2022

The only redeemable part of Biden’s rambling was the accolades given to the proud and very brave people of Ukraine. Hearing him praise someone, anyone, was . . .

The global response to Putin – A preview of the coming war without weapons
Michael Bresciani
March 4, 2022

There is coming a day when economic sanctions will become personal. Everyone will either be part of the economic system or sanctioned by it – the price of . . .

Russia, China, and Iran take center stage before the last act
Michael Bresciani
February 25, 2022

Some people involve themselves with the past and all that it can teach them. Those involved in tomorrow’s affairs study the futures markets and observe the . . .

Trudeau, Canada’s black face, narcissistic, implacable PM has police drawing guns!
Michael Bresciani
February 20, 2022

The world is holding its breath waiting for the first sign of blood. Almost inevitable since Trudeau has stepped up his resistance to the protestors and . . .

Canada’s Trudeau says, “We trust in science.” How did the world get along before science?
Michael Bresciani
February 11, 2022

Like any of the accomplishments of mankind, we must learn that everything has its own time and space. Science is relatively new and has given us much. But . . .

Democrats: “Deal with guns, mental problems, and education, then all crime will just disappear”
Michael Bresciani
February 8, 2022

Dealing with crimes by ending all gun ownership is the equivalent of bringing back prohibition laws and pulling all drivers licenses because one drunk driver . . .

Prophecy 2022 – abortions, tortured animals, gender confusion, and fear of pandemics do not make for a bright future
Michael Bresciani
January 17, 2022

Inasmuch as prophecy is the forth-telling of the will and counsel of God from the past, the present, and the future, real prophets are not Nostradamus like . . .

If January 6 is like Pearl Harbor – Is 2020 election fraud like Lincoln assassination?
Michael Bresciani
January 10, 2022

If Kamala Harris has likened the events of January 6th to the attack on Pearl Harbor for the sake of impact – it has miserably failed. The desired effect . . .

Keep Christ in America – Not just in Christmas
Michael Bresciani
December 24, 2021

According to the Open Doors World Watch List, there are 50 countries that persecute and attack Christians and Christianity. The ten countries that generate the . . .

Is Jen Psaki’s 'range of reasons' the Biden administration’s new fantasy world of unbelievable excuses
Michael Bresciani
December 18, 2021

Biden administration press conferences have now become a special home for lies and excuses. To give all answers to all questions in record time, Jen Psaki  . . .

Trump built a border wall – Biden is building a broken wall
Michael Bresciani
December 6, 2021

For many Americans, this may seem like one of the worst times in our history. But it is not just because of the political climate. The Democrats are wielding . . .

“Who hates America more—Russia, China, or Joe Biden?”
Michael Bresciani
November 15, 2021

Writing in “The Mountain Democrat,” a Lake Tahoe regional website, author Larry Weitzman asks the question in the title of his article, “Who hates America . . .

Should we let DiCaprio, Thunberg, and Gore save the planet?
Michael Bresciani
November 8, 2021

Thousands of qualified scientists and hundreds of climate models differ with the mindlessly accepted and fully politicized hype about climate change  . . .

Are Pope Francis and Joe Biden smarter than God?
Michael Bresciani
October 31, 2021

There are people who have decided that declaring that they don’t know when life begins, covers them, even if it turns out, that they are wrong. Rather than . . .

Virginia: How did the ‘Mother of Presidents' become such a danger to the rest of her children?
Michael Bresciani
October 26, 2021

On the story of Jonah and the whale, there are those who say that when Jonah’s wife watched as the whale spewed him up on the beach, she exclaimed, “Why did . . .

Buck up, world – Your last and worst dictator is approaching quickly
Michael Bresciani
October 21, 2021

At times we need no interpretation, or hermeneutically derived extrapolation to predict something from the prophetic word of the Bible. Most of the time the . . .

My body – my choice: Now we know why life, and death, cannot depend upon a slogan
Michael Bresciani
October 14, 2021

Across the globe the new motto for all those who do not want to be forced by their governments to take a vaccination is the old motto of – my body, my choice. . . .

Not just Socialism and Communism, but America inclines toward pure evil
Michael Bresciani
October 10, 2021

There are those who are inclined toward evil in every generation since the beginning of time. Only in this generation have people and entire nations pressed . . .

India’s ivermectin miracle says Western critics are lying
Michael Bresciani
October 6, 2021

In an all-out attempt to squash the spread of COVID-19 in India’s Uttar Pradesh, the country's most populous state, the use of medicines ivermectin and . . .

How Biden and his supporters became three-time losers
Michael Bresciani
September 28, 2021

Even though the Gateway Pundit declared that the Arizona audit report was “watered down” – the report was solid enough to sink the Biden ship in at least . . .

Why 'dying to make men free' is only half the story – what is the other half?
Michael Bresciani
September 12, 2021

In 1861, abolitionist, suffragette, writer, and speaker Julia Ward Howe penned the immortal words to the Battle Hymn of the Republic. After every verse and . . .

America’s payday—has the law of reciprocation finally come knocking?
Michael Bresciani
August 19, 2021

One of the most famous sermons in U.S. history came from Southern Baptist preacher, Rev. Robert G. Lee, and was titled “Payday Someday.” Unfortunately, it . . .

The bungling administration – Joe Biden has become the face of hypocrisy
Michael Bresciani
August 10, 2021

Hardly a single American was not moved in some way by the events of 9/11 when the Towers came crashing to the ground. Everyone who could, stepped up to help in . . .

UFOs: What’s all the fuss about?
Michael Bresciani
July 23, 2021

Leading up to the coming of the world’s last and worst dictator, a time of strong delusion will prevail across the globe. By the time he is seated, the stage . . .

America enters the ‘post truth’ era – not rocket science
Michael Bresciani
June 26, 2021

Hope diminishes excruciatingly slow as the best efforts of firefighters and rescue personnel search frantically for survivors of the building collapse in . . .

America’s folly: Gambling the health and safety of our children against our very existence
Michael Bresciani
June 20, 2021

Children in the United States are now in jeopardy from conception to birth, and then all the way to adulthood. They must jump through four deadly hoops, or . . .

Crossing humans with animals: America sinks into deep depravity
Michael Bresciani
June 9, 2021

How little life matters even while hordes are demanding that we see that “Black Lives Matter.” We can only stand amazed that leftists would dare to start a . . .

America gets tutored in the doctrine of devils
Michael Bresciani
May 29, 2021

College Fix editor Jennifer Kabbany says, “Never mind the War on Christmas – what about the War on Jesus Christ?” Universities across America show an . . .

Three great signs and prophetic portents we ignore at our own peril
Michael Bresciani
May 21, 2021

Busy Americans hardly have time to discern between mainstream media lies and conservative deeper examinations into the truth. It follows that those who read the . . .

Bruce Jenner talks about arriving at the Pearly Gates – America’s confusion
Michael Bresciani
May 7, 2021

Bruce Jenner, who now thinks he is Caitlyn Jenner, was being lauded on the Fox and Friends morning news by Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade on . . .

Contradictions and absurdities we live with in America – including a faux president
Michael Bresciani
April 25, 2021

Abortion Why do we refuse to call abortion murder, if we call killing a pregnant woman and her unborn child – a double homicide? Are they only  . . .

Equality Act: The most demonically inspired bill in U.S. history
Michael Bresciani
April 13, 2021

Putting forth this stringent bill in a nation that now seems to be on the very edge of complete anarchy, is an obvious case of bad intentions, bad timing, and . . .

Morality from our corporations: Are the fumbling feckless fiduciaries issuing new commandments?
Michael Bresciani
April 9, 2021

The MLB pulling out of the All-Star game in Atlanta, are we holding our breath – what’s Next? Will Coke, Delta and other airlines now hire a . . .

Is America’s time slipping away – look to the book
Michael Bresciani
March 31, 2021

Will America die from cancel culture cancer? Who could have predicted a time, where in the most noble and free nation on earth, some pop-culture trend would . . .

The truth about the Equality Act - using the law to promote evil and gender confusion
Michael Bresciani
March 22, 2021

Let it be noted that this writer is aware that when polled, seventy-five percent of Americans don’t want any more gender confusion, much less a law that . . .

Prophecy 2021 – What a difference a decade makes
Michael Bresciani
March 9, 2021

For 15 years now this writer has been offering a general perusal of current events as they relate to Biblical prophecies, on a yearly basis. These . . .

Cell phones and the antichrist – modern tech solves ancient Biblical question?
Michael Bresciani
March 3, 2021

Prior to the advent of the modern cellphone or mobile phone, part of the great prophetic warnings in the book of Revelation, could not be fully understood.  . . .

The Equality Act – Protect the few but seal the fate of 300 million Americans
Michael Bresciani
February 26, 2021

Joe Biden’s first 100 days pet project was to pass the Equality Act that squeaked forward on the floor of the House of Representatives yesterday. The Vote . . .

Are Democrats emerging as the party of hatred, vitriol, and vengeance?
Michael Bresciani
February 19, 2021

Regardless of the left’s offensive and redundant mantra that all Americans are racist – we are not. But, more to be feared today is the growing number of . . .

Sabbath Millennial Theory? Is it theory, prophecies, or patterns?
Michael Bresciani
February 13, 2021

Articles like this will never make it into the mainstream media, but between unbelief and apostasy in our day, we would not hold such an expectation.  . . .

America is exporting her idols again – What a difference an election can make
Michael Bresciani
February 11, 2021

In a nineteenth century hymn penned by Palmer Hartsough, came the famous line which has since seen numerous variants, "As goes America, so goes the world."  . . .

Why the left’s abnormal fear of the ‘fraud’ word? Something to hide?
Michael Bresciani
February 7, 2021

Onomatophobia is a fear of certain words sometimes because of a bad experience associated with that word. Oddly, the left may think the riotous troubles at . . .

The left demands that we follow science except in transgenderism
Michael Bresciani
February 6, 2021

Approximately 90 full passages and several entire books of the Bible speak of how Christ will return to earth, judge it, and set up his kingdom which precedes . . .

Is this a day for Imprecatory Prayer in America?
Michael Bresciani
January 31, 2021

I asked a group of people I was addressing recently if they believed in prayer. Every hand in the room went up. Then I asked if they had seen prayers answered, . . .

Biden calls for unity while undoing all Trump accomplished – This is hypocrisy not progress
Michael Bresciani
January 26, 2021

It has always been a point of contention about just why liberals call themselves progressives. Exactly where, or what, are they progressing to, except toward . . .

Inauguration Day 2021 – A dark cloud rolls out across America
Michael Bresciani
January 20, 2021

America woke to images of President Trump and First Lady Melania slowly walking away from the White House to board the Marine One helicopter. It was a somber . . .

The new prophets—tell the world to take it or leave it
Michael Bresciani
January 16, 2021

Watching the mainstream media or seeking some insights from social media is today the equivalent of filling you gas tank with water and expecting to make it to . . .

America chooses evil – Europe is next
Michael Bresciani
January 7, 2021

The adage that two wrongs don’t make a right has been fully demonstrated in the recent events at the nation’s capital. There was obvious widespread fraud . . .

President Trump loves Americans, Biden and the left love power - any questions?
Michael Bresciani
December 12, 2020

Time Magazine is happy to put Biden and Harris on the front cover, but not all America is that giddy about it, in fact some are insulted.  . . .

The only election in America’s history when a vote can become an act of repentance
Michael Bresciani
October 27, 2020

In 2012 the Christian Church, both Catholic and Protestant, failed to save the country from the onslaught of damaging liberal policies under the second term of . . .

Will Americans risk their future on a failed ideology and a corrupt career politician?
Michael Bresciani
October 21, 2020

With Twitter and Facebook barely able to suppress the emerging story of the Hunter Biden email scandal, evidence of corruption and misuse of power is now an . . .

Democrats start Barrett hearing with fear, lies and exaggerations
Michael Bresciani
October 13, 2020

Liberals knew it would be hard to attack Amy Coney Barrett head-on at the confirmation hearings. Yet, they would not be daunted, taking up the effort to squash . . .

While the media shows their hate, President Trump shows us some love
Michael Bresciani
October 6, 2020

The MSM is roaring like a wounded lion over the ride around Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. It was the President’s way of showing his supporters . . .

Is one month time enough for the U.S. to realize that most Femocrats do not deserve public office?
Michael Bresciani
October 2, 2020

There is excrement on the streets of San Francisco and garbage filling the streets of New York City. The streets of Seattle and Portland are strewn with the . . .

The debate: Two against one for Trump – lying and denying for Biden
Michael Bresciani
September 30, 2020

Twice the former Vice President called the President a clown and a fool, in the early stages of the debate, this was a clue to the approach Biden had decided on . . .

Ruth Bader Ginsburg – The fanatical hagiography of the political leftists
Michael Bresciani
September 23, 2020

They have made their documentaries, movies, and biographies and now they are holding the entire world responsible for fulfilling the last wishes of Ruth Bader . . .

Demanding justice but showing no mercy–The obvious hypocrisy of the protests
Michael Bresciani
September 1, 2020

Without resorting to entire theological treatise to explain it, and it being most likely that a secular mind would hardly care, much less understand it, one . . .

No, Mr. Biden, you are not an “ally of the light
Michael Bresciani
August 22, 2020

Joe Biden’s acceptance speech for the Democratic party’s nomination in 2020 was rife with hyperbole, absurdities and flat out lies. But is was his . . .

Michelle Obama: Can she lie just because she is a pop figure?
Michael Bresciani
August 20, 2020

Starting her speech with a highly dubious remark at the televised Democratic National Convention, Michelle declared that she loved this country very much. But, . . .

Biden the ultimate risk – are votes tools in the hands of the free, or weapons in the hands of haters?
Michael Bresciani
August 5, 2020

The attacks on statues, people, policemen and conservatives by Antifa activists, are proof that the fine line that exists between ideologues and idiots, has . . .

Punishing memories and monuments
Michael Bresciani
July 15, 2020

Yesterday’s slave owners and today’s statues are not killing 3000 black and white human beings per day! Defending righteous causes is one thing, but . . .

Fourth of July 2020 – At least we still have a president who loves America
Michael Bresciani
July 3, 2020

America’s haters have determined to make as much noise as possible before the country celebrates its birthday – that alone should give us a clue. The . . .

No race is righteous – The “other men” syndrome sweeps the nation
Michael Bresciani
June 30, 2020

We don’t expect the race rioters, BLM and Antifa to suddenly stop what they are doing and resort to the Bible for some curative answers. The truth is, that . . .

BLM crushes modern psych, but can’t touch the amazing power of grace
Michael Bresciani
June 29, 2020

About sixty years ago I began warning people that they would rely on modern psychology more and more, and that soon thereafter, no one would have much use for . . .

Darwin separates us into races – BLM says it has gone nuclear – the Bible says, we are all still slaves
Michael Bresciani
June 25, 2020

Fake Science Guru Darwin sets a Whirlwind in Motion There is little doubt that Charles Darwin thought he was swimming in the truth when he put forth his  . . .

Stand with the living God or bow the knee to cultural nonsense
Michael Bresciani
June 11, 2020

Ministers and priests have the difficult work of representing the people to God. Contrarily, those with a more prophetic and message driven ministry have the . . .

Racist, rioter or protestor – your sin is your own, not mine
Michael Bresciani
June 7, 2020

Call it group think, collective guilt, public culpability or social sins; unless you and I are both part of a lynch mob, you are not guilty for my sins and I am . . .

From Revelation to David Wilkerson - Current events catching up to prophecy
Michael Bresciani
June 2, 2020

On Sunday evening May 31, 2020 over 30 cities in the United States were being burned, looted and broken to pieces by crowds of angry protestors and thieves.  . . .

Gretchen Whitmer: A cocktail of degenerative thinking and tyranny?
Michael Bresciani
May 25, 2020

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is now hands-down the best example of what happens when a leader grossly disregards American’s civil liberties and . . .

The true church is losing its best – the apostate church is showing the world its worst
Michael Bresciani
May 23, 2020

One of Christendom’s most gifted theologians, R. C. Sproul died in December of 2017 In February of 2018 our nation lost the world’s most prolific and . . .

On Covid-19, Dallas clinician Dr. Ivette Lozano says – Stupid is as stupid does!
Michael Bresciani
May 17, 2020

Playing the role of Forrest Gump’s mom, Dr. Ivette Lozano of the Lozano clinic in Dallas, Texas has been treating her patients with a 100% record of success. . . .

Covid-19, crisis or a crossroads – when defiance becomes a delusion
Michael Bresciani
May 8, 2020

Like blind men stumbling around in the dark, daily we hear more about the great efforts to beat back the Covid-19 pandemic. While President Trump sends a . . .

Is COVID-19 a judgment from God? The need for some clarity
Michael Bresciani
April 18, 2020

It is unfortunate that most of the people struggling to answer this question are woefully unaware of what the Bible says about both the sovereignty and the . . .

Resurrection, anti-science, and Antichrist – what is true and what is not?
Michael Bresciani
April 9, 2020

As we near Easter or what we now largely refer to as Resurrection Day, we are in the midst of the worldwide pandemic centering around the Coronavirus or Covid-1 . . .

Stop the dying but keep on killing – lib hypocrisy soaring to new heights
Michael Bresciani
April 3, 2020

It used to be that the most unsafe place to be in America was a mother's womb. Today, with COVID-19 rolling across the nation, anywhere in America is equally . . .

The bill will pass soon, but Pelosi's cold-hearted nonsense will live in infamy
Michael Bresciani
March 24, 2020

Senator Louisiana Senator John Kennedy is noted for saying... "The human brain is an amazing organ, it starts working in a mother's womb, and it only stops . . .

No Bible verses, says social media – but abortions and cussing congresswomen OK!
Michael Bresciani
March 20, 2020

We like to identify ourselves by eras, generations, and decades, but we can also identify by means of pop or general behaviors. This period of time can only be . . .

Pelosi and the Democrats using emergency coronavirus bill to further abortions?
Michael Bresciani
March 15, 2020

After watching Nancy Pelosi tearing up the President's State of the Union Speech, it would seem she couldn't sink any lower or produce a better show of complete . . .

Coronavirus, the economy, and the great eschaton – fair warning
Michael Bresciani
March 11, 2020

Some doomsdayers are well onboard with dire and severe warnings about the emergence of the coronavirus outbreak. Some, like CNN are already calling it a  . . .

Bernie the Bolshevik and AOC the bartender – because even snowflakes need heroes
Michael Bresciani
March 1, 2020

All the candidates seeking the democratic nomination are undergoing a searing examination by the media, pundits and campaign research groups. Scrutinizing . . .

"What candidates can Christians support?" -- The wrong question for Pete Buttigieg
Michael Bresciani
February 20, 2020

On February 19, 2020, Fox News played a clip of candidate Pete Buttigieg on a televised town hall meeting, being asked a question, that he is least qualified to . . .

Buttigieg in Iowa -- A victory or a sign of decline?
Michael Bresciani
February 10, 2020

Biblically based conservative Christians need not apologize or declare open war against the gay movement in America, all we are mandated to do is to declare . . .

No, Taylor Swift – Tennessee Christianity does not support your view
Michael Bresciani
February 5, 2020

A careful perusal of the contributions and talents of singer Taylor Swift will affirm that she is not a new Madonna or something between or beyond Beyonce. In . . .

The new America: Booming economy, sinking morality, dreams of impeachment
Michael Bresciani
January 31, 2020

Observing the ebb and flow of the nation's politics leaves us staggering and confused. We are considering removing from office a highly successful president . . .

Prophecy 2020 -- Will it be a year of success or catastrophe?
Michael Bresciani
January 1, 2020

Touching briefly on current events is enough to cause trauma! The year 2019 found over 12 major nations in protests and unrest, fulfilling many prophetic . . .

Christmas and Pontius Pilate -- The universal question
Michael Bresciani
December 19, 2019

A lifetime of Christmas television specials asking or trying to answer the "true meaning of Christmas" question, may have our heads swimming in uncertainty. Is . . .

Entering 2020 with the most perverted judicial ruling and most obsessive political party in America's history
Michael Bresciani
November 29, 2019

It would seem that the entire Democratic party has long forgotten the adage spoken by former President Rutherford B. Hayes who declared – "He serves his . . .

God's final dispensation – seven reasons why the world won't see it coming
Michael Bresciani
November 7, 2019

Denying history is rapidly becoming the trend among the world's progressives and liberals, the lessons not learned are now more costly than anyone can imagine.  . . .

Woke scolding, PC, and socialism – America's deadly slide into globalist nonsense?
Michael Bresciani
October 26, 2019

Militant anti-conservative and anti-Christian reaction now accompanying PC mavens' behavior is called – "woke-scolding." It is a way of correcting someone . . .

