Stone Washington
Unprecedented voter fraud: How the 2020 election was stolen
By Stone Washington
December 16, 2020

“This is about restoring faith and confidence in American elections. This is about our democracy and the sacred rights that generations of Americans have fought, bled, and died to secure. Nothing is more urgent or more important. The only ballots that should count in this election are those cast by eligible voters who are citizens of our country, residents of the states in which they voted, and who cast their ballots in a lawful manner before the legal deadline.”

~President Donald Trump, Voter Fraud Address (December 2, 2020)

2020: How the latest Presidential Election was stolen

Notwithstanding the U.S. Elections of 1800, 1824, 1860, 1876, 1900, 1960, 2000, 2004, the methods and results of the 2020 Presidential election have on many levels proven to be quite alarming and unprecedented. Donald Trump surpassed records by obtaining the largest amount of votes for a sitting president in American history, with 73.6 million. While perhaps coming as a shock to many on the left and in the center, for those who have paid attention to Trump’s monumental ascendency in the 2016 election, this historic momentum of electoral success came as expected for many Republicans and MAGA patriots.

On the other side though, Democrat nominee Joe Biden supposedly also received record-breaking numbers, as indications claim he received roughly 80 million votes. This shockingly unlikely outcome has raised a great many to call out the results of this election as fraudulent, ripe with widespread ballot tampering and manipulation. With more and more public outcry against Biden’s historic “victory” comes a growing amount of evidence that points to multiple avenues that the Biden campaign and volunteer poll workers utilized in coordinated attempts to manipulate the actual tally of votes.

Biden campaign officials typically ignore and brush away these justified suspicions with the excuse that Biden received a record amount of votes because of voters casting mail-in ballots during the national coronavirus pandemic. The opposite is true, when in fact a record number of people who voted using mail-in ballots were overshadowed by the unprecedented incidents of fraud to tamper with such submitted ballots, including truck-loads of pre-printed ballots for Biden shipped to key polling stations, suitcases of ballots uncovered under tables in Georgia, mail-in ballots dropped off at false polling boxes in Michigan. In addition, ballots for Trump found in rivers, garbage cans, or discarded elsewhere, just to name a few instances. Biden himself, perhaps as part of his innumerable gaffes due to his continual mental decline, even boasted about the success of his voter fraud efforts in a recent press conference, stating, “we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization in history.”

These fraudulent efforts were coordinated mostly across six battleground states—Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Nevada—all states that President Trump won (minus Nevada) to the collective shock of Democrat analysts, pollsters, and the Clinton campaign in 2016. While there is evidence that voter fraud occurred in more states beyond these six, the bulk of the disputed cases of fraud were concentrated in these states. Several of these states, notably Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania were those in which many operatives in the Democrat Party and liberal mainstream media never imagined in a million years Trump would win. These states having typically fallen into Democrat grasp in previous elections, in addition to carrying an invaluable combination of electoral votes required to propel a candidate past 270, made these states the perfect target for the core of Joe Biden’s conceited efforts to steal the election. In their predictable brand of propaganda, the leftist mainstream media has consistently denied any allegations of voter fraud, claiming that the President and his legal team lack clear evidence to prove the election was rigged, while also citing that these claims are being shot down in court.

The reality of the matter is that President Trump had strategically planned for this historic voter fraud in advance, well aware that the Democrats and Globalist interests would conspire to prevent the inevitable Trump victory in 2020 and avoid a landslide repeat of 2016. President Trump even predicted back in July 2020 that a great deal of foreign intervention would transpire and distort the results of the 2020 election. Trump was referring to the highly corrupted Dominion voting software, which was found to have been produced in foreign countries like Venezuela and Canada, and was relied upon to illegally install despotic tyrants like Nicholas Maduro by defying the actual tally of votes. Trump has coordinated his predictions with contingents of his military intelligence, and in the most pronounced move to crack down on foreign interference, ordered U.S. forces to carry out a raid on a facility in Frankfurt, Germany, run by a company called ScytI. The troops obtained Scytl computer servers that were found appeared to have actively stored, counted, and most likely manipulated U.S. voter data, thus providing an accurate.

With the above in mind, President Trump and his reliable legal team, most notably Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood, Jenna Ellis, Jordan Sekulow, in addition to Sidney Powell who has worked on a parallel stream of ground-breaking lawsuits apart from the primary group of lawyers under Trump’s employ. In the following section, I will begin to unravel some of the most significant and undeniable revelations of ballot manipulation, voter system tampering, and mail-in fraud that occurred during the 2020 election and in which Trump’s hard-working legal team has unearthed and exposed either before various state courts or before a host of state legislatures (many of which are Republican controlled).

