Stone Washington
FBI fascism? False FISA memo generates Russiagate scandal
By Stone Washington
February 26, 2018

"The FBI mislead and personally deceived a Federal court while using an unverified, completely phony opposition research, bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton, to spy on an opposition campaign during a presidential election, all to help one candidate out, all to mislead the America people."

~Sean Hannity, Host of the Sean Hannity Show

*N.B.: Earlier this month Fox News host Sean Hannity had a revelatory interview on a variety of geopolitical topics with Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Fox News National Security Strategist, Former Deputy Assistant to President Trump and Jay Sekulow, President Trump's attorney and Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice.

Intro to the FISA Act

The integrity of America's intelligence agencies has descended into a perpetual state of decay and dereliction following the first months of 2018. The scandal has been termed by many as "Russiagate," with many arguing that its penchant for corruption greatly surpasses that of the 1972 Watergate scandal, resulting in President Richard Nixon's impeachment. The FBI in particular has fallen into the center of perhaps one of the largest political scandals in the 21st Century regarding the release of a FISA court Memo (named for the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978) that had been corrupted by members of Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign, seeking to derail then Presidential candidate Donald Trump's bid for the Presidency.

The FISA Act lays forth procedures for the physical and electronic surveillance, along with the collection of "foreign intelligence information" between "foreign powers" and individuals regarded as "agents of foreign powers" suspected of espionage, terrorism, or crimes against humanity. The Act was created by Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA), brother of President John F. Kennedy, on 18 May 1977, and passed by President Carter on 25 October 1978. The FISA Act was inspired into existence by repeated investigations carried out by Senate Committees headed by Senators Sam Ervin (D-NC) and Frank Church (D-ID), as a fallout from President Nixon's illegal use of federal technologies and entities, including law enforcement agencies, to spy on political activist groups suspected of treason. The FISA Act was thus created as a Congressional oversight or check and balance to the federal government's capacity of covert surveillance upon the dealings of foreign entities and individuals, while maintaining a level of federal privacy needed to safeguard America's national security from foreign threats.

In modern times, the FISA Act has been abused in the most scandalous, unlawful and treasonous ways possible through the complicit collusion established between the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the FBI, that plotted and planned the writing of a fake dossier funded by Clinton, filled with vile propaganda as the basis for the current investigation into the Trump Campaign's supposed collusion with Russian officials.

Many political commentators on the Right have done extensive analysis on the political ramifications to follow this scandal, including Fox News anchor and radio host, Sean Hannity. Hannity, more than any other newscaster, has exposed the despicable double-standard behind Hillary Clinton's collusion with the Obama DOJ and FBI, that conspired behind the scenes to exonerate her before the investigation into her massive email scandal ever took flight under former FBI Director James Comey. Hannity provided an excellent monologue and subsequent interview in several of his shows earlier in the month, concerning the expanding corruption behind the Russiagate scandal, with the release of more and more text messages between FBI agents, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who played key roles in the Trump-Russia investigation despite harboring a deep support for the Clinton Campaign and a savage rebuke of Donald Trump. In a separate show, Hannity also exposes the underhandedness of former National Intelligence Director James Clapper and former CIA Director John O. Brenan, in what he calls the weaponizing of the fake dossier against President Trump. This article will examine Hannity and various legal analysts' exposure of the cronyism behind the intelligence agencies and the Clinton Campaign producing a falsified memo to the FISA court, warranting the current Russian collusion investigation against the Trump Campaign.

Hannity, Gorka, and Sekulow expose FISA Court abuse and Russiagate scandal

SEAN HANNITY: And as we have been explaining, this is Watergate times a thousand. You're about to find out why and here are the key findings from the memo that we're going to cover in detail. Here is what you need to know.

The FBI, deep state officials, they used a Hillary Clinton campaign bought- -and-paid-for dossier that was filled with Russian lies, Russian propaganda, totally unverified, to lie to a foreign intelligence surveillance court to obtain a warrant so they could spy on Trump Campaign Advisor Carter Page. Now, during that FISA warrant process, the FBI, or at least the upper echelon, not the rank and file, repeatedly never told the FISA judges that the phony salacious dossier was financed by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

In other words, they purposely omitted crucial information from the FISA court judge so they could continue this process. James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates, Dana Boente, Rod Rosenstein, they are all complicit in this because they, at different points, they all approved surveillance on page.

Now, this part is shocking. The FBI then used a Yahoo news report that was written by Michael Isikoff from 23 September 2016, about a Carter Page trip to Russia as evidence to corroborate information in the phony Russian paid for dossier. Here's the thing, and this is critically important. The source for the information and the Yahoo news report was none other than Christopher Steele, the same author of the dossier that they were using.

