Desmond McGrath
All votes are equal but some votes are more equal than others!
The Hacking of Democracy!
By Desmond McGrath
November 15, 2020

Foreward: Revised Nov 16 with more footnotes to challenge the Fact Checkers. Please read again.

With apologies to George Orwell, I was prompted to put this together after someone I have known for 34 years called BS on an online discussion about Voting Machines in particular ones from Dominion Voting Systems Corp after I posted the picture in Fig 1. The subtitle ‘Hacking of Democracy’ is that of an Emmy nominated investigative journalism that exposed the reality of in person hacking of the standard voting machines in use in the 2000 and 2004 elections. The following Video ‘Hacking Democracy – The Hack’ is an excerpt showing the actual double blind tested “invisible hack” using a memory card. Mandatory to watch!

“The Vendors are driving the process of voting technology in the United States”

Then someone had to physically be present to do the switch , yet now as of January of this year it was noted “'Online and vulnerable': Experts find nearly three dozen U.S. voting systems connected to internet” NBC. This means that now hacking is possible from remote locations and many of the Voting System technology companies are outside the USA thanks to Globalization. Two examples are Dominion Voting Systems a Canadian company that replaced Scytl of Spain’s 20-year-old systems in Georgia despite documented security issues?

See: Two Part Series 'They think they are above the law': the firms that own America's voting system” & “America's new voting machines bring new fears of election tampering” The Guardian , 2019. Definitely not a right-wing source!

    “If it’s the case that almost nobody looks at the paper records produced by ballot marking devices, then we have a problem,” Ron Rivest, MIT

I posted the following photo of Dominion Voting Systems Corp head office is at 215 Spadina Ave, Suite 200 Toronto, ON M5T 2C7 Canada. They have a subsidiary office in Colorado. Dominion Voting Systems is the largest and most used in Canada[1] and given New York Times Former Obama Campaign Aide Now Works to Oust Netanyahu and the National Post’s John Ivison: Barack Obama — the man who won the Canadian federal election and with both Obama and Trudeau’s mutual Bromance with George Soros, should Canadians be concerned?

What is Obama’s Organizing for Action’s role in all this election controversary considering they joined forces with the anti-Trump administration group Indivisible[2] and have since 2018 moved in to gerrymandering[3] and redistricting with revenues of $6 million a year[4]? Considering that the Virginia state legislature flipped over a controversial redistricting?

The Dark Horse?

You can’t just make this stuff up and in horse racing, a "dark horse" is a horse that wins a race when no one expects it to. Given the extent that all the pollsters predicted a Democrat Landslide that never materialized and in fact the opposite happened means that Donald J. Trump and all the Republicans who took away seats in congress and may have stripped Nancy Pelosi of her Gavel are all Dark Horses. Despite the deluge of claims out of all the high-powered propaganda machines of Big Media and Big Tech censorship that no vote fraud has occurred, yet there is exponentially mounting evidence of the opposite. Consider that Dominion and others like Scytl (Currently in Bankruptcy) have head offices outside the territorial boundaries of the USA!

  1. Dominion Voting systems have failed rigorous certification tests in places like Texas[5]. Which was proven by some of the very same people involved in 6 below that they could be hacked.

  2. Dominion Systems in Georgia had a “Machine glitch caused by last-minute vendor upload” that prompted Superior Court Judge W. Fletcher Sams extended voting until 11 p.m.[6]

    • The “Glitch” occurred in two Counties Morgan and Spalding, with High Republican Support.

    • “What was necessary to be uploaded on election day?

    • How was it uploaded?

    • Why are there conflicting stories about who did what and in regards to the upload?

    • Did that upload contain a vote weighting algorithm?

    • Who scrutinizes the effect of the upload to make sure the machines in question were not compromised?

