Desmond McGrath
Liberty’s sunset: Death of a nation
By Desmond McGrath
January 19, 2021

Hungarian Revolution 2021: Reichstag Fire 2.0: a 5-year coup d'état

When I woke to the following threat (Fig. 1) from John O. Brennan, Obama’s Felix Dzerzhinsky[1] – fired from “Rasputin” Dorsey’s high powered propaganda machine, Twitter, on Facebook – like the opening volley on Ft. Sumter, and I checked Parler only to find that it was indeed shut down, I thought: Marxists and monopolists do not make idle threats! Does this sound like healing the nation, as Joe Biden suggested? Note the article "DOD, FBI Vetting National Guard Members in DC: Pentagon
" – what are they being screened for? Loyalty to the country, flag, and Constitution, or loyalty/voting for Trump vs. Biden/Obama – or heaven forbid, loyalty to deep-staters like Clapper and Brennan and their proteges or loyalty to Marx? Remember Obama's military coup purged 197 officers in five years!

Figure 1 John O. Brennan Obama’s Felix Dzerzhinsky[2]
These are the threats of a Totalitarian Marxist.

While I have been dealing with a serious personal matter, the whole events of January 6th onwards and indeed the election weighed very heavily on me until I had a chance to start putting pen to paper after waking up at 5AM this Saturday morning. I was immediately reminded of the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 as described by a late Magyar friend of our family; he had survived Hitler’s WWII only to be enslaved by Stalin and Communism; He described once in great first person details the uprising and crackdown and in particular the shutdown of the Press, Telegraph/Teletype, Telephone Lines and Short-Wave Radio broadcasts both public and private and the fate of once devoted Leninist, Imre Nagy who was later hung for his counter-revolutionary uprising.

He also talked about how the Hungarians were betrayed by Brothers Allen and John Foster Dulles who were respectively charge of the CIA and the Dept of State through the use of false hope propaganda messages on “Radio Free Europe” and turning blind eyes and deaf ears to the Hungarians pleas. (When I read “The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government” by David Talbot just before 2016 election it reminded me of the 1981 conversation on the Hungarian Revolution) I heard similar stories from one of the handful who escaped in sewers from the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and nearly identical tales from a dear female friend and engineering workmate who with other family and friends threw WWII German grenades, that were hidden by the Czech Resistance against the Nazis 25 years earlier, into the tracks of Soviet Tanks as they invaded Prague in 1968.

Birth of a nation to death of a nation.

The progressive era in the United States started with in earnest with Democrat Woodrow Wilson’s Presidency who not only wrote the opening statement for “Birth of a Nation” that glorified the Klu Klux Klan making it the first film to be shown in the White House but also implemented wholesale racial segregation of the federal bureaucracy. In 1911, just a few years before the Wilson Presidency, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch published a cartoon by Robert Minor[3] that showed the Wall Street Monopolists rejoicing Marxism. Many of these were still “Butt Hurt” over the Sherman Anti-Trust legislation that was breaking up monopolies like Standard Oil. Dr Anthony Sutton produced a Wall Street Trilogy[4] of work based on the same premise. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely[5] Lord Acton, and that phrase exponentially applies to the tech monopolies of today compared to those of yesterday whose family trusts still influence/steer American and global politics towards one world government.

You have to know that things are getting really bad when the ACLU is getting concerned about what is going on; you can look up the reaction to Trump’s Ban from @ACLU Senior Legislative Counsel Kate RuaneI yourself as I refuse to put actual links to Twitter.

Note from Veritas Video by James O’Keeffe on Rasputin Dorsey from the Gateway Pundit:

    “We are focused on one account [@realDonaldTrump] right now, but this is going to be much bigger than just one account, and it’s going to go on for much longer than just this day, this week, and the next few weeks, and it’s going to go on beyond the inauguration,” Mr. Dorsey said. “And we have to expect that and we have to be ready for that.”

Note the Screen Shot Fig 5; Emily Ratajkowski is by no means a Trump supporter but is not only fearful of the tech censorship, but also suspicious of the MAGA dude visuals being used to justify big tech’s rollout of said censorship. She is obviously well aware of the concepts of Agents Provocateurs and (Please Read Link) Revolutionary Parliamentarianism[6]; classic tools of Marxist/Communist subversion. I am sure some pronounless parrots loathe her because she is a Victoria Secret model, but clearly, she is very educated and awake vs the AgitProp[7] “Woke” of those who would criticize her. My friend Fredy Lowe’s article on CanadaFreePress This Is My Educated Opinion As Others Are Giving Trump Supporters Inappropriate Advice... January 2, 2021 prophesized:

    For the sake of our discussion, let’s use a realistic number of 500,000 people in attendance at the Trump-Wild-Rally. Common sense tells us that there could be somewhere between 5-10% (which might go as high as 15%) of agitators in attendance such as BLM, Antifa, or other paid subversive groups. And, lest we forget the thousands of hard-core-radical-and-angry-citizens who believe that Trump stole the election from Biden, which could mean upwards of 50-75,000 bad actors mixed into this 500,000 Wild Patriot’s Rally.

Must See/Watch: “Agent Provocateur' Tactics Seen at Jan 6 US Capitol Protest”—Interview with Michael Yon: Crossroads. I understand from Michael that he has much more yet to expose on this matter, likewise the Epoch Times.

The promulgator of “Culte de l'Être supreme”[8] during the French Revolution, Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre On July 27, 1793, was elected to the Committee of Public Safety, which was formed that April to protect France against its enemies, foreign and domestic, and to oversee the government. Under his leadership, the committee came to exercise virtual dictatorial control over the French government. In what became known as “The Reign of Terror”, Robespierre encouraged the execution, mostly by guillotine, of more than 17,000 enemies of the Revolution. The Ouroboros[9] of Karma intervened after exactly a year and the day after his arrest, on 28 July 1794, Robespierre and 21 of his followers were guillotined before a cheering mob in the Place de la Revolution in Paris. Even Leon Trotsky (Lev Davidovich Bronstein), Lenin’s Comrade in Arms and courier for Wall Street money to Russia, was eventually killed on Stalin’s orders with an Ice Axe by Assassin Ramón Mercader, a Spanish communist. If you think they will not eventually come for you; you are very very naive. Tim Cooke, Apple CEO; Where is Jack Mah????? Remember Ren Zhiqiang?

To be honest I am shocked and appalled by those people who openly celebrate the removal of Trump and others like Ron Paul from Facebook and internet and the de-platforming of Parler by Amazon after Apple and Google/Alphabet blocked the Parler APP sales due to their sole monopolies over the iPhone and Android operating systems. I have to say that there are some pretty rich comments on Facebook justifying the suppression of free speech from mentioning the Fairness Doctrine to the fact that Facebook, Apple, Google and Twitter et al are private companies and can do what they want. Despite the antiquity of the "Fairness Doctrine" in the 1920s and the Supreme court challenge of 1969, Red Lion Broadcasting Co., Inc. v. Federal Communications Commission[10], the underlying principle of a person being able to defend themselves in the public square and in the court of public opinion is as sacrosanct and as much a tenet of free speech and free press as the 1st Amendment. If George III and his courtesan puppet masters at the Bank of England and the (British) East India Company, (both private monopolies at the time, the latter with its own navy and private army) had control over 90% plus of the printing presses in 1776, there never would have been an American Republic.

