Desmond McGrath
Looking through the NSA Prism at all Americans
Spectrographic Profiling at its finest but turning a blind eye to the real threat
By Desmond McGrath
June 21, 2013

Disclaimer: I will say up front that some of this perspective on "Data Mining" is my hypothesis based on the limited facts that I have gleaned about this case. It is not a Hypothesis pulled out of thin air but rather logically deduced via my years of accumulated knowledge in various areas of scientific testing, computer modeling and statistical analysis of empirical data, coupled with my keen study of history.

While the only direct knowledge of Prism, as the program has been called, is shown on the controversial power point slides that were leaked and information William Binney has made public over the past decade; yet there was initially vociferous denial of involvement by the private companies that are listed on the PowerPoint, followed recently by some partial admission. This begs the question have they all been collectively caught with their hands in the cookie jar, under an oath of secrecy to the government; or has this latest scandal crisis been also orchestrated in some manner to divert attention away from something else, or has it been scripted as an exercise to gauge public reaction like a bizarre trial balloon? After all the IRS Scandal was broken out into the open by a planted question by Lois Lerner. There are many very important issues now taking a back seat to the cavalcade of scandals that are currently parading past the lame stream media viewing stand. For Example:
Given all that is happening and Gallup reported that Immigration reform is a very low public priority:

"PRINCETON, NJ – Americans put reforming immigration and reducing gun violence – the focus of much of the attention on Capitol Hill in recent weeks – at the bottom of a list of 12 priorities for Congress and the president to address. Americans instead say leaders in Washington should give highest priority to jobs and the economy, followed by making government work more efficiently and improving the quality of education."

Yet the Senate and Congress are "Hell Bent for Leather" to allow 10,000,000 odd illegal foreign invaders from a borderline failed Narco-Terrorist state who illegally voted with their feet, a path to citizenship, rather than deal with the crisis of vastly more important issues, for example the latest NSA spygate. Especially considering 80% of the population is against Amnesty.

Where the First term of this administration was underscored by "'Never let a crisis go to waste'-Rahm Emanuel, is the second term to be characterized by "Lets create and/or expose scandals to divert attention away from our real agenda"?

Is the goal to make the public "Punch Drunk" from all the scandals so that they cannot muster the resources to fight against any one tyrannical issue ala Saul Alinksy and Cloward and Piven? Is it an effort to clean the scandal house and leave a time buffer till 2014, so that Hillary Clinton can proclaim "what difference does it make??" In my opinion the most damning issue is the NSA "Prism" spygate and cellular "Metadata" wiretapping and it's a critical component of everything else. Here is my hypothesis:

The word prism is perhaps a double entendre, a public acronym describing the program to the uninformed and a visual clue as to the true intent of the program. In plain English, a prism is a light filter, it breaks down white light into a spectrum range of colors based on the various frequencies that make up the light spectrum.

This is the same principle at the rainbow with the shorter wavelengths on the left and the longer wavelengths on the right. I am reminded of the Leonard Cohen Song "Suzanne."
    And just when you mean to tell her
    That you have no love to give her
    Then she gets you on her wavelength
    And she lets the river answer
    That you've always been her lover
    And you want to travel with her
    And you want to travel blind
    And you know that she will trust you
    For you've touched her perfect body with your mind.

Much of the human experience involves tuning into something or tuning something out. We define politics in terms of color, aka Red State versus Blue State, take for example the following:

We always tend towards visual representation of both the concrete and ethereal, from ancient cave drawings and pictographs to modern Geographical Information Systems (GIS). We have used light in miraculous ways, for example absorption and emission Spectroscopy, which in one example involves quantifying the different manners in which elements either absorb light or give off light. Here is the example for Sodium:

In the same manner that individual elements can be identified the complete makeup of the atmosphere of remote planets can be identified.

There is a third component of the movement of light is the fact that light waves do not uniformly oscillate up and down like the waves in an ocean as shown above but rather in all directions as shown in the following diagram and in order to make light resemble ocean waver, it is put through a polarizer to filter out all but the waves that are running in a certain direction. We often use the phrase "Polarized" with respect to political discourse. The major media outlets in the USA are clearly guilty of Filtering and Polarizing the information that they disseminate to the public. Look at the complete lack of coverage of the peaceful Icelandic Revolution after the banking collapse; it is quite obvious that the very rich and powerful organizations that caused the collapse do not want this happening in America. In all these matters we need to ask "Qui Bono"?