  3. Dominion Systems chief Lobbyist was Nadeam Elshami, Nancy Pelosi’s chief of staff for 10 years.[7]

  4. Dominion Voting Systems are used in some 30 States[8].

  5. Dominion Voting Systems were used in Antrim County, Michigan, where 6000 votes mysteriously switched and the only reason the poll worker noticed it was the county in 34 election cycles has voted republican 32 times. That 47 other counties use Dominion Systems there. Predominantly Republican like Morgan and Spalding Counties in Georgia.

  6. Was the mysterious switch the result of an upload of algorithmic software or was a previously installed algorithm turned on; all done remotely without the knowledge of the poll workers who discovered the error when she saw the numbers switch?

  7. That Voting Machines have been at the center of controversy in the United States since they started to be used and Hacking Democracy (2006), the short clip from above, a film about this subject was nominated for an Emmy in 2007 for investigative journalism exposing of the 2000 and 2004 machine-based vote fraud in DieBold systems still in use in many states. DieBold want through two acquisitions as well as an antitrust investigation that resulted in its sale to Dominion.[9]

  8. Curling v. Raffensperger[10] 2019 was regarding Dominion Systems in Georgia and despite the following it was used anyway.

    • “He also was able to access passwords for polling place supervisors to operate the DREs and make administrative corrections to the DREs, as well as executable programs that could be used to implant vote altering malware into the system… Immediately, Mr. Lamb alerted Merle King, the Executive Director overseeing CES [Center for Election Systems][11], of the system's vulnerabilities. The State did not take any remedial action after Mr. King was alerted.”

  9. Concerned citizen Groups like True the Vote who have tried improve electoral integrity in the USA have felt the full force of the ‘Deep State’ as if they were enemies of the state. Now Big Government/Media/Tech are actively calling “Stop the Steal” more conspiracy theory activists.

  10. Scytl are headquartered in Barcelona Spain and are currently in Bankruptcy. They recently moved some of their vote processing servers from Barcelona to Frankfurt Germany. While there are conflicting sources as to how much of the election data was routed through servers in Canada, Spain or Germany; The Important question is: How many elections around the world have been manipulated to suit the Designs of the Elite against the Desires of the People? Eg, Venezuela’s Latest Election Fraud Wall Street Journal 2017

  11. That, election machines in general have had their output results examined in detail by many who have found consistent statistical trends between different counties, vote types and machine manufacturers that prove post voting manipulation of the numbers and the following example video is incontrovertible proof of that:

The foregoing video was mentioned on my last article Liberty’s twilight – post mortem, Liberty’s Epstein moment. Where I extolled people:

A letter and a stamp are a small price to pay for your freedom.

Write the President to Demand a Forensic Audit (PDF)

Expanding on my Letter to President Trump:

I had copied that letter To Bennie Smith to forward to Dr Shiva and Phil Evans; Dr. Shiva confirmed receipt; “Dear Desmond, Thank you for the amazing support!” Be the Light, Dr. SHIVA. I sent my original unredacted letter to President Trump via FedEx Overnight (Delivered Monday 11/16/2020 at 9:47 am), USPS Priority(In Transit, Arriving Late as of 6 PM eastern time Monday 11/16/2020) and UPS Ground (In Transit 11/16/2020 3:15 P.M. Doraville, GA, United States) (Link to Tracking Numbers) to ensure it gets to the Whitehouse. Everyone concerned about Electoral integrity needs let the President know your concerns by mail, even Post Card!

I want to specifically expand on what I wrote in the letter to President Trump and forwarded through Bennie Smith to Dr Shiva and Phil Evans. Please bear with me on this brief explanatory excursion away from a stolen election for some background; I am not bragging when I say that I aced Reservoir Engineering in Montana Tech. My professor Dr. Tarek Ahmed once complimented me some 10 years after graduation at an alumni meet and greet, that “You were the best computer programmer who ever took any of my Reservoir Engineering Courses.” Not only did I understand the complex mathematics and multiphasic/ multi-spatial complexities of oil and gas reservoirs but I could code them into highly efficient modular programs that did not bog down the resources of the VAX-11/780 and actually wrote my own machine language matrix manipulation call routines for Fortran77.

