Alan Keyes
Liberty and Union: Can both be saved?
By Alan Keyes
July 15, 2013

Every day offers Americans new proof of what the Declaration of Independence calls "a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism." On every front, our liberty is under assault from an elitist faction bent on overthrowing constitutional self-government of, by, and for the people.
  • On the moral front, elitist courts and partisans are pursuing an insanely adamant campaign to enforce approval of homosexual conduct. In the name of fictional rights that have no basis but in the perverted will of the power-abusing officials who fabricate them, elitist courts and partisans are denying and disparaging God-endowed rights – rights that are rooted in natural conscience and the primordially human desire to preserve ourselves and propagate humanity. They do so in flagrant violation of the 1st, 2nd, and 9th Articles of the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights, which explicitly refer to and protect these rights.

  • On the institutional front, a combine of elitist partisans, academic hacks, and insatiable corporate Goliaths has hastily legislated and is now seeking to impose a transparently unworkable scheme of so-called reform. Promoted on the excuse a speciously descried crisis of access to healthcare services, its real aim is to use the coercive power of government to consolidate America's workforce under a totalitarian government bureaucracy. Once consolidated, life and death decisions about access to healthcare will be tools for political and social control and regimentation. They will lie outside the framework of collective or other peaceable bargaining processes, which are authentically possible only when individual and societal rights are respected, including the right of the people peaceably to assemble so that, by and through their organized association, they can achieve an effectiveness beyond their reach as individuals.

  • On the financial front, this same elitist combine has pursued budget and fiscal policies willfully destructive of the prosperity, the capital, and the good faith and credit of the American people. In utter disregard of the Constitution's stated goal, they have cursed our posterity with enslaving debt that may, in the material sense, permanently exclude them from the blessings of liberty.

  • Decades of willfully lax enforcement of U.S. immigration laws have allowed a de facto invasion of U.S. territory now being exploited by the same gang of partisan, ideological, and corporate hacks to impair the geographic and political sovereignty of the American people. With no regard for the preservation of our national identity and cohesiveness, this gangster clique (arrogantly identifying itself in such terms) aims to break the spirit that leads Americans to cherish political and economic independence. In its stead they aim to infuse, by importation, the more tractable, servile mentality of people accustomed to wage slave peonage and serfdom.

  • The U.S. confronts, and has already grievously suffered from, a threatening infrastructure of ruthlessly violent terrorism, one that feeds upon a fanatical, religiously-motivated hatred of America's free way of life richly available in the Islamic world. But instead of mobilizing the self-disciplined genius and local initiative of the American people, in the nation's defense, the elitist clique has used the threat to excuse a wholesale assault against the Constitution's goal of a well-regulated militia ready to stand in defense of their community.

  • On the social front, the economic assault on the United States in the fall of 2008 was the opening salvo in a campaign aimed at crippling America's middle class, the workers, professionals, and entrepreneurs who are the contemporary equivalent of Thomas Jefferson's "yeoman farmers." The size and political strength of the middle class has been the open secret of America's stable, reasonably decent self-government since the nation began. Like the God-endowed family, which is its natural seed, the middle class has been a particular target of the elitist clique's campaign to overthrow constitutional self-government in the United States.
Despite this evident general offensive against them, many people of goodwill in the United States are sincerely anxious to preserve their rights and restore the constitutional liberty of their nation. In my WND column this week, I once again call on such Americans to consider what they must do – not just to fight the battles, but to win the war being waged against their way of life. Too many conservatives, yet loyal to God-endowed liberty, are still afraid to relinquish their fealty to the GOP. Repeatedly mesmerized by new personalities, and repeatedly betrayed (most recently by the likes of Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan), they still refuse to act on what is now overwhelmingly in evidence: The elitist clique inimical to liberty now firmly controls the so-called Republican Party. The party is no longer free to represent the Americans earnestly willing to save the constitutional Republic.

We face an unprecedented threat to America's way of life. "As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew." I have read and heard from goodhearted people who are moved by their frustration and grief to take the view that we must surrender our common identity as a people and accept the dissolution of the constitutional Union based upon it, in order to preserve some vestiges of rights and liberty. In the years before the Civil War, Daniel Webster spoke the famous words "Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable." That was before the bond was consecrated in the blood of thousands dead on battlefields all around the country and the world. That was before the tears and toil of generations had proven the potent benefit of fulfilling the founders' dream of a self-governed people whose success would vindicate the just capacity for self-government of people of goodwill throughout the earth.

Have we become so much less than the supposedly less-educated and well-endowed generations that went before us? If so, it can only be because, despite all our vaunted science and material success, we have turned from the moral and spiritual path that gave them a surplus of faith and courage to match their deficiency of wealth and arms. But if this is our failing, then it is also our hope. For all that is required to restore us to their path of greatness is to trust again, as they did, in the God who made us.

Instead of breaking our country, what if, heartbroken, we bring our prayers to Him. If we will truly turn to Him, by the very Word that made us, He allows us to have confidence that He will hear our prayers and heal our land. Moved by that hope, we will surely find the courage to build a political movement faithful to God and true liberty.
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