On the simplest basis the immunity protections that Big Tech was granted by Congress by making section 230 violates the spirit of the First Amendment as Congress made that law:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

The Spanish Inquisition and Facebook/Google/Twitter centered universe

It is not a free press when the overlords can have billboards all over Time Square while the oppressed masses are not even allowed in the square and are relegated to messaging via hand reproduced pamphlets from the scribes at Lindisfarne because they are equally prevented access to Gutenberg’s Printing Presses. The Gutenberg Bible and Galileo’s writings did not have pages forcibly removed or censored by “fact-checking” monopolies of Church, State or Black Nobility! It is not free speech when the oppressors have bullhorns while the oppressed cannot congregate and can only cry out alone through (gas)masks.

Some have called Trump’s Washington address to the crowd Jan 6th 2021; Hate Speech and Violent Calls to Action, I would challenge you to watch the whole thing and quote the inflammatory passages. Depending on whose timeline you follow, the New York Times or the Washington Post; the Capitol breach either started 20 minutes before Trumps Speech ended[11] or before it even started as per John Solomon. While on the subject of real inflammatory language, when I last checked that has not caused The Keith Olbermann's[12] and others like Yusra Khogalito[13] lose their platforms aka "Bully Pulpit" or silenced any other radical posts/platforms online that incite retribution against conservatives or “white people are recessive genetic defects”. Iran’s Ayatollah still has a platform and Twitter presence to chant “Death to Israel”.

But then again Hate Speech is what the Ruling Elite and Digital Dictators in waiting want you to believe it is, just like what I wrote on Canada Free Press (my last article there) “Iqra Khalid succeeds in getting the Camel's nose of Islamophobia into the tent of Free Speech” And when the Ruling Elite own or control the 90% of the means of communication it is ideological slavery because it makes the common (Wo)Man blame each other and everybody else but those ruling elite and their hidden agents of change for their lot in life. It is no wonder that Nikki Haley says Trump’s Twitter ban is 'what happens in China.' It certainly benefits an ascendant China!

We are all now subject to the mores of the Silicon Valley Inquisition who have about as much in common with those who use their platforms as King John’s subjects did with him before he was forced by sword point to sign the Magna Charta. How much longer before “Removing Tongues”, “Burning at the Stake” and “Drawing & Quartering” is reinstated?

Is CCP/Sino-phobia hate speech?

Every Revolution begins with “NewSpeak” then the suppression of Free Speech, Seizure of the Airwaves/Internet and Suppression or buying up of Free Press followed closely by disarmament of “We the People”. What happens when Operatives/Agents of the Chinese Communist Party buy controlling interest of Facebook/Google/Twitter et al after their Stock plunges? Not saying there is not already overt and covert pressure being exerted as all including Apple and Amazon have enormous vested financial interests intertwined with China! Now with Apple, Google and Amazon doing a globalist ‘Cancel Culture’ on Parler, how much of that is delegated pressure from China’s Communist Party due to their enormous entanglement and investment there? Are they all afraid of getting Jack Mah’ed? Ask Parler CEO John Matze Whose Family Forced into Hiding Due to Death Threats, Security Breaches!

Why is it that none of those cheering the cancellation of Parler and making threats seem the least bit concerned about the Biden Family's enormous financial bondage to the Chinese Communist Party that is still under investigation? NPR said it was not a news story before election day and Twitter suspended the New York Posts account over the story regarding Hunter Bidens laptop before the election. Trumps official election campaign account was also temporarily suspended before the election for the same thing. That is real sedition but none dare call it treason! See: Tulsi Gabbard Pulls Back the Curtain on Why Congress Won't Act Against Big Tech, but is there also dark money and direct or covert CCP influence?

Funny I never see any of you who are hypercritical of Donald J Trump (including friends I have known for 30, 40 and 50 years) posting or sharing ANY articles or commentary criticizing Venezuela, where thousands of people have been killed in crackdowns, all but the elite are starving and around 5 million have had to leave the country while Nicolás Maduro @maduro_en still has an unmolested Twitter account? None dare mention the global threat of the Chinese Communist Party, Occupation of Tibet, Suppression of Hong Kong Democracy movements reminiscent of 1989 Tiananmen Square, the Uyghurs concentration camps, the suppression of the Falun Gong and Organ Harvesting of the latter two groups? Why is that?

Why did the media minions go so apoplectic when Donald Trump called COVID-19 the China or Wuhan Virus? Despite the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with the World Health Organization (WHO) acting as its sycophantic apologists, both complicit in subverting the truth about the origin and deadliness of this contagion? Ren Zhiqiang is now paying the price in prison for criticizing Xi and Dr. Li Wenliang who originally raised the alarm only to be suppressed/silenced eventually paid with his life! How many of the Elite and Globalists are under Sino-Duress due to as of yet undisclosed personal “Bang Bang Fang Fang” or Hunter Biden moments? Even the CBC in Canada has been caught spreading CCP propaganda in attempts to squelch the Epoch Times and the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin “Bang Bang Yung Yung” Trudeau has been hiding the fact that the Canadian Military was instructed to give the CCP’s Peoples Liberation Army cold weather warfare training on Canadian Bases and Canadian Soil? It deeply disturbs me that none of this seems to bother Canadian Trump haters, some of whom I still call friends; are they all the Maoists that “Lucky Pierre” dreamed they would become when we were in high school together and encouraged to get “Mao’s Little Red Book”[14] from the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa during the FLQ (False Flag) crisis?

What about China's Neo-Colonization of Africa under the One Belt One Road initiative? Loaning them money they can never repay (Now that Hillary’s globalist buddies killed Muammar Gaddafi and took his gold out of play for African Development) in return for resource monopolies, or the Militarization and Occupation of the South China Sea? Crickets!!!! Or Heaven Forbid, whisper the word “Plaasmoorde”? Is it not odd that Eric “Bang Bang Fang Fang” Swalwell was a major cheerleader of President Trumps impeachment the last time while secret Soviet style impeachment hearings were held in the basement of the Capitol like a Stalinist show trial? Just a coincidence that Diane Feinstein, architect of the original “Assault Rifle” Ban, had a Chinese Spy as a personal driver? What about The Clintons receiving campaign cash in the mid-90s from Peoples Liberation Army of the Chinese Communist Party, arranging to allow them access to missile guidance technology and then as a reward shoehorning China into the WTO? What about when “Brian Mast has questions, but no answers”

    “I rise with a very simple question,” Mast offered. “On Jan. 6, thousands of people broke the law by taking siege of our Capitol here with us inside. Has any one of those persons who bought violence on our Capitol been brought here to say whether they did that because of our President?” Crickets everywhere!!!!!