Some of these calculations used The Newton-Raphson Method to converge in the final result starting out with an ‘Guestimated’ “Seed” number in various iterative processes. I added a routine that read from a table of constants for the first run of the simulation but preserved the new “Seed” number for subsequent calculations in a 4d Matrix and external file to minimize future iterative calculations and improve the speed. (This is an important note as you will see later.) I also made the program adaptable and expandable so that the input files contained all the reservoir parameters that could ever be visaged from any size reservoir stored in a database by a simple database text editing program that could pull on outside data into the proper format. It also spit out the data in a very structured format. It was auditable as I could stop the program at any point in the iterative process and work forward or backward to verify results and even output 3D pressure profile images plots on a flatbed plotter to visualize the results. Much in the same way Phil Evans results can be visualized.

Given that there were, even in 1985/86 a number of “Canned” Reservoir Engineering packages out there, some of my classmates were a bit disgruntled thinking that their time would be better served learning an off the shelf program. Tarek, as he preferred to be called, felt that if you did not understand all the minutia and complexities of coding a reservoir engineering program before you used a “canned” one, how would you know if the output results of the off the shelf one was valid. In the old adage “Garbage in Garbage Out” my program also had a preprocessing routine that looked for any statistically anomalous or out of range or missing data in the input files. Part of the brilliance of Dr Ahmed’s approach was that to properly code a computer system to run multi-element analysis of data over time, you would intimately and instinctively know all the formulae and various matrix manipulation methods worked to achieve a final result. In the midterm exam, we were given a two-stage reservoir engineering test to work out on paper. There were only two groups of numbers to be generated and the results for part 1 were about ½ of the inputs for part 2. I turned my exam in within 35 minutes while all the others labored away till the bell rang. I received 100%, a handful of others got 50% and the rest 0% I was the only person who did not have to take a final exam in any of Dr Ahmed’s courses graduating with Honors that spring.

You are wondering why that walk down memory lane? To state that I have an intimate understanding of what Dr. Ayyadurai (actual Inventor of Email unlike Al Gore’s false Internet invention claims [Note Video Link is worth watching.] ), Bennie Smith and Phil Evans have documented both in the video in question and in an earlier video MORE VOTES THAN VOTERS. All these voting machines are not driven by “Open Source” but rather proprietary “canned” software that is not available for scrutiny and even if it were, such scrutiny is beyond the technical capability of 98.72% of election scrutineers.

Given there are about 4.2 million software engineers or cyber security experts in the USA, and 99% of the poll personnel are not, how many are as astute as the one in Antrim County, Michigan who was able to recognize something was amiss? And how many are honest enough to highlight such an error if all of a sudden, their preferred candidate went from losing to winning? How many candidates have lost an election by enough of a margin to not challenge the result, not to a worthy opponent who garnered more votes, but to the ghost in a machine? Bypassing all legal issues about voter eligibility, mail in voting, arrival timing or ballot harvesting as these are all but input mechanisms to the machines that should be manually verified by and well within the capability of all Poll workers, should they be mandated to do so and have their own depreciating effect on the final outcome, I just want to focus on the outcome or results.

All input issues aside, I could certify the output of my Reservoir Simulation Software because I knew intimately every internal calculation that was used to arrive at the final result. Since none of the election officials have firsthand knowledge of the proprietary code or algorithmic changes in the voting machines and Ex hypothesi eliminating all external sources of fraud in the input systems of dates and eligibility, no election official can certify an election result based on machine output without scrutinizing each individual ballot or ballot image! To do so would constitute an act of Perjury. It is of note that the Ballot Images in many jurisdictions are deleted almost right away in contravention to Federal Law which mandates they be kept for 22 months[12]

Furthermore, While I have not discussed any of the Input Issues to these machines, given that many of the checks and balances like signature verification, postal mark and arrival dates and even voter eligibility have been thwarted in many jurisdictions; This too would make certifying the election an act of Perjury!