Filtering can also occur when political and socioeconomic pressure is brought to bear on media outlets and individual presenters to censor or filter their content. Take for example how Glenn Beck's advertising sponsors were targeted and Fox targeted directly causing him to leave Fox for the personal venue

William Binney described the challenge of monitoring the internet to assess foreign threats as one of "Volume Velocity and Variety" in an April 2012 forum (A Must Watch) as a benefit due to the Quantity, Update Rate and Sheer Variety of data, instead of a detriment. Clearly the NSA is actively expanding the examination of the full spectrum of public discourse, but also the full spectrum of public and private relationships, and the full spectrum of private communications between everybody in the USA and worldwide.

This collection and backup of data Is clearly gargantuan; "quintillions of bytes" as discussed in a recent article on the Salt Lake Tribune "NSA Utah Data Center" quote "Fort Meade, Md. » Sometime this fall with a few clicks, stacks upon stacks of computer servers in Utah will begin to suck in intelligence data as needed by military commanders, CIA officials and the White House (Emphasis Mine see later note)"...."five times the size of the U.S. Capitol, stretching across 120 acres at the Utah National Guard's Camp Williams"

In Spectroscopy, when we are looking for the presence of say Carbon, Hydrogen and Water in very distant planets we mask out all but the section of a respective Galaxy we are interested in looking at, then we filter out the elements that we are not interested in from that masked out section and then amplify the wavelengths we are looking for. In the Volume, Velocity and Variety comment of William Binney, the "quintillions of bytes" of data captured from everybody in North America under even the innocuous and ambiguous term "Metadata" in all probability includes, but not limited to:
    • Phone number records

      o Duration, time, date and frequency.

    • A recorded voice print of the individual for future voice recognition.
    • All financial and banking information.
    • A record of all websites visited including purchases.
    • A record of all emails with sender and receiver data.
    • Memberships in organizations like the NRA or Tea party Organizations.
Let's hypothecate for a moment that the actual content of the phone conversations and the actual content of texts, online chats, emails and Skype video conversations not accessed (at least not right away, but are stored). Just this information alone is enough to build a profile of the individual, as of June 2012 The number of cellphones in use represents 103.9% of the population. I'm sure that almost every illegal alien has one just as it is probably rare that any child under 5 would have one. Just from the cell phone metadata, the location and movement of every cellphone in the USA is tracked initially by tower triangulation and more recently by GPS. Given the metadata profile of each individual they can be placed on an advanced political spectrum map similar to Figure 2.

From internet browsing metadata, for example if a person is an NRA member and goes to regularly for purchases it can be deduced that he is a gun owner. The frequency and volume of purchases from companies that sell ammunition and firearm related components will show the magnitude of gun ownership, i.e. the number of Guns. If they also go to or they also fall under the category of "Preppers" and the frequency of visitations and purchases from those sites show the magnitude of stockpiling food and survival supplies. Likewise should a person be making purchases from they are buying physical gold and the volume and magnitude of purchases will show the amount of gold being acquired. Should things turn ugly in this country; this data can be filtered to be able to identify the largest caches of privately owned personal weapons or the largest caches of emergency food supplies or the largest caches of privately held gold. Google's own internal advertising "Pay per Click" advertising system is capable of making these links regarding a person's shopping, searching and gmail habits.

The confiscation of gold is not new and was done by Roosevelt in 1933, and we would all be completely naive to think that it would not happen again. The Telegraph had an interesting article on this very subject in light of the fleecing given the Cypriot's in their banking collapse. Certainly the government would claim that "Gold Hoarders," "Food Hoarders" and "Arms Hoarders" are a threat to society and the recovery after a total collapse, and use its main stream propaganda outlets to channel the message to the sheeple.

The question becomes, for what ideological purpose would this information be used? Would it be used by the Government against its own people or by occupying forces to control the occupied territory? When I was in high school my next door neighbor was a former member of the Dutch Resistance during WWII. He once described to me that the first act that the Nazi's did after invading Holland was seize all the census and registration information about the population, which included a Gun Registry. They then went door to door and demanded the guns, if the gun could not be produced by the person answering the door, they were shot. They also rounded up radio transmitters, seized control of the printing presses and placed SS censors there as well as in the Telegraph and Telephone exchanges. Today the government already has de facto control of the internet and cell phone communications as demonstrated in the Boston Bombing. An even more troubling question revolves around the way the city of Boston was shut down by the Police and Federal Agencies to hunt for the sole remaining suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing. Was this a trial run for something much larger, like hunting down all the Food, Arms and Gold Hoarders, or those who oppose the creeping totalitarianism in Washington?