So, the FBI used Steele's leak to Yahoo to corroborate the dossier created by the same person, Steele. This is what we call circular reporting because the FBI was pretending that they had two sources when, in fact, it was the same source, and they were presenting that to the judge.

Now, the memo was also exposing how Christopher Steele, the former British spy, that according to reports, was known to pay Russian sources, had previously worked closely with the FBI, was suspended and then terminated as an FBI source for leaking to the press about his relationship with the bureau. We also know, independently, from the memo that in September 2016, Steele and Fusion GPS briefed in person, in person, so-called journalists from the New York Times and The Washington Post and Yahoo News and The New Yorker and CNN about the Hillary Clinton phony Russian dossier. And Glenn Simpson testified that both the Clinton campaign and the DNC were well aware about this press outreach.

They all knew it was a lie. So, in other words, Hillary Clinton wanted the media to run with this total, false, fabricated dossier hoping to lie to the America people and convince you that's a reason to vote for her and not Donald Trump.

Now, let's get back to the memo. Now Steele maintained a close relationship with the now demoted Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr. Now remember, Ohr was the guy who had an office four doors down from Rod Rosenstein and was removed from his position for not disclosing that he met with Fusion GPS both before and after the elections.

Now, Bruce's wife, her name is Nellie Ohr. She worked for Fusion GPS. She was hired to dig up dirt on Donald Trump for the dossier. And also revealed during September 2016, Steele said he was "desperate." This is Steele, "that Donald Trump not get elected," and was passionate about him not being president. I thought we didn't like outsiders influencing our elections.

Now, according to the memo, none of this was disclosed to the FISA court, which is a massive problem. I can't wait to hear from the FISA judge. And this also points out in the memo that during the initial application for the FISA warrant, the head of the FBI Counter Intelligence Division says the corroboration of the Steele dossier was, "in its infancy." In other words, that means the FBI never corroborated any of this, but they still presented it to a FISA court to get a warrant to spy on an opposition candidate when one candidate paid for those lies.

And this is the part that is massive. The memo explains how Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified before the House Intelligence Committee that the FISA warrant to spy would not have been approved without the dossier. So, when you put all this information together, here is what it all means. The FBI mislead and personally deceived a Federal court while using an unverified, completely phony opposition research, bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton, to spy on an opposition campaign during a presidential election, all to help one candidate out, all to mislead the America people.

Now, that type of abuse of power, that type of corruption, that shredding of the Constitution, it is unprecedented in America history. Now, the FISA laws, which are all about your Government spying on America people, they have been abused and literally to surveil on an opposition campaign to undermine later a duly-elected president.

ANALYSIS: Here Sean Hannity unravels the grand scheme and interconnected web of intrigue and sabotage concerning the politicized dossier produced by forces within the FBI and DOJ, inspired by several anti-Trump firms, bent on preventing Trump from winning the Presidency. By British spy Christopher Steale working with a circle of traitorous apparatchiks within the FBI to push forth the phony dossier, crafted mostly by Hillary Clinton campaigners and DOJ staffers including, Bruce Ohr, whose wife Nellie Ohr works for Fusion GPS as a tool for uncovering any political fodder to be used against Trump for the formulation of the false dossier. This, as it was pushed by the FBI in order to gain a warrant from the FISA judge to spy on then candidate Donald Trump, desperately seeking to expose any fabricated action that would derail his candidacy. Hannity denotes how the FBI has clearly violated the law in their back-room collusion with the DOJ, Fusion GPS, and Clinton campaign, along with the presenting a dossier filled with false information on a Presidential candidate, disregarding the legal intent of the document on the personal basis of defeating an opposition candidate. It is here that Hannity questions the unrestrained lawlessness of the FBI, DOJ and Fusion GPS officials: James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Loretta Lynch, opening the discussion to his legal panel, which make many vital points on the matter.

SEBASTIAN GORKA: Sean, let's just remember what happened 11 months ago. The president tweeted out that his campaign had been spied upon. He was ridiculed by the left and the mainstream media. We now know not only is it true that he was spied upon by the Obama Administration, but the warrant was a required illegally. I had a chief of police text me today and he said if any of his offices had acquired a warrant while excluding exculpatory information, that officer would be charged with perjury or abuse of power. Not only that, this is fascinating.

Let's unwind all of it. Congressman Gates just reminded me on the 16th of May, Rod Rosenstein escorted Robert Mueller to be interviewed by the president to be the Director of the FBI again. He failed the interview. The president wanted somebody new. He didn't want a Bush era person. The next day, May 17, after he fails that interview, Rod Rosenstein appoints him as the special counsel to investigate the president.