Pelosi and the do-nothing Dems now calling hatred for our president "Defending the Constitution"
Michael Bresciani
October 7, 2019

Move over KKK, there's a new hatred movement in town, at least down in the DC Beltway. We may call it the VVV. The acronym stands for the vicious, vindictive . . .

Why the LGBT wars against real Christianity
Michael Bresciani
October 1, 2019

The days when medical news and modern trends took years to develop and to be made known to the public are long over. Because of the internet and worldwide . . .

America is a Christian nation -- We do not guess who God is
Michael Bresciani
September 23, 2019

Upon visiting a few alcoholics' anonymous meetings with a friend I returned home mulling over the idea of a god who is "whatever you perceive him to be" – . . .

CNN's Town Hall: Searching for a savior for climate change cultists
Michael Bresciani
September 6, 2019

Like the screech of the fingernails on the blackboard, the Gore-ish narrative plods on for seven grueling hours at CNN's climate crisis town hall on Wednesday . . .

Is AOC the self-proclaimed leader of the "Z Generation" and a legend in her own mind?
Michael Bresciani
September 1, 2019

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez sees the "Z Generation" as the most historically cognizant of all time and they are also those who can and do "puncture more taboos" as . . .

The intolerance of tolerance and other total PC malfunctions
Michael Bresciani
August 13, 2019

If we are wary of illegal immigrants we will be called "xenophobic." If we stand up for the first amendment we may be accused of "generating fear." If we don't . . .

Guns, mental illness or spiritual deadness – which is it?
Michael Bresciani
August 7, 2019

Our hearts are inundated with sorrow and amazement as we hear the list of victims from both the El Paso and the Ohio shootings grow day by day. Then comes the . . .

How do millions of moments of pride turn into endless years of shame, or when did the Republic become a homocracy?
Michael Bresciani
June 22, 2019

New York City has declared that the entire month of June will be part of the world's largest gay pride celebration on earth. In fact, it is named "World Pride . . .

Gay pride: Still a blasphemous act of foolishness -- not something you want to feature in a parade
Michael Bresciani
June 11, 2019

There will not be a day from now to the end of time when Bible believing people will not stand with God's assessment of the deep sin of sodomy. It is a depraved . . .

Hollywood to Georgia: If you won't kill them - no movies for you!
Michael Bresciani
June 4, 2019

It seems more and more each day that America is becoming a sub-division of hell. Extreme political ideologies have gripped the democrats and a general moral . . .

Abortionists - cruel and brutal defenders of infanticide and the most sadistic racists on earth
Michael Bresciani
June 1, 2019

Both elements described in the title of this piece have to be viewed separately. Infanticide is one thing, but the idea that abortionists are the worst racist . . .

Do we really want to eliminate "so help me God" from our oaths?
Michael Bresciani
May 29, 2019

Journalist Calvin Freiburger writing for Life Site News says, "Democrats try to cut 'so help you God' from committee witness oath, backtrack after outcry."  . . .

LGBT ignores, denies and attacks biblical truth while claiming they are being assaulted
Michael Bresciani
May 16, 2019

The idea that women are free to abort the unborn while the LGBT are allowed to pervert those that make it to birth is heralded as our brand new world. If anyone . . .

PC Pabulum Report: Diversity, inclusion, lack of phobias and the law itself cannot make us like each other
Michael Bresciani
May 6, 2019

In the world of high PC activity, cookie cutter stereotypes are created and disseminated to bolster the pre-conceptions of the left, the loose and the . . .

Franklin Graham says Dems' candidate is sinning – Buttigieg says he is a victim of the fickle finger of fate
Michael Bresciani
April 28, 2019

The fickle finger of fate is a term which was in use long before the goofy TV show produced by the comedy team of Rowan and Martin in the late sixties. . . .

Ahab blamed the prophet, Nero blamed the Christians -- America blames both!
Michael Bresciani
April 5, 2019

A nation that is pushing ever closer to total moral reprobation is not likely to rush to the fountain of theological wisdom or prophetic warning. But since God . . .

No, Muslim Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell – We are Not ashamed of Christian prayers!
Michael Bresciani
March 29, 2019

In the Pennsylvania capitol at Harrisburg, on her first day in office, Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell, a Muslim woman, threw a hissy fit at her political comrades . . .

Our national crackpots say there is no national crisis! Reprobation or mental illness? How much can America take!
Michael Bresciani
March 23, 2019

This week alone one gang member of MS-13 thugs stabbed a 16-yr-old boy 100 times and then proceeded to light him on fire. Just days after that scenario unfolded . . .

Suffragette white mocks far-left women of Congress at SOTU address – crimson red more appropriate?
Michael Bresciani
February 8, 2019

According to CNN News, House Democratic women decided to accept the invitation to wear women's "suffragette white" during President Trump's State of the Union . . .

In New York, pink is the new color of death -- More disgrace in a shameless nation
Michael Bresciani
January 30, 2019

Dominated by Democrats, New York State under the leadership of Governor Andrew Cuomo, passed a barbaric abortion bill that allows for an abortion at any time . . .

The deep hypocrisy of Pelosi, Schumer, and the left – death throes of a nation
Michael Bresciani
January 22, 2019

Media is using sound bites and other optics made to look like a new, although un-elected, president and vice president have somehow emerged on the political . . .

Prophecy 2019 -- Denying the emergence of NWO even while it develops in our faces
Michael Bresciani
January 7, 2019

When Christ exclaimed that when the blind were leading the blind, both would fall into a ditch – he did not include the clear theological maxim contained . . .

PC and pop morality setting the stage for reprobates to persecute the faithful
Michael Bresciani
December 20, 2018

In June of 2018, The Supreme Court of the United States decided that the Colorado cake baker, Jack Phillips was well within his rights to refuse baking a cake . . .

Ignoring political shifts and current world events is not part of being wise as a serpent
Michael Bresciani
November 30, 2018

After nearly a half century of studying second coming doctrine in the light of world events, I am convinced of one thing. No insult is intended when I say that . . .

Black Friday a symptom of a declining nation
Michael Bresciani
November 25, 2018

Shoppers around the nation have braved extreme and dangerous weather conditions to stand outside shopping malls and wait for the doors to open. Some rose at 2 . . .

Do midterm results indicate that America is still in decline?
Michael Bresciani
November 10, 2018

Without plunging into an op-ed vortex of impossible questions and unlikely answers the simple answer would be – yes! America has been in decline for . . .

A religion that asks us to kill for God - is no religion at all
Michael Bresciani
November 7, 2018

As a very young man this writer read Kahlil Gibran's book "The Prophet" but I saw no particular significance to the book because at the time my belief in God . . .

While we were looking for new ways to present the gospel -- the world changed
Michael Bresciani
October 29, 2018

This writer enjoyed a recent visit to the Sothern Evangelical Seminary's 25th Annual National Conference on Christian Apolegetics in Charlotte, North Carolina. . . .

Pray like never before and then get up and vote
Michael Bresciani
October 9, 2018

The former head of the Southern Baptist Convention and prolific gospel preaching pastor, Adrian Rogers had a simple but profound viewpoint on the importance of . . .

Mid-term elections, Kavanaugh, and apathetic Christians -- a do or die election?
Michael Bresciani
September 26, 2018

Is the lion sleeping in America? Among the elite internet cartoonist is one Pat Cross whose work is featured in articles and websites across the spectrum. . . .

Is Generation 'Z' the liberal, loose, and last Omega generation?
Michael Bresciani
August 20, 2018

One of the wisest people this world has ever produced, King Solomon, declared: "Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in . . .

How state sponsored political correctness is endangering children and making fools of us all
Michael Bresciani
August 5, 2018

Each day that passes brings more reports from across the nation, Canada and parts of Europe and that sound like excerpts from Ripley's Believe it or Not. . . .

Is American obsession with sex creeping into the church?
Michael Bresciani
July 29, 2018

"Meats for the belly, and the belly for meats: but God shall destroy both it and them. Now the body is not for fornication, but for the Lord; and the Lord for . . .

Is America plumbing the depths of Satan?
Michael Bresciani
June 29, 2018

Slightly less than one hundred years after Jesus ascended to his Father, he gave a message to the seven churches which was recorded in the book of Revelation. . . .

God has no opinion and his children are not bigots
Michael Bresciani
June 27, 2018

Because God is the ultimate authority on all things and is the law giver, he has no opinions whatsoever. When he says something, it is established forever.  . . .

Are we judging Jesse Duplantis too harshly and why?
Michael Bresciani
June 11, 2018

Over half century of Bible study has long since convinced me that it is a book that neither promises riches or poverty to anyone. It does however speak of God's . . .

God to Kim Jong Un – Let my people go!
Michael Bresciani
June 1, 2018

There is little doubt that President Trump knows that nuclear weapons are not the only serious problem with the leader of North Korea. Even with the . . .

Seat of the Antichrist both weak and strong -- how does this speak of Europe?
Michael Bresciani
May 25, 2018

Modern versions of eschatological thought concerning the appearance of the antichrist are more varied today than at any other time in the last century. The idea . . .

Second Coming teachings are not for prophecy buffs and conspiracy theorists
Michael Bresciani
May 15, 2018

Approximately one quarter of the Bible is prophecy. Some prophecies are related to the history of Israel and others have to do with the first coming of Christ  . . .

Is California spearheading the fall into darkness and perversion?
Michael Bresciani
May 4, 2018

While New York is a close second to California, no state has done so much since the days of the repeal of California's Prop 8 first introduced on August of 2008 . . .

GQ says skip the Bible – The Bible says GQ is fleeting vanity
Michael Bresciani
April 26, 2018

We don't need to raise the ire for Gentlemen's Quarterly magazine, because it was never that important to start. It is a compendium for millennials on what to . . .

Stephen Hawking – The saddest story ever told
Michael Bresciani
April 23, 2018

Cosmologist and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, like Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, is a Darwinist, with a brand of prideful, over-confidant, . . .

The generation beyond compare – A call to royalty
Michael Bresciani
April 16, 2018

If we ask someone today, most would say we are the best generation of all time. We are educated, confident and ready with the help of science and our new found . . .

Crushing the truth with social trends, flawed jurisprudence and bullying sponsors
Michael Bresciani
April 3, 2018

Hiding our worst behavior and lies under pop-culture, bad law and big bucks would have been a more appropriate title for this article, but we are forced to soft . . .

Anti-gun marchers a generation long product of liberalism
Michael Bresciani
March 30, 2018

It would seem that a Christian writer would be bound to say what is said here, but I would argue it only takes someone with their eyes wide open, no more, and . . .

Planned Parenthood vs. gun violence – greater than the world itself
Michael Bresciani
March 17, 2018

With the help of some simple math, statistics and basic honesty this article could write itself. To clarify, guns are not the main topic here. To this writer . . .

Graham is gone – are the two power prophets next?
Michael Bresciani
March 12, 2018

Since the passing of Billy Graham a plethora of voices has chimed in, each attempting to ascertain exactly what Graham's death means in today's world. Graham . . .

Zoning out in America – denial does not deserve its own zip code
Michael Bresciani
March 3, 2018

Before the days of postal zip codes America had a system of zones to indicate to the Postal Service in what part of the country our communications and parcels . . .

Billy Graham 1918-2018: How may we honor the greatest evangelist of all time?
Michael Bresciani
February 22, 2018

This author has read several biographies that outline the life and times of Billy Graham, many of those facts and events have been popping up across the media . . .

Next discussion on "The View" -- will Joy Behar hear the voice of God?
Michael Bresciani
February 19, 2018

After a half century of teaching eschatological doctrine found in the Bible I was not too surprised to hear of Joy Behar's recent comments about Vice President . . .

Perversion and immorality vs. Trump's MAGA -- Who's in the lead?
Michael Bresciani
February 11, 2018

A few decades ago the push for the new PC and diversity was spearheaded by debate and dialog, but today politically activist judges, agency appointees and . . .

Which is worse - false prophecy or no prophecy?
Michael Bresciani
January 31, 2018

The 100% accuracy rate of Messianic prophecies (First coming of Christ) makes ignoring the premillennial prophecies (Second coming of Christ) the single . . .

Prophecy 2018 -- history and prophecy on a collision course
Michael Bresciani
January 1, 2018

This is the tenth message in a series which began with an article entitled, "Prophecy 2008." While many of the changes in our world have been negative such as . . .

Ten thousand times brighter than the Star of Bethlehem
Michael Bresciani
December 21, 2017

Having been to the moon once, we are now confident that the rest of the universe is only a quantum leap ahead – if there were any quantum leaps to be had. . . .

Homosexuality, transgenderism and same-sex marriage: are these civil rights?
Michael Bresciani
December 14, 2017

Starting an article or report with a scriptural (Biblical) verse tends to eliminate readers that have long ago decided that God has nothing to say about their . . .

Want to understand Trump's travel ban? -- Take one good look at Europe
Michael Bresciani
December 6, 2017

We live in a day when good sound reasoning has taken a permanent sabbatical to the land of PC fantasy. MSM, Democrats and liberals and well over half of . . .

Why are America and the entire world beckoning the beast?
Michael Bresciani
November 27, 2017

"And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his . . .

Book review: "God's prophetic voices to America"
Michael Bresciani
November 19, 2017

Published by Lamb and Lion Ministries out of McKinney, Texas, "God's Prophetic Voices to America" released its first edition in 2017. It is a book Written by . . .

Victims at First Baptist Church in Texas, not just murdered - they were martyred
Michael Bresciani
November 10, 2017

Many Americans especially Christians are now struggling to wrap their minds around the horrific slaughter of worshipers from the First Baptist Church of . . .

America's economic collapse -- revisiting a dire prophecy
Michael Bresciani
November 6, 2017

It may seem inappropriate or ill-timed to discuss the portent of an economic collapse in America while at the moment GDP and other signs of growth are beginning . . .

America: you can't have your cake
Michael Bresciani
October 28, 2017

You can't have your cake and eat it too is an idiomatic proverb or figure of speech thought to have been used since the sixteenth century. It is the equivalent . . .

Modern man -- in a word
Michael Bresciani
October 25, 2017

Americans and most of the west are adrift in a turbulent sea of opinions and hyper-nonsense both culturally and politically. Progressivism has reached its . . .

Can't legislate morality -- but perversion and wickedness are perfectly OK?
Michael Bresciani
October 14, 2017

Articles have no attractive colors and themes like book covers, so there is only one chance to grab the attention. It usually means that the stinger comes first . . .

Does the Bible speak of terrorism? Difficult theology America does not want to face
Michael Bresciani
October 5, 2017

Americans have a generally weak understanding of sound Biblical theology. This is evidenced in our academic curriculum, movie and media depictions of God, the . . .

Hugh Hefner, September 27, 2017: The Hef is gone, whatever shall we do?
Michael Bresciani
September 30, 2017

YouTube Prophets David Meade, who created all the hype about the end of the world on September 23 of this year, has now decided that the date will now be . . .

Stop the birth of hatred in these United States
Michael Bresciani
September 18, 2017

"When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. Then he saith, I will return into my house from . . .

Blood moons, eclipses, disasters, and September 23 – what do they all mean?
Michael Bresciani
September 10, 2017

This year makes an even fifty years that I have been studying the subject of Biblical prophecy. I have watched as some of the best biblical expositors on this . . .

Deep perversions are grieving the Spirit of God -- what might we expect next
Michael Bresciani
September 3, 2017

This generation and specifically this nation has enjoyed God's patience for the last forty or so years. No one with any knowledge of the scriptures and a . . .

America: Where guilt is an industry and whining has become an art form
Michael Bresciani
August 28, 2017

"The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the . . .

From contradiction to reprobation – anti-hate protesters resolve to hate Trump
Michael Bresciani
August 17, 2017

America seems caught up in the promotion of minorities such as the LGBT and leftist causes, but tolerance and diversity has stalled and begun to roll backwards . . .

Charlie Gard: Britain's shame and a symptom of the decline of nations
Michael Bresciani
July 30, 2017

Decent people around the world have pondered, prayed, labored and wept over the little angel we know as Charlie Gard. None have been more exasperated and . . .

Churches: this is the time to return to your first love!
Michael Bresciani
July 22, 2017

When Christ addressed the first seven churches in Asia he rebuked five, on one he was neutral, but he commended only one. If the first century church was . . .

Four things that are not part of making America great again
Michael Bresciani
July 5, 2017

In full support of President Trump's declaration to "Make America great again," the following list is not meant to be an indictment of his administration, but . . .

Love, not hate, is the reason we resist LGBT tyranny
Michael Bresciani
June 22, 2017

Being labeled and dismissed as a "homophobe" may be all it takes for some to turn their back on the biblical message about homosexuality and other immorality. . . .

Sharia law and gay pride -- the perfect non sequitur
Michael Bresciani
June 16, 2017

The left thinking has fallen into deep reprobation as long ago prophesied. "For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did . . .

Is God calling America – the last revival
Michael Bresciani
June 15, 2017

Some would argue that revival is for the church and renewal is for the nation. Semantics notwithstanding, it is clear that a new strong message is being issued . . .

Ariana Grande and Salman Abedi -- both deeply deceived
Michael Bresciani
May 26, 2017

It goes without saying that the loss of the young lives in Manchester England is a tragedy of the highest order. Even though they were chasing a pop-culture . . .

New Orleans mayor wins the great statues war of 2017 -- loses the battle against violent crime
Michael Bresciani
May 24, 2017

With a long heritage of Spanish, French and other influences New Orleans has a unique place in the history of the nation. With streets named Tchoupitoulas, . . .

Can America endure its snowflakes, demons and Democrats?
Michael Bresciani
May 18, 2017

Not only was conservative speaker Ann Coulter forced out of her speaking engagement at University of California-Berkeley, but following the riots there, a . . .

Jesus' resurrection – proof that death is a failure
Michael Bresciani
April 13, 2017

After centuries, the hordes that sit and swoon to the classicality of Shakespeare are yet unaware that William the bard of bards was woefully mistaken.  . . .

Stop calling our God-given faith and morality 'loveless and biased'
Michael Bresciani
April 6, 2017

By now millions have viewed the ad campaign which depicts two girls kissing at a sports arena while the crowd cheers as they watch on the stadium big screen.  . . .

How Roe reveals the hypocrisy of sanctuary cities
Michael Bresciani
April 4, 2017

The most prevalent absurdity in modern America is the fact that we have blocked the entrance of 60 million of our own offspring due to Roe v. Wade, while we . . .

Obergefell and Roe: America's statutes of Omri
Michael Bresciani
March 30, 2017

While America is holding its breath on the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to become the next Supreme Court justice it has become abundantly clear that he may not . . .

Confirm This: Our Supreme Court does not make the Supreme Law
Michael Bresciani
March 26, 2017

Watching hours of the Neil Gorsuch confirmation hearings has been an inspiration. Gorsuch has an impeccable record of wise decisions and a sage and deep sense . . .

PC Devotees: Moral Issues are not the same as Social Issues
Michael Bresciani
March 13, 2017

http://www.americanprophet.org/PC-Devotees-Moral-Issues-are-not-the-same-as-Social-Issues-editorial_Bresciani_2556.htm Let's start with this right up front, . . .

President Trump, we are the Christians: "Negotiate" for us
Michael Bresciani
March 3, 2017

President Trump's recent address to Congress was an inspiring and historic moment for America. We will take nothing away from its import and meaning. We . . .

Trump's ban and academia's world class hypocrisy
Michael Bresciani
February 15, 2017

It is difficult to decide exactly what kind of humor Jesse Watters produces in his Fox News feature called Watters' World. It is a show that seems like an . . .

Misuse of science and social pressure pushing America into "strong delusion"
Michael Bresciani
February 13, 2017

"And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie." (2Th 2: 11) This warning and promise of scripture is given to those . . .

Is America seeking the economic high ground from the moral low ground?
Michael Bresciani
February 8, 2017

Watching the defeated Democrats battling President Trump on every level is disconcerting for those who mandated his leadership. It is mostly a fanciful delay . . .

Hollywood: You act like America - but you are not America!
Michael Bresciani
February 1, 2017

Ashton Kutcher called out President Trump at the recent SAG Awards like the President was a child rebelling against those sage and privileged few we refer to as . . .

Trump inauguration a historical milestone -- Franklin Graham's prayer a vindication
Michael Bresciani
January 23, 2017

Sometimes even the most illustrious words can bury the beauty and the deep meaning of a glorious moment – we will attempt to refrain from burying what may . . .

Why U.S. politicians still don't understand the Islamic religion
Michael Bresciani
January 17, 2017

Fox's O'Reilly is quick to say that he and his staff trust nothing coming from the internet. Since most of the scandals and fake news today comes from . . .