It’s not what people are critical of, but rather what they (Especially Bureaucrats and Politicians) never say a disparaging word about that is most dangerous. From Biden’s “China is not our enemy. We want to see China rise” like a latter day Neville Chamberlain, to Diane Feinstein’s cellphone chats with the Iranian Foreign minister on Capitol Hill; every voice accusing President Trump of Sedition and Treason have never raised a single voice about Communist China and some like John Kerry were openly conspiring, offering aid and advice to enemies like Iran. Yet far too many Democrats are vocal in their condemnation of Israel in open anti-Semitic rants. However, they all love “False Flag” events to divert attention from the truth and “Never let a Crisis go to Waste” Do you remember when Pelosi, Schumer or Biden criticized China? No? Neither do I. Now “China ‘Sought to Influence’ 2020 US Election, Director of National Intelligence Assesses” Epoch Times

During the Regan Administration in 1983, Teddy Kennedy sought help from the Russians “He proposed an unabashed quid pro quo. Kennedy would lend Andropov a hand in dealing with President Reagan. In return, the Soviet leader would lend the Democratic Party a hand in challenging Reagan in the 1984 presidential election.” The proposal was made through an intermediary in May 1983 to General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Y. Andropov, a former director of the KGB and a principal mover in both the crushing of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and the suppression of the 1968 Prague Spring. Tragically on Sept 1 1983 Representative Larry McDonald (a Conservative Anti-Communist Democrat from Georgia, allegedly whom Teddy liked about as much as the devil likes holy water) was assassinated when the Russians Shot down Korean Airlines KAL007, the truth behind the downing has never been fully exposed but Andropov was involved in covering it up. You have Obama’s 26 Mar 2012 open mike when Obama tells Medvedev to tell Vladimir he will have "more flexibility" after election yet the Democratic Party line and Big Tech/Media talking point is that Trump won in 2016 due to collusion with the Russians (that the Muller investigation could not find) and now claim there was no foreign collusion/fraud in the 2020 election when Biden won under a cloud of controversy that they are actively keeping out of court.

I have made my life a pilgrimage to befriend those who saw and experienced firsthand much of Man's Inhumanity to Man; from a man who fought on both sides of the Russian Revolution and both sides of WWI & II; whose first wife and youngest son were sent off to Stalin’s Gulags at the start of the latter. I have met those who survived the Holodomor, Bataan Death March and some of the major Marxist (and Anti) inspired revolutions of the 20th century including Tiananmen Square. I was in Egypt during the protests of 2012, the aftermath of Obamas 2009 World Apology Tour at Cairo University and re-election (I had also been in Egypt Jan-April 2009 before he arrived), and in 2012 met one of the numerous United Nations representatives’ who were flying from Paris to Cairo in the business class seat next to me. Since it was peaceful when I arrived and unrest started within 48 hours, I always wondered if they were there to foment the subsequent unrest. I saw with my own eyes a UN document she was reading inflight that had on one of its pages what would later become the infamous ISIS/L (Obama’s Junior Varsity Team) Caliphate Map. When I was evacuating Egypt the end of the week, I personally witnessed Agent’s Provocateurs coming off planes that allegedly had “No Passengers” each way, arriving full and leaving empty. Things are never as the media makes them out to be.

Amongst the people I have known are some who were on the front lines and direct shadows of the 20th century darkest moments, people like Phillip Riteman, Lanier Phillips and Palden Gyatso, who respectively are, the only member of his family to survive Auschwitz concentration camp, escaped the KKK in Rural Georgia and endured 33 years of torture as a Political Prisoner in China. Yet many of you blame the CCP Virus deaths on Donald Trump as if he had personally engineered the Virus and then allowed it to be released into the USA like a latter-day Dr. Josef Mengele.

I am sick and tired of the parroted comments of those who believe they have some moral superiority or heightened enlightenment. You can blow your own horn all you want and you are entitled to what in my humble opinion is your delusion that I am sick, need counseling or re-education like the Uyghurs and have my head up my a$$. The latter is a good analogy as I have been in deep reflection the past 35 years and able to closely examine the undigested fecal matter that 90%+ of the media pass off as journalism and far too many of you blindly consume as gospel truth like a perverse addiction only hearing what you want to hear and disregarding the rest?

    I am just a poor boy
    Though my story's seldom told
    I have squandered my resistance
    For a pocketful of mumbles
    Such are promises
    All lies and jest
    Still, a man hears what he wants to hear
    And disregards the rest –
    Paul Simon ‘The Boxer’

I am also entitled to my opinion that I could wade barefoot through some of your deepest original thoughts and never get my feet wet in the shallowness of your remote armchair prognostication allowing the ideas fired out of the globalists high powered propaganda machines to be projected in the back of your minds while never questioning the veracity of the tales thus woven as long as they trigger the right emotive response for your TDS endorphin addiction.

When you regress to the dark ages to promote the suppression of free speech, de-platforming of other points of view and silencing of anyone who has valid opinions diametrically opposed to your indoctrinated worldview and then promote purging them from society like later day Salem witch trials; you are worse than Hitler’s Willing Executioners[15] who heard the anguished cries from Phillip Riteman’s and others box cars on the way to Auschwitz and said or did nothing. You are aligning yourself with the 21st century versions of the hidden masters who made Germany's silent majority afraid to speak their minds! "Make sure it doesn't happen to you, Think for Yourselves. Remember Evil is always around... don't let yourself be brainwashed!" Philip Riteman (Watch Video)

Kristallnacht versus the Burning of the Reichstag.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger an alleged Republican, likened the siege at the Capitol Building last week to “Kristallnacht”, or the Night of Broken Glass, when Jewish-owned businesses and institutions were destroyed by the Nazis in 1938 and dozens were killed; It underlines the false dichotomy of the left. Not to diminish the horror of the original, the American “Kristallnacht” much of it against black, immigrant and minority businesses erupted after Election Day 2016 and again on Inauguration Day 2017, when for example the Limo owned by a Pakistani immigrant Fig 10. was smashed and torched. I discussed much of this in “The Donald tsunami angers George Soros's useful idiots in the urban swamps-From the Beat Generation to the Beat You Generation!” November 21, 2016.

While it never went fully away, it has erupted since the death of George Floyd only to be called “Mostly Peaceful Protests” on the major media while glass was smashed and buildings/vehicles burned in the background of broadcasts. Insured damages exceed $2.0 billion, however the full cost may well be double or treble that as far too many of the minority owned businesses were not insured against the loss of business, riots and looting caused by the very people Kamala Harris and others helped raise Bail money for, that neither her nor Joe Biden condemned or tried to stop. Was all the mayhem, rioting and burning allowed to continue to act as a diversion from the Marc Elias Lawfare actions that were initiated to steal the 2020 elections while also using the plague doctors “Plandemic fighting smoke and mirrors” as cover?

Many repeated nightly attacks on federal government buildings nation-wide have all but been ignored yet, what happened at the Capitol January 6th 2021 has much a big surprise? It had more in common with the Burning of the Reichstag than “Kristallnacht”; sadly, Arnie’s father Gustav Schwarzenegger was always justifiably vague about his past and the real story, thus Arnie never learned it as a youth.

Yes, Reichstag 2021! and the threats against Donald Trump and all his supporters is actually “Kristallnacht”2021. While not to diminish what the Jewish community experienced due to the originals, there are ominous parallels to the tactics used to attack an identifiable segment of society and Israel’s most staunch presidential ally in decades as we are all being “Box-Car’d” into Digital Ghettos. Is Anti-Conservativism the new Anti-Semitism? Far too many Synagogues and worshipers are being attacked today and too many members of Congress are openly antisemitic.

As I wrote in “Ah, you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction?” November 15, 2015 “Douglas Reed was the foreign correspondent for the London Times in Germany at the time and just happened to be driving by the Reichstag when it caught fire, he was the second on the scene behind Hermann Goering”. Reed wrote about “The Burning of the Reichstag” (Worth Reading) during the trial that followed. The result is described at the United States Holocaust Museum.

