Sylvia Thompson
Russia rejects the homosexual agenda
By Sylvia Thompson
August 9, 2013

Finally, a prominent nation is taking on the homosexual agenda and rejecting it outright. A number of African nations have done the same, but third-world countries are not newsworthy to mainstream media. Although recently, the President of Senegal (West Africa), Mackey Sall, was reported as rebuffing Barack Obama's haughty insistence that Senegalese embrace homosexuality.

The irony is stunning that a former Communist nation would understand that preserving the value of men and women marrying and producing children makes for demographic survival, while many American Christian leaders cower in the shadows, in fear of activist homosexuals and their leftist supporters.

For any but the most rabidly liberal, the decision of Russian lawmakers is about as sensible as it gets. Adults can choose to act in whatever manner the culture in which they live allows. And a rotted culture allows many abominable behaviors. Children, on the other hand, are at the mercy of adults around them. They are mentally, physically, and emotionally unable to protect themselves.

The Russian law calls for protecting children (minors) from the indoctrination of adults who would use them for their own ends. It states that fines will be imposed on any who propagandize non-traditional sexual relations among minors through dissemination of information that encourages such relations. Additionally, acts of encouraging a distorted perception of equivalence between traditional and non-traditional sexual behavior is banned. The anti-God types, of course, are screaming "discrimination" and "anti-gay," their clarion call to gin up support and sympathy, but the Russians are having none of it. Thank God.

Everybody knows that part of the homosexual agenda in America, and every country in the world where the practice is pushed, is to indoctrinate the young to the lifestyle. If not to encourage the behavior as normal and to turn a few to practicing the lifestyle, at least to shape liberal perceptions of homosexuality in those young people when they become adults.

Liberal control of the American education system has seen to it that indoctrination to homosexual behavior runs from pre-school through university experience. Especially is this indoctrination aimed at young blacks, because blacks, on the whole (steeped in Christian teachings), are least likely to embrace the homosexual agenda. The deliberate destruction of the black family by the liberal left is part of the effort to change this thinking.

Another interesting development in events of late is the display of sheer hypocrisy by Barack Obama. He appeared on the Jay Leno Show and castigated the Russians for their stance on homosexuality. The architect of much of America's current moral decline insisted that he would not tolerate any country that does not give homosexuals the rights that he deems they should have. He even went so far as to refuse a meeting with Russia's Vladimir Putin (can we say "small minded"?).

Is anybody holding his breath to hear Obama call out the vast majority of Muslim nations, who adhere to Islam, on their stance on homosexuality? We all know that Obama is fond of Muslims and Islam (not so much Christians and Judeo-Christianity), so it is unlikely that anybody expects equal treatment from him.

Russia and other nations that will not cave to the homosexual agenda and rightfully protect their citizens from its influences, are not known for executing homosexuals. Muslim nations do execute them, and I am certain that Obama is aware of it.

One black minister, Bill Owens of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP), in the group's newsletter, commented on the homosexual activists' response to Russia's decision. And by extension, on Obama's response.
    "Friend, this response from the homosexual community is absurd. Since when does America have the right to force its immorality, depravity, and sin on another nation? We are currently witnessing the free fall of our nation. Over the past five years, we've moved from a super power position to a nation that is perceived to be weak and contemptible." (Bold emphasis in the original statement.)
I say "cheers" to the Russians on this one. That nation will probably outlive America.

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