Prophecy 2017 -- major shifts around the world
Michael Bresciani
January 9, 2017

This is the tenth in a yearly series of prophetic assessments of our world in the light of Biblical prophecy and current events. The first was in 2008, since . . .

Biblical prophecy exposes the "two state solution" as absolute nonsense
Michael Bresciani
December 31, 2016

It is hard to imagine a body of anti-Semites sitting in a nation that is allied to Israel working so hard to destroy that sovereign nation. But this is the UN, . . .

Prophecy wake up call - The world as we know it does not end by chance
Michael Bresciani
December 22, 2016

The New Testament asserts that men are made a little lower than the angels. (Heb 2: 7) Today's science insists that man stumbled into creation and now is only . . .

"It's the law of the land" -- the proverb from hell
Michael Bresciani
December 12, 2016

The prophet Ezekiel was instructed to rebuke the ancient Israelites for using a proverb; (saying or common catch phrase) because they presumed that everything . . .

Does prophecy speak to America's election result?
Michael Bresciani
November 30, 2016

"But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil." – . . .

The Trump Victory: What does it mean for the Christians?
Michael Bresciani
November 17, 2016

Excitement has been running high and full congratulations are in order for Donald Trump, Mike Pence and the American voters. The Bible reading Christian . . .

Hillary's attack ads -- open to serious scrutiny
Michael Bresciani
November 6, 2016

With only days to go to the general election the millions of dollars relegated for ads to influence our choices will be unleashed through the media, for both . . .

Presidential Choices 101 -- Lies, corruption and scandals do not a president make!
Michael Bresciani
November 4, 2016

This is a freshman level course, but all Americans are eligible to take this course as a remedial if they have missed the obvious. What is obvious is that a . . .

No mystery: Hillary is the shadowy past -- Trump is hope for the future
Michael Bresciani
November 2, 2016

After nearly two full years of scrutiny what have we found? In fairness, a long list of details about each candidate will hardly change anything in only one . . .

Hillary: ripping the nation apart under the banner of 'togetherness'
Michael Bresciani
October 30, 2016

The effectiveness of with which the smiling queen of pantsuits and prevarications which leads her pawns and pathologicals down the yellow brick road has reached . . .

Is voting for Hillary a vote to kill five million perfectly healthy babies?
Michael Bresciani
October 28, 2016

According to the CDC and other reliable sources the daily abortion rate in the U.S. is between 3,562 and 3,700. Taking the lower figure and multiplying that by . . .

Hillary and the fall of a once great nation
Michael Bresciani
October 26, 2016

With only days to go to the general election all the debates are finished and the cloud is about to clear away – or is it? The essence of each . . .

The tale of two Hillarys -- and one Donald Trump
Michael Bresciani
October 22, 2016

Daily dumps of emails from WikiLeaks have provided us with an unfolding story that could aptly be titled – "The Tale of Two Hillarys." The public . . .

Chairman Mao's America -- we still have a choice, the Chinese did not
Michael Bresciani
October 18, 2016

With only days to go before America decides who will occupy the White House it is abundantly clear that Democrats are rousing every effort to appeal to the vast . . .

The land of high perversion and dead babies goes self-righteous on Trump?
Michael Bresciani
October 14, 2016

The techno-twinkled brains of the millennial minions are turning to mush while listening daily to the blather of our pundits, pollsters and political . . .

Debate results in: Hillary for Hillary -- Donald Trump for America
Michael Bresciani
October 11, 2016

On October 9, 2016 Donald Trump squared off with Hillary Clinton in what can only be described as a rout. Trump made a spectacular comeback in every area of the . . .

Is it time for Never Trumpers to follow the lead of Sen. Ted Cruz?
Michael Bresciani
October 7, 2016

Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) has kept his commitment to endorse the nominee, Mr. Donald Trump, and additionally has joined with Mr. Trump in an effort to keep the . . .

Hillary's candidacy -- clear evidence of American decline
Michael Bresciani
October 2, 2016

There is little doubt that if Hillary Clinton ran for the office of president during the Roosevelt or Reagan era she would not have gone very far in the . . .

What debate? Hillary's view of life and death says it all
Michael Bresciani
September 28, 2016

The thing about politics that is easy to disdain is that it more often than not uses words to cover and mask serious errors in judgment with more publicly . . .

A-tisket a-tasket -- Hillary's green and yellow basket
Michael Bresciani
September 16, 2016

The first lady of song, Ella Fitzgerald gave us the classic song A-Tisket A-Tasket, A Green and Yellow Basket. Fitzgerald passed in 1996 and we had to wait . . .

Why homo-marriage will bring America into direct conflict with God
Michael Bresciani
September 12, 2016

During this election cycle in the United States the issues cited and heralded as the 'most important' are, security and prosperity. Both candidates for . . .

Decision 2016 -- will America die as a fool dies?
Michael Bresciani
September 7, 2016

"And the king lamented over Abner, and said, Died Abner as a fool dieth? Thy hands were not bound, nor thy feet put into fetters: as a man falleth before wicked . . .

Hillary – It takes a village to raise a child – and $2 billion to elect a liar
Michael Bresciani
September 5, 2016

National Review writer Jonah Goldberg asked the question in a piece written in February 2015 of what Hillary's brand is, it has morphed so often that like the . . .

Hillary dips to new low, labels Trump and millions of Americans -- racists and Nazis
Michael Bresciani
August 29, 2016

Here in the greater New Orleans area are people who would gladly give race exciters Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson a permanent invitation to live in the area. . . .

Prez on the green, Hillary on the carpet, America on the rocks -- Where is Mr. Trump?
Michael Bresciani
August 25, 2016

Since the early sixties, America has endeavored to raise a generation of liberally oriented people who want a free education, an eight hundred dollar phone full . . .

Review -- Matt Barber's "Hating Jesus: The American Left's War on Christianity"
Michael Bresciani
August 19, 2016

Long before Matt Barber published "Hating Jesus," I was reading Matt's articles online. I always marveled at his writing skills, which mimicked his skill in the . . .

A kind, reasoned and scriptural call to the Never Trump voters
Michael Bresciani
August 10, 2016

After laboring for two days just to find an appropriate title for this piece; this writer almost gave up on it entirely. After finding another article on the . . .

Hillary -- there are no jobs for the dead!
Michael Bresciani
July 31, 2016

Anyone who can still remember the Reagan years in America, or before that, is reeling in stark incredulity that someone like Hillary Clinton has actually made . . .

Is the world now safe for sodomy?
Michael Bresciani
July 29, 2016

On April 2, 1917 President Woodrow Wilson asked Congress for a declaration of war against Germany. His speech to the Congress included the now iconic line  . . .

The offense not noticed at the Republican Convention
Michael Bresciani
July 22, 2016

The main stream media made a big deal of Melania's speech at the RNC even after the entire matter was all but dismissed by Donald Trump. No heads are going to . . .

Has modern science fallen to PC quackery --- is nothing safe?
Michael Bresciani
July 14, 2016

This story began about a generation ago when scientific hyper-fluff was introduced under the watchful eye of Uncle Charley Darwin who happened to see a slight . . .

The single all important difference between Hillary and Trump
Michael Bresciani
July 8, 2016

We have had a year of intense debates and preparation to decide which candidate in the running, will take the helm of this nation. Like many, this writer was . . .

Sinful America -- is there no price to pay? Must a Muslim tell us this?
Michael Bresciani
July 4, 2016

I once thought it was kind of a dumb saying that my father oft repeated when he said, "Nothing is free, and there is always a price to pay." In fact, there . . .

Hillary says more death for unborn children is a victory -- is this presidential?
Michael Bresciani
June 29, 2016

In a nation choking to death on political correctness, it would seem that I should immediately follow the title of this article with an apology. This will never . . .

Trump's list of spiritual advisors -- impressive!
Michael Bresciani
June 25, 2016

In a meeting in New York this week Donald Trump promised evangelical leaders that he would fight for religious freedoms and only appoint Supreme Court judges . . .

Really America! -- Which candidate is most likely to stop more jihadist attacks?
Michael Bresciani
June 17, 2016

Let's not waste too much time on Hillary Clinton. With firepower minutes away and the clout of the entire State Department behind her, Hillary was unable to . . .

Liberalism: the pathway of demons and deceivers
Michael Bresciani
June 11, 2016

Men have buried themselves in a generation long use of the language of modern psychiatry. The idea of a man being mis-led deceived or possessed by a demon or . . .

The other Donald Trump: What's love got to do with it?
Michael Bresciani
June 5, 2016

In 1984, Tina Turner's "What's Love Got to Do with It" rocketed to the top of the Billboard charts and reached top ratings in similar charts around the world. . . .

Those who warn America – love America
Michael Bresciani
May 30, 2016

"If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not? But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all . . .

A time for the president and the liberals to hang their heads in shame
Michael Bresciani
May 23, 2016

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." (Ec 3: 1) Some say that we are caught between a rock and a hard place in . . .

Mr. Trump, why are you hiding your tax returns?
Michael Bresciani
May 18, 2016

Honestly, why does anyone have to ask this question? Since it's a longstanding tradition that presidential candidates open their tax records to the public, why . . .

Mr. Trump: The glory that was Rome is of another day
Michael Bresciani
May 11, 2016

Mr. Trump has promised that he will "make America great again." It is a promise that Trump no doubt believes and it is relatively safe to think that he will . . .

America: Why are we shunning our messengers and blocking our ears?
Michael Bresciani
April 29, 2016

When nations are in decline they all tend to follow the same path. They place their hope in a new leader who says all the right things and in a desperate . . .

Trump OK with men in women's bathrooms – wants to be president?
Michael Bresciani
April 24, 2016

In a video entitled "Trump Surrenders to 'LGBT' Bathroom Nonsense," Donald Trump is heard saying "He is fine with those who identify as the opposite sex using . . .

America's ever increasing capacity for delusion
Michael Bresciani
April 11, 2016

The Bible plainly teaches that one of the characteristics of the end of this age is that people will develop a capacity for delusion rather than the truth.  . . .

Trump takes but gives nothing back to America -- three clear examples
Michael Bresciani
March 31, 2016

It goes without saying that any contributions to democrats and especially those who support false marriage and abortion do not count as serious philanthropy or . . .

Statesman or phenom – America clamors for a king
Michael Bresciani
March 25, 2016

I saw the danger and I passed along the enchanted way And I said let grief, be as a fallen leaf, at the dawning of the day – Patrick Kavanagh Irish . . .

Twenty percent of Trump followers OK with slavery -- A return to darkness?
Michael Bresciani
March 19, 2016

After the long battle against slavery in England led by William Wilberforce, the British Parliament passed the "Slavery Abolition Act of 1833." Only 30 years . . .

Trump rally comes dangerously close to Trump riot -- anger breeds more anger
Michael Bresciani
March 14, 2016

Chicago 3/11/2016 – Trump supporters sent home because over ten thousand protesters call Trump a hater and a racist. The cancelled Trump rally is a . . .

Why neither riches nor rich men – can save America
Michael Bresciani
March 12, 2016

I can understand why a person who sees the trend toward Donald Trump for president wouldn't want to stand in the road and say "wrong way." Why put up with the . . .

Christian Post and top online sites – warning against Trump
Michael Bresciani
March 5, 2016

The momentum of the Trump mystique of strength and streamlined anti-PC unstoppability is finally coming under the scrutiny of America's best Christian minds and . . .

Slippery Tuesday -- Donald Trump pushes Hillary closer to victory
Michael Bresciani
March 2, 2016

In what might be called a victory speech Donald Trump addressed the media at 9pm on Tuesday March 1, 2016 breathing out rebuke for China, his one note campaign . . .

Trump betrays Israel -- Christian support of Trump is now direct defiance against God
Michael Bresciani
February 29, 2016

"And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed." – Genesis 12: 3 As a . . .

Evangelicals help Trump -- who is helping the evangelicals?
Michael Bresciani
February 26, 2016

Some reports say as high as two thirds of the evangelicals in the state of South Carolina helped Donald Trump to win the primary in that state. Prior to the . . .

Trump reduces political debate to childhood – "liar, liar pants on fire"
Michael Bresciani
February 17, 2016

Since he pulled out of the debate prior to the New Hampshire caucuses, it became clear that the Donald does not play well with other children. What is now . . .

Donald Trump: victim of a most serious deception?
Michael Bresciani
February 14, 2016

"But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger; for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God." (James 1: 19-20 NASB . . .

Top twelve reasons not to give the GOP nomination to Donald Trump
Michael Bresciani
February 11, 2016

Every day more sordid, revealing and incredulous revelations come down the information highway on Donald Trump. At the same time the sycophantic call to put the . . .

Donald Trump a poor substitute for what America really needs?
Michael Bresciani
February 6, 2016

"Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, riches take wing, and only character endures." – Horace Greely Any Christian messenger worth his salt has at . . .

Report card: The Donald does not play well with other children
Michael Bresciani
February 1, 2016

After watching Bill O'Reilly urging Donald Trump to be forgiving in a back-slapping, I've-known-you-since-eternity, we-both-give-money-to-causes fest, only . . .

Is there a test by which Christians can choose the best candidate?
Michael Bresciani
January 31, 2016

Starting with a clear definition of who is, and who is not, a Christian is needed to make this test possible. Bible believing Christians, who take biblical . . .

Donald Trump does not represent Christ, Christians or the Bible
Michael Bresciani
January 27, 2016

In politics seeking the spotlight is part of the game – the spotlight can also become the floodlight by which all intents and purposes are revealed, it is . . .

Trump a phenomenon or a fantasy -- will the election of 2016 be won by another slogan?
Michael Bresciani
January 24, 2016

Prior to the 2008 general election I published an article entitled "Can the 2008 Election be won by a Slogan?" It became to this day one of the most read . . .

Prophecy 2016 -- politics is not the answer
Michael Bresciani
January 16, 2016

This is a look at the future of America, not the past, and this is the ninth yearly foretelling in the prophecy series which began in 2008. It is abundantly . . .

New York's "pronoun" law defies science and ignores logic
Michael Bresciani
January 12, 2016

In my inquisitive years I traveled around the nation not driven by mere wanderlust, but by the desire to learn and see just what the nation was all about. Now . . .

Trump's billions a flimsy foundation
Michael Bresciani
January 4, 2016

In many years of paying close attention to the political scene in the United States I can say I learned a few things. One is that Americans do not take kindly . . .

Has conservative media already chosen their candidate?
Michael Bresciani
December 30, 2015

In 2008 and 2012 it was said that the MSM had latched on to their liberal favorite so much that it seemed they were part of the Obama administration. They were . . .

Ted Cruz: A Founding Father returned?
Michael Bresciani
December 23, 2015

If we want to know something about Biblical doctrine, sound theology or anything else about the nature and attributes of God we would not call our congressmen . . .

Super prez and global warming worriers save Obama's legacy, our lives and the planet?
Michael Bresciani
December 19, 2015

Wow – is the only interjection or exclamatory to address the wonder of the Obama administration. An eighteen trillion dollar debt, the Obamacare . . .

Prez raps while Americans line up as sheep to the slaughter
Michael Bresciani
December 10, 2015

The Pasadena Star featured a typical headline on December 7, 2015 which read "We will prevail – Obama vows to destroy Isis, calls for better gun control . . .

Is it Ichabod for America and blessings for Russia? - Revival in the land of the czars
Michael Bresciani
December 2, 2015

"And she named the child Ichabod, saying, The glory is departed from Israel: because the ark of God was taken, and because of her father in law and her husband. . . .

Are liberalism and political correctness making fools of us all?
Michael Bresciani
November 30, 2015

It's easy to explain the presence of dinosaurs on earth, but there is still no real evidence that they evolved. Man is here now in all his highly intelligent . . .

Is it just a few radical Muslims or is all Islam extreme?
Michael Bresciani
November 27, 2015

Of the 1.57 billion Muslims in our world, almost all use the two books of Islam; one is the Koran and the other is the Hadith. Both of these books are filled . . .

PC's royal children don't "feel safe" -- Mizzou dalliance gives way to dopiness
Michael Bresciani
November 16, 2015

Yale and Mizzou students effectively ran off a school president and a chancellor all in the name of PC and liberal notions of a fantasy zone where students can . . .

The American voter -- smarter than a fifth grader?
Michael Bresciani
November 13, 2015

Author Doug Johnson, a prolific writer and blogger published a piece about how the election of Ted Cruz could end up getting Hillary into the oval office. I . . .

Putin warns ISIS -- Obama warns school district about girls shower room
Michael Bresciani
November 5, 2015

My first inclination was to title this piece, "Obama threatens to spank school district for not favoring a single transgender student." Too crass, I thought, . . .

CNBC debate: Cruz breaks up MSM -- unifies candidates
Michael Bresciani
October 30, 2015

Sen. Ted Cruz clobbered the moderators of the CNBC debate on Wednesday October 28 when he was asked a 'gotcha' question, but instead of taking the bait, he . . .

Mock prophecy at your own risk -- America is not exempt
Michael Bresciani
October 28, 2015

The late Harold Camping made his apologies before his death about forecasting the end of the world. Some false prophets don't apologize for their mistakes . . .

It is not up to any President -- It is entirely up to us
Michael Bresciani
October 17, 2015

Realism ignores the blather of both the pessimist and the optimist. The realist does not ask if the glass is half full or half empty. When an eight ounce glass . . .

Geraldo condescending about Ben Carson's faith? -- Pompous is as pompous does
Michael Bresciani
October 12, 2015

The insults are flowing like a river this week. First GQ mag, a liberal rag, with all the class of a plane crash has taken to insulting Ben Carson for saying . . .

Pew Report: Voters want all new ideas -- just another old idea?
Michael Bresciani
October 9, 2015

According to a new Pew report republicans now favor new ideas over experience and a proven record. The shift may well be just another way of saying we want . . .

The Oregon shooting -- a 'tragedy' or pure evil?
Michael Bresciani
October 6, 2015

Immediately after Chris Harper Mercer shot, killed and wounded almost two dozen people in the Umpqua Community College near Roseburg Oregon, the investigators, . . .

The universality of last days prophecy -- when enlightenment becomes ignorance
Michael Bresciani
October 3, 2015

"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding." (Pr 9: 10) The fear (reverential awe) spoken of in . . .

Pope addresses lawmakers two days after they allow abortion after twenty weeks
Michael Bresciani
September 30, 2015

In the PC climate of today any correction or allusion to truth either dies in the face of cultural trends or is construed as bashing, hatred or some new phobia. . . .

7 easy questions for the Donald that even an "Apprentice" could answer
Michael Bresciani
September 23, 2015

Should we ask Donald Trump or Forrest Gump these all important questions? The Donald calls a lot of people "stupid"- Forrest Gump at least offered a definition . . .

Trump: our faith-filled David with a slingshot -- or the bragging king of Babylon?
Michael Bresciani
September 19, 2015

While this comparison may seem all too rudimentary, it is not, considering the kinds of choices America has been making lately. Really – a nation that . . .

You can start the Roman persecution again -- but our King is not the president
Michael Bresciani
September 17, 2015

One of the chief reasons that Christians were dragged into the arenas and the Coliseum was because they would not heel to the Roman law that required that they . . .

Can America be great again without getting right again? - Can you spell naïve?
Michael Bresciani
September 12, 2015

When does wishful thinking become dangerous and when does naiveté pose a serious threat to our future. Is it a deep complicated issue to be hashed out in . . .

Will Congress awake before every Christian in America is arrested?
Michael Bresciani
September 8, 2015

After the arrest of Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis the voices of those who see what is happening as a result of Obergefell V. Hodges are sending a cry and a call to . . .

Lots of marriage licenses but no marriage -- Kentucky clerk arrested
Michael Bresciani
September 4, 2015

In a world where subjectivism and liberalism has overcome hard reality you may wish yourself to be Sinbad the Sailor and while you will never actually become . . .

Five negative articles -- is there life after Trump?
Michael Bresciani
August 30, 2015

Since long titles wreak havoc with publishers I abandoned my first choice for this piece. See if you like it – sing along with me! Five negative . . .

"Make America great again" -- a promise Donald Trump cannot keep
Michael Bresciani
August 25, 2015

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions" – Anon. After entering Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Mobile, Alabama, Friday August 21, 2015, what followed . . .

Endless candidates -- wooing us to the post Obama wasteland?
Michael Bresciani
August 21, 2015

We look to name recognition within the media for some sense of authoritative assessment of the candidates. Hannity, O'Reilly, Beck, Kelly. The divisiveness the . . .

Mr. Trump: a Rolex watch is not a moral compass
Michael Bresciani
August 17, 2015

Obviously, this title is a hook, I have no idea what kind of a watch Donald Trump wears, but I don't know what kind of moral compass he follows either – . . .

