Desmond McGrath
The day that Brett Kavanaugh cried, the rules of civility and decent behavior died
The Salem Witch Trials are back in vogue
By Desmond McGrath
September 30, 2018

With apologies to Don McClean's American Pie, his musical eulogy to Buddy Holly, Brett Kavanaugh's opening remarks at the Salem Witch Trials masquerading as the Senate Judiciary Committee is a snapshot etched into my heart and soul to the magnitude of day John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) Died. Despite living in the small town of Deer Lake Newfoundland with no Television, the main highway across Newfoundland but the two-lane dirt road past our home, I was aware of the world via Short Wave and AM radio and later the annual subscription to National Geographic starting on my 5th birthday from my great aunt "Emm" Cron FitzRandolph who was a WWI nurse serving alongside her sister Fran Cron later Beveridge, long before the Korean War MASH was televised in the 70's. My relative "Uncle Bob" Hon Robert Stafford Furlong, Knight of St, Gregory of the Catholic Church, my grandfather's first cousin was Chief Justice of the Newfoundland Supreme Court at the time. He had been a Newfoundland representative onboard the battle cruiser "Prince of Wales" (later sunk North East of Singapore), when Roosevelt and Churchill discussed the Atlantic Charter precursor to NATO. I learned a great deal from him.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was distantly related to me via the Harbour Grace, Newfoundland Fitzgerald side of the family and the previous summer of 1961, my Mom's brother Gordon, his wife Judy and cousins Billy and Chris had driven from Lehman PA on their biennial pilgrimage home. That summer they had brought me a Revell model of PT 109, It was the first of three boats my late father and I worked on. I had heard JFK's man on the moon speech the month before my 5th birthday on CBC Radio, and soon was reading and dreaming about space.

The day that JFK was assassinated, I was walking home with my father from a two-room school on Poplar Road and ended up going to Hotel St. George Cafeteria (not unlike the Griffith & Feil Soda Fountain in Kenova West Virginia) with some money (when coins were still real silver) my Aunt "Carrie," Caroline FitzGerald, had given me the weekend before while my late father Brian Cron Scanlan Peter McGrath was across the street visiting his close friend "Uncle Wally" Reid, god father to both me and my father, who later became President of IEEE. The atmosphere at the Café was somber, the old Wurlitzer Juke Box was as silent as if it was the day the music truly died, no "It's my Party," "Blowin in the Wind," "Ring of Fire" or "Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer." All were huddled listening to CBC Radio and a reporter giving live coverage from Dallas, Texas. Doris, the girl at the counter gave me my favorite Orange Crush float and never charged me, everybody was crying, I cried, it was as contagious as yawning in a filled room. I have only cried like that a handful of times in my life, at my beloved Grandmother "Boomies" graveside ceremony and as I sat in in my rental vehicle at a Go Mart in West Virginia listening to the entirety of Judge Brett Kavanaugh's opening statement. I remember them all in great detail despite the passing of seasons and the long winding roads I have traveled; details that were absent from Dr. Ford's strained and emotional testimony of some horrific abuse she alleges she suffered at the hands of somebody, somewhere at some time. I don't doubt she has suffered trauma; however, has she been manipulated into linking it to Brett Kavanaugh, by "everything I've got" "Chuckies Back" Schumer and company?

I tried to imagine what Brett Kavanaugh and his family were going through, I could feel the passion, sorrow and anger in his voice; the sincerity of his conviction. The calendar he kept as a teenager reminded me that by age sixteen, George Washington had copied out by hand, 110 Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation. Joe Machin's constituents came and went from the Go Mart, unaware of the sheer gravity and magnitude of what was progressing in Washington D.C. West Virginia, the Newfoundland of America, born of the Civil War, it's miners as disparaged by the D.C. Swamp as Newfoundland's fisherman by the Desk Captains in Ottawa Canada; Democratic and Liberal policies that thrive on the concentration and monopolization of raw power far removed from the people they affect.

Like Newfoundland for Great Britain and Canada, West Virginia has spilt more of its young blood on foreign soil per capita than any other state in the Union. I saw a young woman rush from the car she parked beside me, jacket over her head. When she returned I noticed her embarrassedly blow into the breathalyzer interlock for her ignition. I realized America was built on the rule of law, but the blindfolded statue of justice could not see how the scales were being tilted against her own citizenry. That young woman was constrained by a lawful judgement while intoxicated illegal aliens' having cycled through the revolving door at the southern border, living in lawless sanctuary cities, have killed American Citizens with impunity on the Nation's highways; all of it sanctioned by Democratic policies.