President Trump Exposes Widespread Cases of Voter Fraud

Since Election Day, November 3, President Trump and his legal team have traveled around the country presenting key instances and evidence of voter fraud in their ongoing lawsuits in the key states that were targeted by the greatest amount of fraudulent voting schemes. A recently released video by the Trump campaign provides an excellent snapshot of the most outstanding types of voter fraud perpetuated across the key six battleground states in dispute. The video covers the primary culprits of Democrat party fraud, including video footage at a Georgia precinct revealing secret suitcases of ballots being brought up from underneath tables, multiple cases of dead people added to voter rolls in Wisconsin (a classic method for fraud), a “cash-for-vote scheme” that saw multiple voters receive $25 gift cards to cast their ballots, Republican poll watchers were either ejected or denied access to precincts in Philadelphia, and in Michigan where the same access was denied to poll watchers in Detroit after one polling location even boarded up their windows.

This in addition to faulty ballot drop boxes being discovered in the Michigan state and election clerks like Sherikia Hawkins facing trial after being charged with six felonies for falsifying election returns and results, while also falsifying ballots in the November 2018 mid-term election. These cases represent just a small amount of the overwhelming evidence pointing to fraud and irregularity in a coordinated attempt to steal the 2020 election from President Trump.

President Trump provides an especially important 46-minute address to the American people, covering many of the most outstanding cases of widespread voter fraud that transpired during the election. Key excerpts with headlines from the speech read as follows:

  • Democratic cities blend machine politics, changes in state election laws, and rely on cover from the pandemic to unleash voter fraud via mail-in ballot measures

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “While it has long been understood that the Democrat political machine engages in voter fraud from Detroit to Philadelphia, to Milwaukee, Atlanta, so many other places. What changed this year was the Democrat party’s relentless push to print and mail out tens of millions of ballots sent to unknown recipients with virtually no safeguards of any kind. This allowed fraud and abuse to occur in a scale never seen before. Using the pandemic as a pretext, Democrat politicians and judges drastically changed election procedures just months, and in some cases, weeks before the election on the 3rd of November.”

“Many states, such as Nevada and California sent millions of live ballots to every person on their voter rolls whether those individuals had requested ballots or not, whether they were dead or alive, they got ballots. Other states such as Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin, instituted universal absentee balloting right in the middle of an election year, sending absentee ballot requests forms to all voters on all rolls. It didn’t matter who they were. This colossal expansion of mail-in voting opened the flood gates to massive fraud.”

“In Pennsylvania, the secretary of state and the state supreme court in essence abolished signature verification requirements just weeks prior to the election, in violation of state law. You’re not allowed to do that. It has to be approved by the legislature. A judge can’t do it. A state can’t do it. An official can’t do it. The only one that can do it is the legislature.”

  • Many voter records contained outdated information and false voter rolls filled with dead people, illegal aliens, and people who were dually registered

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Beyond this, the records are riddled with errors, wrong addresses, duplicate entries, and many other issues. This is not disputed. It has never been disputed. Dozens of counties in the key swing states have more registered voters on the rolls than they have voting age citizens, including 67 counties in Michigan. All of this is evidence. In Wisconsin, the state’s Board of Elections could not confirm the residency of more than 100,000 people, but repeatedly refused to remove those names from its voter rolls before the election. They knew why, nobody else did. I knew why. They were illegal voters.”

    “Many people received two, three and four ballots. They were sent to dead people by the thousands. In fact, dead people, and we have many examples filled out ballots, made applications, and then, voted, which is even worse. In other words, dead people went through a process. Some have been dead for 25 years. Millions of votes were cast illegally in the swing states alone, and if that’s the case, the results of the individual swing states must be overturned, and overturned immediately.”

    President Trump continued, “Other witnesses in Detroit also saw our election officials counting batches of the same ballots many times, as well as illegally duplicating ballots. One observer testified to seeing boxes and boxes of ballots, all bearing the same signature. Another observer in Detroit gave sworn testimony that he saw countless and valid ballots that did not belong to properly registered voters and then witnessed election workers in Wayne County entering fake birth dates into the system, in order to illegally count them.”

    “A poll watcher in Fulton County estimated that approximately 98% of the large number of unusually pristine ballots that she witnessed were for Biden. Highly unusual number. In addition, thousands of uncounted ballots were discovered in Floyd, Fayette, and Walton counties weeks after the election, and these ballots were mostly from Trump voters. They weren’t counted. They were from Trump voters,” President Trump stated.

    • Corrupted Dominion server algorithms switch votes from President Trump to Joe Biden overnight

    “In Wisconsin, as an example, where we were way up on election night, they ultimately had us miraculously losing by 20,000 votes. I can show you right here, that Wisconsin, we’re leading by a lot and then at 3:42 in the morning, there was this, it was a massive dump of votes, mostly Biden, almost all Biden. To this day, everyone’s trying to figure out, ‘Where did it come from?’ But I went from leading by a lot, to losing by a little and that’s right here. That’s at 3:42 in the morning, that’s Wisconsin, a terrible thing, terrible, terrible thing.”

    Data chart revealing an early morning dump of 143,379 votes for Joe Biden in Wisconsin. The dramatic rise of votes during that time is statically impossible when analyzing previous hours of the election.