Six reasons to honestly doubt the Donald -- let's not do 2008 again
Michael Bresciani
August 12, 2015

Long before Barack Obama swept into office as a pop-culture icon in 2008 I had serious doubts about his record, his honesty and his intentions about many issues . . .

GOP debate: between the serious and the circus
Michael Bresciani
August 10, 2015

Not everyone is titillated with the recent GOP debates in Cleveland. Critics from the pragmatic to the hyper-critical, analysts and pundits alike are weighing . . .

Killing children for 'research' or to save the life of another? -- The Morality of Jackals
Michael Bresciani
August 8, 2015

The Jackal is in the dog family (Canis Aureus) and is a ravenous medium sized canine that scavenges and is capable of eating just about anything. In a  . . .

Dems desperately digging for dirt on the Donald -- the birther revival?
Michael Bresciani
August 1, 2015

This writer would make the Donald my last choice in a field of sixteen candidates from the GOP primary, but if he is the last man standing after the primaries . . .

Satanic statue comes to Detroit -- is there no price to pay?
Michael Bresciani
July 30, 2015

After a long reign as the auto capital of the world, the beleaguered city of Detroit was last seen (2012) asking President Obama to bail them out since over 75 . . .

The history of evil -- Planned Parenthood writes a new page
Michael Bresciani
July 25, 2015

"And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; . . .

Is 'crushing babies' now part of Obama's "change we can believe in?"
Michael Bresciani
July 17, 2015

While Snopes says "undetermined" when queried about the recent video that caught Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Senior Director of Medical Services for Planned . . .

Pope Francis leads the apostasy -- says the Bible and the Koran are the same?
Michael Bresciani
July 11, 2015

The one world religion nonsense of the liberals across the globe just got a boost from Pope Francis. At the same time the truth and the plenary verbal . . .

Gov. Bobby Jindal to Hannity -- "I invite Americans to join a cause, not a campaign."
Michael Bresciani
July 6, 2015

In a remarkable full one hour interview with Sean Hannity on the evening of July 3, 2015 Governor Bobby Jindal (R) Louisiana presented his case for why . . .

The 'Magnificent Nine' provide a litmus test for all the 2016 presidential candidates
Michael Bresciani
July 3, 2015

In a brilliant piece written by Garth Kant and published on WND, Mr. Kant has provided a comprehensive list of 2016 conservative candidates who support a . . .

Supreme Court greenlights perverted marriage -- a dark day for America
Michael Bresciani
June 29, 2015

On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court announced their ruling on Obergefell v. Hodges and decided that sodomites can now legally marry in all 50 states. The . . .

Persecution of the church always comes from civil authority and government
Michael Bresciani
June 26, 2015

When ecclesiastical and civil power marries, something evil always emerges. When Papal authority and civil powers married it produced the dark ages. When . . .

Spiritually dumbed down -- can't see judgment coming
Michael Bresciani
June 18, 2015

In the past week we watched Jeb Bush and then Donald Trump join the ever burgeoning melee of Republicans who have declared to run for the presidency. Both . . .

The last state in the U.S. -- a failed conscience
Michael Bresciani
June 10, 2015

That we don't see the dispensations (increments) of God's interaction with man is not surprising since modern men cannot recognize the increments by which their . . .

Jenner: looking for freedom in all the wrong places
Michael Bresciani
June 5, 2015

With or without the debate on the right and wrong of Bruce Jenner, one thing is certain; there are, and always will be those who cringe at the sight of the gay, . . .

High court to push America into final reprobation? -- Time is not on our side
Michael Bresciani
June 1, 2015

Contrary to popular belief and the nonsense notions of low information fanciers of everything nascent and pop-culture in our society, Satan is not the guy doing . . .

5-year-old boy with a lesson for the entire world -- and a lingering question
Michael Bresciani
May 23, 2015

The news is rife with sad stories, tragedies and other matters not just hard to ingest, but hard just to watch. Like a shooting star or a beautiful sighting . . .

Why are intellectual giants so often spiritual pygmies -- the enemy that's closer than a brother?
Michael Bresciani
May 21, 2015

"A man that hath friends must show himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother." – The Great King Solomon, Pr 18: 24  . . .

Three trees -- a serious warning to America
Michael Bresciani
May 15, 2015

The First Tree – Erez Rabbi Jonathan Cahn author of 'The Harbinger' introduced the parallel between the prophecies of Isaiah and the raising of the . . .

The Bible says: not global warming, but universal cold that brings the planet to its knees
Michael Bresciani
May 4, 2015

Who would have thought that Christ addressed the controversial subject of 'global warming' slightly over 2000 years ago? In fact, he was silent on the subject, . . .

Why "love" does not justify "gay marriage"
Michael Bresciani
April 24, 2015

When blog trolls and the generally disgruntled leave the safety and anonymity of the blogs to email me and curse and complain I know I have touched a nerve. One . . .

Pop culture trends are not morality --- what Christians actually hate will surprise you
Michael Bresciani
April 11, 2015

Apostate churches abound in these last days, but not all have lost their spine. Some of the best known ministries and ministers have sent warning to the Supreme . . .

Nat Geo's "Killing Jesus" a flawed excursion into serious error
Michael Bresciani
April 1, 2015

With notepad in hand and the company of two others who are well versed in scripture and history I sat down to watch and listen to every nuance of the three hour . . .

Lifeway Christian stores: no books about visions of heaven
Michael Bresciani
March 29, 2015

Translated into 46 languages and becoming a bestselling book after the sales of 6.5 million copies, Don Piper's "90 Minutes in Heaven" has been removed from the . . .

When the political door closes and the prophetic door opens
Michael Bresciani
March 27, 2015

Most of the trouble in our world takes place either when civil and ecclesiastical powers marry or merge or when civil power takes it upon itself to completely . . .

Cruz announcement at LU -- Reaganesque offering to a crippled nation
Michael Bresciani
March 24, 2015

"This is our fight. The answer will not come from Washington. It will come only from the men and women across this country, from men and women, from people of . . .

Pop culture or prophecy? -- There is no contest
Michael Bresciani
March 20, 2015

Cultural phenomenon has broad and ever changing definitions quite simply due to its ever changing nature. What is popular today will be forgotten tomorrow.  . . .

We think it's a trend -- in reality it is called reprobation
Michael Bresciani
March 12, 2015

In times past it may have been true that you could lead a horse to water even if you couldn't make him drink. Today, it may be counterproductive, politically . . .

Will liberal louses loose the fateful lightning -- using rights to do wrong
Michael Bresciani
February 28, 2015

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored; He hath loosed the fateful . . .

Evolutionists: political correctness is not the missing link
Michael Bresciani
February 23, 2015

Media hounds are ripping into statements made by Governor Scott Walker about his stand for creationism or Darwinism, much to no one's surprise. But was it a . . .

Beheading of Egyptian Christians -- Obama's shameless coddling of a deadly religion
Michael Bresciani
February 19, 2015

"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints." (Ps 116:15 KJV) Contrary to Catholic teaching, saints are not just those canonized by the . . .

The American Prophet 'most and least' awards for 2014-15
Michael Bresciani
February 9, 2015

We have the Oscars, the Grammys, the Tony's and a full plethora of awards given to the best and not so great artist, performers and others, why not one for the . . .

Obama on religion -- confusion and sentimentalism
Michael Bresciani
February 7, 2015

"Radical Islamists have no limits when it comes to destruction and the taking of human life. They are motivated by a religious doctrine which requires them to . . .

The next Hitler arrives with great speed and fury -- he will not be late
Michael Bresciani
February 3, 2015

After listening to an NPR reporter tell her listeners that Christians have always been apocalyptic and have been warning for generations that judgment was . . .

Abortion is still genocide -- not a social issue
Michael Bresciani
January 29, 2015

To millions of Christians and people who have not lost their basic understanding of what makes up a reasonable life that is coherently connected to the main . . .

America: while we seek mirth and beauty -- judgment is at the door
Michael Bresciani
January 22, 2015

America's premiere nineteenth century folk songster was, hands down, one Stephen Collins Foster. He died a pauper as have many folk songsters before him, but in . . .

Supreme Court will save or push the U.S. to the brink
Michael Bresciani
January 19, 2015

There are three kinds of journalism across the internet. The first is simple news reporting – what, where and when. The internet is inundated with news . . .

Three reasons why we know that Allah and the God of the Bible are not the same
Michael Bresciani
January 14, 2015

Approximately a quarter of the Bible is prophecy that has to do with how the world goes in the future. It is a detailed picture of many events leading up to the . . .

The Prophet of Islam can endure slander--but can he endure honest examination?
Michael Bresciani
January 10, 2015

"The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam" – Barack Obama These now famous words of the President of the United States were . . .

Prophecy 2015 -- neo-liberalism gives birth to neo-radicalism -- dangerous times ahead
Michael Bresciani
January 7, 2015

In the coming year few new predictions are slated for the United States. The focus will soon be Europe and the political changes there will not be noticed until . . .

Rejecting the eternal message for a temporary fix -- the folly of the West
Michael Bresciani
December 29, 2014

In an old video about people who influence our world was a scene in which noted Swiss born Christian theologian Karl Barth pulled down an old dusty copy of the . . .

New York's finest slain -- racial provocateurs -- bad math and prophecy
Michael Bresciani
December 24, 2014

Among many problems of publishing a website with many articles and reports is the problem of weak titles. Some of the best articles get few reads because they . . .

Pope pushes prophetic timetable ahead -- prophecy waits for no man
Michael Bresciani
December 9, 2014

Anyone who plays the role of 'sheriff' in the kingdom of God will have plenty of people and material to ride herd on in today's climate of apostasy and pop . . .

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is to skip classroom indoctrination -- one generation of fairy tales is enough
Michael Bresciani
December 5, 2014

This year the American Atheists National Convention has decided to wage war in the Bible Belt of our nation with billboards with the following caption being . . .

Victory in life: no confidence in death -- the goofy gospel
Michael Bresciani
November 30, 2014

Paying an attendance fee and attending a Joel Osteen presentation may end in a lot of shouts, affirmations and talk of your victorious life, but is it the real . . .

Second Coming of Christ -- beware of the gainsayers
Michael Bresciani
November 23, 2014

No sooner had Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber apologized for calling Americans "stupid" when along came an incident at UCLA Berkeley that might just prove . . .

Christine Weick: brave Tennessean witness for Christ and a most shameful day for America
Michael Bresciani
November 19, 2014

On a day when Muslims spread their prayer rugs in America's National Cathedral with their backs to the large cross of Christ hanging there, the famous cathedral . . .

The Pope presumes -- the theory of evolution boosted by Pontiff
Michael Bresciani
November 11, 2014

Using science is wise – blindly patronizing science is presumption and idolatry – Anon. In a blazing headline One News Now published an article . . .

Is it really hate speech -- or just speech that you hate
Michael Bresciani
November 7, 2014

Across the spectrum journalists and writers are besieged by the so called "politically correct" crowd when it comes to the hot button issues. Homosexuality, . . .

Antichrist -- there's an app for that: or there soon will be
Michael Bresciani
October 25, 2014

Every leader and decision maker in the world believes they are acting independently of all Divine purpose. Yet, what we are told in the Bible is that no one and . . .

Just watched a blood red moon -- now what?
Michael Bresciani
October 9, 2014

Here in the New Orleans area it was 69 degrees, slightly humid with almost no wind on the morning of October 8, 2014. I am usually up at about 4am every . . .

Win for "gay marriage" -- great loss for the nation
Michael Bresciani
October 8, 2014

"The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning; but the heart of fools is in the house of mirth." – Ecclesiastes 7: 4 Scattered across the internet . . .

Christian and conservative internet -- is it time to review?
Michael Bresciani
October 2, 2014

We have all heard commentators and TV news people berating the news and info sites found on the internet. At the same time they all admit that the largest . . .

The dangers of the fifth gospel -- real Christianity is no buffet
Michael Bresciani
September 28, 2014

We all know of the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but have you heard of the fifth gospel? I used to call it the gospel according to the Americans, but . . .

Wasting our heritage -- a judgment America cannot escape
Michael Bresciani
September 21, 2014

We are in the land of pompous pride somewhere between the footprints on the moon and the Darwinian delusion Americans have slid into the imaginary land of self . . .

Evolution's Achilles' heels -- top scientists scrutinize the weakness and falsehoods of a generation of spurious science
Michael Bresciani
September 17, 2014

After the great Scopes Monkey trial circa 1925 the world eased back and decided that scientists and forensics would continue to carry the ball about origins, . . .

'Tiptoe thru the Tulips' with John Kerry, Jimmy Carter and Uncle Joe Biden
Michael Bresciani
September 8, 2014

"Knee deep in flowers we'll stray, we'll keep the showers away, and if I kiss you in the garden, in the moonlight, Will you pardon me? And tiptoe through the . . .

The American-made vacuum -- who will fill the void?
Michael Bresciani
September 6, 2014

Cognitive mental processes can be overloaded by too much information. Nascent terms like, information glut, infobesity and data smog are ugly byproducts of the . . .

Religion or the Savior -- the world's perpetual confusion
Michael Bresciani
August 28, 2014

Only one generation after the Beatle's, John Lennon, suggested that we imagine a world with no religion; just who could imagine that religion is more profuse . . .

The perversion and terrorism connection - modern man's ball and chain
Michael Bresciani
August 15, 2014

"History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun is truly new. Sometimes people say, here is something new! But actually it is . . .

Where there is no vision -- has America gone blind?
Michael Bresciani
August 8, 2014

It is difficult to ascertain with certainty who first said "There is none as blind as him that will not see," but it is the question about the question that . . .

The apostasy is underway -- no one is ready for what follows
Michael Bresciani
July 31, 2014

It is impossible to cover every aspect of the second coming doctrine in a single article, but it suffices to say, that regardless of current events, economics, . . .

Ultimate definition of hypocrisy - Dems spinning border invasion as humanitarian crisis
Michael Bresciani
July 21, 2014

On a day when America would normally be proudly looking back to Neil Armstrong's famous "One giant leap for mankind," they are lamenting the thousands of giant . . .

Obama and Dems calling America to the wrong war
Michael Bresciani
July 20, 2014

Now that the President has by means of his pen and phone along with full help from the liberalized Democratic Senate majority shown the nation that we are . . .

When American decline meets the 'day and night' factor
Michael Bresciani
July 16, 2014

With thousands of sickly children streaming across our southern border, along with MS-13 gang members, terrorist infiltrators, drug runners and criminals of . . .

Dead lions and sick children -- the seared conscience of liberal America
Michael Bresciani
July 10, 2014

The Last – Shall Be First Carefully chosen scripture passages to amplify and elucidate the heart of each message are usually reserved for the tail end . . .

D'Souza's 'America' uncovers a generation of liberal lies
Michael Bresciani
July 7, 2014

One of the contributors of the American Prophet website submitted a critique of D'Souza's film just days before its release. Along with other reports it was the . . .

Obama's key to success -- suppress the truth through silence
Michael Bresciani
June 28, 2014

On June 26, 2014 The Factor's Bill O'Reilly lamented the dishonesty of the main stream media once again. The bias and selective reporting of the MSM is no . . .

No help for Iraq -- Obama is busy warring for the LGBT
Michael Bresciani
June 26, 2014

Muslim extremists have captured the oil fields and border crossings of most of northern Iraq. Syria is in tumult and at home, the once mighty Presbyterian . . .

The cotton candy generation - are you smarter than the "arch deceiver"?
Michael Bresciani
June 23, 2014

Forget the question "are you smarter than a fifth grader" and consider this; untold millions are not smarter than a primary age Sunday school kid when it comes . . .

Obama brings shame to America
Michael Bresciani
June 18, 2014

Over and above, to failed domestic policies such as the scarred and hapless mess known as Obamacare, frazzled foreign policy and the international mockery made . . .

The seven most powerful words in prophecy -- when the angel speaks to birds
Michael Bresciani
June 16, 2014

We live in the most defiant age in history. The world is simultaneously trying to form one world religion at the same time it is trying to squash all authority . . .

Barack Obama: Taliban's friend - America's Judas
Michael Bresciani
June 10, 2014

Let's not mince words, if Harry Reid was not at the helm of the predominantly Democratic Senate, the two-thirds majority it takes to impeach a president, would . . .

Don't want to repeat the mistakes of history? -- Check into prophecy
Michael Bresciani
June 7, 2014

Perhaps a better title for this article may have been "Things you didn't know about the second coming of Christ, but will soon learn." Unfortunately, many . . .

America's absurdities, half truths and loopy legal lemons
Michael Bresciani
May 28, 2014

It seems that all a writer must do is remember to quote the source, finding the latest absurdity or unbelievable news story is as easy as turning on the TV, the . . .

Statistics, the fast track to hell? -- Are you following the crowd?
Michael Bresciani
May 22, 2014

Judicial appointee John E. Jones III declared Pennsylvania's ban on same sex marriage unconstitutional on May 20, 2014. Jones said "It was time to toss such . . .

Death toll of leftist administration rising -- 36k criminals and murderers allowed to walk
Michael Bresciani
May 19, 2014

The deaths of Border Patrolmen due to the botched gun running scheme known as "Fast and Furious," Americans killed by drones, the Benghazi four and veterans who . . .

Big gay re-education camps? Are we becoming judges of evil thoughts
Michael Bresciani
May 15, 2014

The idea of re-education for the socially inept is not new. China, Russia, North Korea and Vietnam are a few countries that interred people into camps or re . . .

Obama's climate change facts -- the pathetic vs. the prophetic
Michael Bresciani
May 12, 2014

Mr. Obama railed against climate change deniers (formerly known as global warming) while making a speech at a Walmart store in Mountain View, California a week . . .

Millennials - standing off but not standing up
Michael Bresciani
May 6, 2014

Grammy and Dove Award winners, the popular contemporary Christian music group Jars of Clay recently began tweeting about the "gay marriage" question. Band . . .

Rep Eleanor Holmes Norton: "Benghazi a corpse" -- upgrading from insulting to abusive
Michael Bresciani
May 4, 2014

Before quoting what democrats have been saying about the new emails uncovered on Benghazi and how they show a cover up of the original spin from the White house . . .

The Choom Ganger in Chief -- Hannity's 'Stoned America'
Michael Bresciani
April 27, 2014

Barack Obama, once a proud member of the Choom Gang, is now off sucking in the last smoke of a nation in deep decline. Obama stated that smoking pot is no . . .

Revival in America? -- Not an option, it is a necessity
Michael Bresciani
April 23, 2014

Writing of the moral decline in the US has become almost a guarantee that my articles will be tucked away in the faith section or used as filler during days of . . .

More on the blood red moons -- the tetrads are not biblical signs
Michael Bresciani
April 16, 2014

It amazes me that every day more hype and excitement is added to the upcoming business of the tetrads. The four blood red moons are an astronomical event that . . .

Four blood moons -- let's stop the hype
Michael Bresciani
April 9, 2014

To this writer, it is the prophecy buff that causes the most trouble for the serious student of prophecy. Prophecy fills about one third of the entire Bible, . . .

Homo-lobby: Making children of hell in America
Michael Bresciani
April 6, 2014

In his day Christ constantly rebuked the religious leaders for their hypocrisy and for misleading people from acknowledging that God was doing something new in . . .

Why 'God Is Not Dead' is the box-office surprise of 2014
Michael Bresciani
April 1, 2014

In between publishing Dr. Jerry Newcombe's article "Great New Movie – God's Not Dead" and Rev Austin Miles review of the movie entitled "God's Not Dead a . . .

"Social issues" -- the new hiding place for sleaze
Michael Bresciani
March 28, 2014

"There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." (Proverbs 16: 25) Finding the prototypical list of today's social . . .

Bill Maher's blasphemy, idiotic view of biblical theology and bad math
Michael Bresciani
March 20, 2014

If Barack Obama is, as some now say, the imperial President he may want to be on the lookout for a liberal leaning court jester – who better than late . . .

America -- reaching for the stars, while running out of space?
Michael Bresciani
March 9, 2014

Our idea of space travel is hindered by a few facts that neither NASA nor any other scientific discipline cares to comment on at length. The simple fact that . . .

Apostasy watch -- Europe and U.S. leading the pack
Michael Bresciani
February 28, 2014

In one of the most detailed warnings on the second coming of Christ known as the Olivet Discourse Jesus warned all believers to – watch! "Watch . . .

The twenty first century -- enter at your own risk
Michael Bresciani
February 22, 2014

After reading the reviews, publishing some on our website and finally taking the time to listen to every word and nuance of the debate between creationist Ken . . .

Obama: the climate change bogey-man is coming to get us all!
Michael Bresciani
February 17, 2014

Ignoring reams of reports and empirical data that have debunked the climate change myth Obama has sternly warned Americans will have to pony up and foot the . . .

