Jake Jacobs
Mob rule
By Jake Jacobs
September 23, 2020

America is at the precipice. The presidential election of 2020 will be THE most important election since the 1864 presidential election of Abraham Lincoln. We need to pray for President Trump and our republic under God. Antifa, BLM, the Democratic Party, the activist media mobocrats, and all leftists in between have taken to the airways and into the streets in their never-ending war to destroy life, liberty, and democracy in America.

The 1619 Project, the Zinn Education Project, the Black Lives Matter at School curriculum, and many others continue with their bad and ugly narrative of the American story throughout our schools in this great land. This lefty Trojan horse education continues to spread its cancerous cultural Marxism into the hearts and minds of our youth.

Wake up America before it is too late! The mobocrats mean business. Study the mob, listen to their words and watch their actions and understand their desire and demands to change and transform our Republic under God. Our Founders warned us that if we were to keep our Republic we would always have to remain diligent for4 the cause of freedom and vigilantly aware of those who would under the guise of "justice" destroy life and liberty.

Here are the chapters of my VERY soon to be released book on Amazon:

    MOB RULE: Unmaking the Radical Leftists at Our Doorstep

    Introduction The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions

    Chapter 1 Leftism: Antifa and BlackLives Matter

    Chapter 2 Black Lives Matter and Marxism

    Chapter 3 Uncle Tom: Lies, Damned Lies,and Statistics

    Chapter 4 Socialism, Symbolism,and Statues

    Chapter 5 Frederick Douglass’ “4th of July”Speech and Zinn’s Sins

    Chapter 6 1619 Project versus July 4, 1776

    Chapter 7 1776 American History in Black and White

    Chapter 8 They Were There in 1776!

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Jake Jacobs

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