Ayyadurai, Smith & Evans et al. have documented, (and while I have not seen the raw data, I trust their presentation of the results given all three individuals professional careers and long term quest to investigate voting irregularities) there is enough incontrovertible prima facie proof that some algorithmic weighting system massaged Donald Trump Votes in a downward trend in increasingly Republican districts and transferred them to Joe Biden’s vote tally to empanel a Grand Jury. They looked at both mail-in and election day data for the Top 4 Michigan counties:

  1. Oakland

    • System used; HART InterCivic, Anomaly Detected

  2. Macomb

    • System used; Election Systems and Software, Anomaly Detected

  3. Kent

    • System used; Dominion, Anomaly Detected

  4. Wayne

    • System used; Dominion, Anomaly Not Present

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.” – Ian Fleming

Here we have three counties with three different voting systems with an identical pattern or statistical ‘fingerprint’. How is it they all agreed with each other on the trend line slope and the break point of the trend? Was there a switch turned on by a local official (Obviously not in Antrim County) or remotely over the internet or an algorithm uploaded via a software update (Like Georgia) similar to what was done 15 years ago manually using the memory card from “The Hack” video?

Consider that Antrim County, Michigan and Morgan & Spalding Counties in Georgia are all Republican Strongholds, is this just a coincidence?

In the Michigan case, was this done in collusion between the three different companies (highly unlikely in the competitive voting systems market) and/or three different county election officials or were all three systems hacked by persons unknown to the poll workers, enemies foreign and domestic?

For three different systems in three different counties to exhibit the same characteristics smacks of a conspiracy to interfere with an election and enemy action.

“Common-Mode” is attacking increased Republicanism.

There are people who will argue that 4 counties in Michigan and two in Georgia are not enough evidence of wide spread Cyber Vote Fraud to worry about. However, here is a long-established legal principle “Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus”, a Latin phrase meaning "false in one thing, false in everything." In the American Justice System Jurors are tasked with examining the evidence and deciding a verdict, Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt. These are substantial systemic doubts about the veracity and integrity of these voting systems/machines, especially since in addition to the algorithmic anomaly in Michigan which increasingly targeted precincts with increasing Republican support and the three upload “Glitches” occurred in strong Republican areas; to use an Engineering term there is a “Common Mode” to the issue – targeting increasing Republicanism at the county or precinct level.

Other questions remain, was the algorithm not deemed necessary to be uploaded or turned on in Wayne county machines due to the insignificant number of Republican votes or did the integrated percentage of the total Republican vote not reach a predetermined trigger point? Also is it possible that this algorithm was not deemed necessary in districts that flipped from Democrat to Republican this election cycle because the Democrat Election Committee believed its own hyped polls? Certainly, the more places that the machines are modified increases the risk of getting caught, given the media attention the “Glitches” caused.

Does this explain why, when cities or states flip blue, they generally stay blue because key positions that manage the electoral process are loyal Democrats and the Soros funded District Attorneys or Attorneys General who do not do proper investigation of voting irregularities and in particular these machines, which for example were chosen by the state of Georgia despite express recommendations against buying them?

Given the CyberPower of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter et al and all the Deep State combined, (Suggest you read my rather deep article Looking through the NSA Prism at all Americans for further insight sometime) they all know more about you than even your closest confident, for example Rupert Holmes girlfriend in "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)" did not know everything about each other. However, unlike God they are unable to peer into your soul to see your deepest convictions. Does this explain the total failure of the Pollsters in their prediction of a Democratic Party landslide or were the polls deliberately created as a Self-Fulfilling Prophesy to discourage Trump Voters from voting?