Does homosexuality bring judgment? -- Prophecies of the future say yes
Michael Bresciani
February 14, 2014

Ask any pop-culture minion of today, or a Hollywood celebrity this question and you will not only get a very emphatic no, but you might see someone cringe and . . .

Pat Robertson's slam on Ham -- calls for a second opinion
Michael Bresciani
February 11, 2014

The secular world is no doubt titillated with Pat Robertson's latest remarks that level a rebuke at creationist Ken Ham in a Christian Post article penned by . . .

Obama's high level hypocrisy at the annual National Prayer Breakfast
Michael Bresciani
February 9, 2014

If Mr. Obama had an honest advisor anywhere in his cabinet or staff, they would no doubt urge him to either fire his speech writer, or grow a conscience, after . . .

The interview: Obama dances around O'Reilly -- stumbles over Lincoln
Michael Bresciani
February 7, 2014

The pre-game interview missed the mark so badly that it was hard to tell if it was not actually just another droll press conference with Jay Carney. O'Reilly . . .

After 41 years of Roe -- pro-aborts still trying to justify murder
Michael Bresciani
February 4, 2014

It used to be that to prove a murder was committed; all that was needed was a body, a motive and a suspect. In today's twisted culture of death you need one . . .

Christians -- Ignore the present political scene at your own peril
Michael Bresciani
February 1, 2014

Not everyone is afraid to say that today's political climate in America, is filled with foreboding and for the first time since the civil war days is so . . .

Super Bowl XLVIII interview with Obama -- will O'Reilly find the character or paint a caricature?
Michael Bresciani
January 29, 2014

Obama says Fox makes a 'caricature' of him – is there no truth in parody? In the late eighties I had the good fortune of having for my friend, a . . .

Prez: It's not dead babies, homo-marriage and Obamacare flop -- Its Rush and Fox
Michael Bresciani
January 26, 2014

The complainer in chief is opining, whining and haranguing with George Bush fading too far into the background to blame; would he give his kingdom for a single . . .

Conservatives -- let's dump the foolishness and the sleaze
Michael Bresciani
January 23, 2014

Although it's a scriptural admonition drawn from a Pauline letter to the church at Ephesus the call to face the seriousness of the spiritual battle also works . . .

Blood red moons and the prophecies of Rabbi Kaduri -- a cautionary note
Michael Bresciani
January 16, 2014

After the publication of Hal Lindsey's 'Late Great Planet Earth' in 1970, a renewed interest in all things about the second coming of Christ was inaugurated.  . . .

Why liberal heroes are mostly deluded Democrats, druggers, dopey or dead?
Michael Bresciani
January 9, 2014

Tim Leary, Aldous Huxley and Ernest Hemingway are all dead, but that's not all they share in common. They all have the dubious distinction of using their . . .

Colorado cannabis: an 'experiment' or dopey defiance?
Michael Bresciani
January 4, 2014

The word experiment is being tossed around in the media regarding the report of the new laws in Colorado that allow anyone to buy pot in a retail outlet. . . .

2013 the year of hypocrisy and really big lies
Michael Bresciani
January 1, 2014

Gold Medalist Barack Obama in 2013 Hands down the number one lie of 2013 has to be Barack Obama's promise that Americans can keep their healthcare plans if . . .

Prophecy 2014 -- will America die in the breach?
Michael Bresciani
December 28, 2013

"The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God." (Psalm 9: 17) If a nation can be cast down because it forgets God – what . . .

Duck Dynasty debate: followed by O'Reilly and the Monday morning theologians
Michael Bresciani
December 23, 2013

Friday December 20, 2013 O'Reilly and Bernie Goldberg are found laying down their opinions and final arbitration along with full solutions for the Duck Dynasty . . .

No First Amendment rights for Duck Dynasty star -- who's next?
Michael Bresciani
December 20, 2013

A gaggle of pundits joined Hannity on his show Thursday night December 19, and debated whether Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson had stepped over the great unseen . . .

Atheists: It's not about Christ in Christmas -- It's about God in a Baby
Michael Bresciani
December 19, 2013

Who could have foreseen a time when debates with atheists would become a Christmas tradition? Recently, Dave Muscato and other atheists have made appearances . . .

Pope Francis: Man of the Year or leader of the apostasy?
Michael Bresciani
December 14, 2013

Time Magazine's announcement that Pope Francis is the 'Man (or person) of the Year' has created a buzz on all levels of news and media. It's too bad that we . . .

Lies, lawlessness and license -- the Obama legacy?
Michael Bresciani
December 7, 2013

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions" – Unknown Flanked by dutiful reporters Barack Obama exclaimed to the American public on December 3, 20 . . .

Has science decided how you will live -- is it your salvation?
Michael Bresciani
December 5, 2013

"A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument" – Anonymous Whatever your world view is will pretty much determine the very . . .

Obama's Iranian farce - leaves another American citizen behind
Michael Bresciani
November 27, 2013

Pastor Saeed Abedini goes on languishing in an Iranian prison in poor health as President Barack Obama touts his peace plan with Iran to the public. The . . .

Has America become the habitation of devils?
Michael Bresciani
November 23, 2013

"God has no foibles and is not farcical, finicky, or foolish otherwise he may have given us the Ten Suggestion" – Anon I do not agree with those who . . .

Atheism: poor odds, bad science and the 'law of non contradictions'
Michael Bresciani
November 16, 2013

"Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him." (Proverbs 26: 4) An atheist, a prophet and a liberal walk into an interview  . . .

America enters stage three of the prophetic message
Michael Bresciani
November 8, 2013

ObamaCare is now sliding or perhaps slithering into home plate and has finally gotten the attention of most Americans. Democrats, the main stream media and the . . .

The tale of two pastors -- the blue light special
Michael Bresciani
November 3, 2013

"A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee." (Psalm 91: 7) Stories of great and unusual . . .

Bill O'Reilly -- apostles mistaken, mixed up, or just plain liars?
Michael Bresciani
October 29, 2013

After reviewing 'Killing Jesus' I thought it could be laid to rest for this writer and I could move on to more serious critiques, perhaps those written by . . .

Want to be politically correct, how about -- 'The Washington Snakeskins'?
Michael Bresciani
October 27, 2013

Halloween, noted for its Gaelic and Welch influences is essentially a Christianized pagan observance that is based on remembering the dead. It has no purpose in . . .

Three great idols of modern man -- high priest not far behind
Michael Bresciani
October 24, 2013

There may be thousands of idols that transfix the imagination of modern man, but three of them are now rising to the surface around the globe. They have all, . . .

Obama says: don't listen to anyone but me!
Michael Bresciani
October 21, 2013

It had to happen. After every victory Barack Obama not only gloats, but in very vindictive and overt ways he rubs it in the face of those he thinks he has . . .

Muslim jihad vs. American perversion -- the race is on
Michael Bresciani
October 19, 2013

The full effects of Muslim Jihad can't be hidden from view in our world of instant communications. Western media is selective about what it tells the public and . . .

Obama: I'll have my way - or all Americans will suffer!
Michael Bresciani
October 15, 2013

No, this is not a direct quote from Barack Obama, but it is an interpretation derived from every statement he has made of late, and his decision making . . .

Darwinism's props and propaganda approaching the pathetic
Michael Bresciani
October 10, 2013

Since the Scopes trial took place in Dayton, Tennessee in 1925 the Darwinists are not the only ones who have dug into the evidence, or the lack of it, but . . .

Review: Bill O'Reilly's 'Killing Jesus'
Michael Bresciani
October 3, 2013

O'Reilly has taken on many conservative causes and his work for the Wounded Warrior Project and Megan's Law are nothing to scoff at, and it is easy to stand . . .

America: while you slept an enemy came
Michael Bresciani
October 2, 2013

"Goats are slightly smarter than sheep, but they always choose the path to hell – how smart is that?" Anon Millions of Americans now want the gay . . .

Review: Ray Comfort's -- 'EVOLUTION vs. GOD'
Michael Bresciani
September 28, 2013

"Modern secular education and propaganda and indoctrination are birds of a feather." Anon The Evolution V. God video is only a bit over thirty minutes in . . .

Has the pope taken his first steps into Last Days apostasy?
Michael Bresciani
September 25, 2013

Reuters and other news agencies are reporting that the Pope has capitulated on several issues such as homosexuality, abortion and contraception. The Pope's . . .

Are American Christians politically irresponsible?
Michael Bresciani
September 22, 2013

"It's just the will of God if someone evil comes to power." No attribution for this commonly heard saying is given because there would be untold thousands of . . .

"International norms?" -- Obama flunks Sociology 101
Michael Bresciani
September 19, 2013

According to the transcript of remarks made by Barack Obama at the G-20 Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia and released by the White House website, Mr. Obama . . .

The Fig Tree generation -- so how much time is left?
Michael Bresciani
September 13, 2013

"I saw the danger and I passed, along the enchanted way, and I said let grief be a fallen leaf, at the dawning of the day" Raglin Road – McNally and . . .

LGBT and the atheists -- the new 'body snatchers' of the last days
Michael Bresciani
September 9, 2013

"If your entire sense of morality and right and wrong is derived from today's pop-culture trends – you are probably on a direct path to hell." Anon In . . .

The weaver's shuttle -- why atheist's are attempting to change the laws
Michael Bresciani
September 7, 2013

This week, the justices of the Massachusetts Supreme Court are examining the atheists challenge against "one nation under God" in the pledge of allegiance. They . . .

Do scientists go to heaven -- what will they do there?
Michael Bresciani
August 31, 2013

While the title is a bit facetious the subject was first addresses on national TV by Fox anchor Bill O'Reilly and his guest commentator John Stossel. Who . . .

Old soldiers, young athletes, and the 'overwhelming spread of evil'
Michael Bresciani
August 27, 2013

Delbert Belton dodged bullets, shells and extreme danger on the far distant shores of Japanese held Okinawa only to return to his beloved homeland, and in his . . .

Sleepless in New Jersey - Christie drinks the LGBT kool-aid
Michael Bresciani
August 23, 2013

Whether it's a hurricane or a storm of LGBT assertions of junk science, it is certain that it doesn't take the discovery of an actual 'gay gene' to blow Chris . . .

Doubting dubious Obama - it's about his record not his race
Michael Bresciani
August 21, 2013

Sen. Harry Reid recently raised the doubt that conservatives may after all be openly resisting Obamacare and most all Obama policy due to his race. Sen. Reid . . .

Born this way and the alcoholic gene -- the tale of two pathologies
Michael Bresciani
August 16, 2013

Although there isn't a shred of humor involved, it seems almost comical that modern man has arrived at his days of religious apostasy and bible dismissal just . . .

Huff-Po slams Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt -- the Bible says he's right on target
Michael Bresciani
August 12, 2013

Huffington Post, the left wings leading online rag, has slammed Former Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt of the 'Pray In Jesus Name' website for saying that,  . . .

No more night - God's answer to the two greatest lies of our time
Michael Bresciani
July 29, 2013

The portrait of our best science and knowledge is not just askew when compared to the prophetic narrative of the Living God – it is a total fraud. Any . . .

Obama says it's fake scandals -- America says it's a failing presidency
Michael Bresciani
July 26, 2013

Why anyone would borrow the phraseology of the master of 'telling it all but saying nothing' is hard to explain, but Mr. Obama pirated a line from Press . . .

Satan makes history in Britain and the cover of 'Rolling Stone' in the U.S.
Michael Bresciani
July 19, 2013

Centuries of British nobility have turned the corner for the worse. In spite of the British Coalition for Marriage having seven times as many supporters as the . . .

If Sharpton's 100 cities goes violent - will he be held accountable?
Michael Bresciani
July 16, 2013

The major difference between civil rights movements of the past and those of today is blaringly obvious. Civil rights movements of the 60s were aimed at freeing . . .

America's Demonic Cry -- "Let us alone"
Michael Bresciani
July 12, 2013

Well over 40 years of attending to second coming prophecies and what is generally known as eschatological doctrine has brought many lessons and reactions from . . .

Obama's change -- a brand of evil
Michael Bresciani
July 1, 2013

Every period of time in this world has had its despots, and tyrants who forced their particular brand of evil on those they ruled. To insult the Jews, . . .

Being 'left behind' doesn't strictly mean you've missed the rapture
Michael Bresciani
June 23, 2013

New day same old arguments No sooner had renowned teacher John MacArthur announced his October 'Strange Fire" conference when Dr. Michael Brown (askdrbrown . . .

Boy that cried Wolf: Or the Handwriting on the Wall?
Michael Bresciani
June 18, 2013

"In the same hour came forth fingers of a man's hand, and wrote over against the candlestick upon the plaster of the wall of the king's palace: and the king saw . . .

America -- fear and the Lord of Misrule
Michael Bresciani
June 14, 2013

"Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe." (Proverbs 29: 25 NIV) In 1981 Americans elected an actor to be president . . .

The great unwashed generation
Michael Bresciani
June 9, 2013

In a recent study reported on Politico, it is said that the reason many young voters abandoned the conservatives and more specifically the GOP was because they . . .

John Piper tweets -- no apology necessary
Michael Bresciani
June 4, 2013

After Oklahoma was blasted with tornadoes that took lives and left about 12,000 homes leveled evangelical minister John Piper tweeted a message from a passage . . .

Tolerance: the new 'live and let live' of the PC indoctrinated
Michael Bresciani
June 2, 2013

Under the Obama administration we have come to expect dishonesty, sidestepping and outright flip flopping on any and all issues, imagined or real. The latest . . .

The shameless nation -- BSA loses, gay agenda wins, for now
Michael Bresciani
May 26, 2013

The ever increasing bullying of the gay agenda in America has now resulted in changes for the Boy Scouts of America that are devastating. Now openly gay boys . . .

Ponder prophecy but don't presume -- the hard questions
Michael Bresciani
May 21, 2013

Certain questions among believers have been with us since the Lord's departure and his promise to return. Some of the questions are why denominations and sects . . .

Can America endure even more Obama absurdities?
Michael Bresciani
May 18, 2013

Chechen terrorists, the Tsarnaev brothers could have been deported the moment it was known that they returned to the country they sought asylum from or when . . .

Where is America - as the clock approaches the midnight hour?
Michael Bresciani
May 14, 2013

As a young man one of my first pastors advised me to "preach the gospel as a dying man to dying men." I have ever done that and I have since been approached . . .

Obama: Abortion foes want the 50s - conservatives: give us a 50s president too
Michael Bresciani
May 6, 2013

At a time when the headline of the day is a story about the bloody massacres of babies born alive in Gosnell's Clinic, the almost bone jarring contrast of Obama . . .

American youth caught by the tail?
Michael Bresciani
May 3, 2013

Over 80K showed up for Denver 4–20 to celebrate the new freedom to smoke marijuana in Colorado. Tens of thousands of young liberal thinkers show at gay . . .

Obama berates birthers -- when did asking honest questions become a joke?
Michael Bresciani
April 30, 2013

Parody, banter, satire, burlesque, conundrum, aside and anecdotes are all forms of humor, but the President has introduced a new form of humor. Heretofore, . . .

Boston aftermath -- blather, blame and blasphemy
Michael Bresciani
April 27, 2013

It is said that one out of every three Americans are Christian. These statistics may mean less than at any other time in our history. Recently one source . . .

Pot heads in Denver -- the tote seen round the world
Michael Bresciani
April 23, 2013

Just when Muslim nations get on your nerves by accusing America of being the most degenerate nation on earth, you pick up the morning paper to see that in . . .

Raising American beauties -- gardening with the Father of Lies
Michael Bresciani
April 22, 2013

In an episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show, which ran from 1961 to 1966, Rob Petrie (Van Dyke) heard his pre-adolescent son using an unacceptable word in his . . .

Obama applies PC band-aid to Boston terrorism
Michael Bresciani
April 17, 2013

April 15, 2013 Boston, Massachusetts, the Boston Marathon, one of the only six world marathon majors and the oldest marathon in the world was interrupted by . . .

Political correctness in America -- the streamlining of evil
Michael Bresciani
April 13, 2013

The primary thrust of political correctness is the elimination of offensive or contrary speech that may offend, or point out particular behaviors, casting them . . .

America: 40 years preparing to live without God -- how's that going?
Michael Bresciani
April 9, 2013

For a generation our academics, social activist, liberal politicians and Tinsel Town tramps have been engaged in pushing God out of the national consciousness. . . .

Mr. O'Reilly, wise up -- 'Bible thumper' is a derogatory term
Michael Bresciani
April 4, 2013

On Tuesday evening April 2, 2013 Laura Ingraham is seen slouching back in her chair in an exhausted pose in response to Bill O'Reilly's defense of the term  . . .

Public opinion morality -- the shifting sands of a sinking nation
Michael Bresciani
March 30, 2013

Florida it seems is not the only state where the ground suddenly shifts sucking in everything above. America has become a land of sink-holes from coast to coast . . .

Easter and prophecy - the resurrection you will believe
Michael Bresciani
March 27, 2013

Approaching Easter for 2013, it is apparent that each celebration of Christ's resurrection from now on, has more significance than at any other time in history. . . .

Obama, Hillary, Portman and Morris -- evolved thinking?
Michael Bresciani
March 22, 2013

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Sen. Rob Portman have all announced that they have begun to evolve in their thinking about same sex marriage, each for their . . .

A letter from God -- Popes, Protestants and rebels
Michael Bresciani
March 16, 2013

Much to the chagrin of the liberals it seems the Catholics have chosen a standard bearer Pope in the conservative vein and should be congratulated for this move . . .

Sacrificing souls on the altar of political correctness
Michael Bresciani
March 14, 2013

On March 5, 2013, a You Tube video showed up in which late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel introduces a new segment to his show called "The confusing question of . . .

'Killing Allegory' -- A New York Times Bestseller?
Michael Bresciani
March 3, 2013

Fox anchor Bill O'Reilly and his co-author Martin Durgard recently signed to write "Killing of Jesus." The excitement and anticipation has peaked a lot of . . .

Judgment: the last thing on our minds
Michael Bresciani
February 22, 2013

"It's a lesson too late for the learning – Made of sand, made of sand" Tom Paxton: The Last thing On My Mind. Researching the subject of judgment and . . .

The prophetic implications of Pope Benedict's resignation
Michael Bresciani
February 16, 2013

Any understanding of Benedict's resignation must begin with the simple fact that not all people are Catholic and not all Christians are Catholic. Of the 2.3 . . .

Colin Powell is right -- sometimes our questions are idiotic
Michael Bresciani
February 6, 2013

Fox newsman Bill O'Reilly sees himself as a patriot and a culture warrior and thusly, he asks liberals, democrats and a plethora of lefty loons, extremists and . . .

From Russia with love -- wise up, America!
Michael Bresciani
February 1, 2013

On Jan 26, 2013 Associated Press writer Mike Stobbe popped a piece on the public, strongly suggesting that we should shame the obese into losing weight. The . . .

Obama 2013 inaugural speech -- the violable vision of the un-vetted
Michael Bresciani
January 24, 2013

The Liberal's Opinion Within hours of Barack Obama's inaugural speech varying opinions fell like a hard rain in the jungle. Chris Matthews wasted no time . . .

Internet or the heart -- which is the land of shadows?
Michael Bresciani
January 23, 2013

O'Reilly Factor contributors McGuirk and Gutfeld discussed everything from Obama's gun proposals to Notre Dame's Manti Te'o on Friday January 18, 2013. No one . . .

From carrying the cross to bearing the sword -- is it the same Jesus?
Michael Bresciani
January 22, 2013

Polls have indicated that only 37 percent of Americans now believe that homosexuality is a perverted and sinful practice. Most of those examining this latest . . .

Apostasy -- the place where religion and revelation part company
Michael Bresciani
January 13, 2013

The headlines are filled daily with news of some new trend in the church where social norms are supplanting both scriptural doctrine and traditions. Among the . . .

Hollywood's denial and blatant hypocrisy on guns
Michael Bresciani
January 9, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the latest Hollywood star to chime in on guns and gun control. Like many Hollywood actors he is standing in the line marked "we had . . .

Barack Obama: a case of identity crisis
Michael Bresciani
January 7, 2013

Reprobation is a condition of moral confusion that the scriptures say will be pervasive in the last days of time as we know it. (Romans 1: 27-32) It is a result . . .

Prophecy has no entertainment value but Piers Morgan does
Michael Bresciani
December 29, 2012

During an interview with mega-pastor Rick Warren on CNN host Piers Morgan has exclaimed that the Bible and the U.S. Constitution are 'inherently flawed.' . . .