The amount of data that the Nazi Bureaucrats collected in the minutest detail is mind boggling given the lack of computers at the time; it has been captured in Richard Ulrich's Photographs:

'There Wouldn't Be A Jew Alive Today If Hitler Had This Technology'-Glenn Beck

The claim by the NSA is that all this data is needed to catch terrorists; yet they completely missed the Boston Bombers, in spite of warnings. Despite the claims that they stopped many terror attacks inside the U.S.A, every terrorist caught since 9-11, was either caught by others, or U.S. Officials were alerted by one or more foreign Governments. So the question becomes: are the spying efforts genuinely focused on the known source of terror threats dating back to at least the Munich Games internationally and here within the USA, the initial bombing of the World Trade Center, Radical Islamic Jihad, or is NSA spying on the populous at large? It seems that the only "Terror" suspects actually caught are unwitting dupes caught up in FBI sting programs.

The act of spying on one's own citizenry is generally associated with Totalitarian Regimes, Dictatorships and Monarchies that fear the enslaved populous. Canada would not normally fit that mold, however; my late friend Capt. Wayne Davis was a CSIS agent in Canada in the late 80's and he was appalled at the fact that he was being repeatedly ordered to spy on fellow Canadians. He complained to his superiors about this internal spying activity and requested to leave CSIS. Without getting an official response from his superiors, Wayne was initially framed for the leak of Finance Minister Michael Wilson's Budget. Fighting the charges he hired a Sarah Palin described, Hockey Mom style of lawyer and successfully won his case, received a severance, retained his top level security clearance and went back to his first love, the sea.

So is the fact as James Clapper stated that NSA is "not wittingly" spying on US citizens true, a ruse in name of national security or a blatant lie? Clearly the older of the Brothers Tszarnav was not a U.S. citizen, went to a known hotbed of terrorist activity, U.S. officials received warnings about him from one and possibly two foreign governments, and he had posted Jihadist related material on the internet and his younger brother (who serendipitously became a US citizen on the Anniversary of 9/11 while the Benghazi attack was underway) had the same first name and was possibly named after Dzhokhar Dudayev the then popular president of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria later killed by the Russians in 21 April 1996.

I bring up Dzokhar Dudayev, because I remember reading an article in the Canadian papers in 1996 (I am still searching for it) about his death at the hands of the Russian military. The article stated that his death was aided by the NSA and their voice recognition program. I remember discussing the article in great detail with Capt. Wayne Davis at the time. While searching for the article I remember reading, I came across this Islamic website that had a photo of the incident that they attribute to the NSA showing the real time image from the Laser Guided Bomb that killed Dudayev:

    Quote: "According to one version, the coordinates of Dudayev's whereabouts were transferred to the Russian side on the direct orders of the Clinton administration and the National Security Agency (NSA), who were listening in on the satellite phone conversations of the Chechen president, using the "INMARSAT" system."
This power to locate, target and exterminate an "Enemy of the State," just two years before the release of the movie by the same name is chilling. The film is well worth viewing again in light of recent events and is especially prophetic considering that it was 4 more years before the Patriot Act was passed and William Binney blew the whistle on the spying activities of NSA. It should be noted that there is still an outstanding court case Jewel v. NSA from the NSA's earlier activities. In addition to watching "Enemy of the State" I would suggest that you browse around the site as well to get an idea of the mindset of the terrorists that NSA is purportedly trying to catch while "Not Wittingly" spying on American Citizens, in particular note references to the Caliphate.

This brings me back to the application of Filters, Masking, Polarizing and Amplification of data to find what one is looking for. From the IRS/Tea party perspective, it is quite obvious that the tea party, Christian and related groups were specifically targeted with all manner of questions that could rightly be called "data mining" and profiling. When the Tea party groups first arrived on the scene, I suggested to several people that it might be good to attend some of the first rally events. The response from several was "I do not want to be identified or targeted by any branch of the Government like the IRS" or similar comment. I was shocked that law abiding and proud Americans would fear their own government long before this latest scandal broke out. After all the majority of Tea-partiers were only people who had never been politically involved before, suddenly woken from their sleepwalk into slavery and wanted the federal government and the country to get back to following the Constitution as One Nation under God.

This past month it was discovered that the IRS targeting of Conservative Groups was under the control of Lois Lerner, who pleaded the fifth after stating she did nothing wrong, an oxymoron if there ever was one; the same Lois Lerner who planted the initial question. This was the same Lois Lerner who worked for the FEC and acted on a Democrat initiated complaint against Al Salvi in 1996 and tried to get him to promise to not run again. They continued to harass him and drain his time money and will to fight to the point of being successful in Al Salvi never running again for office. In the case of the Tea party groups, what if the energy and money that those groups had to expend to satisfy Ms. Lerner's politically motivated witch hunt were spent on promoting the restoration of the Constitution instead; would it have changed the outcome of the election? Clearly Ms. Lerner's targeting of those on the conservative side spans three administrations Clinton/Bush/Obama and two agencies, the FEC to the IRS.