My prediction is that most who get prosecuted for the Capitol breach will be a 5 or 6 dozen of duped Trump Supporters who were easily identified like “Qanon Shaman” (Jake Angeli) and Jake will be used just like Marinus van der Lubbe was, put on public display while the Agents Provocateurs of the Deep State, Antifa and Black Lives and others who are recorded on (in some cases their own) Video who had preplanned the event out of state and incited the Capitol breach are all well hidden from public purview because they were so well disguised with Antifa gear under the veneer of false Trump/Maga flags. A few of the careless ones will get recognized and call themselves “Observers” or “Journalists”. Snopes even trivialized Keith Ellison mocking Trump with an Antifa Handbook!

Equal treatment under the Law?

Like Pelosi’s impeachment 2.0 where “Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said that the house violated six independent points of the Constitution when impeaching President Donald Trump,” all done with unconstitutional blitzkrieg like speed in stark contradistinction to any investigation into the Democratic Apparatchiks over the past 12 Years (Or investigations of real election fraud), while Anarchist/BLM/Antifa/et al activists like John Earle Sullivan shown below in Fig 11, try to use an alibi that he was just there as an observer (like in Hong Kong and possibly elsewhere they have honed their tactics as per Michael Yon’s interview Video). Was John Earle Sullivan and Insurgence USA or the other members/affiliates of the group he founded ever a recipient of Kamala Harris’s bail fund? How many at the Capitol were previous recipients or on the streets due to Democrat policies of catch and release?

It is worthy of note that Sullivan who was falsely representing himself as a Trump Supporter by wearing a Trump Hat was let out, no bail necessary, “On July 13, 2020, SULLIVAN was charged with Rioting and Criminal Mischief by the local law enforcement authorities in Provo, Utah, based on his activities around a June 30, 2020, protest in which a civilian was shot and injured. That case is still pending. From the recent Affidavit against Sullivan HERE:

    12. The United States obtained a video of SULLIVAN, posted on YouTube, in which, while attending a protest in Washington, D.C., SULLIVAN can be seen telling a crowd, over a microphone, “we about to burn this shit down,” “we got to rip Trump out of office . . . fXXXing pull him out of that shit. we ain’t waiting until the next election.... we about to go get that motherfXXker.” SULLIVAN then can be seen leading the crowd in a chant of, “it’s time for a revolution. ”,

    ,,, SULLIVAN stated he was wearing a ballistic vest and gas mask while there.

Strange words and attire for a Trump Supporter!

See Epoch Times “Black Lives Matter Activist Took Part in Storming of Capitol” by Zachary Stieber, January 8, 2021 “Photographs showed Sullivan inside the Capitol in Washington on Jan. 6. Sullivan has since given interviews claiming he took part in the illegal breach of the building as part of an effort to understand supporters of President Donald Trump?”

John Earle Sullivan Freed In Utah As DOJ Did Not File A Detention Memo or Meet Threshold, (Despite having a previous arrest in June) he has to shutdown Insurgence USA LLC but is permitted to get paid by the Media! Imagine that more radicals for the Press to Pay for salacious stories! But what is that payment really for??? Articles are already appearaing protraying him as a tragic figure in places like the Salt Lake Tribune.

Jake Angeli, dressed like an NFL Superfan with headdress and horns, bare chest and no gas mask who has been a fixture at many peaceful rally’s in Arizona is still held without bail. Note that there is a huge difference between the charges laid against both: Angeli has a Grand Jury Indictment against him HERE. Does this mean that highly identifiable individuals like Angeli (Marinus van der Lubbe 2.0) who do not represent 99.9% Trump Supporters will be pressured into plea deals to say Donald Trump incited them to riot, while Sullivan and others in Antifa, BLM, and highly organized anarchist – Agents Provocateur groups who planned and incited the violence by impersonating Trump Supporters will be let off with a slap on the wrist to keep them quiet about the calculating organizations pulling their strings?

    “the appalling thing in the French Revolution is not the tumult but the design. Through all the fire and smoke we perceive the evidence of calculating organization. The managers remain studiously concealed and masked; but there is no doubt about their presence from the first.” Lord Acton[16]

Most of the active rioters who did most of the damage and incitement, cannot be recognized other than the False Flag Trump Paraphrenia on Antifa style protest/riot gear/apparel like Sullivan, while most know who the “Qanon Shaman” is right away.

Funny how ANTIFA groups still have Facebook pages while Trump and “Stop the Steal” is banned?

Consider the James O’Keefe videos from 2016, where the Democrats have been placing provocateurs into Republican and Trump Rally’s 5+ years ago, just because someone has shown up at previous events in Trump and Maga gear does not mean they are actual Trump Supporters and may have been imbedded since 2016. Then ask yourself why have none of the Democrats condemned Antifa? Why did Resolutions trying to have Antifa declared a Domestic Terrorist Organization in both the House and Senate by Cassidy, Loeffler and Cruz go nowhere? Remember Biden Says Antifa Is ‘An Idea, Not An Organization’ during Presidential Debate National Review Brittany Bernstein September 29, 2020. Was Antifa criticism kept quiet because they did and do serve a useful purpose? Letter: Antifa behaves like Hitler's 'Brown Shirts'

“Antifa is a dangerous radical group and you ought to be careful with them, they’ll overthrow you,” President Donald J. Trump during the first Presidential Debate.

It is my opinion that we are yet to experience the real “Night of Long Knives” the only unknown is, will it be against Antifa and other Marxist Anarchists or conservatives and the Maga Movement? The disparity of the charges/treatment against Sullivan and Angeli would suggests the latter. Just like Eric Holder dropping the voter intimidation charges against the New Black Panthers.

What is the CIA and FBI’s role in all this? Hungarian Revolution 2.0

Many pages of examples can be written about how warning signs of attacks are ignored by various elements of governmental agencies like the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, The 911 attack, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon Bombing, Parkland School etc.…. Towards the end of this article there are two videos that are portions of recorded zoom calls between activist civil servants in the federal bureaucracy and outside activist groups openly talking about organizing insurrection and breaking windows etc. after the election and calling it a Coup. I wrote an article “Looking through the NSA Prism at all Americans- Spectrographic Profiling at its finest but turning a blind eye to the real threat” June 21, 2013 where I asked:

    “Is the goal to make the public "Punch Drunk" from all the scandals so that they cannot muster the resources to fight against any one tyrannical issue ala Saul Alinksy and Cloward and Piven?”

I suggest that you read that article after you read this one if you want more food for thought. I noted that James Clapper stated that NSA is "not wittingly" spying on U.S. citizens. Yet at the end of the Obama Administration there was a wholesale unmasking of many Trump Supporters like General Flynn, all of whom having been spied upon. If you read or know much about spying techniques or read about what William Binney and Edward Snowden and others have exposed or talked about like the 5 eyes program, you will know that they will home in on “Key Words” and look for upticks in ‘chatter’. The two videos in question which contain some of the same and overlapping information are full of trigger words and Phrases.

“Naming what is happening as a Coup.”, “We are going to shut down the Whitehouse”, “Working on a Target Map”, “We are going to be in a Crisis, but we want it to be one we are creating”, “Whoever has got the guns can win, let’s take over the buildings”, “Fighting for Revolution”, “What would it take to surround the Whitehouse”, “Taking over Government Buildings”, “There may be some people who are willing to break the windows to get into the government buildings?”, ”War has got fighting”, “Critical Infrastructure”, “Is there going to be a war? Are people going to get killed?”.

I am sure you get the picture so the question is; was the CIA, FBI, DHS, NSA and other groups aware of this and just ignoring it because it suited their goals? Or are Deep State elements left over from the Obama administration actually choreographing it all and preventing distribution of the evidence?

