Jen Shroder
The good in Donald Trump
By Jen Shroder
October 22, 2016

Trista demanded that before I criticize Hillary Clinton, I name one good thing about Donald Trump. That's easy. The man relies on America seeing who he really is rather than whistling political sunshine. It's obvious. He stubbornly insists that he's going to say what he wants off the cuff rather than be the polished liar everyone is trying to make him be. Yes, it has gotten him in trouble. Yes, he has said the wrong thing in so many ways. But he is counting on America seeing his heart and he has been trying so hard to show it to us. The ONLY candidate that would be willing to do that is one that believes in the secret places of his heart, that he is doing what is right. Donald Trump is the John Wayne of politics without a script. It gets him in a lot of trouble but think about it, this is crystal clear evidence that he believes he has nothing to hide. Many would disagree with him but he is who he is, he is counting on being transparent as America desperately needs to be rid of polished liars.

What Donald said about women is perverse, I agree, but as I told Trista on facebook, she has probably never heard boys or men in a locker-room before. Oh sweet innocence! I had never heard such talk either until I became a mom of teenage sons and overheard some pretty raunch conversations with kids I wanted to banish from our house for life. But like it or not, it has become a part of our culture which ironically comes from the party of Clinton, pushing abortion, pushing homosexuality beginning in kindergarten, pushing, pushing, always pushing for change and over the cliff into sexual morass. And she dares to point an accusing finger at Trump?

The reality of what Clinton would pass with partial birth abortion is too offensive to even discuss, yet it was touched on last night. If America votes for butchering of the unborn yet again, the blood on our hands will surely be sealed. Hillary brought up a 4 year old refugee, how can she claim to care about his plight as she wields the sharp instruments to shred the unborn? Donald said she would rip them out of the womb, but he stopped before describing how she would rip our children carefully to pieces to preserve sellable parts. It is murder, and if we don't stop it, as a nation we will deserve what is coming and more.

Yet with all the criminal lies and intentions of Clinton, so many of us can't stomach what we heard Donald say and the way he defends himself regarding women. I don't take those issues lightly. I have survived sexual attacks and gropings from total strangers, for which I put one man in the hospital and another behind bars. When the Sheriffs raided that attacker's house, they found evidence of previous victims, so you are welcome, America. I have also survived an ax attack which no one can explain except that I'm a Christian for traditional marriage and a fan of fox news. So you see, I do NOT take attacks or attempts or attitudes lightly. But women like Trista need to grow up fast and realize that men and boys often say disgusting things when they are laughing alone. It's reprehensible, but it's certainly no reason to display to the world that we agree with the criminal (and I believe treasonous) actions of Hillary Clinton, fully intending to continue the abortion mills and worse. Benghazi matters. Many under-reported stories like what happened to Seal Team 6 MATTER. I have hope that Donald Trump cares about those issues while we all know that Hillary is guilty and fighting to lead us in horrifying directions.

You may not like everything about Donald Trump but you have to give him his due. He actually believes he has the best interests of America at heart. If he didn't, he would be spending his time polishing political lies like so many politicians. I think he just might be a diamond in the rough and I hope we don't miss this last chance. With Clinton we have no chance. Please pray, vote and be very, very clear eyed about where the liberal left is going. We have a cliff and an unknown path. I say we take the unknown path and pray God help us, because the LORD truly is our only hope. God's will be done, have rest and peace in that, because it truly is all in His hands.

© Jen Shroder


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