Michael Bresciani
Move over D-Day, Flag Day, and Father's Day -- Obama gives June to LBGT
By Michael Bresciani
June 10, 2009

June 6 is D-Day, June 14 is Flag Day and this year we will celebrate Fathers Day on June 21. These observances have long been a deep and revered part of American culture. Lookout, here comes change.

June has traditionally been a month of honoring fathers, soldiers and patriots now thanks to the social engineering of Barack Obama we have a whole month to celebrate lesbians, bi-sexuals, gays and transgenders. In America there will be about 290 million people who will likely not be rushing out to observe this month long celebration.

Barack Obama proclaimed June as LBGT month saying he has partnered with the gay community to "Advance a wide range if initiatives." He plans to enhance hate crimes, repeal "don't ask — don't tell in the military and advance the right for gays to adopt.

We can't say we didn't see it coming but choosing the month of June is almost a slap in the face to millions of Americans who choose to remember the fathers' warriors and patriots who have given so much to make the country what it is. Nothing could seem more like a futile attempt to mix oil and water. This is indeed social engineering, but it is not very sociable.

The proclamation comes in the same week Evan Thomas of Newsweek made the amazing observation about Barack Obama following his speech in Cairo. On Friday June 5, 2009 Thomas said on MSNBC: "I mean in a way Obama's standing above the country, above — above the world, he's sort of God."

It has become increasingly difficult for the mainstream media to deny their extreme bias for Barack Obama and almost all his policies but now they have capitulated to the place where they are bordering on his deification.

Although it doesn't get as much coverage in the media, those who have studied eschatology or the second coming of Christ see him as just the opposite. Some are wondering if he is the dreaded antichrist or the false prophet spoken of in the book of Revelation. It may be far too soon to tell but now one belief does not seem all that extravagant compared to the other.

Perception for some can be greater than reality. Every St. Patrick's Day throughout the world the beloved song Danny Boy is requested in gatherings of those who celebrate the Irish. In fact the song was written by Englishman, Fred E. Weatherly. Don't try to tell that to the revelers on the day of 'wearing the green.' Just sing the song.

We dare not tell those who hung on the President's speech in Cairo last week that America is not really one of the world's great Muslim countries. Just sing the song!

Will someone eventually explain to the President that there are yet millions of Americans who think the gay lifestyle is a perfect perversion of both the laws of God and of nature? They don't mind the freedom that gays have under the first and the fourteenth amendment to have their own lifestyle, its America, but they are not even close to helping them celebrate it, again, just sing the song.

The best minds even among the Dem's and a few liberals have begun to see something about our President that could not be known until now. Entering the second hundred days into his administration it is slowly becoming apparent that Barack Obama isn't playing the liberal card or the conservative card. He also is not favoring democratic agenda or the views of the beleaguered GOP. It's not for the Christians or for the Muslims Mr. Obama speaks and shapes his policies. It is for himself.

It is the obvious attempt to consolidate power to and for him alone that makes the statement about Obama being a god made by Newsweek's Evan Thomas a verbal gushing and sycophantic excess. It would be more honest to say that Mr. Obama is more like a chameleon who changes color to fit the background he is in rather than a god.

Whatever works to consolidate and advance his own agenda, policies or views is the path he chooses. Can't lose the contingent of gay votes even if it is only a minority, give them tacitly what they want but don't tread on the huge contingent of voters who are both a majority and those who will not accept anything but marriage between one man and one woman. Reversing these positions would be a guarantee that he would be a one term President. That's a song Mr. Obama does not want to sing.

It is hard to believe that a nation once firmly guided by laws, principles and morality is now going headlong at supersonic speed toward something known simply as 'change.' This song has seen many renditions in the past. It is a song sung by other nations and other systems of governance but it always failed and faded somewhere between the first stanza and the chorus. Let's see.

Hitler called for change from a parliamentary form of government to a Reich with a quack leading the orchestra, this piece de-tuned after the world almost died listening to its dissonant strains.

In China Mao thought to sing the song of change from every ancient institution of the noble Chinese and not until almost every semblance of that world was flattened was the music silenced.

The list of great calls for change that ended in disaster, destruction and disillusionment for nations small and great is too large to be addressed here.

It has been said that when religion and culture clash, that it is culture that always comes out on top. The same principle is at work when it comes to something as nebulous, perhaps even frivolous as change. Change will not win. Eventually America will long for the principles that not only guided her but produced a steadiness and a foundation that sustained the country's uniqueness and provided an immovable base on which to grow.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense has always stood amazed at the twisted reasoning in the liberal agenda. How liberals come to the conclusions they do is hard enough to understand but even more puzzling is the fact that they can't seem to see the consequences of their views if carried out. They don't see or just don't accept that premise A, will always lead to result B, in time. They seem to lack the ability to project the results of their views into the future. It is that inability that adds definition to the term common sense. Change can be a part of common sense but it can never be a substitute for it in total.

The business of overlaying an entire month of honor for gays and lesbians on June's three revered special days honoring warriors, patriots and fathers is a perfect picture of change for change's sake. It reeks of callousness for American institutions and American culture and history. But maybe Mr. Obama really believes this is a Muslim or a gay leaning nation! Isn't there someone in his cabinet or his family circle that could tell him the facts? Has change now become the substitute for truth?

Since gays are not allowed any place in real Muslim countries and here in Obama's 'Biggest Muslim country' they are favored and coddled hasn't anyone the nerve to tell him that this really makes us the biggest 'fake' Muslim country in the world?

Having mentioned only a few attempts in our world to put change ahead of foundation that miserably failed in the past lets look to one interesting change that will fail in the future. When the Bible speaks of the coming world leader known as the antichrist it describes a few of his personal attributes and character traits in detail. Alas, should we guess what one of them might be, you guessed it...change!

In a discourse about the world's last leader not only is the length of time he will rule given but it is said that he will overtake the Christian believers and enforce a change of many laws, seasons and cultural observations. Some eschatologist think he may even try to change how we mark or delineate time from BC and AD to something that marks the time of his entrance into power. The bottom line is change, he will call for change and he will get it, but only for a short time. Following antichrist's changes will be the final change from the rule of men to a blessed Theocratic rule with Christ on the earth, in Jerusalem and ruling with a rod of iron.

The Prophet Daniel says "And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time." (Daniel 7:25)

He is given three and a half years to work his change but after that the shape of the earth will change forever. Then we will all sing a new song entitled 'Glory to God in the Highest.'

© Michael Bresciani


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