I tried to imagine myself in Brett Kavanaugh's place, I could not as I have not lived the life he has lived. Brett Kavanaugh made me think of a friend from Newfoundland whose quiet Catholic schoolboy persona and sincere intellect I greatly respect, John Fitzgerald. John, a Church pipe organist extraordinaire, historian, author and former representative of and advisor to conservative government in Newfoundland, born of humble but proud catholic parents. I remember sitting behind him and another friend, lawyer Janis Byrne for days in the Supreme Court of Newfoundland alongside Roman Catholic Church representative Bon Fagan when the arguments were made to try and preserve the denominational Education provisions in our "Terms (Germs) of Union" the Constitutional framework by which Newfoundland was subsumed into Canada. I could imagine what John Fitzgerald would go though if he were in Brett Kavanaugh's place. It only made me cry harder.

For you must understand that despite his Catholic schoolboyishness and conservative leanings, John was a "Never Trumper" scoffing "heaven help us" that Donald J. Trump would bring on WWIII two years ago, opinions all formed from ideas fired out of the propaganda machines that massage and filter all messages broadcast from America into Canada only to be further massaged by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Just as the late PK Devine succinctly stated, there is no effective protection from an idea fired out of a high-powered propaganda machine, the Holocaust denying New York Times, Washington Compost, C(ommunist)NN, MSLSD, Etc..... all nothing more than High Powered Propaganda Machines. Despite calling themselves journalists, the purveyors of this disinformation and newspeak are merely apparatchik of the Demoncratic machine. The great G.K. Chesterton could wade barefoot through their deepest thoughts combined and never get his feet wet.

We are at what is perhaps the most critical time in the Republic's existence. The only true experiment in Liberty that the world has ever known in what Ronald Regan called Mankind's Climb from the swamp to the stars. Justice Clarence Thomas's High Tech Lynching 25 Plus years ago, could be likened to the felling of Crispus Attucks at the Boston Massacre, the first shot of the American Revolution, fortunately Justice Thomas, unlike poor Crispus survived the cannonade. I can only liken the coming days and hours before the November election as the second Valley Forge where the fate of the Republic hinges in the balance. Today's Demoncrats are not JFK's Democrats, they have no loyalty to the Constitution and would rather populate the Supreme Court with those who make law from the bench like later day black robed priests of Molech, for example Democrat and Chief Justice, Roger B. Taney who handed down Dredd Scott vs Sandford Decision as a precursor of the civil war; than dedicated jurists who would honor the sanctity of the divinely inspired constitution. They promote mobocracy and harassment of duly elected and appointed officials at a level never before witnessed in America wanting to turn it into restless rabble to be ruled by demagogy. Hell bent on replacing E Pluribus Unum it with Dīvide et Imperā!

In the background of this theatrical performance, Rome has just fallen for the second time!
Pope Paul IV wrote in the 70's in a just released letter "the smoke of Satan has entered the Church". Before Dr Bella Dodd was drummed out of the Communist Party of the USA welcomed back into the Catholic fold by Archbishop Fulton Sheen "Over the course of nearly 20 years, she helped recruit more than 1,100 Communists to enter Catholic seminaries." Given "The dubia surrounding Pope Francis' election", a man steeped in Liberation Theology there are many who a year ago could have predicted the fact that the Pontiff recently betrayed all the secret catholic priests and the location of their catacombs to the Chinese Communist Party. "They're giving the flock to the wolves," said Cardinal Joseph Zen, bishop emeritus of Hong Kong and a Catholic leader who has spent his life resisting the totalitarianism of Communist China. This is a move unprecedented in the annals of the Vatican, and severs Pope Francis as a legitimate successor to Saint Peter, whom Jesus designated as the "rock" upon which the Church was to be built. This action by St Francis is a complete desecration of the memory of St. Peter and the Catacomb of St. Priscilla on the Via Salaria, where according to a tradition, St. Peter instructed the faithful and administered baptism, at a time when China is moving forward with its Belt and Road Initiative of global dominance such that all roads lead to Beijing instead of Rome.

"Inside Every Progressive Is A Totalitarian Screaming to Get Out" David Horowitz @horowitz39

In an article in the Federalist "I'm A Latino Democrat, But Thanks To The Kavanaugh Circus I'm Voting Republican In The Midterms" September 28, 2018 By Tomas Mendoza (Pseudonym) he states
    "When I came to the United States, I left a country that had recently undergone a military coup. My family experienced first-hand what happens when those in power abandon the rule of law. We saw the devastation that comes to a society when men of power believe their political objectives so justified that they are willing to pursue them by any means necessary. In the eyes of those men of power, we could see the deadening of souls that occurs when a man's perceived benevolence blinds him to his own tyranny.