Atheists' advertise bah-humbug in Times Square
Michael Bresciani
December 22, 2012

The controversial and perhaps blasphemous exclamation made by actor, Jamie Foxx, has hardly dropped off the news cycle and along comes the 'American Atheists' . . .

Christmas and abortion -- the oil and water of our generation
Michael Bresciani
December 21, 2012

In a few days we will observe Christmas for 2012. For many Americans this Christmas is just a bit sadder than previous years. The terrible event that took place . . .

Sandy Hook shooting: let's dump the psychological doubletalk
Michael Bresciani
December 19, 2012

Out of respect for the little souls who were brutally murdered and their families this piece will make no mention of any of them or their families. Suffice it . . .

Will the Mayan calendar wreck your Christmas?
Michael Bresciani
December 7, 2012

Using tongue-in-cheek for a title may lead you to believe that we are going to have a little fun with a very serious matter. It could be, if the Mayan calendar . . .

Wickedness -- an old term comes home to roost
Michael Bresciani
December 3, 2012

Much like the TV and electronic main stream media, today's journalism has taken a dive into the spurious and doubtful. Left loonies and liberal sympathizers . . .

Sen. Rubio's earth -- it isn't about science it's about silence
Michael Bresciani
November 28, 2012

Huff-Po and the pop-culture scoffers seem un-nerved of late over Sen. Marco Rubio's statement about the mystery of the age of the planet earth. He told GQ's . . .

Prophecy 2013 -- the year winners become losers
Michael Bresciani
November 23, 2012

An old adage among Christians is 'Be careful what you ask God for because you just might get it,' but this year, more than any other in our history, that adage . . .

Obama triumphs -- the worst is yet to come
Michael Bresciani
November 10, 2012

The day after the general elections the New Orleans Times Picayune ran the headline, "Obama Triumphs — 'The Best is yet to Come.'" The sinking feeling in . . .

Barack or the Bible -- no contest
Michael Bresciani
October 30, 2012

Pseudo Christians, and non-believers can and will vote any way their conscience dictates, but real Bible believing Christians are constrained by the message of . . .

How would Lincoln vote in the 2012 election?
Michael Bresciani
October 24, 2012

Any normal school student could research and find the heart of the Lincoln administration and of Lincoln himself, in very short time. Discovering Lincoln's sole . . .

In the phony war on women both scripture and science are ignored
Michael Bresciani
October 18, 2012

A hush fell on the recent vice presidential debate in Denver when moderator Martha Raddatz asked Biden and Ryan their heartfelt views on abortion. Biden, who . . .

America: where patriots are not fools and presidents are not kings
Michael Bresciani
October 8, 2012

Preppers are people who think that America is about to turn into a lawless free for all, so they are stocking up on food and supplies and heading for remote . . .

It wasn't God's voice I heard -- it was yours
Michael Bresciani
October 5, 2012

With Muslim leaders and the UN actually considering limiting speech that would, in turn, limit any criticism of the so called prophet of Islam, we are forced to . . .

Eye candy on the view -- Am-dad at the UN -- America on the rocks
Michael Bresciani
September 28, 2012

Current affairs and foreign policy have met together in a Disney like cartoon production where Howard Stern is heard asking questions about Romney's choice of . . .

The philosophy of abortion -- intrinsically flawed
Michael Bresciani
September 24, 2012

If this article were entitled "The Philosophy of Abortion is Demonic," some readers would have never started reading, especially, after seeing that the author . . .

New York, Cairo and Libya -- from nonsense to madness
Michael Bresciani
September 20, 2012

PC, tolerance and diversity is rapidly approaching critical mass as seen in the headlines this week. In Libya, Cairo and throughout the Muslim nations, protests . . .

Dawkins dabbles in politics -- PC and scientific intransigence on display
Michael Bresciani
September 15, 2012

Richard Dawkins is perpetually lost deep in his own solipsism, but now it seems he is branching out into the realm of politics and assessing the 2012 candidates . . .

Obama and the liberals meet -- the 40 year factor
Michael Bresciani
September 12, 2012

The best Biblical teachers in the world have been forecasting big trouble for America over the last 40 years. While largely ignored the "great pay-day someday," . . .

Best advice for DNC conventioneers -- watch out for cloud to ground lightning
Michael Bresciani
September 8, 2012

Ministers and preachers will have tons of good material for a long time after watching the entire DNC Convention in Charlotte, even without the now infamous  . . .

Obama: RNC in black and white TV? -- DNC in Rainbow, Red and Luciferian black
Michael Bresciani
September 6, 2012

While campaigning in Iowa last week Barack Obama's spokesmen Jay Carney said he didn't bother to watch the Republican National Convention proceedings in Tampa . . .

Culture war -- or spiritual wickedness in high places?
Michael Bresciani
August 31, 2012

Conservative hawks may want Rep. Todd Akin scrubbed from the ticket even as religious leaders and those voicing the social issues in this election cycle are . . .

America's future in prophecy -- the proof, the promise and the point of no return
Michael Bresciani
August 26, 2012

School bells ring across the nation as students make their Pavlovian responses, cracking open the textbooks that pimp the Darwinian delusion known as the . . .

Forget Romney's tax returns -- go find Barack Obama's honesty and compassion
Michael Bresciani
August 21, 2012

Few stories have managed to jump off the page and grip the heart and the better sensibilities of this writer as much as the recently released news item about . . .

Obama campaign sinks to new low -- scare our seniors to death
Michael Bresciani
August 18, 2012

Spending the last week studying the Ryan plan on Medicare against the remarks made about it by Barack Obama and Joe Biden has produced a surprising result. The . . .

Obama's three great foot in mouth proclamations
Michael Bresciani
August 16, 2012

In the 18th century the idea of stepping in something that was wholly undesirable became the catchphrase, "to put one's foot in it." Today it is the mark of a . . .

November 6, 2012, an election or a last chance? Check your clock, America!
Michael Bresciani
August 14, 2012

Calling indecision cowardice may seem a bit harsh, but honestly assessing the state of the nation today, anyone worth his salt would have to concur that; . . .

Indirect deaths by candidates -- are Obama's hands clean?
Michael Bresciani
August 10, 2012

Still at the top of the news is the dishonest ad put up by Barack Obama's super PAC which implied that Mitt Romney was indirectly responsible for the death of . . .

Accountability: the missing element in the Obama presidency
Michael Bresciani
August 5, 2012

A plethora of incredibly hard to believe events takes place in America almost every day. Some are unexpected, but many are quite persistent like the nearly 1200 . . .

Doctrines of devils at the DNC -- a wedge issue or a witches brew?
Michael Bresciani
August 2, 2012

This week the Democratic National Committee announced that it will not only support same sex marriage, but it plans to put forth the issue as a plank in the . . .

Aurora: a fractured society makes a fraternity of fools not a nation
Michael Bresciani
July 23, 2012

We are reeling after the horrible event in the theater in Aurora, Colorado, but while it is still unfolding we must now endure the army of experts and analysts . . .

Lying by omission -- the latest Obama campaign tool
Michael Bresciani
July 13, 2012

There are many kinds of lies like — barefaced, minimization, white lies, contextual lies and economy with the truth lies. Lying by omission is only one of . . .

D--Day for the heart of a nation: November 6, 2012
Michael Bresciani
July 5, 2012

When Barack Obama charged into the White House like a roaring and brilliant meteor on the wings of a slogan; 'Hope and Change' there may have been moments when . . .

Serious questions and answers on the coming of Antichrist
Michael Bresciani
July 1, 2012

We have endured the wild speculations of a lot of would be Bible interpreters of prophecy and as a result a long list of potential 'antichrists' has come and . . .

The Last Days crowd -- things we don't like to admit
Michael Bresciani
June 27, 2012

Two things jump into mind every time I think of Bill Wiese's book, '23 Minutes in Hell.' The first is Christ's warning, not about who is going to hell, but how . . .

Brian Terry: What justice? What privilege?
Michael Bresciani
June 23, 2012

In a jaw dropping move, Barack Obama put the brakes on justice, on behalf of the Justice Department's top man, Eric Holder by means of that god like power we . . .

Respect for the American people -- AWOL in the Obama presidency
Michael Bresciani
June 20, 2012

Bill O'Reilly was heard on the factor recently parroting the all too familiar adage about always "respecting the office of the President even if you don't . . .

Father's Day -- June 17, 2012 -- what would our Founding Fathers say?
Michael Bresciani
June 11, 2012

An entire generation has been primed and prepped to reach the level of liberalism that prevails in our nation today. Many youth don't even know who our . . .

Latest group of Americans denied their right to life -- Unborn female children
Michael Bresciani
June 2, 2012

A time for lies Who has not heard the expression that if given enough time the truth will eventually come out? In fact in the Biblical record, the opposite . . .

What happens when a superpower -- meets a supersign?
Michael Bresciani
May 25, 2012

It is understood that prophecy preachers, students and buffs, are not always prophets. This is never clearer as when it is seen that many prophecy ministries . . .

New Obama strategy -- 'hot button issues' in your face
Michael Bresciani
May 19, 2012

Just when you thought there was no way possible to cover or subdue the record of five trillion in debt and the most joblessness since the depression, the master . . .

ISAIAH 9: 10 JUDGMENT - Video review and interview with producer Joseph Farah
Michael Bresciani
May 16, 2012

In 1970 even the churches were not regularly taught the doctrine of the second coming of Christ more commonly known as premillennial prophecy. Then along came . . .

Obama's 'evolved' position on gay marriage -- anti biblical and anti-Christ
Michael Bresciani
May 13, 2012

Only days after the Vice President announced he was comfortable with same sex marriages; President Obama announced his newly revised (Evolved) position on gay . . .

Biden 'comfortable' with same sex marriage -- thirty two states are not
Michael Bresciani
May 10, 2012

Gay marriage opponents have won bans or amendments 32 times on ballot measures since 1998. Joe Biden, like his boss, doesn't seem to care much for the general . . .

Dan Savage bombs while bullying Christians and bashing the Bible
Michael Bresciani
May 6, 2012

Gay anti-bullying spokesperson, Dan Savage, belittled, berated and bullied Christians the Bible and the Pope while addressing 3,000 high school students at a . . .

Obama fooling on Fallon while failing America
Michael Bresciani
April 26, 2012

It may be that the crowds of youth Obama is appealing to by appearing on Jimmy Fallon's show and interviews in Rolling Stone Magazine are all he has got. . . .

The First Lady's curious theology
Michael Bresciani
April 22, 2012

In America We Elect presidents, we don't worship them. But the Weekly Standard blog offered a headline on April 17, 2012 that could be filed under 'seeing it is . . .

America unplugged -- the new Lord's Prayer
Michael Bresciani
April 19, 2012

Those who can hardly stand the syntax and rhythmic schemes of the English usage in our Constitution will not find any magnificence or beauty in the Elizabethan . . .

America: when laughter turns to mourning
Michael Bresciani
April 12, 2012

Fitful paroxysms followed Jay Leno's announcement that Rick Santorum dropped out of the GOP primary race on Tuesday April 10, 2012. The crowd was so excited . . .

Examining religious errors and foundations is not bigotry
Michael Bresciani
April 11, 2012

On Monday night April 9, 2012 Brit Hume stated during an interview on Fox News that being critical of someone's religion only helps the person being criticized . . .

The GOP nomination and the other side of the frying pan
Michael Bresciani
April 7, 2012

Twisting old and revered adages is a risky business in a world that has become historically challenged and patently perverse. The risk is that many may think . . .

Will believers tip the 2012 election?
Michael Bresciani
April 5, 2012

Andy Andrews, the author of 'How Do You Kill 11 Million People: Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think' was a guest on the Mike Huckabee show recently. As . . .

'We the people' decide who is electable -- not the media
Michael Bresciani
March 28, 2012

The term 'electability' has become a catch word in this primary but under scrutiny it is easy to see that it is misused sometimes and generally over used at all . . .

Obama documents -- UFOs, Bigfoot and the Link that is Not Missing
Michael Bresciani
March 19, 2012

In that vast flying gaggle of fledgling Anglo-mangling verbiage-magicians, jacked journalists and giant egos like the Huffington Post, can be found about 10-15 . . .

Santorum -- 'When in the course of human events'
Michael Bresciani
March 17, 2012

One of the definitions for expedience is that it is "a regard for what is politic or advantageous rather than for what is right or just; a sense of self . . .

Tale of two campaigns -- the slogan of 2008 -- the acronym of 2012
Michael Bresciani
March 13, 2012

In the 2008 election, the slogan 'Change we can believe in' carried the willing like the mind bending smooth and seamlessly executed arpeggios of the Pied Piper . . .

Politics, prophecy and the Santorum factor
Michael Bresciani
March 9, 2012

If these are not the biblical 'last days' then nothing said here is of any particular consequence. If as the Bible says the last generation begins when Israel . . .

This ship needs a captain not just a businessman
Michael Bresciani
March 3, 2012

In this day of the history challenged it may not be safe to assume that everyone knows that it was Captain John Paul Jones who in the fall of 1779 said the . . .

Obama says more -- O'Reilly says less -- Not theirs to decide
Michael Bresciani
February 22, 2012

It is clear that after three years of the Obama administration's labors for the gay agenda and his recent statement about abortion being a means for "our . . .

Buckets for babies -- sex-ed for kindergarten -- but no bag lunches, please!
Michael Bresciani
February 18, 2012

This may be the only article ever written that needs only its title and no further elucidation of any kind. It also is the only article that this writer has . . .

Obama: violating much more than conscience
Michael Bresciani
February 14, 2012

In his latest show Gov. Mike Huckabee was seen interviewing a Catholic priest, as they spoke, the Governor said that since the Catholics have come under attack  . . .

Candidates waging the wrong war -- voters sent to the wrong battles
Michael Bresciani
February 11, 2012

The new catchphrase of the campaign analysts and pundits which seems to be rising above the ordinarily heard terms like democrat, republican, liberal or . . .

The impassioned message of Rick Santorum, Bella and the unborn
Michael Bresciani
February 6, 2012

This may be the most difficult time the nation has ever been through as we approach this critical election year. It is hard to say too much about Mitt Romney . . .

Obama speech at National Prayer Breakfast: insincere theological farce
Michael Bresciani
February 4, 2012

Glancing down at his notes every few seconds Mr. Obama managed to get through what looked like the worst drudgery of his day at the National Prayer Breakfast.  . . .

UFOs, abortion and the novelist who poses with typewriters
Michael Bresciani
February 2, 2012

In a Wikipedia entry under 'Frances Parkinson Keyes biography' is found a finely preserved picture of the late Mrs. Keyes sitting at a typewriter. There is no . . .

Movie Review: COURAGEOUS -- 'Honor Begins at Home'
Michael Bresciani
January 27, 2012

Courageous is triumphantly American and unashamedly Christian. The film wreaks havoc on the generally accepted idea that everything that goes wrong with adults . . .

Embattled American children -- 39 years of Roe v. Wade
Michael Bresciani
January 25, 2012

Thirty nine years of the product of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision to allow abortion has taken a gruesome toll on human life. America composes only one twentieth . . .

Conservative president? -- Yes, but not by opinion
Michael Bresciani
January 20, 2012

That, I am not alone in the struggle to bring conscience, faith and the Bible itself back into the national psyche offers little consolation because, God seems . . .

Indie's and undecided voters are now cleared for landing
Michael Bresciani
January 13, 2012

Estimates run around 40 percent for independent voters in this election cycle. Many answers are offered for why this phenomenon is so prevalent right now in the . . .

Obama, the liberals and the apostates -- a legacy of division
Michael Bresciani
January 4, 2012

Everyone from preachers to comedians has at some time been heard to quote Christ's famous line from Matthew's gospel, "every city or house divided against . . .

Ron Paul: Iowa's confusion -- America's Ross Perot?
Michael Bresciani
December 31, 2011

Ron Paul cannot be called a dark horse as Abraham Lincoln once was, because now there is too much known about him. He is the nightmare for republicans and a . . .

Who will you kiss when the ball drops in Times Square?
Michael Bresciani
December 28, 2011

It is said that when Christ died on the cross, and in three days arose victororius over death, and walked out alive from his tomb, that God had figuratively put . . .

How to have a Politically Correct Merry Christmas
Michael Bresciani
December 22, 2011

There is little doubt what tone Mr. Obama has desired to set for the nation. His song has been about bailouts, spending, class warfare, circumventing the . . .

Palestinians: Did Gingrich get it right?
Michael Bresciani
December 15, 2011

Both the mainstream media and Mitt Romney have been painting a picture of Newt Gingrich as a loose cannon largely because he has been articulating that the . . .

Prophecy 2012: America in the valley of decision
Michael Bresciani
December 6, 2011

This message is less about the denouement of America than it is about the deliberations of a nation at an urgent and critical moment in its history. I urge . . .

Is the philosophy of modern science -- unscientific?
Michael Bresciani
November 28, 2011

The best place to begin an examination of modern scientific philosophical flaws is in its very own definition. What science has become is far removed from its . . .

Super power, super committee and the 'whoops' factor
Michael Bresciani
November 23, 2011

America's lonely prophets and prognosticators are standing on the side saying we must stop sinning while her politicians are putting together super committees . . .

Message in a bottle -- anarchy, decline and Obama blindness
Michael Bresciani
November 17, 2011

Recent polls have decided who the front runners are in the GOP race for the White House but the same polls sadly report that whoever wins the party nomination . . .

Marriage adviser caves -- Satan not in LGBT?
Michael Bresciani
November 16, 2011

I comb the news each week looking for what might inform and above all help the Christian community to stay strong in the faith. I have refused automatic news . . .

Mississippi still burning -- consciences seared
Michael Bresciani
November 12, 2011

There is little doubt that this writer is convinced we are in the last days but just in case you don't read long enough to read my usual scriptural addendum . . .

Eight reasons why today's world despises and resists Christianity
Michael Bresciani
November 4, 2011

All references to Christianity here are referring only to Bible based or scripturally centered faith unless otherwise stated. In politics the term RINO has . . .

Our nation of laws -- that endanger our future
Michael Bresciani
October 29, 2011

While interpreting a woman's right to abortion in 1973, the Supreme Court made a landmark decision to allow a woman to abort an unborn child for any reason. . . .

People, president, prophet, pope - VS - anarchy, unrest, and tons of dope
Michael Bresciani
October 27, 2011

One of America's most well known news commentators gave a summary of how America got into its present troubles only last night. There is no need to name or . . .

PC or 'Fear Not' -- You are now free to pass back into the seventh century
Michael Bresciani
October 25, 2011

It would be easy to declare that I think political correctness should be declared un-American and if I know the least little bit about what the founding fathers . . .

West's Winter of Discontent, the Arab Spring, and the summer from hell
Michael Bresciani
October 20, 2011

From the beginning God has used man's voice above all else to provide a revelation of himself and his will. That he warns them ahead of his biggest changes is . . .

More than winning -- can the GOP candidates mend the divide?
Michael Bresciani
October 16, 2011

No one has done more to divide the nation in its entire history than the incumbent, Barack Obama. The one who said America should drop all its divides including . . .

Media's confusion about Mormonism -- journalists' poor theologians?
Michael Bresciani
October 13, 2011

Dr. Robert Jeffress said Mormonism has "never been considered a part of mainstream Christianity." He indicated that he thought Mormonism is a cult at the Values . . .

Hey kids -- let's meet on Wall St. for weeks-long whining fest
Michael Bresciani
October 9, 2011

Headlines are heralding Apple's, Steve Jobs as someone who impacted and changed our lives. At the same time demonstrations and riots in Chile, South Korea and . . .

Obama rebukes GOP for snubbing gay serviceman? - High level hypocrisy
Michael Bresciani
October 4, 2011

In homiletical discourse less is often more. This is precisely why any preacher who is not a novice will use the standard introduction, three points and a . . .

The economy: the opiate of the classes
Michael Bresciani
September 25, 2011

Yes, the title of this piece is a takeoff on the overworked paraphrased quote of Karl Marx who said, "Religion is the opiate (opium) of the masses." Religion is . . .

America, Canada and Mexico: headed for a payday?
Michael Bresciani
September 21, 2011

Up till now it was hard to pull off anything in the brave new world of today's "tolerance and diversity" that could outshine what is done in America. Canada has . . .

The vision that started a lifetime of prophetic ministry
Michael Bresciani
September 17, 2011

Nearly seven years has passed since my book entitled "An American Prophet and His Message" was published and only recently has it occurred to me that of the . . .

9/11 prophecies, Gibson Guitars and pabulum for the naïve
Michael Bresciani
September 10, 2011

Getting between three to five hundred emails a day is not my idea of great fun but I never ignore any of them and it is always surprising what is on the minds . . .