JAY SEKULOW: Well, you have to look at the time line here, Sean, to show how dangerous the precedent that's been established by the FBI. James Comey and the FBI attempted to get a FISA warrant in the summer of 2016. They were not successful. They then moved in October by adding to their request the Steele dossier. Then they get a FISA warrant.

So that FISA warrant is issued. In January, before the president was sworn in, James Comey, as FBI Director, meets with the president, tells him about that salacious and unverified dossier, but said he's not – the president was not under investigation and that not to worry about that. Yet, seven weeks before then, he obtained a FISA warrant based on that dossier. Then it was renewed a day before the inauguration and then renewed subsequently again.

So, when you look at just the chain of events, and that's what I want people to focus on, the time line here is very, very not only dangerous what did they tell the FISA court? They didn't say this was political opposition research. They didn't say it was unverified. Chris Steele leaked the information to a media source. The FBI says they cut off formal relations with him.

Former Attorney General Lorretta Lynch, FBI Director James Comey, and National Intelligence Director James Clapper exposed in the Russiagate scandal.

Did they tell that to the FISA judge? So, I think the real issue here is both to the nature of what they did but also what they did to the court and I think all that has to be reviewed, obviously. And I think special counsel is necessary to review this entire matter. Because we're not even including the Bruce Ohr situation or any of that you add all of that together, I think it needs to be outside counsel.

So, Christopher Steele, the so-called, you know, British spy that was getting this information, by the way, who was working on it with him? Bruce Ohr, the number four, his wife who working, happens to be for Fusion GPS on this project.

So, again, I say this, if there was a need for a special counsel, this is one of those moments. Because, you know, unfortunately again this is not the rank and file FBI members. You have been very clear in that. I have been clear on that.

But – and this isn't deep state as people call it. This is the – this is the top. This is leadership. So, again, yes, James Comey doesn't get it both ways. He can't make the statements he made and then go back on them to get a warrant.

I mean, he got a warrant based on this information and I don't care if somebody is a Republican, Democrat, independent, libertarian green party, that's not the way it works in the constitutional Republic.

Conclusion to FBI Fascism? The Russiagate story continues...

Truly, there has thus far been exposed a great deal of corruption and crooked dealings among top officials in the FBI and DOJ affiliated with the Obama Administration and the Clinton Campaign, seeking to spy upon and derail the candidacy of former candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 election. As Sean Hannity has repeatedly uttered on his shows, the severity of this growing scandal makes the Watergate incident look like little kids stealing a snickers bar from the candy store. But as Hannity and legal analysts on his show reiterate, these findings found in many of the thousands of the Strzok-Paige text messages, that expose in writing, many mind-blowing secrets, including talk of a secret society, talk of Barack Obama requesting from FBI officials to "know everything" about Trump in the Russian investigation, evidence of coordination involving the FBI to help Hillary in her email scandal cover-up, and more.

These messages coming at a time when Strzok and Paige are having an affair with one another while playing key roles in the Mueller investigation against President Trump's perceived collaboration with Russian officials in the 2016 election. But these texts between what clearly are two disturbed individuals in the upper echelon of the FBI (supposedly free of any partisan agents), harboring fan-like support for Hillary Clinton and strong vehemence for Donald Trump, are merely the tip of the iceberg.

With more text messages being revealed by the day, senior FBI officials such as former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe resigning from the bureau abruptly, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein revealing a plethora of crucial information from the recently indicted Russian officials that confirm ignorance of any collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Kremlin regarding the 2016 Election. These breaking stories all tie into the festering cronyism within the Russiagate scandal, which should be Robert Mueller's true center of investigation, not innocent members of Trump's Family and former campaign staff, who had no knowledge of Russian interference in the 2016 Election that harmed and helped both Republicans and Democrats, with the aim of merely disrupting the results and cause chaos.

Despite this aimlessly misguided Democrat-driven attempt to impeach President Trump through proof of collusion with Russia, I am pleased to see that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and any loyal DOJ official are rightfully pursuing an investigation into the scandalous affairs of the persons of interest guilty of concocting and passing into approval the salacious FISA memo. Hopefully the full truth against the fraudulent FISA court memo, what InfoWars called in a 25 Jan. 2018 article the "Real Secrect Society" spurred on by the acceptance of a false dossier by deep state traitors, is investigated extensively and the individuals guilty in this matter prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law by the Trump DOJ. Will the FBI's Fascism finally be placed in check and trust be regained by America's intelligence agencies?

© Stone Washington


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