Was the polling data that showed Trump losing support amongst suburban Republicans concocted as a ‘Plausible Deniability’ cover story to explain an insertion of an algorithm in selected voting machines to emulate such a trend? “The more Republican the district, the less Trump Support versus other candidates”? The inherent fallacy of this is that every community grouping has its own take on “Republicanism” or “Libertarianism” and with the increasing support for Trump amongst all minority groups also brings in ethnic, racial and immigrant identities and core beliefs into play. Look at Miami Dade county with Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s and Maria Elvira Salazar’s collective wins as examples! Despite e pluribus unum, modeling societal reaction to “The Donald’s” leadership in these United States is infinitely more complex than simultaneously modeling every Oil and Gas Reservoir in the USA and the code to accomplish such a thing would overwhelm the NSA servers, let alone a digital voting machine. However, the fingerprints remain of a very simple code insertion that weights the vote towards Joe Biden in increasingly Republican Districts that approximates the Polling prognosticators predictions.

I previously mentioned The Newton-Raphson Method to converge in the final result starting out with an ‘Guestimated’ “Seed”. In order for this vote weighting algorithm to work a “Seed” value has to be established for the starting percentage of Republican voters in a district. Let’s say a universal default value of 50% is used and as more and more votes come in the actual percentage is accumulated or (integrated in math terms) over time. Dr, Shiva also demonstrated evidence of this in his video More Votes Than Voters. While Phil Evans tabulation of the voting results in Michigan was a final tally not a time lapse analysis of the votes as they came in; the question being, if such a herculean task were done to compare Kent and Wayne counties would the time lapse pattern differences resemble the differences in Fig 4 from “More Votes than Voters”? Regardless, for my part I believe all of this is more than enough evidence to impanel a grand jury, impound and quarantine all the systems in the four counties in Michigan and the systems in Georgia that had the “download glitch” and do a forensic audit and cybersecurity threat assessment on all and present the evidence to said Grand Jury!

These are the serious questions that Big Fake News and Big Tech Censors are actively suppressing. Is it because they are all in on the action? See Epoch Times “Google Has Power to Shift Millions of Votes Through Targeted Messaging: Dr. Robert Epstein” . Does Bezos Washington Post’s venomous opposition to Trump have anything to do with Amazon slams Pentagon’s approach to fix messy $10 billion JEDI cloud contract, new court docs show. CNBC March 24, 2020? Are members of the intelligence community or the remaining Deep State minions of the Obama Administration still involved in what has been uncovered to date?

Is there any validity to this NewsTarget article “BOMBSHELL: The 2020 election took place under a Trump-declared “National Emergency” that set an Election Day trap for the “unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure” Read it and look at the videos of people like Louie Gohmert and others and make up your own mind but be careful in the minefield for Merde bombs. Ask yourself, what was Donald Trump thinking when he passed this “Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election” Foreign Policy, September 12, 2018? Is this kind of “Bombshell” information helping the cause or deliberately designed as a Trojan Horse to defeat it and divert attention away from the work done by Dr. Shiva, Bennie and Phil about real cyber vote manipulation at a precinct level that could be done completely unbeknownst to the Poll Workers?

A Drop of Merde!

We are in the middle of probably the biggest disinformation campaign in human history, even bigger than the allied propaganda that lead up to ‘Operation Overlord’ and D-Day. One of the methods that mounting evidence of the systemic fraud and manipulation of the whole Electoral Process gets contaminated is via Agents Provocateur writing articles that have damning real evidence of deliberate dishonesty at many levels of the whole electoral process and premeditatively inserting some strategic pieces of Merde to contaminate the whole story to get it suppressed as a whole by “Fact Checkers” operating under the same roof as said Agents Provocateur! Then the real damning evidence can get dismissed in an instant in the future on the principal of ‘Guilt by Association’.

In my article "Je suis Charlie” Remembrance of things past about the Charlie Hebdo Attack in Paris that killed Georges Wolinski with whom I shared many a sacrament of irreverent humor, I discussed how my assistant Jean Pierre Cormier often talked about his Merde Theorem.