Dignity and obscenity don't mix even in America
Michael Bresciani
September 7, 2011

Basically every school kid knows that oil and water do not mix. Should anyone have missed that rudimentary lesson in chemistry, they have only to recall the . . .

Is there time to recover the American dream?
Michael Bresciani
September 2, 2011

In Ronald Reagan's address to the nation July 27, 1981 he said "This is not the time for political fun and games. This is the time for a new beginning." He was . . .

Prophecy: the rock that cannot be moved
Michael Bresciani
August 19, 2011

After a lifetime studying and proclaiming Biblical prophecy it is now apparent that, in this turbulent and unstable world, prophecy is along with the Savior who . . .

Religion bad, science good -- an argument for fools
Michael Bresciani
August 14, 2011

My recently published piece entitled "Premiere of Discovery's 'Curiosity' — Shameless Secularism not Science" has created no small stir among both the . . .

Premiere of Discovery's 'Curiosity' -- shameless secularism not science
Michael Bresciani
August 10, 2011

After weeks of being pounded by commercials promoting Discovery Channel's first in a series they call "Curiosity," it would be hard for anyone with only a . . .

World markets teetering -- no confidence in Obamanomics
Michael Bresciani
August 7, 2011

The only place where the glazed eyes of the most excited followers still reflect a, "If I could but touch the hem of his garment" look; seems to be at the . . .

Tolerance and diversity: America's experiment with dishonesty
Michael Bresciani
August 2, 2011

Freedom of choice, free speech and endless opportunities were once the phrases that stood foremost in the thinking of Americans and anyone in the rest of the . . .

Bill Gaither and the Trio: a national treasure, a Last Days beacon
Michael Bresciani
July 31, 2011

As the darkness created by social upheaval and worldwide changes grip the world, there are a few lights across the globe that offer hope, stability and a view . . .

Obama: Not sure what he stands for? -- Do know who he stands with!
Michael Bresciani
July 28, 2011

The daily news cycle shifts from deadly bombings in Norway to union organizers manhandling people over teacher's benefits in the U.S., and if you wait long . . .

Born gay? -- Another whopper from the Father of Lies
Michael Bresciani
July 26, 2011

We labor under the fanciful pop culture notion that late comedian Flip Wilson popularized in the 70's which is very funny but totally theologically incorrect. . . .

President Wilson could never imagine -- democracy made safe for perversion
Michael Bresciani
July 23, 2011

In a speech made by President Woodrow Wilson on April 2, 1917 he argued the reasons for declaring war against Germany. Of all that he said the one line most . . .

Con jobs, snake oil salesmen, and false prophets: do we know the difference?
Michael Bresciani
July 20, 2011

Perhaps one of the weakest interpretations of scriptures ever employed by one of the weakest segments of the church comes from Paul's letter to the church at . . .

America's 'other' rising deficit -- which we also can't afford
Michael Bresciani
July 16, 2011

Is America merely a Plutocracy that can be whipped into line by juggling the wealth or as the Obama administration supposes; redistributing the wealth, raising . . .

Selling Christian junk while making shipwreck of our faith?
Michael Bresciani
July 13, 2011

In the 1960's I was onboard an 800ft long vessel that entered the Bermuda Triangle. She sailed along with ease in the calmest seas until clouds began forming on . . .

Is it Obama's America or Darby's Castle?
Michael Bresciani
July 8, 2011

On July 4, 2011 millions of Americans enjoyed the celebration of the signing of our Declaration of Independence by spending time with families, barbecues with . . .

Core Issues - Are we known by the words that we keep?
Michael Bresciani
July 2, 2011

The adage, 'we are known by the company we keep' has an obvious meaning even if it pertains only to the external influences of our lives. Actually it is what we . . .

N.Y. state assaults marriage -- will disgrace overtake us?
Michael Bresciani
June 29, 2011

The New York Senate passed the bill in a vote of 33 to 29, allowing gays to marry only a week after the N.Y. Assembly gave the bill the green light. Has history . . .

Obama mixes clay with iron -- 2012 America's valley of decision?
Michael Bresciani
June 24, 2011

As the economy crashes around us Mr. Obama seems content to continue tinkering with the social fabric of the nation as the elected voice of the far left . . .

TBN: no naming names -- apostasy's new gospel of thieves
Michael Bresciani
June 22, 2011

After 23 years in the special top audience time slots with Trinity Broadcasting Network, Dr. Jack Van Impe has pulled the plug with Trinity Broadcasting. . . .

Sarah Palin: America's real frontrunner; still on the back burner?
Michael Bresciani
June 17, 2011

I have heard of starting an article with a disclaimer but never with an apology. It isn't so much about breaking new ground in journalism but it is about . . .

Finished reading Sarah's emails? -- Read this
Michael Bresciani
June 16, 2011

While it is true that public figures in America can only expect a modicum of privacy the mainstream media seems to have abandoned that staid principle for a . . .

America's version of the Ouroboros -- deliver us from stupidity
Michael Bresciani
June 10, 2011

The most read article I have ever written is only made it to my own website after being circulated around the internet for over five years. It has been . . .

2012 presidential choices -- when Lincolnesque is not a luxury
Michael Bresciani
June 7, 2011

After studying the life and times of Abraham Lincoln for over twenty five years one thing stands out about our sixteenth president above all else; he was indeed . . .

Prez on Bibi -- will the real Barack Obama please stand up?
Michael Bresciani
June 1, 2011

As yet there is no category for most amazing backtracking done by a president in the Guinness Book of World Records but there is little doubt that Barack Obama . . .

Presidents, pundits, and prophets -- big list of wrong answers for 2011
Michael Bresciani
May 28, 2011

Here are 5 of the most often asked questions of 2011 that by virtue of the answers given by Presidents, Pundits and Prophets can also be included in the list of . . .

End of the world? - Serious error of predicting the day or the hour
Michael Bresciani
May 24, 2011

Christian leaders and pastors are proclaiming their disdain for prognosticator Harold Camping for his latest end of the world campaign, some with disgust while . . .

Bin Laden gone: next target, Ronald McDonald
Michael Bresciani
May 20, 2011

If it weren't actually in the news who would believe that all America has to do since the death of our number one enemy is to go after that nefarious destroyer . . .

Does the Bible really speak to the gay agenda?
Michael Bresciani
May 13, 2011

Advising someone not to be fooled precludes the idea that they are not already complete fools to start with. The Bible says "The fool hath said in his heart, . . .

Under the shadow of our steeple: unintended prophecy?
Michael Bresciani
May 10, 2011

In 2005 the extremely popular contemporary Christian soft rock group Casting Crowns released a song title that has become a much beloved song throughout the . . .

Papa President: Keep us from what is silly or unsafe
Michael Bresciani
May 7, 2011

In a nation where people are spending more time on celebrity gossip, reality shows and American Idol than on serious matters that affect their lives; we now . . .

Obama: the half of my kingdom for a birth certificate?
Michael Bresciani
May 1, 2011

After indirectly calling Donald Trump a carnival barker followed by a publicity junket to Oprah's stage to chuckle about the clowns who thought he wasn't born . . .

The 2012 elections and the 'twenty million factor'
Michael Bresciani
April 28, 2011

John McCain was beat by approximately twenty million voters in the 2008 election. Are those voters going to vote for Barack Obama again? If they do, the hardest . . .

Don't think God speaks to people today? -- Think again
Michael Bresciani
April 22, 2011

I thank God that when I address how God has spoken to me I am not talking about something that happened just yesterday. In fact it is something that has . . .

Beck bounced but barely bruised -- will the left ever do right?
Michael Bresciani
April 14, 2011

The left is gloating over Beck's demise since Fox has decided to let his daily shows dissolve sometime later this year. The cause cited is the lack of sponsors . . .

Is America's ship sinking in Delphian waters?
Michael Bresciani
April 13, 2011

Statistics tell us a lot about ourselves, they mark and track trends and mindsets. They can be used to change business practices or to help politicians and . . .

Whoopi's most excellent question -- the ridiculously simple answer
Michael Bresciani
April 6, 2011

News sources are pulsing with reverberations about Donald Trump's remarks on Obama's eligibility and great and mysterious unseen long form birth certificate. . . .

Can Obama 'win the future' at the expense of our past?
Michael Bresciani
April 4, 2011

It is apparent that the new campaign and operational slogan for the Obama camp is "Winning the Future." It seems so perfectly youth oriented and Chairman Mao in . . .

Obama: Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies
Michael Bresciani
April 2, 2011

Ask me no questions I'll tell you no lies, is a phrase attributed to Irish playwright Oliver Goldsmith (1728-1774). If Goldsmith were alive today he would . . .

Comparative religions and political correctness -- the seeds of an enemy?
Michael Bresciani
March 30, 2011

It is not easy to forget the answer someone gave me years ago when I asked about the fact that some religions predate the Judeo-Christian heritage by many years . . .

Is America losing the love of the truth?
Michael Bresciani
March 25, 2011

Over forty years of study in eschatology (Second coming doctrine) have been bolstered by several revelations that came in my youth and a few later in life about . . .

Missionaries, evangelists, and the final phase -- the prophets
Michael Bresciani
March 21, 2011

From the beginning of the eighteenth century to about the time of the Civil War in America and across the globe the great missionary movement was underway under . . .

Using the First Amendment to create a shameless nation
Michael Bresciani
March 8, 2011

In Illinois a Northwestern University professor is taking heat for allowing an after school demonstration of live sex as part of his human 'Sexuality' class. . . .

Fluff in the church -- snuff in the world
Michael Bresciani
March 5, 2011

The Bible predicts a great apostasia (apostasy) will precede the coming of the world's last dictator called the antichrist. Don't look now but we are well . . .

Whatever happened to domestic tranquility?
Michael Bresciani
March 1, 2011

According to the framers of the Constitution one of the original intentions of ordaining that revered document was to insure domestic tranquility. The term was . . .

Karl Rove's incredible comparison
Michael Bresciani
February 19, 2011

Politico reported that Karl Rove former advisor to George W. Bush spoke Wednesday Feb 16, 2011 on Fox News and said that the rumors created by the Birther's are . . .

Super Bowl 45 interview and the Prayer Breakfast -- political magic?
Michael Bresciani
February 10, 2011

Watching the interview O'Reilly conducted with the President during Super Bowl 45 kept bringing to mind the name of a message I once heard a preacher give to . . .

Obama: poor example to youth on birth certificate issue
Michael Bresciani
February 3, 2011

This administration has found ways to circumvent the scrutiny of the the Congress and the Senate more than any other in our nation's history. The Supremes have . . .

7 reasons America needs Sarah Palin in 2012
Michael Bresciani
January 29, 2011

At the writing of this piece Sarah Palin has not yet announced to the nation that she is going to run for President in the 2012 election. When or if she does, . . .

Obama: sanction Israel? -- Mr. Yes We Can reneges
Michael Bresciani
January 28, 2011

Etymology is a science that examines the original use and origins of words but it has taken a serious hit in the modern era. In today's climate of slippery . . .

Yankee pride -- Brussels Babel -- Gabriel's trumpet: the abrupt apocalypse
Michael Bresciani
January 24, 2011

I hate writing articles that require an explanation of the title but I am delighted when someone reads my work because they instantly knew what the title meant. . . .

Loughner: psychology, demonology, and presumption in the body politic
Michael Bresciani
January 12, 2011

Jared Lee Loughner is charged with killing six people and wounding others in the recent tragedy in Arizona. Days of media coverage has raised controversy, . . .

Prophecy 2011 -- is America dancing with devils?
Michael Bresciani
December 29, 2010

This will be a transitional year for America and indeed the rest of the world as well. Too many degenerative changes have been set in motion across the globe . . .

Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell -- the doctrine of fools
Michael Bresciani
December 21, 2010

With eight GOP Senators joining the vote to repeal DADT, including much heralded Scott Brown (R) of Massachusetts now gays can prance in array around the . . .

Lawless government -- the great non-sequitur of the last days
Michael Bresciani
December 12, 2010

A non sequitur according to Wikipedia is "A logical fallacy where a stated conclusion is not supported by its premise." In common vernacular it's something that . . .

O'Reilly and Gibbs underestimate the power of the internet
Michael Bresciani
December 6, 2010

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs made a brash if not seriously irresponsible response to the Presidents seeming disinterest in the WikiLeaks scandal by declaring  . . .

Lucrezia Borgia, NASA -- One giant leap from a lake to a lapse
Michael Bresciani
December 4, 2010

The news is buzzing with headlines like "Arsenic eating bacteria suggests extraterrestrial life possible," the headlines are not on the Enquirer at the checkout . . .

Dissing the second coming: to quell or to quash?
Michael Bresciani
November 25, 2010

First it was Greece followed by Spain and now Ireland's economy is in the straights and the Emerald Isle is seeking a loan from the EU of not less than 10 . . .

News headlines for 2010 we didn't see -- but could have
Michael Bresciani
November 21, 2010

Here is a smattering of imaginary news headlines from across the nation's landscape of current events. Some might get you to crack a smile or bust out into a . . .

Not good and evil: in America the battle is about truth and lies
Michael Bresciani
November 20, 2010

Stories about good triumphing over evil are heartwarming; they make good movies and make us feel a bit nobler as human beings. In reality there is no contest . . .

What price would you pay?
Michael Bresciani
November 10, 2010

Modern films often jump forward and back in time in what are called flashbacks. Some movies actually start off in the last scene and then revert to the . . .

Pot at the polls, tea in the bay, and destiny at the door
Michael Bresciani
October 29, 2010

November 2nd holds the promise that Barack Obama made two years ago open once again. The midterm elections in the United States will be a referendum on how . . .

The mid-term election wars of 2010: has intelligence been wounded?
Michael Bresciani
October 24, 2010

Mudslinging and character assassination are rampant in the final days leading up to the November 5 election. No election in American history has seen such . . .

Chile: a lesson in courage, faith, and patriotism for the entire world
Michael Bresciani
October 16, 2010

The capsule the Chilean Navy constructed traveled up and down through the earth a distance of 33 miles in total to save 33 trapped Chilean miners. The courage, . . .

Fire crew $75 -- no-doc domestic $23hr -- jobless politicians a dime a dozen
Michael Bresciani
October 8, 2010

In what sounds like a page out of Mad Magazine a fire company in Tennessee stood watching as Gene Cranick's house burned to the ground in Obion County. Cranick . . .

Beck says read the Bible -- ready to change your worldview?
Michael Bresciani
October 2, 2010

On his recent radio shows around the nation Glenn Beck has been telling his listeners to study the Bible. It is refreshing to hear someone who is not a pastor . . .

A childs eye view of abortion and the Pledge to America
Michael Bresciani
September 25, 2010

The GOP has issued their "Pledge to America" not a moment too soon as we approach the midterm elections of 2010. Pro-life activists are glad to see that the . . .

Best choice for you and me -- Palin, tea, and the GOP
Michael Bresciani
September 17, 2010

With a title like that it you'd expect it to be followed with a hearty ra, ra, ra, but not so fast. Primary upsets across the nation may be reason to celebrate . . .

A sorry presidential speech amid solemn memorials and tributes
Michael Bresciani
September 15, 2010

I joined many Americans on September 11, 2010 who watched the many tributes and memorials given to honor the lives of those murdered in the terrorist attacks of . . .

Pastor to burn Quran -- media to burn conscience
Michael Bresciani
September 11, 2010

The changes surrounding Pastor Terry Jones announcement to burn the Koran (Quran) may outlive the point of this article. The latest round of news is that Jones . . .

Is post-9/11 Islam creating worldwide Stockholm Syndrome?
Michael Bresciani
September 10, 2010

When Franklin Delano Roosevelt tried to quell the fears of Americans who were in the throes of the great depression he said, "The only thing we have to fear is . . .

Will the President relieve the oppression of his own decorated officer?
Michael Bresciani
September 6, 2010

For several years I've written op-eds, (opinion editorials) inspirational pieces and commentaries on just about every subject there is with an eye to revealing . . .

When did PC, tolerance, and diversity become laziness and lying?
Michael Bresciani
September 2, 2010

French poet and essayist, Paul Valery 1871-1945, said "The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be." Those who look back longingly . . .

Ground Zero mosque: Beyond insensitive, it is insulting
Michael Bresciani
August 25, 2010

If carried to extremes the new drive toward tolerance can be just another name for perversion. The old adage about "adding insult to injury" has become an . . .

Are those who want a mosque at Ground Zero, Ameriphobes?
Michael Bresciani
August 21, 2010

It is hard to believe that liberal politicians and some media are saying that those who oppose the mosque at Ground Zero are using the issue to divert attention . . .

Obama on Ground Zero mosque: rights for Muslims, tough luck for Americans
Michael Bresciani
August 16, 2010

Only a few short months after snubbing the National Day of Prayer President Obama continued his war on American sensibilities at a meeting honoring the close of . . .

What does America see in 2010 and beyond?
Michael Bresciani
August 11, 2010

It is clear that a major shift has occurred in the American way of life in the last two years. For over 230 years we were involved in the question of how we . . .

American Idol: the fallacy of fifteen minutes of fame
Michael Bresciani
August 5, 2010

Artist Andy Warhol's assertion that everyone will have at least fifteen minutes of fame in their lifetime seems to have gripped this generation at the heart. Is . . .

You can't make history without a real homie
Michael Bresciani
August 1, 2010

Since the days of Aristotle, Cicero and later Machiavelli the world has endeavored to develop a working knowledge of political science that might be . . .

Obama sells out Arizona -- sells himself on The View
Michael Bresciani
July 30, 2010

America is fast becoming the land of the free and the home of absurdities. Clinton era U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton sided with Obama's view that . . .

America and the doctrine of the last chance
Michael Bresciani
July 23, 2010

The History Channel cooks up a nice pot of Nostradamus and eschatological soup with their multi episodic "The Nostradamus Effect." As usual their best is . . .

Obama courts Latino votes at Arizona's expense
Michael Bresciani
July 10, 2010

Every time the President speaks, makes another appointment or ramrods a new bill through the democratically controlled congress, he reinforces what millions of . . .

July 4, 2010, fireworks provided by John Boehner and Barack Obama
Michael Bresciani
July 2, 2010

Only days before America's Fourth of July celebrations, in Racine Wisconsin President Obama mocked Congressmen John Boehner (R-OH) about his recent remarks. . . .

Sleep Walking in America: quisnam mos excito populus
Michael Bresciani
June 25, 2010

As if America has fallen into a condition of protracted somnambulism, most public officials along with the summarily distracted citizens of our nation seem bent . . .

Late night bumbling buffoonery drops Bush bashing bomb on Father's Day
Michael Bresciani
June 20, 2010

This year, 2010, father's day makes its one hundredth birthday in America. It is celebrated in over fifty five countries around the world. Television wasn't . . .

Louisiana: it's our butt that's getting kicked!
Michael Bresciani
June 16, 2010

"President Barack Obama says his talks with Gulf fishermen and oil spill experts are not an academic exercise. They're so I know whose ass to kick." Fox News . . .

America's prophets: reeds shaken in the wind?
Michael Bresciani
June 3, 2010

Long ago a dear and wise friend warned me that in life you do not draw to yourself the kind of people you like and admire; rather you draw only those who are . . .

The high cost of free speech -- When honesty is outlawed
Michael Bresciani
May 31, 2010

We are fast approaching the time the Bible refers to as "the last days" and the warnings of those who have not become victims of the satanically driven PC . . .

Memorial Day in America 2010 -- will we yet hold this torch up high?
Michael Bresciani
May 26, 2010

Tea Parties, renewed conservatism and strong interest in well directed activist groups are on the rise and it is stirring to see Americans returning to the . . .

The internet -- America's new lost and found
Michael Bresciani
May 23, 2010

A visit to one of the best conservative news sites bounced me over to one of the most irreverent videos I've seen in a long time by just clicking on a few well . . .

Calderon received -- Brewer snubbed -- America dissed
Michael Bresciani
May 21, 2010

This may perhaps be the first article I have ever written that would be insulted with more than three paragraphs and a conclusion. It may be that I should just . . .

Prophet, pundit, or newsman -- America's confusion
Michael Bresciani
May 14, 2010

A simple scan of current events, a gander at the online or TV news will leave you reeling in disbelief. Never before have newsmen and reporters been so highly . . .

Just be silent and we won't call you a racist
Michael Bresciani
May 4, 2010

"Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me," is that childhood mantra that no longer seems to be true. Is it time to modify the old . . .

National Day of Prayer out, says federal judge -- America's identity eroding
Michael Bresciani
April 23, 2010

After Billy Graham led a rally in Washington in 1952 and called for a day for the nation to pray, President Harry Truman signed the National Prayer Day . . .

Obama mocks Armageddon: more Wright theology that's wrong?
Michael Bresciani
April 16, 2010

Hearing of the Republican plans to challenge the constitutionality of the healthcare bill Obama replied with "Bring it on." Has he moved up the ladder to . . .