Consider that before the Hungarian Revolution “The CIA funded the famous animated film of Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ you saw in school” after buying the rights from Orwell’s Widow and changing the ending. As I notice the massive amount of interference by Big Tech in Socialism Valley on the Left Coast, the accelerated takedown of dissenting voices, I have started to think about the proliferation of what I feel are “False Hope” videos about some miraculous last-minute rescue of the stolen election, like “White Hats” have Nancy Pelosi’s Laptop etc.…. What if Qanon is actually the 2020/21 version of Radio Free Europe’s false hope messages and is actually coordinated by the very intelligence community, Obama/Biden Shadow Government insiders/Marxists to orchestrate a Coup Against Trump by ensnaring his followers in False Flag attack against the Capitol Building? What if all of it was elaborately concocted to maximize the turnout at the January 6th rally so that the Agents Provocateurs of the Anti-Trump Coalition could more easily infiltrate the rally and hide in plain sight? In AgitProp and False Flag ops, the larger the crowd the better to direct via mass hysteria for your ulterior motives. Does this “False Hope” benefit Biden/Harris and the Marxist agenda?

There is too much coordination between all the groups in the videos, including those in the bureaucracy, to not believe that there is some more centralized coordination and given the past history or riots in DC, the lack of proper security at the Capitol is conveniently suspicious. But for whose benefit was it designed?

TDS Truth Derangement Syndrome

I have said it many times that I was once a card-carrying member of the Liberal Party of Canada and left the left. Those who leave the left or like Trotsky or Nagy even disagree with the goals and start claiming that the end does not justify the means are either summarily executed in the court of public opinion or otherwise deprived of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Prime examples of those who left the left are David Horowitz and Thomas Sowell decades ago as well as Melanie Phillips in the 90s and more recently Leo Terrell; I habitually read Melanie’s Guardian Column when I lived in Paris France and when she left the left in 1993, she describes her journey from "fantasy to reality". As for Leo Terrell: “I had to get away from the asylum and guess what? I escaped and I am not going back,” he said. “It’s just that [the Democrats] hate: when they don’t have an argument, they’ll just make up an argument.” Two weeks earlier he stated that Kamala Harris is “not qualified” and is an “affirmative action” choice while appearing on Fox News’ Hannity.

Of course, the use of the aforementioned quote in Fig 12. from the Game of Thrones is an example of the division in the country as many of those on the left and right are avid watchers of the show ‘Game of Thrones’ (I prefer real history) and while the quote is an astute observation regardless of political affiliation, the leftists are in enraged hyperventilation that it be applied to the actions of the big tech monopolies silencing President Trump and any who support him. It is no longer TDS Trump Derangement Syndrome but rather Truth Derangement Syndrome and the left wants to silence everybody who does not comply with their version of the truth or their vision of the global Marxist utopia of the “Green New Deal”. Now AOC pushes for more government funding to deprogram white supremacists where will it stop, considering that it only took about 30 months after Alex Jones was taken off the air to do the same to the President and Ron Paul???

Remember Obama’s scandal-free presidency:

The Ledger Editorial sums it up best, Obama’s scandal-free claim is itself scandalous and yet the greatest scandal of all started on the last year of Obama’s Presidency and continues through today. Please watch the video on For the sheep: Former Overstock CEO claims he was complicit in Hillary Clinton bribe. But for a brief moment remember that John O. Brennan, who once voted for a Communist for President and allegedly converted to Islam in the Middle East, owned a company, whose employee Quarles Harris was involved in Obama’s Passport Breach and later found murdered. See: American Thinker. “Obama's Passport Breach: Unanswered Questions, and an Unsolved Murder” By Pamela Geller July 23, 2012. The nagging question in many minds has always been; was Brennan’s purging of Obama Passport File requested by Obama or was it copied and purged to eventually Blackmail Obama into giving Brennan control of the CIA? Neither is acceptable.

It was only 4 months ago that “Republican-led U.S. Senate panel approves subpoenas for Obama-era officials and politicos” including Brennan regarding the whole Russian Collusion Hoax and spying. Given that the Supreme Court refused to date to hear any Election Fraud/Unconstitutionally cases, it is deeply concerning that EVIDENCE: Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Was ‘Hacked’ By Obama Officials. “a Deep State surveillance operation overseen by Obama administration CIA director John Brennan and Obama director of national intelligence James Clapper.”

Consider these statements by Chuck Schumer; “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” and “I want to tell you, Justice Kavanaugh and Justice Gorsuch, you have unleashed a whirlwind, and you will pay the price,”

This article “John Brennan’s attempt to lead America’s spies into the age of cyberwar” is troubling considering that Brennan’s CIA spied on Senate Staffers. CBC’s Michael Enright, no fan of Donald Trump summed it up best “Barack Obama was a greater enemy of the free press than Trump”. While old CIA Directors and outgoing Presidents typically write their memoirs and quietly retire or mysteriously die like JFK, or William Colby; Obama stayed encamped in Washington and spent the last 4 years at his first love ‘Community Organizing’ through OFA, (as discussed in my Libertys Twilight Series) while Brennan, Clapper and the other Obama Deepstaters became a unified chorus of disinformation in the media. This style of Shadow Government “Lithuanian Government in Exile”[17] operation is what typically happens in third world or Marxist countries and the 2020 election victory is a get out of jail free card as various statute of limitations are running out on very serious allegations that have been deliberately delayed and not investigated. The real scandal of the Obama Presidency was the lack of investigation. I suggest you watch all the following videos.

5-year coup d'état

Even if you take both the following two interviews with a grain of salt of alleged, For the sheep: Patrick Byrne statements and Tony Bobulinski statement regarding Hunter Bidens Laptop evidence and Joe Biden’s involvement, there has been a long string of alleged criminality that well predated the Obama Presidency for which investigations were dropped or never started while willful disregard for the Rule of Law and the Constitution is ignored like Hillary’s destruction of evidence, private email server, Uranium1 deal or the Benghazi coverup. Laptops from Anthony Weiner and Hunter Biden packed full of evidence (Where is Nancy Pelosi’s Laptop) are virtually ignored. Text messages from cell phones in the FBI purged and to date after 4 years, only former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pleaded guilty that he falsified a document in Spy gate. A broad swath of the American Public are incensed that there are no prosecutions and all these perpetrators consider themselves above the law and the 75 Million+ (Depending on how many Trump Ballots were either never “Cured” or switched to Biden.) voters who are being silenced. That number of people is within the top 9% of countries worldwide by population; almost the population of Germany and greater than the population of the United Kingdom, France or Italy.

Beginning with Patrick Byrne’s comments, there are many well investigated and incontrovertible facts, most of which have been suppressed and glossed over by the same Big Tech and Media monopoly overlords who are either on their version of last Charge of the Light Brigade or storming of the Bastille to put what in their mind is the final wooden stake in the Anti-Globalist MAGA movement for their Sino-Soviet Masters. The following is an abridged list and I have not added all the references in an effort to get it published online I may revise it later.

  1. During the 2016 election cycle, Hillary for America reported $5,631,421 in payments to Perkins Coie. These were described as "Legal Services." and $6+ million other funds for other purposes. Some of that money went towards payments to concoct a false Russian Dossier to give to the FBI to falsely justify before a FISA court permission to spy on the Trump Campaign. (There are many who suggest the spying was already in progress before the FISA warrant by Brennan and Clapper). This complaint and many others were sent to the feckless FEC with no results.

