Marielena Montesino de Stuart
Tom Monaghan's "invaluable" Cardinal Bevilacqua accused by grand jury of covering up sexual abuse of children
By Marielena Montesino de Stuart
February 28, 2011

Benedict XVI must surround himself with holy men, morally capable of acting as ecclesiastical officials.

A Special Report

Dangerous Impostors

AVE MARIA, Florida-
Following a long and painful investigation of the sexual abuse of children in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, a Grand Jury has issued a final report stating that they have no doubt that Cardinal Bevilacqua's "knowing and deliberate actions during his tenure as Archbishop also endangered thousands of children in the Philadelphia Archdiocese." This endangerment included vulnerable and poor immigrant children from the Hmong community — an alarming fact, considering Bevilacqua's experience, having served as Director of the Migration and Refugee Office in the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Cardinal Bevilacqua
Cardinal Bevilacqua is one of America's best known Roman Catholic Cardinals. He is also considered to be one of the most notorious protectors of dangerous sexual predators, in the history of the Catholic Church in America.

This "prince of the Church" served as Archbishop of Philadelphia from 1987-2003, after having served as Bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh from 1983-1987.

Bevilacqua arrived in Pennsylvania from his native New York, after serving in various positions under Bishop Mugavero, culminating with his appointment in 1980 as Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Brooklyn.

But Bevilacqua's history of cover-ups is not limited to Pennsylvania.

Memos reveal that during Bevilacqua's tenure as Auxiliary Bishop at the Diocese of Brooklyn, he covered up and transferred an extremely dangerous predator, Father Romano J. Ferraro, who is now serving a life sentence.

Cardinal Bevilacqua has been closely associated for many years with Tom Monaghan, the former pizza king who arrived in Southwest Florida a few years ago, with his controversial Ave Maria brand — including the Town of Ave Maria and Ave Maria University.

Monaghan's involvement with Cardinal Bevilacqua will be further discussed below.

But above all, this is a story involving some of the most horrendous and systematic crimes committed against the dignity of a human being: the sexual abuse of children, and what some inside the Roman Catholic Church are willing to do to cover up the existence of these crimes.

It is a story that shatters hearts — not just because of the heinous nature of the crimes, but because these are crimes perpetrated against children, using God and the Church as a protective shield.

It is also a story about how some, who appear to be "pillars of the community" — who, on one hand, claim to be pro-life, and claim to stand in defense of the unborn — abuse them after they are born.

These are not just rapists of children, but impostors and hijackers of sacred causes.

Such is the hypocrisy of certain Catholics who profess to be "orthodox" "conservative" "liberal" or "progressive" — in order to attract followers. They use these political and social labels in order to create a 'cult of personality' around them, and they actively use the media for their propaganda and puff pieces written by their beholden followers.

These are individuals whose repulsive, deceptive and dangerous practices are luring thousands to schools, organizations, prayer groups, parishes, retreats, lectures, etc., — many times resulting in substantial monetary gain that allows them to continue their criminal and deceptive activities.

These individuals are not "orthodox" or "conservative," "liberal" or "progressive."

They are monsters. They are dangerous — and they are organized.

The Cover-up: Sexual Abuse of Children under the Tenure of Cardinal Bevilacqua, at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

A Final Grand Jury Report regarding the sexual abuse of children in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia hit the public arena like a ton of bricks.

The Grand Jury recommended that three priests and a parochial school teacher be charged with the rape and assault of young children in their care. This resulted in the arrest of 68 year old Fr. Edward Avery, 64 year old Fr. Charles Engelhardt, 47 year old Fr. James Brennan — and 48 year old Bernard Shero (the teacher). All were charged with rape, indecent sexual assault and other criminal charges. A civil lawsuit has also been filed in the Court of Common Pleas against Cardinal Bevilacqua, Cardinal Rigali and others.

The Grand Jury also voted to charge another priest, 60 year old Monsignor William Lynn, the former secretary to Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua, with felony child endangerment. The Grand Jury report describes how Monsignor Lynn endangered children, including the victims in the most recent cases — "by knowingly allowing dangerous priests to continue in the ministry in roles in which they had access to children."

The grand jury investigation was followed by a compelling statement from the District Attorney, himself a Catholic.

This final Grand Jury report, dated January 21, 2011, is the culmination of the first Grand Jury Report of 2005, which exposed the horrific history of sexual abuse of children in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

The final Grand Jury accuses Cardinal Bevilacqua of covering up many of these horrific crimes.

