Don Cobb
We really did it this time...
By Don Cobb
September 29, 2009

Granted, after the 8 year lashing Bush gave America it's no wonder people ran away from Republicans in the last presidential election. Let's be honest about this, however — more people voted against McCain than voted for the unknown Marxist Obama. America still doesn't know if Obama is even qualified to be president. The man has spent more than $1,000,000 keeping his birth certificate a secret, and it's common knowledge that the fraudulent piece of crap he offered us as a "Certification of Live Birth" was a form anyone could get in Hawaii, no matter where they were born.

No, we really did it this time. We let the very media who promoted this man Obama feed us more than $660,000,000 worth of Obama campaign funds to convince us that someone we don't even know, whose best friend is an unrepentant terrorist who Obama initially denied knowing but it turns out he lied — we let this propaganda media convince us that it was a good idea to elect an unknown Marxist who spent 18 years taking his daughters to a white-hating racist church.

So now what? Now we're all watching Obama and the other Communists take America apart piece by piece, dismantling and taking over the banking industry, the auto industry, the healthcare industry, and taking away our rights to worship freely, our freedom of speech, propagandizing our children in government schools and (according to recent news reports) is trying to create a police state where this government thinks they're going to force us all to let them inject us with something that is supposed to protect us from the flu epidemic that doesn't exist. Less than a year in office, and America sounds more like Communist China or Cuba already.

I no longer hesitate to say that Americans really did it this time. Not me, but you, if you voted for this Marxist/Communist who is hiding his past and his birth certificate and has promised to bring America some radical "change." That's the only thing Obama was honest about: change. He's changing the land of the free into just another Marxist/Communist country like any other.

And we thought the Communists were going to attack us all these years. They didn't have to. They simply came to America, joined the Democrat Party, spent more than $660,000,000 on marketing and Americans voluntarily voted Communists into the White House.

I just shake my head. Could be that Senator Joe McCarthy was right, after all. Blackballed by the same liberal media who just promoted and helped elect this new Marxist/Communist president Obama, it appears that Joe McCarthy may have been exactly right about what was going on in Washington.

The saddest part, however, is not that America has already been taken over by a man who isn't even eligible to hold office here. Nor is it that the Communists have intentionally destroyed our economy like they always do when they take over a nation, or that they now own the White House, the auto industry, the banking industry and are about to take over the healthcare industry in America. The saddest part isn't that they've done all of this without any of us even lifting a thumb to stop them.

The really sad thing about all of this is that the majority of Americans who are responsible for putting these Communists in the White House don't even have the humility to apologize or even admit that they were wrong, or that what's going on is wrong. Arrogant and ignorant, the folks who helped turn America over to the Communists are still so deluded they pretend to believe that everything is going to be alright. Americans, many of them at least, are in complete denial about how they helped to kill America as we've always known it.

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