Stella Lohmann
Before taking the H1N1 vaccine: Did you know?
By Stella Lohmann
September 22, 2009

ALERT: Swine Flu Vaccine Makers Refuse

The beginning of Fall signals the start of yet another flu season and millions of Americans will make the choice whether to get a flu shot or not. In Georgia, Turner Stadium, home of the Atlanta Braves major league baseball team and former location of the 1996 Olympics, is being considered as a vaccination center in addition to schools. Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is an official Quarantine Station and under a declared state of emergency for health reasons, the Governor has full authority to order the entire populace to be vaccinated and implement forced quarantine. Congress has already given the President expanded powers under the Insurrection Act of 1807 via the 2007 Defense Authorization Bill. The President has full authority to federalize the National Guard troops to handle health emergencies including pandemics.

On September 17th Atlanta's Fulton County Public Schools sent a letter to current substitute teachers in efforts to recruit school clinic assistants. Could the schools be gearing up for what the Center for Disease and the World Health Organization warns to be a pandemic of unknown proportions overwhelming health care providers, employers, and manufacturers of vaccines? The constant attention to a H1N1 pandemic could give pause to substitute teachers looking for work in a strained economy. Teachers and students could pack the H1N1 virus unknowingly and share it at school. That reality could make substitute teachers harder to find to care for the sick.

The Emergency Nurses Association posted these updates:

Georgia and Alaska are the only two states in the country in which (H1N1) swine flu has become widespread, according to the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC spokesman Joe Quimby said the agency does not know why Georgia stands out but he noted that swine flu is up throughout the Southeast, probably due to schools opening earlier than the rest of the country.

Shreveport, Louisiana, KSLA News 12 reported "The H1N1 virus & the workplace":

Louisiana and federal health officials are now urging employers to create their own 'flu plan,' not only to deal with the H1N1 virus but also for the seasonal flu. In fact, experts urge companies to include in that plan a review of attendance policies so sick employees don't feel pressured to come to work only to infect other employees.

Fox Network in Memphis, TN reported "LeBonheur ER Overwhelmed with Patients":

Parents worried about their children being infected with H1N1 swine flu are filling the emergency room of Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center. Doctors have seen hundreds of children over the last 24 hours. Not all the children are sick with the flu, but their parents are sick with worry.

The ramifications and costs could be staggering nationwide as the world looks to the United States for the vaccines from costly research that has always been there to fight diseases for the past hundred years. In an ailing economy finding hefty investors became a global concern as the world and the United States prepares to vaccinate populations by the millions. Anxiety over government officials deciding who gets the vaccines and who doesn't (and consequences to those who choose not to take the vaccination) are beginning to be discussed as the October deadline draws near to inoculate the public with the H1N1 vaccine. Could the H1N1 pandemic 'exist' without government affirmation as an emergency?

The National Security and Homeland Security Directive signed on May 9, 2007 gives the White House unprecedented powers over the government and the country, bypassing the US Congress and the separation of powers. The directive also placed the Secretary of Homeland Security in charge of domestic "security." This policy establishes "National Essential Functions," prescribing continuity requirements for all executive departments and agencies, and providing guidance for state, local, territorial, tribal governments, and private sector organizations in order to ensure a comprehensive and integrated national continuity program that will enhance the credibility of our national security posture and enable a more rapid and effective response to and recovery from a national emergency.

Remember this policy was passed by the newly formed Homeland Security Department created shortly after the 9/11 terrorists attacks. The difference is that thousands of innocent Americans lost their lives in 2001 through intentional acts of terrorism not a borderless flu strain. No world wide agency gave input into the department's formation or how it would operate. But now, the Department of Homeland Security is deciding policies of health under their charge of 'domestic security.' On April 26th, 2009 the CDC and U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security held a press conference and declared a National Public Health Emergency.

Jenny Hodges is a mother of six and political activist from Atlanta. She's upset by possible government intrusion and what's not being told to the general public:

    "As of August 21st, 2009, the CDC listed 522 deaths and 7,983 hospitalizations associated with swine flu (H1N1) cases reported in the U.S. There is no information on lab confirmed H1N1 cases because the CDC has stopped recommending that suspected and reported cases are lab confirmed. This is INSANE given the supposed gravity of the situation that there is no clear diagnosis of alleged victims of the virus. Also consider that yearly 36,000 Americans die from the flu. So why would there be this kind of hype over 522 deaths by the 8th month of the year?"

The answer Hodges claims is skewed threat levels that would allow government, non-government, and manufacturers the where-with-all to take advantage of policies in order to prevaricate use of potentially unapproved substances in the vaccines. Peter McCarthy of The Texas Health Freedom Coalition supports her concerns. Doses of the vaccine could contain two controversial compounds: thimerosal and squalene, McCarthy told The Daily Texan (August 12, 2009).

McCarthy is a national lobbyist but he's not alone in his findings. A growing number of scientists and researchers believe that a relationship between the increase in cases of autism, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, and speech or language delay and the increased use of mercury-containing thimerosal in vaccines is plausible and deserves more scrutiny, according to the National Autism Association. Dr. Thomas Burbacher, a University of Washington researcher found that exposure to Thimerosal, the ethyl mercury-based vaccine preservative, resulted in inorganic mercury deposits in the brain that were twice the amount of those following exposure to equal amounts of methyl mercury, the type commonly found in fish.

Dr. Burbacher's previous research found that inorganic mercury is associated with a neuro-inflammatory process, recently documented to also occur in the brains of children diagnosed with autism. Inorganic mercury has no discernable half-life and, once trapped in the brain, continues to damage brain cells. (NAA has been assisting in funding the ongoing Burbacher research since 2005.)

So why is this research missing in the CDC's or Homeland Security public relations press releases and not posed by mainstream media? Howbeit, chronologies of policies and what it means to Americans is available — buried within government, world health organizations, manufacturers and investors websites. Those, like Hodges, are continuing to probe the extent of the H1N1 pandemic, particulars of the vaccines and its manufacturers, and what's in it for stakeholders, including the U.S. government. Hodges says she just wants to make an informed decision with all the facts for her and her family.

Additional information on H1N1:

Bernadine Healy is the former director of the National Institutes of Health and current health editor of US News & World Report.

Can you get H1N1 flu from being around or touching swine?

© Stella Lohmann


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