Warning: The following link will take the reader to excerpts from the Final Grand Jury Report, which contain painful descriptions of how these children were abused by some of these "pillars of the community": LINK

Edward Avery
On February 17, the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia said in an unsigned lead editorial that "it's also clear the programs have fallen short of the stated goals of doing every possible [sic] to safeguard young people within the Catholic Church."

"Fallen short"? Absolutely. These accused Church officials, as well as those who are still hiding, have failed miserably — by inserting their shameful presence in the Catholic Church.

Cardinal Justin Rigali, current Archbishop of Philadelphia, also responded with the following sardonic statement:

    "I assure all the faithful that there are no archdiocesan priests in ministry today who have an admitted or established allegation of sexual abuse of a minor against them."

This statement by Cardinal Rigali is terribly misleading, given the way in which the "Review Board" mishandled reports of abuse, dismissing the validity of the victim's claims — as reported by the Grand Jury.

This pattern of treating victims like adversaries, and dismissing the validity and urgency of their claims is evident in a document issued under John Paul II's papacy to the bishops of Ireland. It exposes that the Church's position on sexual abuse cases has been centered on hierarchical self-preservation.

    [EXCERPT]: In particular the issue of "mandatory reporting" [to law enforcement and civil authorities] gives rise to serious reservations of both a moral and a canonical nature. — Apostolic Nunciature in Ireland — January 31, 1997

Vatican officials claim that the above letter to the bishops of Ireland has been "misunderstood" — and that they have moved past the above instructions; however, the damage is done. We all know that the Catholic Church in Ireland is nearing collapse, after decades of hiding the brutal and systematic abuse of children.

The Grand Jury's accusations of cover-up against Cardinal Bevilacqua are even more alarming, when considering that Cardinal Bevilacqua is also a lawyer, admitted to practice before the Courts of New York State, the Courts of the State of Pennsylvania and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Perhaps this explains why the first Grand Jury report dated September 15, 2005 compared Cardinal Bevilacqua's behavior to that of other bishops who "looked to legalisms at the expense of decency" while they covered up sexual abuse. (Page 5, Grand Jury Report, September 15, 2005).

EXCERPT: "Even in 2002, Cardinal Bevilacqua continued to mislead the public and give false assurances. Cardinal Bevilacqua continued to try to hide all he knew about sexual abuse committed by his priests even in 2002, after the scandal in Boston drew attention to the problem nationally." (Page 53, Grand Jury Report, September 15, 2005).

Tom Monaghan Finds Cardinal Bevilacqua "Invaluable"

Thomas S. Monaghan
Equally alarming is what happens outside the Church, while these scandals are being investigated.

Tom Monaghan founded Legatus — a Catholic rich business men's club, which claims "To study, live and spread the Faith in [their] business, professional and personal lives." They have chapters in many cities. Cardinal Bevilacqua became involved with Legatus as Ecclesiastical Advisor, almost from its inception, in approximately 1988.

Monaghan's support and close involvement with Cardinal Bevilacqua (even calling the Cardinal "invaluable") continued in spite of the first 423-page Grand Jury Report issued on September 15, 2005, which began as follows:

    "This report contains the findings of the Grand Jury: how dozens of priests sexually abused hundreds of children; how Philadelphia Archdiocese officials — including Cardinal Bevilacqua and Cardinal Krol — excused and enabled the abuse; and how the law must be challenged so that it doesn't happen again. Some may be tempted to describe these events as tragic. Tragedies such as tidal waves, however, are outside human control. What we found were not acts of God, but of men who acted in His name and defiled it."

886 Warnings About Cardinal Bevilacqua

The 2005 Grand Jury report mentioned Cardinal Bevilacqua's name 784 times. That's 784 reasons to not promote Cardinal Bevilacqua — at the very least.

Now, the final Grand Jury reaffirms and accuses Cardinal Bevilacqua of covering up the sexual abuse. This final report mentions Cardinal Bevilacqua's name 102 times.

That's a total of 886 warnings about Cardinal Bevilacqua.

But 886 warnings about Cardinal Bevilacqua will never change the opinion of those whose interest is centered on networking with the Church's hierarchy.

Cardinal Bevilacqua's egregious cover-up record as Auxiliary Bishop at the Diocese of Brooklyn, will most likely mean nothing to Bevilacqua's supporters.

But a line in the sand has been drawn with the Grand Jury's accusation against Cardinal Bevilacqua and the arrest of Monsignor William Lynn. This indicates that higher ranking church officials involved in, or covering up these crimes, will no longer be able to hide from justice — while they are on this earth.

The Exorcist

The sacred defense of the unborn must not be trampled on, under any condition. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Father Thomas J. Euteneuer. is an exorcist — and a favorite in Monaghan's Legatus circles.