  2. the Chair of Perkins Coie political law practice, Marc Elias, was the Clinton campaign’s general counsel and not just a more than arms-length relationship.[18]

  3. Note in Breitbart article Exclusive: O’Keefe Video Sting Exposes ‘Bird-Dogging’ — Democrats’ Effort to Incite Violence at Trump Rallies by Joel Pollak 17 Oct 2016 “Democrats have used trained provocateurs to instigate violence at Republican events nationwide throughout the 2016 election cycle, including at several Donald Trump rallies, using a tactic called “bird-dogging,” according to a new video investigation released Monday by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas.”

  4. When the 2016 election was lost to Trump and interrupted the Marxist/Globalist Timeline by denying the coronation of Queen Hillary, there was wholesale unmasking of the American patriots whom had been associated with Donald Trump and were anti-Obama/Biden.

  5. Riots were organized in the streets in 14 major cities the day after the 2016 election.

  6. Samantha Power claimed under sworn testimony she never tried to unmask Michael Flynn, but official records show she unmasked him 7 times. Now she is being welcomed back into Biden’s Cabinet.

  7. A record number of unmasking’s occurred and the information was distributed out to virtually every government agency for the first time ever. An overt act of treason and sedition to use spy material against an incoming administration.

  8. Obama era officials/Cabinet were sent back, unmasking evidence in hand, from cabinet positions to worm into the bloated bureaucracy as part of the Deep State so that they could not be rooted out or fired and keep acting as a shadow cabinet for Obama/Biden.

  9. January 4, 2017, former President Obama, James Comey, Sally Yates, Joe Biden, and apparently Susan Rice discussed the transcripts of unmasked Flynn’s calls. According to Peter Strzok’s notes, it appears that Vice President Biden personally raised the idea of the Logan Act. That became the admitted pretext to investigate Lt. General Flynn.

  10. Flynn, who knew where many of Obama’s and Bidens skeletons were buried was lured into a trap as part of an FBI sting operation even though the agents who questioned him believed he was innocent and telling the truth, the FBI leadership allegedly went after him on Obama and Bidens orders.

  11. The first mentions of impeaching Trump appeared shortly after the election, for example, the New Republic At this point, it would be pretty easy to impeach Donald Trump—if Congress wanted to. On Nov 22nd 2016.

  12. The website › case-for-impeachment, went live Jan 20, 2017 — The House vote is by simple majority, but the Senate requires a two-thirds majority to convict. The grounds for impeachment are: “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

  13. January 20, 2017. More Organized Riots and burnings in Washington DC.

  14. Since his inauguration President Trump has faced an unprecedented 90%+ negative press coverage some of the worst from former “deepstaters” and Obama/Biden sycophants like Brennan and Clapper.

  15. Google’s Jen Gennai admitted on Veritas video that they were going to prevent a second Trump term. Congressman Louie Gohmert issued a statement, saying “Google should not be deciding whether content is important or trivial and they most assuredly should not be meddling in our election process. They need their immunity stripped…”

  16. Muller Report at a cost of nearly $32 million and after more than 2,800 subpoenas issued finds no evidence of Trump Russia Collusion after destroying many lives and careers, bankrupting many who were subpoenaed. Despite the Muller report finding no collusion, almost half of Americans think Trump colluded with Russia: Reuters/Ipsos poll thanks to 14 above. The deliberate delaying of this report and media/tech monopoly manipulation contributed greatly the democrats regaining the house back in 2018. Newly minted “Ballot Harvesting” also aided in flipping seats in California.

  17. There have been no press releases on subpoenas regarding the Hunter Biden Ukraine and China connection or Laptop. But apparently, it’s not proper for Flynn, the incoming National Security Advisor to talk with his Russian counterpart and nor is it proper for the President of the United States to talk with his Ukrainian counterpart and discuss the Bidens alleged Corruption there. What did the Democrats really fear, going after both Trump and Flynn?

  18. First official impeachment began with secret sessions as held in the basement of the Capitol by Adam Schiff using faux third-party whistleblowers. Of course, Maxine Waters and Rep. Al Green had been cheerleading impeachment for years because they were afraid if they did not impeach him, he would win again in 2020. Now they fear he will win again in 2024 or has he not really lost and this is just a cover?

  19. The CCP Virus was released from China and the WHO ran interference. Now the WHO’s Manifesto from May 26th 2020 a plan to recover from this Plandemic mentions “Vaccine” in passing once and “Climate” 24 times. Now the World Economic Forum is calling for the “Great Reset” and “Build Back Better” and a US re-entry into the Paris Climate Accord; a Donald Trump Presidency was the sole remaining roadblock to all that. Note: The Biden/Harris administration will be ushering in every globalist agenda “Great Reset” “Paris Climate Accord” & “UN Compact on Global Migration” along with capitulation to China. The Obama Administrations third term. There is already a 9,000 strong in Guatemala heading our way.

  20. Suppression of debate and censorship accelerated leading to the election including squelching of Biden Family Corruption Allegation’s. Now it is in Overdrive.

  21. November 3, 2020 6:30 AM National Review “Democratic Legal Activist Marc Elias Has Spent a Career Preparing for the 2020 Election Fight” by Ryan Mills & Tobias Hoonhout. Reminiscent of the Obama EPA’s “Sue and Settle”, leading up to election, the Democrats using Elias challenged election law all the swing states and received favorable rulings from Judges, Secretaries of State, and other executive none of whom have constitutional authority over Election Law. Note: The Supreme Court just ruled against the Democrats push for Mail in Voting in Texas.

  22. My last Article “All votes are equal but some votes are more equal than others! The Hacking of Democracy!” November 15, 2020 “I noted that “We are at the most perilous position since the Battle of Brandywine and the talking heads of the elite are making lists of opponents and talking about personal retaliation against every supporter of Donald J Trump. Wearing a MAGA hat or openly showing any Trump support is rapidly approaching the equivalency of wearing a Cross in Pre-Constantine Rome or a Star of David in Pre-WW2 Germany”

The Election in at least 4 states was unconstitutional!

Note that what I discussed two months ago above in item 22 has accelerated and the threats by the left are becoming more insane and enraged. The election issues, a huge parentage of it due to unconstitutional election law changes in 4 states that were outside the various state’s legislatures exclusive jurisdiction by the various executive and through lawsuits brought by Marc Elias before activist judges. This was challenged by Texas and other states. See: A 2020 Election Redo in 4 States? Here Are the Details About Texas Lawsuit by Hans A. von Spakovsky Heritage Foundation. The three main takeaways were:

  1. In a nutshell, Texas is saying these four states’ elections were unconstitutional—and therefore, invalid.

  2. The complaint goes into great detail describing what happened in each state.

  3. As Texas points out, these issues will likely be repeated in future elections.

Just because the Supreme Court refused to take the case despite its original jurisdiction on disputes between states does not mean the case was not valid or have merit. Curiously the same Chief Justice that Brennan allegedly hacked, who re-wrote Obama Care law, used the frail excuse that Texas and the other states did not have standing was a cowardly copout. Consider that Texas will be on the front lines when Biden/Harris opens the immigration gates and tears down the Trump Wall (Illegal Immigration is already up 21% since the election) and shut down the Oil and Gas industry ending fracking and bringing in the Green New Deal. Who does have Standing in “We the Peoples” Supreme Court?

