Bob Kemp
Israel, Iran, Honduras, and Obama's hypocrisy
By Bob Kemp
July 20, 2009

Iran 6 Months Away From Having A Nuclear Bomb

Earlier this month it was reported that the Saudi Arabian government had given the green light to the Israeli Air Force to fly-over its territory in the event of an Israeli airstrike against Iranian nuclear targets. This unprecedented cooperation between the Saudi and the Israeli governments clearly demonstrates the shared perceived danger both nations fear from a nuclear Iran. The saber rattling coming from Iran has also had an unsettling effect on other neighboring Arab nations in the region as well. A nuclear Iran would present a threat to the entire Middle East region and could threaten to destabilize the entire region.

Despite a strain in the relationship between Egypt and Israel, over the past year these two nations have actually drawn closer as they consider the possibility of a nuclear Iran and the consequences of allowing Iran to go nuclear.

According to an agency source of the German Intelligence Agency (BND), Iran could produce a nuclear bomb within six months. However, the same source also stated that Iran is about three years away from producing a ballistic missile that can deliver a nuclear payload. This is why Iran is actively seeking to purchase a nuclear delivery system from both North Korea and Russia now. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has reported that Iran has enriched over 1.3 tons of uranium with 7,000 centrifuges at its Natanz plant which is enough for two nuclear bombs.

The Iranian government would have to expel the IAEA inspectors in order to further enrich uranium and build a nuclear bomb because they cannot build a nuclear bomb at the Natanz plant without the IAEA inspectors knowing about it.

In light of the recent violent Iranian government crackdown on its freedom loving citizens, it is obvious that those in power in Iran have no concern for either life or liberty. Their only concern is maintaining their strangle hold on the nation and its citizens, using whatever means are needed to silence anyone that opposes them. If Iran is allowed to fully develop a nuclear capability, there should be no doubt that the current Iranian government would use terror tactics to intimidate their neighbors, at the very least.

Israeli War Games Sending A Powerful Message to Iran

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has for the past several months been conducting war games involving land, sea and air forces. Most recently the Israeli Navy has sent a total of four missile-class warships and one nuclear capable submarine through the Suez Canal and into the Red Sea. These war vessels are now within easy striking distance of the twelve Iranian nuclear-related targets. The Israeli Navy has six Dolphin-class submarines with nuclear-strike capability.

The message is clear; Iran's nuclear sites will be destroyed if they persist in nuclear weapons development.

The Israeli Air Force conducted war game scenarios over the Mediterranean Sea earlier this year, and the IDF also has conducted exercises using the long-range missile defense system known as the Arrow interceptor. Later this month the IAF will hold long-range exercises here in the U.S., and will test a missile defense shield at a U.S. missile range in the Pacific Ocean.

Israel has destroyed nuclear sites in the past in Iraq and Syria when these sites were perceived as a threat to the Israeli nation. Prime Minister Netanyahu has been very forthcoming when asked about the possibility of another Israeli strike on such a target, indicating that his first priority is the safety and security of the Israeli people.

Israel has recently gained both Arab and Western support for striking the Iranian nuclear sites by agreeing to concessions on the formation of a Palestinian state within its own borders. According to a British government source as reported in the London Times, if the deal is completed, it would make an Israeli strike on Iran realistic.

At a time when the U.S is still fighting a war against international terrorists and our strongest ally in the Middle East is gearing up for an attack that has the potential to draw us into it as well, I am amazed at the naivety of the Obama administration. This is not the time to make defense cuts, nor should there be appeasement to the Arab nations. A responsible U.S. President would recognize the signs of the times and act in a way to ensure our defense is strong and our alliances are stronger. That is, if your first priority is national security of course.

Honduras and Obama

Have you noticed how Mr. Obama's game plan seems to be to not only distance our nation from our strongest allies, but be as insulting to them as possible? Especially those democracies that we have enjoyed a long fruitful relationship with? But when it comes to the despots of the world, they seem to make Mr. Obama's top 10 list of those he would most want to be like.

Every self-respecting American was insulted when Mr. Obama dropped his integrity as President of the United States when he bowed to the Saudi King. We are amazed at the way he is appeasing the Islamic governments, even attempting to coerce the EU to admit Turkey into its little club, to which the EU said no thanks. The audacity of it all. He angers most Americans as he glob trots around the world apologizing for our arrogance, and describing himself as a citizen of the world. Perhaps that's where his true colors are, especially since he is unable to produce his long form birth certificate. But I digress.

Mr. Obama's contempt for the rule of law has been evident to those in the U.S. with eyes to see and ears to hear. But his response to the events in Honduras was very telling indeed. He condemned the expulsion of Zelaya from office and country. Mr. Obama stated that it was "not legal" and "a terrible precedent." Remember when he did not want to meddle in the affairs of Iran's post election riots by saying anything that could have encouraged the freedom fighters of the country? He could not tell those brave men and women that were risking life and limb that the American people believe in their cause and will stand with them and support them. He could not say a word to those citizens of Iran that their fight for freedom and liberty is not in vain and that the United States government will hold the Iranian government responsible for the bloodshed it wrought. No, he was too busy appeasing the Iranian government in a vain attempt to stop their uranium enrichment program, rather than supporting a change in government that might bring an end to their nuclear aspirations from within peacefully. He missed his chance.

In regard to Honduras, Mr. Obama was not concerned with the sovereignty of the Honduran government in the least. In both situations, Mr. Obama was unwilling to condemn those who disregarded the rule of law and respect for human life. I believe this gives us an insight into Mr. Obama's psychiatric makeup and intentions for the American people. He is a man that should be feared for what he is capable of doing to those that oppose his socialist/Marxist agenda.

© Bob Kemp


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Bob Kemp

Bob Kemp, an ordained Deacon, husband, father, and Sunday School Teacher, currently works as Concert Coordinator for a multiple Dove Award winning and Grammy Nominee Contemporary Christian Artist at Praise Ministries in Lindale, TX... (more)

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