    "You have zees two barrels, one of zee finest vin rouge of Bordeaux, the other the foulest merde. You can take a carafe of the Bordeaux and pour it into the barrel of merde and nothing changes, you just have less wine to drink and the merde is still merde. But you can take an eye dropper of the merde and drop a single drop in the Bordeaux and you have two barrels of merde with no wine to drink"

Mark Levin’s “Unfreedom of the Press” is in my opinion one of the most concise and accurate exposés of the corrupt Media Industrial Complex ever published. While I was aware of some 60% of its factual content from my 45 odd years of reading, Mark coalesced everything into a book with such dynamic force that those thus excoriated reacted like evil hit by holy water. When NPR reacts with “'Unfreedom Of The Press' Is Full Of Bombast And Bile” May 21, 2019; you know a raw nerve of truth was hit to illicit such a venomous response.

Was China Involved?

At this moment Big Fake News and Big Tech do not want us to see the targeted effects of 7 smoking guns, three algorithmic anomalies in Michigan in vs one missing in a Democratic Stronghold, the interruption in two counties in Georgia and one in Michigan, the later three due to alleged uploads; all heavily Republican. Where is the gun, in the USA, Canada, Spain, Germany or even Beijing/Moscow/Pyongyang, or in a Deep State Office or Silicon Valley? Have any of the machines been quarantined and forensically examined by independent software engineers or cybersecurity professionals? And if not why not? Why was all this mysterious starting and stopping of the vote counting and tallying occurring in the contested states? Were these interruption’s caused by software updates/uploads like was confirmed in Georgia? Where did any of these originate? Was any of the final result data routed through or remotely hacked by enemies foreign or domestic, even China, like it was discovered that ZOOM [13] was doing past spring? Were certain individuals able to have access to such information before the public to hedge bets on stock market outcomes for future profit?

Given the $1.5 billion investment by the Chinese Communist Party in Hunter Biden and his associates and their long-standing interference in Hong Kong and Taiwanese elections and Donald J. Trump being a thorn in their side for his whole term, are we all so naive as to believe that they have not engaged in any interference for the 2020 Presidential election? Especially after Joe Biden has stated that USA will be back in the Paris Climate Accord on day one of his presidency bypassing Congress “China poised to profit under Biden's energy plan, Paris climate deal reentry” Valerie Richardson – The Washington Times – Tuesday, October 27, 2020. Also See: “The Security Ledger Study finds Chinese Hardware Powers U.S. Voting Machine” December 16, 2019 by Paul Roberts

Given the enormous strides that America has made as a nation with innovation spurred on by private and public partnering for technology like Space-X and traceable online e-commerce, even e-filing of tax returns. Why is there not one unified ‘Made in America’ open source voting infrastructure that remains desegregated from the internet to avoid cyber security breaches here in the United States while still allowing Exclusive State control over voting laws and allow we the people to regain trust in the electoral process? Is this because one political party is the primary beneficiary of electoral chaos and rushed to implement nationwide mail in voting under the cover of COVID-19? Perhaps Trump’s 2022 Midterm Slogan should be ‘Make Elections Secure Again’ MESA. ©

It is obvious looking at this evidence, that in Michigan’s Oakland, Macomb & Kent Counties ‘some votes were more equal than others’ and a 1 vote for Trump and 1 vote for Biden ratio input became 0.75 for Trump and 1.25 for Biden in the precincts that were vastly Republican. This is theft of an Election via Cyber Vote Fraud and high-tech ‘Ballot harvesting’, the only unknowns are where and how did the switch take place? Were the Deep State and Democratic party Hacktivists or even agents of the Chinese Communist Party involved and was some of the process done extraterritorially to the USA by those who are major investors in and beneficiaries of a Biden/Harris Presidency?

In a political environment where not a single ‘Deep State’ operative involved in Operation “Crossfire Hurricane” has been arraigned before a Grand Jury on criminal charges; people now seriously doubt any proper investigation will ever occur into the alleged Biden Crime Family’s financial benefit from China, (Source of Covid-19) America’s most dangerous geopolitical enemy. And now under the threat of COVID-19 all of the system of checks and balances in the electoral system have been stripped away in the same manner the hard left wants to ignore and strip away all the same checks and balances and limits on Federal Power thus removing the watertight compartments in the USS Constitution!

