Michael Victory column
Michael Victory
Michael Victory is a high school business teacher, writer, and host of The Victory Report. He grew up near State College, Pennsylvania, and currently lives with his wife and daughters in the western suburbs of Philadelphia.

High-stakes testing: debasing education
Michael Victory
April 5, 2013

In Pennsylvania, public schools are mandated to administer the PSSA (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment) test, while private schools are not. Results are . . .

Devaluation Disregarded: a micro-movie on denial and the dollar
Michael Victory
June 3, 2012

As witness to a paradigm silently crumbling, I have commissioned myself to educate others, and provide alternative views to the status . . .

The coming storm
Michael Victory
February 25, 2012

Storm Clouds The current state of finance continues to change at rapid pace and global economies have slowed to levels significantly less than experienced in . . .

Austerity, Barnhardt, and planning
Michael Victory
December 10, 2011

We made it through another week that had all the promise of calamity but ended up delivering more of the same, and more of nothing from . . .

American pastime and breadline
Michael Victory
June 4, 2011

My father will be 90 years old in September. His thoughts are still clear, however his mobility has become poor, and around Thanksgiving he fell a few times. He . . .

Education and kicking the can
Michael Victory
May 27, 2011

As Quantitative Easing II runs out, the U.S. economy will attempt to stand on its own feet. Organizations that rely on government funding are only beginning to . . .

Repairing the moral compass
Michael Victory
May 5, 2011

Lowering The Bar Society's ethical compass has been damaged. Is an educational system that no longer nurtures religion liable? Religion in schools doesn't . . .

How do you crack a currency calamity?
Michael Victory
April 9, 2011

The Corrections Society is bursting with inefficiencies that should have been rooted out by recessions long ago. Today big government and big business share . . .

Crooked creeds and due diligence
Michael Victory
March 15, 2011

Democrac-archy In an oligarchy, or a government run by only a few, often the wealthy, decisions about education reflect the interests of the wealthy. In a . . .

Under their thumb
Michael Victory
February 24, 2011

I was recently surprised to read that Stanford, a private university received $1 billion dollars from the federal government in 2010. According to (Stanford, 20 . . .

Don't squeeze the silver
Michael Victory
February 18, 2011

When there isn't enough of X and excess demand exists for X, the price of X rises. The casino aggravates the cycle, and things can get wild when those betting . . .

Griffin L. Hamm showed me joy
Michael Victory
February 15, 2011

Over the past few weeks the western suburbs of Philadelphia got hit with 24 inches of snow in just a few days. I spent a lot of time shoveling and had much time . . .

Idols of the unaware
Michael Victory
December 18, 2010

Does the average person understand what central bankers globally are doing to money? Do they realize the incredibly high rate of inflation about to cause crisis . . .

Critical condition
Michael Victory
December 5, 2010

As intellectuals and citizens we might be committed to our society by thinking more critically about our world and key events now occurring in it. According to . . .

Jefferson the futurist
Michael Victory
October 29, 2010

According to Murphy (2006), Thomas Jefferson was born in 1743 and died in 1826 at the age of 83. I would like to share a few of his thoughts from almost 200 . . .

Exploiting the colonies
Michael Victory
October 21, 2010

The colonial educational system, inherited by the African countries was not properly modernized to meet the needs of the African people. It also was not . . .

Gold will save us.
Michael Victory
June 15, 2010

I don't think most people get it yet, how quickly the debt snowball is rolling through the wallets of our country, how fast it will gain speed over the next . . .

Scholars ask
Michael Victory
April 25, 2010

Ask questions, it's the scholarly thing to do. What is Federal Reserve policy? Is our central banking system working? Are you information literate? To . . .

What is "driving" inflation?
Michael Victory
March 30, 2010

The cost of driving has gone up. Have you purchased any tires lately? If you have, maybe you were as shocked as I was. I recently paid $1000 for four tires . . .

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