Take Catherine Englebrecht; her King Street Patriots and True the Vote must have really touched a raw nerve and drew the ire of the beast that likes the idea of the vote being trued about as much as the Devil likes Holy Water. It should be noted that Obama did not win any State that fully requires a Photo ID to vote. In her case, she personally and her company corporately were both attacked by numerous agencies of the Federal Government. Here there was a trans-department government vendetta wreaked upon her personally. In all these cases there is a trans-department trans-administration entrenched bureaucracy that spans the electoral changes in Washington, who consistently target conservative groups on behalf of the Democratic Party. Given all these instances, are we so naive as to believe that there is an Ideological firewall at the NSA that makes it immune to the same political motivations as the other agencies thus implicated? My response to that question is; Pigs may fly but they make unlikely birds.

The majority of these agencies are populated by people who support the Democratic cause, for example 85 percent of the money contributed to a candidate by IRS employees went to Barack Obama. This is even more prevalent among the lawyers and upper management of government agencies according to a report "The IRS as a Microcosm" by Robert Anderson, Associate Professor of Law at Pepperdine University.

It is also clear that the current Democratic Party of Obama, Pelosi and Reid is NOT the party of Truman or JFK; American Thinker had an excellent article addressing this fact: Frank Marshall Davis and the Subversion of the Democratic Party. Is it any wonder that the turnout for the DNC convention was so small that they had to seek another venue for Barack Obama's speech? Or that they removed God from the 2012 party platform and then had to scramble to put God back in only to be heckled from the audience? Is it that the Democratic Party is now boiled down to a hard core essence of Marxists Socialists and Communists; has alienated the traditional base and held onto the Whitehouse the last election cycle only because of widespread voter fraud (with turnouts greater than the number of registered voters on many critical districts)?

Roosevelt formally recognized Russia in 1933 and in the maxim "The enemy of our enemy is our friend" the Roosevelt got in bed with Stalin and initiated the Lend Lease program during WWII, This program was not only an open back door for funneling material into Russia, it was also moving communists into positions of power in various departments of the Federal Government. Major George Racey Jordan was in charge of the Lend Lease shipments and became highly alarmed and concerned about what he saw and kept a detailed diary of everything condensing it into a book in 1952. Not surprisingly it was slammed by the critics; here is a speech he gave in the 1960's and I highly recommend you listen to it. Dr. Anthony Sutton discusses this same concept in "Best Enemies Money can Buy" in this 6 part Video Series. The 1950's was the time of Senator Joe McCarthy and Bella Dodd, the former exposing Communists in government and being vilified with the incorrect word "McCarthyism" and the latter Dr. Dodd quitting Communist party and thoroughly vilified in the process; then exposing CPUSA tactics in "Heart of Darkness." A recent book Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight against America's Enemies shows that Joe McCarty was telling the truth and was censured and destroyed by many powerful Communist Sympathizers, inside and outside government and via the media.

Dodd describes Communism as "a strange secret cult" whose goal is the destruction of Western (i.e. Christian) Civilization. Dodd found there was no social research at party headquarters. "We are a revolutionary party, not a reform party," she was told. "This is the key to the mental enslavement of mankind. The individual is made into nothing ... he operates as the physical part of [a] higher group intelligence... he has no awareness of the plans the higher group intelligence has for utilizing him." Rather than paraphrase Dr. Dodd's work, I would suggest that you read her book (Out of print but PDF version HERE) in its entirety, in addition to "Blacklisted by History"

It is patently obvious that the Communist infiltration of the various organs of the federal government in Senator McCarthy's and Dr. Dodd's time was aided, abetted and protected by powerful people, in much the same way as the Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the current administration is. Federal investigations into various communist infiltrators were either stopped or diverted, i.e. data and intelligence about these subversive individuals was filtered and masked to avoid detection.