“Qui molitur insidias in patriam, id facit quod insanusnauta perforans navem in qua vehitur.” He who betrays his country, is like the insane sailor who bores a hole in the ship which carries him.

We the People need to reclaim our Electoral system “MESA” from those who would sell us all out to perpetual globalist slavery. We are the only nation/revolution that ever successfully stripped sovereignty from the ruling elite and handed it back to the people. Yet that sovereignty has now been usurped by an elitist technocracy that tells us their version of the truth, while Censoring/Squelching freedom of speech and hiding electoral manipulation in lines of computer code that 98% of the public, let alone poll workers are unable to confirm the veracity thereof. How can any state certify the output of a voting system that is little more than a black box to 98% of them? We are at the most perilous position since the Battle of Brandywine and the talking heads of the elite are making lists of opponents and talking about personal retaliation against every supporter of Donald J Trump. Wearing a MAGA hat or openly showing any Trump support is rapidly approaching the equivalency of wearing a Cross in Pre-Constantine Rome or a Star of David in Pre-WW2 Germany; Synagogues in New York City are already under attack. We are perilously close to America’s Warsaw Ghetto moment and it is of vital importance that everybody writes the President encouraging him to fight to the bitter end and also take part in peaceful protests like the “Million MAGA March Washington, DC” that Baltimore, MD GOP candidate Kim Klacik attended and documented, an example of the increasing numbers of women and minorities attracted to the party by Donald Trump’s Presidency, despite the BLM and Antifa Violence.

Share this widely!

In Hoc Signo Vinces

‘Terra Incognito hic sunt dracones’



[1] Hannay, Chris (2013-04-13). "Liberals await results from new leadership voting system". The Globe and Mail.

[2] Seitz-Wald, Alex. “Obama-Aligned Organizing for Action Relaunches for Trump Era.” NBC News. February 10, 2017. Accessed August 1, 2017. ^

[3] Edward-Isaac Dovere. “Barack Obama Goes All In Politically to Fight Gerrymandering.” The Atlantic. December 20, 2018. Accessed January 21, 2019. ^



[6] Georgia election official: Machine glitch caused by last-minute vendor upload.


[8] WrittenTestimony of Mr. John Poulos, CEO Dominion Voting Systems January9,2020.

[9] Ben Klayman (December 19, 2009). "U.S. opens probe of Diebold unit sale -report". Thomson Reuters. Retrieved January 20, 2010.

[10] Curling v. Raffensperger, 403 F. Supp. 3d 1311 (N.D. Ga. 2019)

‘In August 2016, Logan Lamb, a professional cybersecurity expert in Georgia, went to CES's public website and discovered that he was able to access key election system files, including multiple gigabytes of data and thousands of files with private elector information. The information included electors' driver's license numbers, birth dates, full home addresses, the last four digits of their Social Security numbers, and more. Mr. Lamb was also able to access, for at least 15 counties, the election management databases from the GEMS central tabulator used to create ballot definitions, program memory cards, and tally and store and report all votes. He also was able to access passwords for polling place supervisors to operate the DREs and make administrative corrections to the DREs, as well as executable programs that could be used to implant vote altering malware into the system. Immediately, Mr. Lamb alerted Merle King, the Executive Director overseeing CES, of the system's vulnerabilities. The State did not take any remedial action after Mr. King was alerted.

[11] Kemp Hired KSU CES Director after Elections Servers Wiped ATLANTAGA –Just a week after the Director of the Center for Election Systems (CES) at Kennesaw State University allowed data on CES servers to be magnetically deleted without a backup, Secretary of State (SOS) Brian Kemp offered to hire him. The final destruction of election related data and employment offer occurred in August of 2017. Director Michael Barnes was transferred to the SOS office later in January when Brian Kemp moved CES functions in house.

[12] 52 USC 20701: Retention and preservation of records and papers by officers of elections; deposit with custodian; penalty for violation

[13] Zoom admits calls got 'mistakenly' routed through China, Business Insider Apr 6, 2020

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