Frank Louis
Todd Herman: Please explain this logic to me
By Frank Louis
December 30, 2020

Todd, I believe it was you guest-hosting on the Hannity radio program recently, on December 28. Your topic at one point was the “election,” voter fraud, Donald Trump’s ill-fated attempts at receiving justice for us all (at least 75 million of us who voted). Our President not having standing… etc, etc, etc. You mentioned the Supreme Court (an entity I almost no longer believe need be “capitalized.”) and their fears surrounding all of this. So, please click the email link provided at the bottom of this article and explain your logic. I would appreciate it.

You see, we are constantly told, over and over and over again, that it is those on “the Right” that Americans need be fearful of. We hear it daily, morning, noon and night. You know that, I know that, everybody knows that. So, if this is the case, why would the Supreme Court, or anyone for that matter be worried about how the peaceful, tolerant “Left” will react once the courage needed to “call a spade a spade” (it's a card game reference folks) is found?

Seriously. If we are repeatedly told and lectured on just how “violent” the American Right is, aren’t they reacting exactly the opposite of how they should in this instance? Is nobody “worried” about probably 100 million Americans who stand with our President (the real one: Donald J. Trump) if we are so prone to acts of violence?

So, again, we Americans are being treated like a bunch of mushrooms. (Kept in the dark and fed BS 24/7.) If my take on this is incorrect, please let me know. I tried to call the radio show several times but could not get through. I did not hear anyone else contest your point of view, including your featured guest, Peter Navarro, our nation’s “National Defense Production Act Policy Coordinator.” In this role (National Defense), shouldn’t he be aware of this misinformation… Fake News? Guess not.

I would appreciate your reply and thank you in advance.


One other thing. To date, I have not heard either Kelly Loffler or David Perdue mention how they will stand on January 6 with regard to our president’s efforts under the Electoral Count Act of 1887 (the “ECA”). The ECA authorizes members of Congress to object to a state’s results and creates a process for resolving any such objections by votes in both the House and the Senate. If they will not stand to defend our rightful President, why should anyone even vote for them. Sounds like they are just more components contributing to the problem. While I don’t live in Georgia and cannot vote there, I did contribute but am having second thoughts now.

If enough electoral votes are rejected to prevent any candidate from getting to 270 votes, the Twelfth Amendment throws the election to the House for a state-by-state vote. It is the Constitution… It is the Law! Why are they not speaking up on this all important point? Why are not every Republican member of the Congress and Senate signing on to this effort? Don’t tell me: They too are more afraid of the “Mostly Peaceful Left” than we on the alleged “violent Right?”

Thanks Todd,


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