Audrey Ignatoff
Answer for health insurance problems in America
By Audrey Ignatoff
March 2, 2017

There is an easy answer to prevent 20 million people from losing their health insurance. If the members of the senate and the house, as well as all other federal employees stopped receiving health care benefits, millions would be saved. They could then buy their own health insurance plans and pay for it completely from their salaries. After all, they do have very good paying jobs, and many who receive their health insurance through the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) either have low paying jobs, or no job at all.

These times seem to call for desperate measures, and it's time to think of all possibilities. You just can't dump possibly over 20 million people out of the health care system. The emergency rooms would be clogged up, and many will suffer and die with or without health insurance. Even a person with a top tier plan may not get attention when they most need it, such as having a stroke or heart attack.

So, it is foolish to repeal ACA with no adequate replacement. Next, they will be going after Social Security and Medicare. Therefore, it is better to work on a replacement plan before abandoning what is helping millions of people right now. After all, the rest of the civilized world has managed to provide health care to its people as a right. The Constitution states that all Americans have the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." How happy will we be waiting in an emergency room for hours with the possibility of not getting treatment in time to save our lives? Think of yourself, and think about your parents and children.

President Trump and Congress doesn't seem to care about all the people that will be impacted by taking away ACA. After all, he is rich. However, even he or his family will be impacted if they need emergency services and there are no doctors, nurses, or beds available. I guess that he thinks that the First Family will be first in the triage system, but you never know.

Thus, taking away ACA without an adequate replacement may cause mass bedlam in hospitals in all cities and towns. And people will get sicker without health insurance for prevention and early treatment. Is this the way that we want America to go, and be a real "LOSER' by our own people and the rest of the world?

Now, President Trump is admitting that dealing with Health Care is "very complex." No doubt, the effects would be devastating. For example, in New Jersey alone, $3 billion dollars would be lost which would leave more than half a million people with no coverage, would eliminate health care jobs, and may even force hospitals to close. If these costs were multiplied throughout the country, it would be catastrophic!

How many people will take to the streets if this happens?

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