Fr. Euteneuer also took on the role of ambassador for the defense of the unborn at Human Life International (HLI) where he served as president, until he became involved in a major scandal.

Fr. Euteneuer — considered by many as a bastion of "orthodoxy" (I beg to differ!) — received the Cardinal John J. O'Connor Pro-Life Award from Tom Monaghan's Legatus.

The Palm Beach Post reported that on August 27, 2010 Fr. Euteneuer had stepped down from his position as president of Human Life International after HLI asked him to resign. He published a statement saying that there had been a "particularly complex situation" which "clouded" his judgment and led him to " imprudent decisions with harmful consequences," the worst of which was violating the boundaries of chastity with an adult female who was under [his] spiritual care." Here is the response from the parents of the victim: "Beyond the 'grave'..."

This "particularly complex situation" and "imprudent" decisions appear to have taken place during Euteneuer's practice of EXORCISM! Is this just plain charlatanism?

Who's minding these practices, within the confines of Church laws?

But, of course, we can't say that!

No, no, no!

After all, Fr. Euteneuer was conducting exorcism with his best intentions!

Moving right along...

But something is very troubling. First HLI printed the following announcement on their website (it still appears):

    "June 14, 2010 — Pro-Life Priest, Exorcist Sheds Light on Ancient Ritual with Long-Awaited Book"

Then, when the Palm Beach Post asked about the book, the spokesperson for HLI said:

    "We released Father Euteneuer's Exorcism and the Church Militant in June [2010], and sold out of it some time after his departure from HLI, so it was on sale for over three months. It was decided not to reprint it as we no longer had Father Euteneuer on hand to explain the connection between exorcism and our pro-life mission, and we wanted to focus completely on our mission going forward."

Human Life International no longer promotes on their website Father Euteneuer's book about exorcism — but Monaghan's people at the Legatus Magazine continue to promote it, as evidenced by the following screen caption taken on Feb. 21, 2011: Exorcism and the Church Militant.

Originally the proceeds of the book were to go to Human Life International. Now that Fr. Euteneuer is no longer in public ministry, and his exorcism practice has been referred to ecclesiastical authorities, where are the proceeds going? The paperback is currently selling at Amazon for $80 to $129.98!

How tragic to see the sacred defense of the unborn dragged into this nauseating scandal.

One can hardly wait to see who Monaghan will award next!

Does Monaghan even know what "orthodoxy" means?

Voices of "orthodoxy"? I don't think so.

But why are some in the Catholic lay world supporting and promoting cardinals like Bevilacqua — in spite of the investigations, warnings and grave issues discussed in the original 2005 report?

Cardinal Bevilacqua continued as Tom Monaghan's "invaluable" Ecclesiastical Advisor at Legatus until approximately two months ago. Here are excerpts from the Legatus magazine, dated December 3, 2010 [underline and bold added for emphasis].:

    Although still publicly active on the cusp of his tenth decade, His Eminence Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua, 87, has been retiring from official capacities in recent years — most notably in 2003 as Archbishop of Philadelphia, which he led as one of the most prominent voices of orthodoxy in the Church in America. And just last month he announced that he will step down as Legatus' ecclesiastical advisor, a position he has held since 1987.

    [HERE THE EDITOR QUOTES CARDINAL BEVILACQUA]: "In an age when relativism and materialism pervade our society, I have been edified by the example shown by Legatus members in their efforts to serve as 'ambassadors in the marketplace,'" he said. "They live the mission statement of Legatus in every aspect of their lives — to 'study, live and spread the faith.' They are the stone thrown into the water which sends ripples far and wide. It has been my honor and privilege to serve as ecclesiastical advisor."

    Cardinal Bevilacqua assures members that he will continue to do for them what he has been doing for a long time: [HERE THE EDITOR QUOTES CARDINAL BEVILACQUA AGAIN] "I pray that our Heavenly Father will continue to bless all of the members of Legatus and their families."

    Cardinal Bevilacqua already was impressed by Monaghan's own enthusiasm for lay evangelization. It was a perfect match.

    "It is difficult to summarize the importance of one who has filled an invaluable role," Monaghan said in tribute to his dear friend. "Yet, when presented with how to describe the many years of His Eminence's service to Legatus, that is the word that comes to my mind — invaluable."

    The credibility, especially with the hierarchy, that we as an organization garnered from his association with us was monumental.

    Of particular note, in the early years of the organization, the Cardinal's wisdom, grace and diplomacy were critical in helping to overcome some trials facing Legatus. With his assistance and counsel, we were able to maneuver through some rocky waters and emerge healthy and whole. Legatus Magazine December 3, 2010.

