Alan Keyes
GOP betrayal: 'What are we gonna do?'
By Alan Keyes
October 21, 2013

O'MALLEY: "What seems to be his trouble, doctor?"

DOCTOR: "The longer I live the more I suspect man having a soul that's at the bottom of most of his bellyaches."

O'MALLEY: "He seems pretty little to have soul trouble."

DOCTOR: "Bugs have no sporting instinct. They go for the little fellows."

O'MALLEY: "So it's a bug."

DOCTOR: "Well, a fever anyway. Hero fever I call it. Very modern. Ever since we've been getting out of touch with God we've been pushovers for it." (From "Keeper of the Flame," Warner Brothers, 1942)

The shutdown drama's climax has ripped the tattered mask from the true face of the GOP's elitist establishment. A significant number of voters have not only caught on to the twin-party scam, they want an alternative to it. In the polls being conducted and publicized under the auspices of the elitist faction's propaganda media, the GOP is reportedly at its lowest ebb in history.

To be sure, these reports conveniently serve the elitist faction's present tactical objective. They are meant to substantiate the assertion that the GOP's electoral base is recoiling in reaction against the tea party's stubborn opposition to Obamacare. Now, a solid majority of Americans persistently reject the socialist deconstruction of what remains of America's private-sector healthcare system (a majority that now includes a growing number of union members who once dumbly followed their sold-out leaders in applauding it). But, like the voice of the Borg collective in the "Star Trek" fable, the elitist faction propagandists characterize all GOP politicians who take any real action on behalf of these constituents as insanely destructive. After all, "Resistance is futile."

If we accept the elitist faction's line, we have to assume that voters opposed to Obamacare (the overwhelming majority of the GOP's core constituency) want to punish the GOP on account of the politicians who faithfully represent their opposition. This makes no sense. There is, however, a more reasonable explanation for the GOP's growing political infirmity.

The elitist faction propagandists and their most shameless GOP collaborators have harshly attacked GOP members of Congress (like Sens. Cruz and Lee and the majority of the GOP representatives in the U.S. House) identified as the focal points of what they call "extremist" opposition to Obamacare. Moreover, the GOP collaborators are now quite open about their determination to crush any politician who dares actually to represent Americans who reject socialist tyranny, and all its workers and all its works.

The GOP's core constituents are understandably angry about coming under attack from the ramparts of what is supposed to be their own party. It's plainly logical to conclude that the GOP's low ebb has everything to do with this adverse grassroots reaction against an elitist GOP establishment that has thus openly declared war upon them. This seems even to have shaken the party discipline of people who have clung to the empirically irrational delusion that the GOP can be saved exclusively from within.

These purblind partisans will soon feel even more discredited. The GOP's elitist faction leadership has already set the stage for the next scene of their treachery. Having played out their scripted role in the sham battle staged over Obamacare and budget discipline, they are already setting the scene for surrender on immigration and border security. As these duplicitous leaders grovel their way toward new capitulation, it's too charitable to pretend that they are cowards or incompetents. Such epithets ignore the real extent of their political depravity.

The GOP elitist establishment plays the role the elitist faction's agenda has all along intended for them. They exist to gull, distract, and demoralize Americans still loyal to liberty. So they step through mock combats with their Democratic Party foes in order to give up fatalistically at the crucial turning point of battle.

They are not cowards. They are cynical, self-serving, cold-blooded agents of constitutional subversion. They are not mastered by fear. Rather, they think to confirm, by repeated treachery, the elitist factional mastery prepared by their deceit. That's why, withal, we hear of their determination to annihilate true conservatives who persist in representing, with integrity, the core constituents the elitist GOP establishment works to betray. That treachery is meant to leave these loyal Americans demoralized, confused, and hopelessly resigned to the elitist faction's destruction of America's liberty.

Many such Americans are finally awakening to a stark reality. The GOP's elitist faction leaders have been purposely misleading them into a political wilderness. There they mean to abandon all who insist on continuing to pursue America's goal of God-fearing constitutional liberty for all. Once the elitist faction has formally "legalized" their unconstitutional command of society's life-and-death institutions, they mean to leave such people quite literally without material means of support, unless and until they surrender to the new socialist dictatorship.

Through Obamacare they will control access to healthcare for the life of the body. In the context of bailouts, stimulus packages, and other debt-financed government spending, they will control access to ownership and jobs. Through the income tax and the machinations of the Federal Reserve, they will control disposable income and access to capital. They will redefine family, discarding natural right and usurping parental influence and authority. Thence forward those who control the central government will, from earliest childhood, mold the self-perception of new generations, suppressing individual responsibility and initiative.

Recently, I found myself watching an old Warner Brothers film, "Keeper of the Flame," released soon after the U.S. formally entered World War II. At about 19 minutes in, there's a bit of dialogue that prefigures the assault on American liberty we are presently enduring. War correspondent Stephen O'Malley (played by Spencer Tracy) converses with a young American hero worshiper:

O'MALLEY: "You're your own man...after all, dying isn't very important. It's the way we live that really counts.... We don't want to be slaves, do we?"

HERO WORSHIPER: "...There aren't any slaves now...."

O'MALLEY: "Not here maybe, but Europe's full of them. Might be our turn next."


O'MALLEY: "Well, there are so many ways, it would take me the rest of the day to try to explain it to you. But the general idea is that they try to get us all confused, scared, and sore at each other and then, before you know it, Clamp! The handcuffs are on us."

HERO WORSHIPER: "Hmm. Will they really put chains on me?"

O'MALLEY: "Not on your hands they wouldn't, because you'd have to work for 'em. The chains would be on your mind and on your tongue."

HERO WORSHIPER: "Well, what are we gonna do about it?"

O'MALLEY: "We're not gonna let them kick us around, are we? You and I are free men today because centuries ago, some unknown fellow got the idea in his head he was just as good as the fellow who was bossing him, and what a fight that started."


O'MALLEY: "It's not, it's not over yet...."

I think O'Malley's right. Except today the chains are forged, above all, for our hearts and spirits. We must reject the arrogance of power that has conjointly become the premise of politics for the elitist leadership establishment in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Our strategy for political action must restore political initiative to the hands of grassroots Americans individually empowered by their faith in God, and the sense of their vocation as free and decent citizens, to build a nation that respects His will for right and liberty. Are you ready to do more?

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