    During the Kavanaugh hearings I saw that same look in the eyes of Senate Democrats.
    The hearings made clear that the Democrats on the committee were not interested in pursuing the truth or respecting Christine Blasey Ford's desire for anonymity.

    Instead, they simply sought to delay the vote in the hopes of winning the next election.

    If Kavanaugh's reputation and Ford's privacy had to be sacrificed on the altar of political expediency, the committee Democrats were not going to let basic decency prevent them from using the courts as an alternative path to the political ends they cannot reach through legislation."
In an article on EL ESCÁNDALO DEL TOTALITARISMO by Fernando Mires, August 14, 2015 a comparison was drawn between two centuries of dictators.
    The Jacobins dreamed of the destruction of the "old regime." The Bolsheviks with the end of capitalism. The Nazis with the end of Judaism. The three configured a Total Enemy against which there was no room for concessions.

Mires further notes that:
    "The meta-real logic of totalitarianism continues to exist. The totalitarian temptation begins with the totalitarian grammar."
We the People are the Total Enemy of the Radical Left of the Demoncratic Party

In the case of the now Demoncratic elite in the Washington swamp they constantly spout totalitarian grammar. They have created a Total Enemy against which there is no room for concessions. The radical left's total enemy is the sanctity of the rule of law as embodied in divinely inspired primacy of "We the People's" constitution, the oldest surviving constitution on the world, that tasked an independent judicial branch with preserving that primacy.

Given the fact this is "We the Peoples" constitution, "We the People" are by extension the total enemy of the Radical Left's Secular if not Luciferian Jihad. Hence the radical lefts propensity to flood the country with illegal aliens, and stack the courts with party apparatchik who legislate from the bench in a manner similar to Sharia Law of Islam or the Star Chamber Courts in England of Olde, all diametrically opposed to the founding principles this great nation was founded on. Law schools even go to far as to tell students that the Magna Charta is "Just an Old Document." "We the people" from the Demoncratic Elites perspective are the "Great Unwashed," "Deplorables," "Irredeemables" & "Smelly Walmart People"

Strzok – Just went to a southern Virginia Walmart. I could SMELL the Trump support...

This is all totalitarian language, language that dictators, overlords and rulers use against their subjects, and totally unacceptable from public servants who have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic as servants of the citizenry. No wonder Senator Dianne Feinstein and her Chinese spy driver wants to disarm the patriots and citizen soldiers of this country for personal friend the current Chinese President Xi so that any Tiananmen Square uprising in America can be easily crushed. Representative Nancy Pelosi acts like a latter-day Marie Antoinette begrudges the cake crumbs that the Trump Tax cut put back in the citizenry's pockets, the economic principles thereof dating back to the JFK administration.

Pure Evil:

Wednesday when driving to Memphis TN, I was listening to Jonathan T Gilliam author of "Sheep No More" who was filling in on the Wilkow Majority Show on SiriusXM 125 Patriot Channel. Representative Louie Gohmert succinctly stated that both Sharia Law and Socialism are incompatible with the United States Constitution. He further expounded on the pure evil that is emanating from the swamp in D.C.

He also quoted "I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It" not conclusively attributed to Voltaire. He should have included:

"those who can make you believe absurdity; can make you commit atrocity." – Voltaire

The Kavanaugh Hearing was a throwback to the Salem Witch Trials. The Demoncrats smugly relying on the above remark by Voltaire to stoke up the anger of Antifa and other radicals while Mark Twain's astute observation will placate many who are merely sleepwalking into slavery:

"It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled." Mark Twain

Despite calling conservatives, republicans and even ICE, created after 9/11, Nazis the Demoncratic members of the judicial committee had no problem channeling Joseph Goebbels:

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."- Joseph Goebbels

Salem Witch Trials:

On July 10th 2018 Sen. Chuck (Evil Chuckie) Schumer vowed to oppose Kavanaugh nomination with "everything I've got" and the new Salem Witch Trials were kicked off.
By July 30, 2018 a confidential letter was sent to three people by Dr. Ford, Senator Dianne Feinstein, her local government representative and her lawyer. One of those three eventually leaked the contents to the press and threw Dr. Ford under the Demoncratic Fundraising and Campaign Bus. The questions that beg asking are: What happened between July 10th and July 30th that prompted Dr. Fords Letter? What was the nature of the contact between Dr. Ford and Democratic Apparchik prior to the letter? Why was the letter and complaint not referred to Montgomery County Chief of Police, J. Thomas Manger, and Montgomery County State's Attorney, John J. McCarthy as a criminal complaint as soon as it was received?