Yet you may ask why the communist would work with the Islamists or Muslim Brotherhood? Is it possible that they have been instructed to do so by a higher power? Take for example Egypt; it was brought under the Russian Sphere of influence by General Abdul Nasser with whom Anwar Sadat was a close associate. After Nasser died Sadat assumed leadership, fought with and eventually signed a peace agreement with Israel much to the consternation of Russia and eventually expelled all remaining Russian advisors and diplomats in 1981 just before Sadat was assassinated by affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood and future members of Al-Qaeda. Many suspected Russian involvement in Sadat's Assignation but it was never proven by hard evidence. It should also be noted that the Muslim Brotherhood is the Heir Apparent to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who was a Nazi Operative in Berlin during WWII and after the fall of Berlin continued his unrelenting war on Jews and Israel until his death; a policy continued by his nephew Yasser Arafat.

It is difficult for the average person to grasp that the Communist and the Islamists would find common ground, given the atheistic nature of the former and the Quran driven dogma of Allah in the latter. However their common enemies of Christianity, Israel, Jews and Western Civilization in general give them a fertile mutual ground of hatred from which to mount their combined attack. This fatal tendency was well noticed by not only our founding fathers, but also by some of the greater thinkers of the 20th century.
    "Bolshevism combines the characteristics of the French Revolution with those of the rise of Islam. Marx has taught that Communism is fatally predestined to come about; this produces a state of mind not unlike that of the early successors of Mahommet. Among religions, Bolshevism is to be reckoned with Mohammadanism rather than with Christianity and Buddhism. Christianity and Buddhism are primarily personal religions, with mystical doctrines and a love of contemplation. Mohammedanism and Bolshevism are practical, social, unspiritual, concerned to win the empire of this world." Bertrand Russell (1872–1970)

    "In the seventh century of the Christian era, a wandering Arab of the lineage of Hagar (i.e. Muhammad), the Egyptian, combining the power of transcendent genius, with the preternatural energy of a fanatic, and the fraudulent spirit of an imposter, proclaimed himself as a messenger from Heaven, and spread desolation and delusion over an extensive portion of the earth.

    Adopting from the sublime conception of the Mosaic law, the doctrine of one omnipotent God; he connected indissolubly with it, the audacious falsehood, that he was himself his prophet and apostle. Adopting from the new Revelation of Jesus, the faith and hope of immortal life, and of future retribution, he humbled it to the dust by adapting all the rewards and sanctions of his religion to the gratification of his sexual passion. He declared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind.

    The essence of his doctrine was violence and lust to exalt the brutal over the spiritual part of human nature. While the merciless and dissolute dogmas of the false prophet shall furnish motives to human action, there can never be peace on earth, and good will towards men." – John Quincy Adams (1767–1848)

    Quite obviously, the 'Ulama [scholars] of Islam are very different from the Communist Party. Nevertheless, on closer examination, we find certain uncomfortable resemblances.
    Both groups profess a totalitarian doctrine, with complete and final answers to all questions on heaven and earth...Both groups offer to their members and followers the agreeable sensation of belonging to a community of believers, who are always right, as against an outer world of unbelievers, who are always wrong. Both offer an exhilarating feeling of mission, of purpose, of being engaged in a collective adventure to accelerate the historically inevitable victory of the true faith over the infidel evil-doers. The traditional Islamic division of the world into the House of Islam and the House of War, two necessarily opposed groups, of which the first has the collective obligation of perpetual struggle against the second, also has obvious parallels in the Communist view of world affairs. There again, the content of belief is utterly different, but the aggressive fanaticism of the believer is the same. The humorist who summed up the Communist creed as 'There is no God and Karl Marx is his Prophet' was laying his finger on a real affinity. The call to a Communist Jihad, a Holy War for the faith – a new faith, but against the self-same Western Christian enemy – might well strike a responsive note. – Bernard Lewis (1916-)
Terror cells and groups of the Radical Islamic Jihad operate under such secrecy, using close knit cells like the Communists and covertly hide their electronic presence so well that Osama Bin Laden was able to hide in plain sight right under the noses of the Pakistani Military. International intelligence agencies, in particular the Mossad, go to great lengths to focus on or profile specific terror threat groups, amplify the signals such groups are sending out and mask or filter out background "noise" from the broader spectrum of society that are not perceived to be a threat. It is by this method they are able to detect "Uptick's in Chatter" that can act as indicators of terrorist activity. In the USA, the bulk of the population are not covertly coding their online or cellphone presence in the blind faith that their privacy, security and Liberty are protected by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, whereas in totalitarian regimes the people all know the Government is against them.

The question becomes: is this actually done inside the USA by the DHS, NSA and TSA and since the common "s" in all three agencies is "security"? The bold question becomes security for whom and security from whom? Succinctly, whom do they consider the enemy?