A Victim Commits Suicide

This turning away from reality, on the part of clergy and non-clergy alike, is also evident in the way that the "Review Board" handled the reported abuses in the Archdiocese of Philadephia:

    Page 56, Final Grand Jury Report:

    The Archdiocese now has an official-sounding review process, involving a Review Board and supposedly experienced and independent investigators. Surely, church officials nowadays would remove priests if they were credibly accused. Right?


    Our review of just some of these priests' files shows that the Review Board finds allegations "unsubstantiated" even when there is very convincing evidence that the accusations are true — evidence certainly alarming enough to prompt removal of priests from positions in which they pose a danger to children."

    Page 60, Final Grand Jury Report, January 21, 2011:

    [SUICIDE]: On July 24, 2008, Ms. Hagner notified Ben that the Review Board could not substantiate his allegation. Less than a year later, Ben committed suicide.

The Grand Jury has No Doubt that Cardinal Bevilacqua Endangered Thousands of Children

    "We would like to hold Cardinal Bevilacqua accountable as well. The Grand Jurors have no doubt that his knowing and deliberate actions during his tenure as Archbishop also endangered thousands of children in the Philadelphia Archdiocese. Msgr. Lynn was carrying out the Cardinal's policies exactly as the Cardinal directed. In most of the cases we reviewed from the previous grand jury report, Cardinal Bevilacqua knew substantially everything that Msgr. Lynn knew about the danger posed by the accused priests."

The Grand Jury "Reluctantly" Decides Not to Recommend Charges Against Cardinal Bevilacqua

The Grand Jury reluctantly decided not to recommend charges against Cardinal Bevilacqua, because it was unclear whether the Cardinal had been informed of two specific abuses. In addition, the Grand jury offered the following statement:

    "Cardinal Bevilacqua's health is also a consideration. William Sasso, his long-time lawyer, told the Grand Jury that the 87-year-old suffers from dementia. Mr. Sasso testified that Cardinal Bevilacqua requires "24/7 nursing care" and rarely leaves the seminary where he lives. He said the Cardinal has failed to recognize Mr. Sasso when he visits. The attorney testified that he has not seen the Cardinal at a public event for nearly three years — not even at the installation of Bishop Senior in July 2010."

    "Mr. Sasso told us that he had recently spoken to Cardinal Bevilacqua's doctors, A.J. DiMarino and Bradley Fenton. According to Mr. Sasso, both physicians advised him that it would be "extremely traumatic" for the Cardinal to testify before the Grand Jury, and that any testimony he gave would be unreliable. Mr. Sasso testified that Cardinal Bevilacqua had not even been informed of the Grand Jury proceedings because hisdoctors had advised against it.

    Based on these issues relating to the evidence and the Cardinal's health, we have reluctantly decided not to recommend charges against the former Archbishop."

"Extremely traumatic"?! Have protectors of Cardinal Bevilacqua considered how the victims and their families feel?


Let's take a careful look at Cardinal Bevilacqua and The Papal Foundation

In spite of Cardinal Bevilacqua's "dementia," he is still "publicly active" as described on December 3 by Tom Monaghan's Legatus Magazine.

Cardinal Bevilacqua's "dementia" also does not seem to be keeping him from acting as Chairman of the Papal Foundation — the Pope's biggest fund — an extremely powerful multi-million dollar American foundation which is managed by Benedict XVI. A minimum $1 million dollar donation is required to become a steward.

How interesting that Cardinal Bevilacqua is joined in the Papal Foundation Board of Trustees by Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles — who for years has brought scandal and shame to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, with cover-ups of pederasty and pedophilia — culminating in multi-million dollar settlements. How interesting that several others on the Papal Foundation Board of Trustees have been, or are currently facing scandals in their current and/or former dioceses.

NOTE: The issue of pederasty and pedophilia, like any vice, involves underground activity and intimidation. It is seedy, by nature. And while the media may not always be friendly to Catholics, it is thanks to the media that victims have a voice.

After all — how many bishops or cardinals have picked up the phone and contacted law enforcement to report the sexual abuse of children in their parishes, archdioceses and schools? The cases of sexual abuse involving religious orders are even more difficult to document — since they almost always involve private settlements.

Some of the Worst Enemies are Inside the Church — and they Closely Surround the Holy Father

It is important to remember that some of the worst enemies of the Roman Catholic Church are inside, as we will continue to see below, and some of them closely surround the Holy Father.

The following links provide information about sexual scandals affecting some of the Bishops and Cardinals that are members of the Papal Foundation Board of Trustees.