Drama as it unfolded:

Lianne Frankenstein channeled Goebbels and proceeded to stitch together increasingly monstrous allegations (the vilest being that he was a rape gang leader worthy of membership in MS-13) in secret against Brett Kavanaugh and attempted to breath a life of their own into them with the supporting cast of the underworld, ShameAlla Harass, Boring Crooker the groping Caligula masquerading as a faux Spartacus, Dustbin Durban and all the other denizens of the swamp crypt. All of whom have been howling like banshees from a 60's Hammer Vampire movie since exposed to the light of day by the election of Donald J. Trump. Jeffy Flake (apropos name) appeared stage left as a latter-day Benedict Arnold in his audition for a position with one of the aforementioned high-powered propaganda machines in calling for an FBI Incestuation (misspelling deliberate), another Stalinist style witch hunt searching for a crime to prosecute like the Muller Investigation.

I believe that Brett Kavanaugh's opening remarks to the Senate Judiciary Committee shocked the Demoncratic members, it was Kavanaugh's John Paul Jones "I have not yet begun to fight!" moment. It could also be compared to the US Marines arriving at the Battle of Belleau Wood 100 years ago and when ordered to retreat by the retreating French forces, Virginia Tech Alumni, Marine Captain Lloyd W. Williams retorted "Retreat? Hell, we just got here"

Lyndsay Graham, no longer overshadowed by his late close friend John McCain's propensity to call those like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul who speak their minds "Waco Birds" came into his own as a later day Patrick Henry. "This is the most unethical sham since I've been in politics."

Senator Joe Biden correctly noted that the FBI does not reach conclusions in his comments 25 years ago. But then again, the Demoncrats do not want a conclusion, they want a long drawn out public spectacle. A Stalinist Show Trial. They want to destroy Brett Kavanaugh and all he stands for. Not only do they fear Brett Kavanaugh, but they also fear the first all-female clerk office in the history of the Supreme Court, see These Female Law Clerks Are Among Brett Kavanaugh's Biggest Advocates. For these women will not be the vagina hat wearing radical leftist hell bent on tearing down the Constitution, but the future crop of Supreme Court nominees, well mentored into defending the Constitution into the Tricentenary of "One Nation under God." Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, and mark my words all the women who Brett Kavanaugh has befriended, mentored and coached over the past decades, regardless if they lean left or right will never forget the manner in which their dear friend Brett Kavanaugh was treated and how Dr Ford was used and abused by the Demoncrats to achieve a politically expedient goal of Raw Power. The same Raw Power that Tomas Mendoza recognized as being present in both the dictatorship he escaped from and the ranking member(s) of the judiciary committee.

From Freedom to Slavery:

In the same era that Joe Biden stated that the FBI does not reach conclusions, Wyoming's buckskin clad lawyer Gerry Spence, having never lost a jury trial, penned a book that foretold the spectacle we are witnessing unfold before our eyes. He successfully defended Randy Weaver against the FBI and BATF who lured him into a sting operation, despite disagreeing with Randy Weavers personal convictions.

He criticized the judiciary for the political hacks that so many of them are. He also clearly illustrated the vehemence with which those who buck the tyrannical tendency in government are attacked and crucified on the altar of public opinion. Between documenting the efforts to take down Randy Weaver, the principles that Gerry Spence applied to defend him and the attacks on people who buck the system, you will see the same script applied to General Flynn, President Trump and now Brett Kavanaugh.

Both Brett Kavanaugh and Dr Ford deserve an apology for the manner in which this whole disgusting affair was handled. One should not hold one's breath, it was not until 1957 – more than 250 years later – that Massachusetts formally apologized for the original Salem Witch trails. As the Demoncrats put a stake through the "The Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior" long ago as not one of them have a scintilla of Conscience:

110th Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience. – Desmond McGrath

Reporting from the Hills of Wheeling West Virginia, where President Trump's support of West Virginia's Attorney General Patrick Morrisey should unseat Jeffy (Benedict) Flake's buddy, Senator (Major John André) Joe Manchin.

© Desmond McGrath


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