My friend William R Mann Lt. Col. US Army (Ret) noted the following in a recent email:
    "Perhaps the Berlin Wall really fell because the Left no longer needed it in order to achieve their aims. We are so easily tricked, deceived and disconnected these days. I would guess my simply stated opinions are now probably deemed "outlaw" enough to have certain people knocking down my door at any time. It's almost dreamlike, a nightmare, but the body snatchers are out there for real. Is America finally becoming what was once the Progressive Left's alternate reality? It's really creepy when folks like Michael Moore finally standing up against President Obama and his "Fundamental Transformation Agenda!"
My late relative Hon. Robert Stafford Furlong (Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland 1959-1979), who was present when Roosevelt and Churchill signed the Atlantic Charter and was responsible for Intelligence and Censorship in Newfoundland during the war, protecting the secrecy of the convoy fleets, made this observation when the Berlin Wall fell:
    "It's my opinion that the Berlin Wall did not fall because Communism failed, but rather that it shifted to a new phase of its endeavour, and machine guns, walls and barbed wire were no longer needed to keep people captive to their ideology, as gravity and the global financial system could do a much better job"
'Uncle Bob' Also had one other saying of note that is worth mentioning, when I would ask him some specific questions about WWII that he may have been privy to he would reply in his soft Irish lilt:

"I swore and Oath to his Majesty the King, and the King never Dies"

The concept of the continuation of Communism and the power behind it was described in great detail by Anatoliy Golitsyn in his two books, New Lies for Old and The Perestroika Deception. It is worth noting that the majority of his predictions have actually come to pass. "Post-Communist, China and Russia remain remarkably the same" Reuters. By some estimates 85-90% of the Russian bureaucracy is still Marxist/Socialist/Communist and there was no post USSR de-communization program like the post WWII Denazification of Germany which ferreted out the 10% of the population who were members of the Nazi Party from positions in the various levels of government; isn't it serendipitous that the percentage of senior bureaucrats in the federal government supporting the Democrats equals or surpasses the number of communist apparatchik within the Russian government? In the eyes of many the Democratic Party is now the de facto Communist Party of the USA and CPUSA is suing the Democrats for "Stealing their Platform" ; if you read Golitsyns books you will recognize this as deliberate disinformation to divert the public away from the fact that the Democrat oligarchy are really predominately Marxist/Socialists/Communists.

Equally telling is the fact that the Fabian Socialist Society actually produced a work "The Change We Need" about Obama's 2008 Victory. Likewise the Nobel Peace Prize given to Obama was shortly after Thorbjørn Jagland former leader of the Norwegian Labor party (full member of the Party of European Socialists and an observer member of the Socialist International) Became Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, 1 January 2009. Note: the cutoff date for nomination was only 9 days after Barack Obama was sworn into office and the only thing of note he did was seal all his records from public purview.

There was also an article that made reference to Col Allen West's quote:
    'Allen West was the latest to get his knuckles rapped for saying there were "about 78 to 81" members of the Democratic Party who are members of the Communist Party. His crime, like McCarthy's, was in raising an uncomfortable subject. We may never know who is or isn't a communist, socialist, Marxist, Stalinist or Leninist in Congress, since all socialists work by deception, define words with obscurities, and refuse to identify themselves, with exceptions like Dohrn and Van Jones'
These following quotes by Zbigniew Brzezinski are most prophetic. He served as United States National Security Advisor to the second worst president in US History (Jimmy Carter) from 1977 to 1981, a post to which Susan Rice (of the Great Behghazigate YouTube Video Lie) has been nominated to fill for the worst president in US history.

"The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities. " ― Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era (1970)

"In the technotronic society the trend would seem to be towards the aggregation of the individual support of millions of uncoordinated citizens, easily within the reach of magnetic and attractive personalities exploiting the latest communications techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason."― Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era (1970)

It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that these long planned objectives have been achieved by the Communist/Socialist/Marxist infiltration of every aspect of the Washington bureaucracy. From the 1950's onwards any mention of Communist infiltration of the Federal Government was met with vitriolic and venomous slander and name calling. It soon had a name "McCarthyism" to not only slander those who were blowing the whistle on such infiltration but to continue to walk over the grave of the man who fought so hard to expose it. Since Barack (whatever his true name is) Obama started to run for President anyone trying to speak out against the policies of Obama or his administration have been labeled as "Racists," those who legitimately quote that he is not "a Natural Born Citizen" are labeled "Birthers." Likewise the word "Islamophobe" is being used in the same vein as "McCarthyism" against those who would try to question and expose the infiltration of the various aspects of the Federal Government by factions of the Muslim Brotherhood. "Political Correctness is Marxism, with all that implies: loss of freedom of expression, thought control, inversion of the traditional social order and, ultimately, a totalitarian state." Take for example the Failure to call the Fort Hood Assassin Nidal Hasan a Terrorist!