    “On top of everything else, we have a company that’s very suspect. It’s name is Dominion, with the turn of a dial or the change of a chip, you could press a button for Trump and the vote goes to Biden. What kind of a system is this? We have to go to paper, maybe it takes longer. But the only secure system is paper. Not these systems that nobody understands, including in many cases, the people that run them.”

    “In one Michigan County, as an example, that used Dominion systems, they found that nearly 6,000 votes had been wrongly switched from Trump to Biden, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. This is what we caught. How many didn’t we catch? Are there 100s of other examples throughout the country? Are there 1000s? We just got lucky and they called it a glitch, but we found numerous glitches that evening. 96% of the company’s political donations went to Democrats, not surprisingly.”

    “This is Michigan. At 6:31 in the morning, a vote dump of 149,772 votes came in unexpectedly. We were winning by a lot. That batch was received in horror.”

    President Trump concluded, “This is about restoring faith and confidence in American elections. This is about our democracy and the sacred rights that generations of Americans have fought, bled, and died to secure. Nothing is more urgent or more important. The only ballots that should count in this election are those cast by eligible voters who are citizens of our country, residents of the states in which they voted, and who cast their ballots in a lawful manner before the legal deadline.”

    Conclusion for the Trump Legal Team’s ongoing court battles

    Despite the constant doom and gloom perpetuated by the liberal mainstream media on the success rate of President Trump’s court battles, there have been some notably impactful outcomes in key legal decisions and cases continually being filed. One the most notable examples has been a ruling by a District court judge in Georgia, preventing the three populous metro Atlanta counties of Cobb, Gwinnett and Cherokee from altering or erasing data information for Dominion machines used after Republican electors filed an emergency motion. This, after lawyers for the Trump Legal team pointed out that Dominion voting systems, which the state of Georgia almost entirely relies upon, has been prone to human manipulation and virtual ballot stuffing that essentially counted tens of thousands of illegal votes for Joe Biden.

    As if that is not bad enough, newly released evidence published by GateWayPundit, InfoWars, OANN and other Alt-Right media entities demonstrate beyond a doubt that Dominion Voting Systems and their Smartmatic software is owned and funded in large part by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP):

    This Bombshell story linking Dominion to the Communist Party was first broke by InfoWars (12/01/2020)

    Georgia has been notorious and heavily criticized for its unauthentic recount of votes, after Biden supposedly won 12,670 more votes than President Trump. Under the gross mismanagement and lack of legitimacy from disgraced RINO Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, poll workers were ordered to merely recount the same mix of legal and illegally cast ballots without taking any further measures to closely examine the ballots or conduct proper signature verification. In a cowardly turn of events that likely point to guilt, Dominion system executives have mostly cleared out and evacuated many of their satellite facilities in Canada and the U.S.

    The head of Dominion has displayed every indication that he is unwilling to address the accusations made against his company and properly testify or participate in state hearings. In Pennsylvania, the Trump campaign scored a legal win on Nov. 12, after an appellate judge ruled that PA Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar lacked the authority to issue guidance on extending the deadline for voters to input any missing voter ID information, and enjoined the state's boards of elections from counting any ballots that have been segregated. It was also settled in a separate case that an equal representation of Republican and Democrat poll watchers must be provided in a Philadelphia counting room; an equal representation that had been denied to poll watchers all over the country (but particularly in cities like Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Detroit).

    In conclusion, it is important to note that despite state legislatures “certifying” what is now well known to be a fraudulent and ill-gotten result of the 2020 election, the legal battle to right the wrongs of the above cases of widespread voter fraud are far from over! Many of Trump’s lawyers and advisers have already expressed optimism that they have more than enough time prior to the official certification of Electors by Congress (Jan. 6) and Inauguration Day (January 20) to ensure that the election reflects the true winner [Donald Trump] and that only legally cast votes are counted as a result. The U.S. Supreme Court has largely abdicated its duty in a shameful series of denials to even consider looking at major election lawsuits establishing clear and undeniable evidence of voter fraud. 7 Justices (including 3 of Trump’s conservative leaning picks) even had the audacity to wrongfully deny a major multi-state Texas launched lawsuit that directly targeted the illegal activities sustained in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, and how it negatively affected and disenfranchises the legal votes of 20 other states signed onto the suit.

    Beyond proving that President Trump rightfully won the 2020 election, it is important to ensure that the record 73 million people who cast their votes for Trump, are not disenfranchised or constitutional voices delegitimized by a blatantly corrupt process. We the American people exercised our electoral privileges and cast our votes to re-elect the sitting President of the United States, not to see him “lose overnight” and have his massive lead taken away through wide scale Democrat Party voter fraud. As President Trump so pointedly concluded in his historic 46-minute address:

    “If we don’t root out the fraud, the tremendous and horrible fraud that’s taken place in our 2020 election, we don’t have a country anymore. With the resolve and support of the American people, we will restore honesty and integrity to our elections. We will restore trust in our system of government.”

    © Stone Washington


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