Click on the names below to read a partial description of the cover-ups and moral scandals involving these bishops and cardinals who, by nature of their rank and influence, work closely with Pope Benedict XVI.

Roger Cardinal Mahony, Los Angeles, CA

Archbishop John J. Myers Newark, NJ

Francis Cardinal George, Chicago IL

Daniel Cardinal Dinardo, Galveston-Houston, TX

Edward Cardinal Egan, Archbishop Emeritus of New York

Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, Archbishop Emeritus, Washington DC

Sean Patrick Cardinal O'Malley, Boston MA

Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, New York NY (former Bishop of Milwaukee)

William Cardinal Keeler, Archbishop Emeritus, Baltimore, Maryland

Justin Cardinal Rigali Pages 30-119 Philadelphia, PA

Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl, Washington DC

Bishop Joseph A. Pepe Las Vegas, NV (former Vice-Chancellor under Cardinal Bevilacqua)

Bishop Michael F. Burbidge Pages 61-66
Secretary of the Papal Foundation (former Auxiliary Bishop under Cardinal Bevilacqua)

The question is — why does Benedict XVI closely surround himself with these Bishops and Cardinals who have protected sexual abusers of children, and have been mired in scandal? Why does Benedict XVI allow them to hold the purse strings of the extremely powerful Papal Foundation's multi-million dollar operation?

This should make Catholics — and the public at large, very concerned.

The following screen caption of the Papal Foundation was taken on February 18:

Heads must roll:

It may be necessary for the District Attorney of Philadelphia, and the supervising judge, to consider an independent evaluation of Cardinal Bevilacqua's "dementia" and health status, based on the following facts:

1. Cardinal Bevilacqua's recent quoted statement in the Legatus Magazine, dated December 3, 2010, where he expresses himself in a very eloquent and lucid manner.

2. The Legatus statement describes Cardinal Bevilacqua as being "publicly active."

3. Cardinal Bevilacqua's position as Chairman of the Papal Foundation, involving the oversight of millions of dollars for the Holy See.

Stop Supporting the Impostors

Many of these impostors in the Catholic Church are honored and pursued by a growing list of lay Catholics who ride the coattails of the Church's hierarchy in hopes of landing plum jobs.

Others are networking with Bishops and Cardinals in order to sell lectures, projects and programs — with the arrogant excuse that "they are making a difference" — while ignoring compelling reports of clergy sex abuse and cover-ups.

The real "difference" that needs to be made is to denounce these impostors.

Catholicism has become a lucrative business — a buyer-beware minefield where many charlatans prey on well-intentioned Catholics who, unfortunately, prefer to have Catholicism poured into their brain at a "lecture cruise" instead of picking up the Catechism — which sits gathering dust on their bookshelf.

The Deceptive "Great Leap Forward" of the Roman Catholic Church

Father Robert Hoatson Refused to Go Along with "The Agenda"

No doubt, supporters of Cardinal Bevilacqua will come out (mostly anonymously) with the old rhetoric of "but what about all the good things he did?"

Well, Mao Tse-tung claimed to love his Chinese countrymen. He simplified the Chinese language during his deceptive Great Leap Forward campaign, in order to enforce widespread literacy. Then, following his ideals, millions have been killed. But I suppose they could at least read their death sentences.

There are those inside the Catholic Church who use a similar "great-leap-forward" deceptive approach to lure their followers and victims. Then, when good holy priests come forward in defense of victims and to expose the corruption, they are punished and banished by Bishops and Cardinals.

The first Grand Jury made a statement that rings loud and clear:

    " its callous, and calculating manner, the Archdiocese's "handling" of the abuse scandal was at least as immoral as the abuse itself."

Benedict XVI cannot simply rearrange the chairs on the deck. He must surround himself with holy men, morally capable of acting as ecclesiastical officials. He must get rid of the impostors inside the Roman Catholic Church, by making swift and visible changes — worthy of the throne of Peter.

CLICK on the titles below to read important reference articles:

Priest Arrested in Murder-for-Hire Case

The Story of Father Haley

Deposition of Father James Haley

Vatican Refused to Defrock Priest Who Abused Deaf Boys

The Five Worst Cardinals (this list keeps changing)

The Vatican Bank Hit by Financial Scandal

Report from Ireland on the Systematic Abuse of Children

Cardinal Bevilacqua's Cover-Up of Dangerous Sexual Predator

Bevilacqua's Role with a Pedophile Priest Bared

"Our Very Own" Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua, by Tom Monaghan

First Grand Jury Report, September 15, 2005

Final Grand Jury Report, January 21, 2011

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