It is quite obvious that the security apparatus of the USA, such as NSA, FBI, CIA, TSA and DHS ( just like they did with the Communists in the 50's and 60's) are not only not amplifying the intelligence signals gleaned from the Muslim community and the mosques that have been founded by radical elements of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and others like the Mossad would do, but have actually purged relevant data from training manuals , turned NASA into a Muslim outreach program, and aided and abetted mosques like the one attended by the Brothers Tsarnaev instead of investigating them. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) slammed FBI Director Robert Mueller for not sweeping through Boston mosques after receiving tips about the radicalization of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, while the bureau's chief told the House Judiciary Committee that his agency visited the Chechens' mosque for "outreach."..... "The FBI never canvassed Boston mosques until four days after the April 15th attacks."

In a recent article Tom Fitton stated that "Political correctness is dangerous, even deadly, especially when it is practiced by one of the nation's most important law enforcement agencies. Judicial Watch recently released hundreds of pages of FBI memos and other documents revealing that, in 2012, the agency purged its anti-terrorism training curricula of material determined by an undisclosed group of "Subject Matter Experts" (SME) to be "offensive" to Muslims. The excised material included references linking the Muslim Brotherhood to terrorism, tying al Qaeda to the 1993 World Trade Center and Khobar Towers bombings, and suggesting that "young male immigrants of Middle Eastern appearance ... may fit the terrorist profile best."

With every passing Day another revelation comes out about another cover-up, for example this recent article on TWA 800 from 17 years ago:

"The producers of an upcoming documentary on TWA Flight 800 – which exploded and crashed into the waters off Long Island, N.Y., on July 17, 1996, killing all 230 people on board – claim to have proof that a missile caused the Paris-bound flight to crash. And six former investigators who took part in the film say there was a cover-up and want the case reopened." If this was a missile attack, by whom and why was it covered up?

Having discussed the above background information I will again ask the question: The DHS, NSA and TSA all have the common purpose of "security"? The bold question becomes security for whom and security from whom? Succinctly, whom do they consider the enemy?

Since an overwhelming majority of the bureaucratic elites support the Democratic Party, which has assumed the mantel of the Communist Party, and has continually allowed itself to be infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood and associated groups like Hamas and the actual percentage of approval rating of Congress is in the teens; then are "We The People" to now be considered dangerous Counter-Revolutionaries, the chattel and serfs of the global elites and disposable cogs thereof? Is this the new reality; an era involve(ing) the gradual appearance of a more controlled society....dominated by elite, unrestrained by traditional values." ― Zbigniew Brzezinski

People have a hard time reconciling the relationship between Marxist/Socialist/Communists and the wealthy elite. The reality is that the bourgeois so often referred to in the Marxist writings is actually the social middle class. This is the exact demographic that comprises the Tea Party Organizations. This "Politics makes Strange Bedfellows" relationship of the Marxist and the wealthy financiers is best described visually using the following cartoon by Robert Minor in St. Louis Post-Dispatch (1911).

Karl Marx surrounded by an appreciative audience of Wall Street financiers: John D. Rockefeller, J. P. Morgan, John D. Ryan of National City Bank, and Morgan partner George W. Perkins. Immediately behind Karl Marx is Teddy Roosevelt, leader of the Progressive Party.

The Über wealthy bankers, businessmen and financier's prefer monopolies. The total control over society that Marxist/Socialist/Communist Regimes create provides enormously wealthy monopolistic positions for these elite who thrive off the enslaved masses. The leadership of Google, Facebook and all the others shown in the leaked PRISM document could just as easily be pictured in the same Robert Minor Cartoon as they all have effective monopolies sanctioned and protected by the largesse of the state. There true goal is a global super state where all are equal; equally enslaved!

To quote Charles Forte "Book of the Damned"
    I think we're property. I should say we belong to something: That once upon a time, this earth was No-man's Land, that other worlds explored and colonized here, and fought among themselves for possession, but that now it's owned by something: That something owns this earth all others warned off.... Pigs, geese, and cattle. First find out that they are owned. Then find out the whyness of it.

    I suspect that, after all, we're useful, that among contesting claimants, adjustment has occurred, or that something now has a legal right to us, by force, or by having paid out analogues of beads for us to former, more primitive, owners of us, all others warned off, that all this has been known, perhaps for ages, to certain ones upon this earth, a cult or order, members of which function like bellwethers to the rest of us, or as superior slaves or overseers, directing us in accordance with instructions received from Somewhere else in our mysterious usefulness.