The refusal by the Supreme Court to hear this case does not make these four state’s elections either constitutional or valid because it has yet to be heard and properly adjudicated in a court of competent jurisdiction and to date only denied in the truth fearing Globalist/Monopolists, one sided and manipulated court of public opinion; the high-powered AgitProp machines who claim there was no election fraud. Was the court threatened again by Schumer or Bennan or Clapper or others?

Myself and some Constitutionalist friends are of the opinion that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris do not have a Constitutional Mandate to do anything as they gained power outside the constraints of and in violation of “We the Peoples” Constitution and in some cases also in violation of the respective States constitutions. This gets to the crux of the Capitol Breach/Reichstag 2.0 incident as my late father often said the only thing more dangerous than a cornered Rat is a cornered BureaucRat and all the chips are now on the table for the final hand. The 4 state legislatures have not convened since the election to discuss issues contained in Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton’s Lawsuit; is the Capitol breach, just like the Reichstag, a False Flag by Agents Provocateurs to divert public attention from Biden’s and Harris’s lack of constitutional legitimacy and is designed to prevent this issue from ever being properly adjudicated? “Courts’ Inaction Tell Voters Democrat Election Fraud Is ‘Too Big to Fail’”

Is all of it a Cloward and Piven/Alinskyian technique to overwhelm and collapse the constitutional law and order and systems of checks and balances of the United States?

Ask yourself, Cui Bono; Who really benefits from storming the Capitol? Especially when you consider this the Blaze Headline: DOJ says Capitol rioters intended to 'capture and assassinate' elected officials. Now increasing evidence is coming out that many in the Capitol Police, FBI, DHS and other agencies had forewarning of Jan 6th and did nothing to stop it.

Here are what in my opinion, the actual benefits of the event:

  • Donald Trump is further discredited with Rino Republican’s finally pulling off their masks in a “Cock Crows Thrice” manner.

  • Impeachment 2.0 which began in Nov 2016 was rapidly rammed through on hopes to prevent Donald J Trump from ever running for President again and discredit any further claims of election fraud.

  • Rather that clamp down on Antifa or Marxist Black Lives Matter, justification is created for punitive actions against Trump/MAGA supporters even branding them as domestic terrorists despite the fact that Deepstate/Democratic operatives may have been imbedded since 2016, Given the unprecedented number of Big Tech Alumni in the Biden Administration, will the power of the tech monopolies be used to populate lists of enemies of the ‘Deep State’ like a private Democratic/Socialist Spy ring, even using a “Report on Unsent Messages” like above. Will they then turn them over to local activists outside governmental oversight to gather outside their homes like they did to Lindsay Graham, Tucker Carlson and Josh Hawley?

  • It provides Revolutionary Parliamentarianism justification to come after gun owners in the USA and Biden has already indicated he is going to destroy the NRA who have now had to declare Bankruptcy and move from New York to Texas.

  • Legislators from the states whose exclusive election law making power was unconstitutionally thwarted will be shamed into silence when they resume session so they may not challenge the results in their respective states, possibly resulting in the Democrats flipping those state houses in 2022.

  • The Supreme Court will be even more under the incentive of fear to reject hearing future claims of Election Fraud.

  • Criticism of the Biden/Harris Globalist/Marxist agenda will be trivialized and suppressed as Hate Speech and Racism while any protests against cozying to China again called Xenophobia. There will be no proper review as the Biden cabinet is ‘rubber stamped’ into power just like the malingering unmasker Samantha Power under the smoke of a second unconstitutional Senate Impeachment Trial that continues into the Biden/Harris faux Presidency?

  • The list does on but what happened at the Capitol is diametrically opposed to the interests of President Donald J Trump and the Conservative/MAGA movement and completely drowned out and intimidated any senator or member of congress from getting their objections to the electoral college and exposés of electoral fraud into the Congressional Record or the Press or on the media.

  • It only benefited the Biden/Harris/Deep State/Sino-Globalist agenda!

Consider the following video from Bob Parks articles: U.S. Braces for Post-Election Trump Victory, Activist Swamp Insurrection ©Black & Blonde Media, November 2, 2020. Also Had President Trump Been Reelected, the Nation Would STILL Be Burning ©Black & Right January 8, 2021

A longer video with additional information is available here from

Consider the question “Who knew about and planned the “insurrection?” by Cliff Kincaid

January 15, 2021

Consider that in Cliff’s column “America is no longer the land of the free” the day before he discovered that his own website had been terminated by Weebly, which he later found out was a “Rasputin” Dorsey owned affiliate. It is clear that all these people are working in collusion and with apologies to Gary Allen’s book, “None Dare Call it a Conspiracy”

    “If you have total government it makes little difference whether you call it Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Caesarism or Pharaohism. It's all pretty much the same from the standpoint of the people who must live and suffer under it.”- Gary Allen. Now you can add ‘Googleism, Twitterism, Facebookism, et al.

From Michael's (Yon) Dispatches: MIDNIGHT in Washington D.C. Thursday, 14 January 2021

    “Reminds me of Baghdad with all the barriers going up. Checkpoints. Troops all around in civilian cars. More barriers dropped off to be installed. Contractors—like Baghdad, working everywhere. Hotels filled with troops. I just went for a walk. So quiet. No traffic. Chilly. Still. Flashing lights all around. Men working. Lockdown coming.”

Remember Donald J Trump never had a peaceful transition of power with riots in the streets starting the day after his election and the following military security will give the illusion on the world stage that Biden and Harris have quashed all the violence caused by Trump and his violent supporters of the coup at the Capitol, despite the Democrats “War Gaming” this election in advance and leftists activists planning a coup. Is this the final Psy-Op Photo-Op nail in the coffin of the Trump Presidency the calm after the “Night of Long Knives” despite the threats against Trump to not do the same military mobilization to quell the violence across the USA in major cities over the past year? Or is it but a short armistice before a larger conflagration? Again, Cui Bono?

Rush issues dire prediction: 2022 isn't going to save us, 'Wake the hell up'

The article of the forgoing title HERE in The Western Journal discusses Rush Limbaugh’s recent radio broadcast. And consider that in the aftermath of the false flag at the Capitol you will hear loud voices from both sides of the aisle saying it’s all over and after inauguration day that the Biden/Harris train has left the station and there is no calling it back! Weak Republicans and RINO’s saying regroup and we will regain the house in 2022 or we will regain the Presidency in 2024 are either living in self-denial or are themselves Agents Provocateurs of the Sino-Globalist surrender to the New World Odor (spelling intentional)! The False Flag event at the Capitol, of which we still do not know who planned or knew in advance it would happen and did nothing or whose boots were on the ground stage-managing it, only serves but one purpose to put a fire hose on the only Constitutionally valid manner to proceed: to redo the election in at least 4 states with hand counted paper ballots, using the last constitutionally valid election laws in the respective states with very tight oversight. I realize that there are so many other videos about overt and covert operations in the background designed to maintain the Trump Presidency, but are these in support of We the People or merely a distraction to keep us quiet and suppressed?

When mail-in ballots are mass mailed like grocery coupons and none of the proper checks and balances are maintained it violates the principle of Secret Ballot and one vote per living qualified citizen. While I have discussed much of the election issues in “All votes are equal but some votes are more equal than others!” here are two additional telling graphics showing voter turnout midterm and presidential since the beginning of the republic and focusing in on increase or decrease changes in second term electoral turnout from Regan’s first term onwards. Joe Biden’s win is statistically unbelievable and mathematically impossible as in makes the Biden Victory eclipse the Obama 2008 Victory in voter enthusiasm and turn out.