Infantophobia and homophobia -- reality vs. perception
Michael Bresciani
April 11, 2010

Infantophobia is a neologistic word whose life expectancy may be no more predictable than the unborn-children it makes reference to but, the word homophobia has . . .

Tea party has Obama complaining and comedians railing
Michael Bresciani
April 3, 2010

In the same breath with which President Obama speaks of the Tea Party movement he has also complained that there are people who actually question whether he was . . .

Mayan, Mahdi, or Messianic -- don't ask the History Channel
Michael Bresciani
April 2, 2010

Television is inundated with dark portents of the planet's future. In a sweeping smorgasbord of choices we are warned of asteroids, nuclear war, worldwide . . .

Abortion and amnesty -- the hypocrisy twins
Michael Bresciani
March 31, 2010

It is said that all young ministers are bubbling over with the need to say something. It is also followed with the hope that one day when they are more mature; . . .

Healthcare now, amnesty next: Good for the country or vote tallying for 2012?
Michael Bresciani
March 25, 2010

Barack Obama asked the Dems to help him save his Presidency by voting for his healthcare bill. Really! Is there an impeachment underway? America will be far too . . .

Dems ignore rules, Constitution, and the people -- The prophetic will not be ignored
Michael Bresciani
March 23, 2010

Following the battle over Obamcare has been daunting and has left millions of Americans exasperated if not in shock. On the surface it looks like a victory for . . .

Tolerance and diversity: the brain eaters
Michael Bresciani
March 17, 2010

As a boy I marveled at the documentaries that showed how people approached what they perceived as God around the world. Some worshipped rocks and trees,  . . .

The PC wars of 2010 and beyond -- spiritual wickedness in high places
Michael Bresciani
March 7, 2010

How we love to say that when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor she awakened a sleeping giant. We hate to hear that when the giant went back to sleep a generation of . . .

Words: Can America ignore these flags of moral decline?
Michael Bresciani
March 2, 2010

In the recent meeting with the Republicans in Baltimore, President Obama seemed to listen carefully, he moderated somewhat rigidly and, later decided to . . .

Politically correct catchwords we hide behind
Michael Bresciani
February 21, 2010

The idioms of the PC bent are more prevalent in politics than in any other sphere of American life. The general use of PC terms seems to have gravitated largely . . .

O'Reilly baits Palin to be-fringe birthers -- she won't bite
Michael Bresciani
February 17, 2010

In an interview with Sarah Palin on Tuesday February 16, Bill O'Reilly repeatedly asked former Governor Sarah Palin to state whether she thought 'birthers' are . . .

Choices and chances -- does America know the difference?
Michael Bresciani
February 12, 2010

In an era where change is touted it is becoming apparent that most of what is being offered as change is really just taking a chance. Many of the changes . . .

Yes to little spirits in heaven -- no to little spirits on earth
Michael Bresciani
February 4, 2010

Over four decades ago I had a dream vision of many of the details of the second coming of Christ. It sent me on a lifetime quest to find out all I could about . . .

Prophets are not God's PR men -- Evangelism is not cheerleading
Michael Bresciani
February 1, 2010

Andy Warhol may have been slightly off when he said everyone is allowed their fifteen minutes of fame. Sometimes they are allowed a few years or even decades to . . .

Dawkins on Haiti -- Robertson true to Christian theology?
Michael Bresciani
January 28, 2010

Bill O'Reilly was the first to bring up Pat Robertson's statement on the Haitian pact with the devil to rid them of French rule. Bill said he didn't agree with . . .

American style homeostasis -- the times they are a changing
Michael Bresciani
January 15, 2010

The effect time has on all humans has created the science of homeostasis. The idea was first put forth by French physiologist Claude Bernard in 1865. Bernard . . .

Beck's 'Dumbest Thing' argument is philosophically flawed
Michael Bresciani
January 6, 2010

Glenn Beck recently said that giving 'Birthers' air time would benefit the Obama administration. Beck said both the idea of radio air time and the birthers . . .

2009 the year of the lie -- 2010 the year of reckoning
Michael Bresciani
January 3, 2010

Those who think truth is a relative mix of situation ethics, existentialist mind wresting and just doing what feels good, usually don't bother with questions . . .

Senate passes healthcare -- victory with no honor
Michael Bresciani
December 26, 2009

Santa came early on Christmas Eve 2009 for the embattled Democrats of the Senate who passed the Obama Healthcare bill as expected. Being forced to buy . . .

Old dogs, fat cats, and generational lies
Michael Bresciani
December 18, 2009

In a fairer world I could spend my time talking about the beautiful music and sentiments of country music composer Tom T. Hall's classic song, Old Dogs, . . .

Hannity discussion with 9/11 families -- we are listening, New York
Michael Bresciani
December 13, 2009

On the evening of December 11, 2009 Sean Hannity conducted an open discussion with the families of 9/11 victims. Sean's usual polite and casual manner was . . .

Prophecy 2010 -- America approaches the fork in the road
Michael Bresciani
December 10, 2009

Since my articles entitled Prophecy 2008 and Prophecy 2009 were the most read articles of each respective year I have undertaken this piece with much care and . . .

Obama's 18 month war -- speech at West Point misses the point
Michael Bresciani
December 2, 2009

Years of writing opinion editorials has assured me that my opinion is no more important than anyone else's but at times I understand that it may be more called . . .

Van Rompuy, Obama --- is it change or chains
Michael Bresciani
November 27, 2009

The EU has confirmed Herman Van Rompuy as the first permanent President of the emerging United States of Europe. He has clearly stated that the first order of . . .

The Manhattan Declaration -- to every thing there is a season
Michael Bresciani
November 26, 2009

News shows across America showed clips of American Idol star Adam Lambert's overt sexual behavior at the recent American Music Awards. Almost all the clips were . . .

The way that seems right: the social church in America
Michael Bresciani
November 19, 2009

Sound theology is being supplanted daily by the church's drive toward a more social gospel. Fighting poverty, aids, hunger and homelessness are now considered . . .

The quality of mercy -- soldiers of these United States
Michael Bresciani
November 13, 2009

Almost everyone in America has been somehow affected by the recent events at the Ft Hood Army Base. The events were seemed particularly intense because only . . .

Ft. Hood massacre -- psychological or theological problem?
Michael Bresciani
November 9, 2009

Nidal Malik Hasan is charged with shooting and killing 13 people and wounding 29 more on U.S. Army base Ft. Hood in Texas this week. Everyone is scrambling for . . .

The three Rs of prophetic warning -- old time stuff that still works today
Michael Bresciani
November 1, 2009

Due to the emphasis on the R sound (phoneme) in reading, writing and arithmetic early American pioneers and settlers coined the phrase "reading, riting and . . .

Foxophobia, triskaidekaphobia -- fickle phantasms from the White House?
Michael Bresciani
October 26, 2009

Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13, and while it may seem silly to some then we discover friggatriskaidekaphobia which is fear of Friday the 13th. . . .

Barack Obama versus the law of sooner or later
Michael Bresciani
October 18, 2009

Everyone knows that in America we cannot honestly convict a person for a crime as long as there is a 'reasonable doubt' that they are innocent. It is a facet of . . .

EU and America race to the top of the prophetic ladder
Michael Bresciani
October 16, 2009

Thirty five years ago I watched people scratch their heads with a puzzled look on their faces when I told them that Europe would become a powerful nation around . . .

Money and celebrity the new substitute for justice in America
Michael Bresciani
October 11, 2009

Is leftism rising to the defense of evil even as it sinks to the depths of hell? Perhaps this question would have made a better title for this article but why . . .

Newsmen do not decide what is good and evil -- a question of ducks or eagles
Michael Bresciani
September 22, 2009

At no other time in our history have the principles and faith of our founding fathers been under attack as they are today. The Bibles President Obama said . . .

Obama cozies up to MSM -- cowers at Fox
Michael Bresciani
September 19, 2009

The President apparently does not take seriously the charge to keep your friends close, but keep your enemies even closer. Over the weekend September 19, 20, 20 . . .

U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson and quantum physics -- why doesn't the president see this?
Michael Bresciani
September 18, 2009

When it comes to Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst during Obama's address to the congress it may have finally happened that the immoveable object has met the . . .

Why parents don't want Obama to address their children
Michael Bresciani
September 6, 2009

Barack Obama's plan to address school children between K and grade 12 has raised a furor among millions of parents in the nation. But so far the only reason . . .

So you don't think religion and politics make a good mix?
Michael Bresciani
August 20, 2009

Most of the journalists I know are not bloggers but bloggers wouldn't have half as much to say if it weren't for those writers. After one blogger responded to . . .

Religion and politics don't mix -- a modern fairy tale
Michael Bresciani
August 17, 2009

America is a land of many contradictions possibly born out of her love for freedom. Some are comical while others are harmful. Most go completely un-noticed . . .

Obamacare -- what would the Great Physician say?
Michael Bresciani
August 13, 2009

In the Obama campaign he was asked what he thought of Jesus Christ. His reply was that when he first heard of Christ he thought that Jesus was a person he would . . .

Obama -- the gods must be crazy
Michael Bresciani
August 11, 2009

In 1980 Mimosa Films released a film comedy starring a Kalahari bushman named only N!Xau, don't ask for the pronunciation, who not only bears a remarkable . . .

The culture of death -- a phrase, a phase, or the End of Days?
Michael Bresciani
August 9, 2009

When someone is found dying every thing suddenly changes, no words are weighed, but urgent commands are given, calls go out for help and those who have life . . .

Semantics and race not part of birthers plight
Michael Bresciani
August 5, 2009

Today the internet and some main stream media are abuzz about new developments on the Obama birth certificate controversy. Dr Orly Taitz has created the . . .

The race card -- the hidden ace of the cheater?
Michael Bresciani
July 30, 2009

Although America is a fledgling young nation among older countries and civilizations she probably could use the adage "I've forgotten more about freedom and . . .

America it is very late -- Do you know where your Congressman is?
Michael Bresciani
July 28, 2009

Reminiscent of the fall of Rome Congressional seats may soon be harder to give away rather than raising a fortune to gain. In fairness it would be hard to prove . . .

Angry prez gives Cambridge cops the old one-two-three
Michael Bresciani
July 25, 2009

According to columnist Foon Rhee of Boston.com July 23, 2009 the President is 'surprised' by the controversy surrounding his remark that the Cambridge police . . .

Change that no one can believe in -- is it politics or prophecy
Michael Bresciani
July 24, 2009

With an economic downturn of historic proportions, the highest un-employment rate since the great depression and 34 newly appointed czars some with criminal . . .

Jihadists at the Hilton: are man-made disasters next?
Michael Bresciani
July 20, 2009

A Jew hating, down with America, Muslim group is openly looking for recruits, no not in Iraq, Yemen or Afghanistan but right here in America. No you are not . . .

Fawcett, McMahon, Jackson, and Cronkite: Did they ask the Question?
Michael Bresciani
July 19, 2009

Estimates are that about 9,500 people die per day in America. That means thousands of special services are carried on daily to honor the departed and ponder our . . .

Sarah Palin: the media's un-acknowledged shame
Michael Bresciani
July 4, 2009

Governor Sarah Palin resigns effective July 26, 2009 after constant media scrutiny and being the butt of endless and tiring jokes, ridicule and intrusions into . . .

Oh, those pesky prophets who won't leave America alone
Michael Bresciani
June 28, 2009

This week in America three celebrities passed away without warning. Reviews on the life of pop culture icon Michael Jackson was at the top of most news programs . . .

The Mahdi, the Irish referendum: bumps along the eschatological highway
Michael Bresciani
June 24, 2009

With French President Nicolas Sarkozy calling for a strong first President for the EU and Ireland making headway in the upcoming vote on the Lisbon Treaty how . . .

Happy Fathers Day to time, chance and random gases
Michael Bresciani
June 11, 2009

The first father's day is said to have been celebrated on June 5, 1908. The first time the day was noted was in a Methodist church in Fairmount, West Virginia. . . .

Move over D-Day, Flag Day, and Father's Day -- Obama gives June to LBGT
Michael Bresciani
June 10, 2009

June 6 is D-Day, June 14 is Flag Day and this year we will celebrate Fathers Day on June 21. These observances have long been a deep and revered part of . . .

Dr. Tiller: let's not make him a martyr
Michael Bresciani
June 3, 2009

Blame for Dr. Tiller's murder is flying around like the sands of a Mojave dust storm most of it is hyper and unreasonable and it is begging for some legitimate . . .

America: In the beginning of sorrows
Michael Bresciani
May 31, 2009

Not everyone is directly affected by the latest injustices or is a victim of a crime but it is impossible not to be touched in some way by the absurdities and . . .

Obama at Notre Dame: It's about lives not opinions
Michael Bresciani
May 19, 2009

The administrators at Notre Dame had it in mind to foster tolerance and diversity with those of differing opinions. Among the graduating class a few students . . .

'Taking Chance' -- high honors for USMC, Kevin Bacon, and HBO
Michael Bresciani
May 16, 2009

Just in time for Memorial Day 2009 the HBO movie 'Taking Chance' has been released to home video stores and outlets. This remarkable film is a triumph for HBO . . .

Eschatology speaks to progressive liberalism: tree climbing in America
Michael Bresciani
May 15, 2009

There has never been a time in history when the terms Eschatology and progressive liberalism have meant more yet it is also a time when speaking rationally of . . .

Whatever happened to dignity: the itching of America
Michael Bresciani
May 6, 2009

How inspired is the race in the Congress to protect all the sexual orientations that have emerged of late. Are they really threatened? Shouldn't someone tell . . .

Ancient law of millstones vs. new House bill H.R. 1913
Michael Bresciani
May 2, 2009

With almost patronizing ardor Barack Obama called for the passage of hate crimes bills. After adding his ok to FOCA and laying a nine trillion dollar deficit at . . .

Dominican Republic nobly passes bill to preserve life -- lesson for the whole world
Michael Bresciani
April 26, 2009

The news of topsy turvy world economies has kept the media buzzing across the globe. From the little island republic first discovered by Christopher Columbus in . . .

Napolitano: More change we can believe in, or else
Michael Bresciani
April 19, 2009

Is the report from Homeland Security's new chief that warns that returning vets are dangerous, gospel preachers are to be feared and pro-life advocates are . . .

Obama tour: The United States, Christianity, and history insulted
Michael Bresciani
April 9, 2009

Excited media and political pundits are chomping at the bit to discuss the merits or the failures of President Obama's worldwide romp through Europe and Muslim . . .

Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, or Forrest Gump's mom -- take your pick
Michael Bresciani
April 8, 2009

Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly have a lot of good things to say but in the political climate of the day we may want to take heed to Forrest Gump's Mom. Let's . . .

America: Talking green but leaving a trail of red
Michael Bresciani
March 31, 2009

Even if every word about global warming were the immutable gospel truth and even if we never cut down another tree the trail America is leaving behind is . . .

ABC's Nightline faceoff on Satan an exercise in futility
Michael Bresciani
March 27, 2009

Most debates never settle anything and are usually held so someone can be proclaimed a winner; even if they are dead wrong. In a world where popular acceptance . . .

Why America must return to the faith of our fathers
Michael Bresciani
March 25, 2009

Skilled statisticians like George Barna and carefully researched studies from the Pew Reports all show a declining moral climate and a gradual but alarming . . .

Prez sets stage for future persecution of Christianity
Michael Bresciani
March 19, 2009

President Obama's show of anger with AIG for giving out bonus money to its top exec's has raised the ire of the nation and in AIG it has started an open . . .

Riots, fires, looting in America? Yes, says contemporary New York-based prophet
Michael Bresciani
March 10, 2009

Not in modern times has there been such unity in the voices of warning about the path America is choosing. Statesmen, analysts, pundits, preachers and prophets . . .

Toward nationalizing U.S. banks -- toward one world order
Michael Bresciani
February 27, 2009

According to bible prophecy the single reason that the worlds last and most vicious world leader succeeds where all others before him have failed is that he . . .

A conservative hero visits the U.S. -- what we can learn from Geert Wilders
Michael Bresciani
February 25, 2009

Appearing briefly on Fox's Glenn Beck show Feb 23, 2009, Dutch Freedom Party MP, Geert Wilders said "we should throw out every bit of hate crime legislation . . .

Presidential or prophetic authority -- Obama's mechanical first press briefing
Michael Bresciani
February 11, 2009

In his first press briefing as President, Barack Obama focused on the fiscal well being of the nation. With only days to the vote on Obama's version of the . . .

Daily Kos, Factcheck, and Snopes -- or how to vet a presidential candidate
Michael Bresciani
February 4, 2009

Even though the main stream media ignores the Obama birth certificate controversy it still rages on the internet in articles and blogs. Is it extraneous . . .

Who would the innocents choose -- Blago, Bush, or Obama
Michael Bresciani
February 1, 2009

As his first act in office Barack Obama has lived up to his promise of a "new transparency."It is transparent that he does not regard the lives of unborn . . .

Fetus: I hope he changes his mind
Michael Bresciani
January 27, 2009

On the internet, that last bastion of free speech, a cartoon is going around of a frightened unborn child cocooned in a uterus. The caption says "I hope he . . .

How to deceive the very elect -- eschatological gobbledygook
Michael Bresciani
January 25, 2009

The connection between politics and eschatology (Christ's second coming) is little known to all but a few today. This enables many whacky and sometimes . . .

Why secular liberalism always creates contradiction -- U.S. and EU top offenders
Michael Bresciani
January 23, 2009

Liberalism is having its day on a global scale. The United States is only a notch behind Europe in becoming the second great home for secular liberalisms gray . . .

Obama documentation activists -- not conspiracy theorists
Michael Bresciani
January 22, 2009

A theorist is someone who holds and expounds a theory. Often the elements of the theory are expostulated on things that may never be known. Was there another . . .

The inauguration of Barack Obama -- a/k/a Barry Soetoro
Michael Bresciani
January 17, 2009

Twenty two percent of the United States voted for Obama in the general election. John McCain drew a little under Obama's tally so that means that 78 percent of . . .

It's the economy says Obama, no, it's the Constitution says Philip Berg
Michael Bresciani
January 9, 2009

Glenn Beck will start his new show on Fox News in only a few days. He wishes President Elect Obama success and his good will is commendable. With Obama as his . . .

Top 10 most unbelievable things of 2008 -- or maybe of all time
Michael Bresciani
January 5, 2009

Some of the most popular TV shows today are top ten lists. Everything from the top ten most deadly snakes to the top ten worst disasters is being aired. Here is . . .

Days of prophetic fulfillment and the theology of distinctions
Michael Bresciani
January 3, 2009

In America anyone who knows the biblical subject of eschatology (the last things) has been warning that all the signs of the last days are culminating in this . . .

Prophecy 2009 -- what is ahead for America
Michael Bresciani
December 19, 2008

This article was birthed December 16, 2008 the day after the Electoral College cast their votes making Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States. I . . .

Atheists in Washington State provide a true meaning of Christmas story
Michael Bresciani
December 16, 2008

The anti-religious placard placed in the State Capital in Washington State along side a Christmas tree and a manger scene have inadvertently served to point out . . .

Obama eligibility question -- nonsense or a possible reprieve?
Michael Bresciani
December 14, 2008

Anyone in this country who mentions the legal suits now being brought before state and federal courts about Barack Obama's citizenship question is seen as a . . .

Why must it come down to popular v. patriotic?
Michael Bresciani
December 10, 2008

It's America all over again. A few people decided to meet in a small room in Philadelphia to say they had enough British tyranny. A few people risked everything . . .

Why is the media silent on the Obama birth certificate question?
Michael Bresciani
December 1, 2008

Why has every major news source in the United States almost totally blacked out all reference to the Hawaiian Obama birth certificate controversy? In layman . . .

America: the old cowboy that rides off into the sunset
Michael Bresciani
November 28, 2008

America is a long way from forty-niners, straw hats and political bunting draped along the rail of an old caboose and cowboys disappearing into the sunset to . . .

Seven reasons why Barack Obama should make the birth certificate controversy go away
Michael Bresciani
November 25, 2008

The question of whether Barack Obama was actually born in Kenya thus disqualifying him to run as a presidential candidate will not go away. It is like the . . .

The true Christian approach to the Obama presidency
Michael Bresciani
November 17, 2008

There has been an obvious lull in reporting, articles and pundit-cy on even the most conservative and Christian sites. The right and the evangelicals are . . .

Free gas and mortgage payments -- how to cash in on a $600 mil. campaign
Michael Bresciani
November 6, 2008

The fat lady has sung and the votes have been tallied. Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States. America has married the dem's most secular . . .

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