Certainly the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is premised on the concept that we are collectively wards of the state, no more than cattle to farmers. Our bodies and our most private information are considered to be the property of an all powerful, all knowing, all seeing federal government.

Recent headlines: (e.g. "Panel to meet today in secret about the NSA") show that there is a panel in the executive branch that will review the NSA. Isn't this just a repeat of the Eric Holder investigating himself? In light of the previously quoted article ("NSA Utah Data Center"): "Sometime this fall with a few clicks, stacks upon stacks of computer servers in Utah will begin to suck in intelligence data as needed by military commanders, CIA officials and the White House."

This country was founded on the principle of unalienable rights and that there are constitutionally enshrined checks and balances to prevent the abuse of power so that no one could again assume the same degree of Absolute Tyranny that we wrested our hard won liberty from. Yet all signs are pointing to an information stream heading to the White House, a new tyrant rising up over "we the people," ignoring the constitutional prohibition; that they are our creation and servant and not our master.

Likewise the comment from Candidate Obama has never been explained "the Civilian Security Force" nor has it ever been explained why the Department of Homeland Security needs Billions of rounds of Ammunition, thankfully the House voted to delay bulk ammunition purchase by DHS. In the fundamental transformation of Russia, Germany and China, amongst others, the primary vehicle to safeguard the revolution is always a well-armed security force directly loyal to the leadership. In The Unsleeping Eye-Secret Police and Their Victims, author Robert J. Stove talks about Stalin's head of KGB Lavrenti Beria: ("You bring me the man," Beria once said chillingly, "and I'll find you the crime.").

Have we already seen evidence of its application in spying in certain high profile American's for Political Purposes? Was Chief Justice John Roberts blackmailed to give his bizarre verdict on Obamacare? Sen. Mike Lee's, "Why John Roberts Was Wrong about Healthcare," includes a dramatic theory – that the leading Supreme Court justice did not want to rule in favor of Obamacare but was pressured and intimidated into doing so.

To close out my article, I have given you a great deal to chew on and reflect, the most troubling question is for what purpose did Lois Lerner plant the original question that led to the watershed of leaks?
    • Was it to divert attention away from the Immigration reform Bill?

      o After all flooding a country with people who are not in tune with the local population or constitutional fabric of the country you are trying to subvert is a communist technique, for example in Tibet.

    • Was it to divert attention away from the USA getting actively involved in Syria and arming El Qaeda, another step in restoring the Caliphate?

    • Was it a controlled experiment to use the NSA Prism Program to pinpoint more whistleblowers and their contacts in the media once they felt emboldened over the expanding revelations?

    • Was it a controlled experiment to use the NSA Prism Program to pinpoint the highly concentrated pockets of Tea party supporters and gauge their reaction to and opposition of this expansion of the secret police state and come up with a strategy to deal with their Counterrevolutionary stance?

    • Was it a disinformation purge to clear the deck of potential scandals early in this presidential term so that Hillary "At this point what difference does it make" Clinton can have her run at the Presidency, or offer the same opportunity for the Commucrats to retake Congress in 2014?

    • Or a combination of all of the above?

The principle of filtering datasets through prism like algorithms to generate heat maps of activity is already being used in the financial sector to look for hotbeds of activity in the various financial markets and predict trends and by Google to analyze website performance:

Such "heat map" concentrations of Counter-Revolutionaries with GPS linked groupings from cell phone coordinates coupled by Geographical Information System technology and Drones would offer the most efficient "Final Solution" is dealing with dissidents. The Power behind the throne of King George III, like the King, has never died but exists today through their puppets by proxy in the Washington. We the people have gone from being colonists of Whitehall to Colonial Slaves of the White House.

I enjoin you to listen to "President and the Press" Speech (April 27, 1961) John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and a "Time for Choosing" (October 27, 1964) Ronald Regan.

Heed their words or end up with your final photo coming from a drone of the surveillance state like Dzokhar Dudayev:

"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle." Sir Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

"We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately." Benjamin Franklin (1705-1790)

Will enough people awaken from their cocaine like stupor of the largesse of the state or will they cling to the train wreck of Obamacare and the surveillance nanny state like the Grateful Dead Song "Casey Jones" Trouble with you is, The trouble with me, Got two good eyes, but we still don't see; until the Man Comes Around.

As for me I'll stand with Patrick Henry "Give me Liberty or Give me Death" and John Paul Jones "I have not yet begun to fight"

© Desmond McGrath


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