Michael Bresciani
Presidents, pundits, and prophets -- big list of wrong answers for 2011
By Michael Bresciani
May 28, 2011

Here are 5 of the most often asked questions of 2011 that by virtue of the answers given by Presidents, Pundits and Prophets can also be included in the list of the 5 most absurd answers of 2011, or perhaps of all time. Can we correct some of these answers?

1. Does the Arab Spring praised by Barack Obama mean the Muslims will now peacefully come into the 21st century with the rest of the world?

The first way to answer this question is to consider that both Osama Bin Laden and President Obama have praised the Muslim Spring. If it doesn't warm the cockles of your heart to know that the world's most infamous terrorist and the world's most radical, socialist and controversial U.S. President in American history firmly agree on something; then what could.

The idea that all this uprising among the Muslims is going to result in a new wave of fledgling democracies is an absurdity of the highest order after considering the fact that these nations already have a system that they all fully accept. Sharia Law is fully rooted in these nations and none of them has given the first indicators that they intend to shift to democracies. Supposing that they will is what gives new definition to the word naiveté.

2. Do the death of Bin Laden and the release of the long awaited mysterious birth certificate mean that after all Barack Obama is a good President who was under rated and totally misunderstood?

The possibility that we have all misjudged this President and treated him all too harshly is exactly what the administration would like us to believe but the facts can't support that outlandish assertion.

After killing the will of the people with an unwanted health care bill and dashing the hopes of states like Arizona to have enough money to build new schools and provide services to its lawful citizens the killing of Bin Laden is like throwing a dog an old bone in the hope that he will stop his incessant barking. If the President could take out the top twenty terrorist in the world before his term ends it will do little to fix the domestic and economic disasters at hand or looming that have his signature already attached to them.

Like a bad episode of the Twilight Zone we are thrust into a scene in which a leader has actually decided that homosexuals should have far more rights and the unborn should not have any. We who know our founders used the Bible to put our constitution, preamble, bill of rights and other historic documents on parchment are now asked to believe that with one single Presidential proclamation that we are after all a Muslim nation. Can we just shut this episode off and come back to reality? Yes, if we wise up at the 2012 polling stations!

The birth certificate is being called the fraud of the century by firms whose business it is to uncover frauds along with every kind of forensic researcher from amateur to world class. The mainstream media is loathe to even mention the whole Connecticut social security question which holds even more potential as a criminal act than the birth certificate. But the timing was perfect as the election year approaches for the nation's perpetual campaigner President.

Lest we forget Jerome Corsi's new book and Donald Trump's new rage were all bringing the Presidents ratings down to record lows. Some would say that it is evidence that a fifth rate President can somehow still manage to be a first rate politician who knows how to play a crowd.

3. Will the American economy recover as the President is predicting or is this all just a case of trickledown economics in reverse?

The answer to this question is an enigma because simply put, the answer is no, we will not recover, but the answer can be altered to a yes if Americans will do a couple of things to avoid it. I am only one of a thousand voices that have called for the changes that we need to make. I have no Rasmussen poll to bolster my analysis but if my gut tells me anything it is that not nearly enough people are taking me or the other 999 people serious enough to head off a disaster of biblical proportions.

Of the two solutions to our economic woes one is becoming more obvious to millions of Americans but the other is largely ignored. Both answers must be considered or the economy has no possibility of recovery.

The first is to oust President Obama in the 2012 elections and start over with someone who doesn't think that other people's money is their own bottomless pit of wealth for distribution as they see fit. The second answer is much harder to produce because it requires that we see the connection between a nation's wealth and its morality.

I could not possibly fit all the scriptural references that guarantee that God controls our financial well being based on our moral standing into this single article. In a nation that drags kids to court for trying to pray at commencement exercises or wearing a cross on a tee shirt could I expect a whole lot of people to simply believe me and shift gears as a result? At the least let me remind us all of at least one basic promise made by the Living God; "But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth." (De 8: 18) If he gives it, can he not also take it away?

4. Since we're putting most of our space program to bed will we ever be able to get around to all those vast unknown galaxies' and planets? Where can we expect to go next if we do?

Here is a case of science fact having already collided with science fiction which has little to do with a lack of funding for our space program. It is that collision that some are now, at last, willing to admit but it is a lot like global warming, it is sold as a problem of huge proportions that is in reality no more than a colorful excursion into hyperbole and wishful thinking.

It is the element of time on two fronts that throws up the stop signs that so few are willing to recognize. First it is the world socio-economic and political situation that is running out of time. The world is a powder keg waiting for a match that will produce the other big bang known as Armageddon. We will not catch up in outer space quick enough to offset the next world conflict on earth. I could refer to the prophetic alone to substantiate this claim but in today's world I need only refer someone to the broadcast of the daily news.

The Bible emphatically declares that man has only been given dominion over one planet for a rather brief time before its creator has promised he will intervene in person just before we annihilate ourselves. Speaking of the turbulence across the world just before his return Christ said, "And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect's sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days." (Mark 13: 20)

The second problem time presents is wholly insurmountable as well. Astronauts, MIT and Harvard graduates and just about anyone else educated or not seems willing to ignore the ramifications of Einstein's calculations on relativity. Traveling to distant galaxies requires that we meet or exceed the speed of light but that comes with a very annoying but scientifically immutable fact attached to it.

Time slows or stops as we approach that speed at least for the little spaceship we send on its way but the clock keeps ticking here on the home planet. If we could make it out of our own galaxy and back at nearly the speed of light our sun would be burned out and our planet frozen into ice long before we came back.

Who would guess that even in the scientific community that honesty has been overtaken by pipe dreams, wishful thinking skullduggery and exaggeration? And we thought it was only the problem of politics.

5. Will we see peace in the Middle East in our time?

This loaded question has an enigma attached to it as well. The answer is no there will be no peace in the Middle East by the will of man and political maneuvering. Yet to qualify that answer I must say that according to scripture that the antichrist (Soon to appear in a neighborhood near you) will work a tacit, temporary and tenuous peace for a short time but it will end in disaster.

In fact he (the antichrist) will renege on his promise and Israel's enemies will surround her in full force for the final kill. At that time God will stand up for Israel and what is now only prophetic will become history.

Suffice it to say that Israel will survive but her enemies will not. Rest assured this is not the promise of a few obscure passages of scripture but it is a fully detailed and outlined scenario that the entire world could know if it chose to. So why does it happen if it could be avoided.

Apparently the world does not choose to know or believe the answer. Little wonder that every shift of power, every rise or fall of nations or individuals was described by the great King Solomon with these words. "...there is no new thing under the sun." (Ec 1: 9)

Many more questions asked in 2011 can be answered but articles have only so much space and since the year is only half over we will have to wait for another time. All the matters mentioned here may be finally resolved and some may slip by the best scrutiny of the wise and prudent but as William Shakespeare said, "Time is the justice that examines all offenders."

© Michael Bresciani


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