The final battle is yet to come:

This battle needs to be fought now not in two years as the respective Legislatures are in risk of being flipped to Democratic control due to unconstitutional election laws that they did not pass themselves, a goodly portion of which were a direct result of the Lawfare battles by Marc Elias, Clinton campaign’s general counsel in 2016, and others, all obscured by the smoke of Antifa and BLM riots, Big Media/Big Tech’s propaganda war and the fog/fear of the Plandemic. Unless it is nipped in the bud now, activist judges will cry ‘Laches’ on top of “Lack of Standing”. Big Tech have already dug in their trenches and when it is proven that Donald J Trump actually won the 2020 election, where does that leave those in Big Tech who silenced a legitimate President of the United States? What about Zuckerberg’s $500 million election interference? Guilty of Treason and Sedition? This is now an all-out cyber propaganda war and if not corrected will lead to a real civil war.

I suggest that you re-read the Declaration of Independence in light of last 12 years of Democrat Party Lawlessness. The preamble of the Constitution reads:

    "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

It does not say we the Lawyers, we the Politicians, we the Monopolists, we the Judges, We the Journalists, we the Governors, we the Attorneys General, we the Digital Dictators or we the Democrats/Republicans/Libertarians etc.… and as noted in the Gettysburg Address it is not a government ‘of’, ‘by’ or ‘for’ any of the above either:

    “, here dedicated to the great task remaining before us – that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion – that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain – that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom – and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Abraham Lincoln, November 19, 1863


While there many issues with the past election like suppression of information by Big Tech/ Big Media but the two main issues; thousands of fraudulent illegalities from voting machines to chain of custody, ballot harvesting, erroneous voter rolls, suppression of poll watchers, the list goes on, and the unconstitutionality of state election laws and regulations under which the various states conducted their elections.

While pursuing the fraudulent side of the election process needs to be done it is a long and laborious process and unless it can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the number of votes exceed the margin of the Biden/Harris victory it will not change the outcome. But it still needs to be done to the fullest extent possible and will probably take longer to get through the courts than the midterm and state elections in 2022. But it must be pursued to the fullest extent of due process, regardless!

The unconstitutionality of the election laws is cut and dry, and if the election was not conducted under laws and regulations that were duly passed by the respective state legislatures under “we the people’s” Constitution and the respective state Constitution, it was not valid; this not only means the Presidential but also Federal Senate and Congressional Elections. Note that the PA Attorney General was on the contested ballot and his un-recused representation of the state of Pennsylvania against the State of Texas in the Supreme Court is a serious ethics violation.

The Supreme Court is an original jurisdiction creature of “we the people’s” making via the same Constitution where “we the people” specifically delegated the exclusive making of election laws to the respective state’s legislative bodies. While the Supreme Court may falsely claim the State of Texas and Attorney General Ken Paxton along with the attorneys General of conjoining states had no standing, it cannot claim that “we the people” of all the states and in particular “We the People” of the 4 contested states have no standing.

Regardless if State Legislatures now pass legislation to resolve the constitutionality issues with the Nov 2020 elections, Article I, Section 10, Clause 1 of the Constitution prohibit the Ex Post Facto application of laws and this would not “Cure” the unconstitutionality of the last election.

Here are the facts:

  1. Donald J. Trump’s 74 plus million voters nationwide are within the group “We the People” this is a group in the order of the population of Germany, the United Kingdom, France or Italy.

  2. As are the Trump voters in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin within the group “We the People”

  3. The Legislatures, both house and Senate are in Republican Control for all the 4 states.

  4. Those representatives in the 4 states are also within the group “We the People”

A petition for redress of grievance needs to be signed by all those trump voters in item #1 above from all the states other than those in item #2.

Four separate state by state petitions for redress of grievance needs to be signed by trump voters in each separate state in item #2

Four separate state by state petitions for redress grievance needs to be signed by the majority of the legislators in each of the 4 states. Hopefully they will listen to the pressure from their voters.

Then refile the substance of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s suit with Texas and the other states filing amicus curiae briefs styled as “We the People” of USA, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin and We the Legislators of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin… you get the picture!

The remedy sought is, given the still unresolved investigation into voting machines is that the election be redone in all 4 states with hand counted paper ballots using the last set of constitutionally valid election laws in each respective state after the voter rolls have been thoroughly vetted and purged of errors.

The following Video by Mark Levin is worth watching.

If you don’t have a BlazeTV subscription a condensed version is here:

Do “we the people” retreat hoping that some Qanon miracle? How will we know if it’s the real “Q” or the Propaganda “Q” who will save us via sending us a “One by land, two by sea” message?

“Retreat?, Hell! We just got here.” Capt. Lloyd W. Williams, 51st Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, Battle of Belleau Wood WWI. It was the Marines that were called “Devil Dogs” by the Germans that won that engagement who went on to lead the brutal and decisive combat at places like Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima. While America is heading into uncharted waters, ‘we the people’ need to seek peaceful redress for our grievances over a fraudulent election they need to remember the Woolworth Sit in. Ezell Blair Jr., David Richmond, Franklin McCain and Joseph McNeil, all four students from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College who were influenced by the nonviolent protest techniques practiced by Mohandas Gandhi!

'Wake the Hell Up' Organize to peacefully seek redress of your grievances.

If the Supreme Court refuses to hear your case, then it is not the Supreme Court of “We the People” as they are no longer holding office during good behavior and must be impeached and removed from office instead of Donald J Trump.

Desmond McGrath

Broadcasting on the Tribal Drums in the Bayou.


[1] The Cheka was the Bolshevik security force or secret police. It was formed by Vladimir Lenin in a December 1917 decree and under the leadership of Felix Dzerzhinsky, a Polish aristocrat-turned-communist charged with identifying and dealing with potential counter-revolutionaries

[2] The Cheka was the Bolshevik security force or secret police. It was formed by Vladimir Lenin in a December 1917 decree and under the leadership of Felix Dzerzhinsky, a Polish aristocrat-turned-communist charged with identifying and dealing with potential counter-revolutionaries

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Revolutionary Parliamentarism is the strategy used by collectivists to convince the majority they are hopelessly outnumbered and that the loss of their freedom is of their own choosing.


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[9] The Ouroboros, from Greek οὐροβόρος (οὐρά, “tail,” and -βορος, “devouring”) is an ancient symbolic illustration, of a serpent or dragon eating its own tail.

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[12] “He, and his enablers, and his supporters, and his collaborators, and the Mike Lees and the William Barr’s ... and the Mike Pence’s, and the Rudy Giulianis and the Kyle Rittenhouses and the Amy Coney Barretts must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society while we try to rebuild it and to rebuild the world Trump has destroyed by turning it over to a virus,”

[13] Black Lives Matter: "White skin is sub-humxn.”

[14] "Let's quote from Mao" is not a remark that's commonly heard in the House of Commons, but McDonnell said he did so as a joke to draw attention to sales of British assets to the Chinese government. Picking it up, the chancellor replied mockingly that it was his shadow's "personal signed copy."

[15] tens of thousands of ordinary Germans – not just the SS or Nazis – took part in the Holocaust, and because he systematically and convincingly dismisses such standard explanations as the habit of obedience, coercion, and group pressure.

[16] Lectures on the French Revolution, p. 97

[17] Election Day Coup Plot Exposed!


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