Sylvia Thompson
Homofascism has not yet won the day
By Sylvia Thompson
April 6, 2015

What biblical Christians must do in response to this latest homosexual activist attack on the State of Indiana and any individuals who openly oppose them is what Christians have done throughout the ages – fight them and fight them vigorously.

Tim Cook, the practicing homosexual CEO of Apple (among others), is using his enormous financial clout to ensure that Christians are forced to accept his choice of defiance toward God. He announced a while back that he is homosexual because God made him homosexual. The quote from an article at Bloomberg Business online news (10/30/2014) states in part "I'm proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me."

That Almighty God would have "gifted" Tim Cook with homosexuality is unnervingly ludicrous and a brazen affront to God, who created sex and sexuality. It is a despicable lie. But people like Tim Cook have been emboldened by apostate teachings of leftist mainline and evangelical religious leaders. Those apostates have chosen to defy God and to mislead the likes of Mr. Cook and so many other seekers of truth regarding sexual behavior. In due time, God will deal with those who preach lies in His name. Meanwhile, those of us followers of Christ who want no part of the lies, must act to oppose and deflect the harm caused to our culture.

For biblical Christians to accept Tim Cook's delusion, we would also have to accept that Almighty God is deranged. That God would condemn, with such clarity and resolve, a behavior that a human being could not possibly avoid would be a sure sign of derangement or sheer evil – or both. It would be the same as if He had inspired scriptures that condemn our breathing oxygen after having created us oxygen-breathing creatures. That is how inane Tim Cook's statement comes across to biblical Christians. Almighty God is neither deranged nor evil (that is Satan) and He would never lay an impossible burden upon any human being.

It is patently clear that the homosexual movement and the progressive elements of our society that bolster that movement are dead set on destroying all believing Christians, because biblical truth condemns them unequivocally, straight-out. America's biblical Christians must wake up, cut the blather about homosexuals' "civil rights" (which translates that they can remove us from the American landscape), and resolve to fight them with every God-given tool that we have, not the least of which is praying that theirs and all godless movements like it are destroyed.

The First Amendment, in stating that lawmakers cannot prohibit the free exercise of religious faith, means what it says. We have no reason, then, to bow to intimidation from any outward forces. If that means civil disobedience to government entities that say otherwise, then let the disobedience begin. At some point, all Americans just might consider the fragility of the ground on which they stand and wonder when a miniscule segment of society will come after them, for whatever reasons.

If Barronelle Stutzman, the Christian florist in Washington state, can be persecuted because she tells a homosexual that she will sell him flowers, but she will not be party to his God-condemned behavior by arranging said flowers for his sham wedding, then biblical Christians must rise up in support of Ms. Stutzman's response. She is, after all, more concerned with how she is viewed in God's eyes than in the eyes of perverted men and corrupt legal officials.

The Founders would also have understood Ms. Stutzman's response. Hers is an example of what those Founders sought to prevent when enshrining into law protection for Christians. It is obvious that homosexuals can seek out businesses that will accommodate their degeneracy. In a capitalist society, those businesses exist, but this is not about service or civil rights. This is about the tyranny of a minority of broken, sad human beings who have foolishly decided that they will take on Almighty God. These folks can be assured that He is merciful, but He will not be mocked. (Galatians 6:7,8)

A side note is in order here. Everybody concerned knows, despite some people's ignoring the elephant in the room, that the Founders were talking about Christianity when they enshrined religious protection into law. The nation had been founded by Christians to establish unsuppressed worship of the God of Christianity. When they spoke of "religious freedom," their primary focus was Christianity.

They were aware of minor religions throughout the world, and a few other religions were present in America at the time the Constitution was written. But none of those religions came en masse to these shores to escape repression – Christians did. Thomas Jefferson, indicative of his superior intelligence, probed into Islam to determine how best to defeat Muslim piracy in the Barbary Coast, but anyone who says that he embraced Islam because he owned a copy of the Koran is lying.

All the gibberish aside about the minor religions in this country and how some of their bizarre practices may or may not be allowed based on the First Amendment, that amendment was written to accommodate Christianity. It is therefore the goal of the progressive Left to outlaw Christianity. They know how deeply rooted Christian principles are in this nation's founding, and to destroy those founding principles means that they must first destroy American Christianity. It is the only religion that forms the bedrock of this nation.

Biblical Christians must take stock of where we stand in America, now that evil and the profane have taken over. There is the possibility and fervent hope that Christian leaders who adhere to the Bible will join forces to wage an offensive against the homosexual lobby and all the elements of the culture that make that pernicious group viable: such elements as the profoundly ignorant millennials who have been brainwashed in the anti-God education system; the progressives acting under the influence of the likes of Saul Alinsky and George Soros, who have polluted that education system and so many other American institutions; and most deadly, the apostate religious leaders who claim Christianity as their mantle but pervert and defile the Word of God.

This is what we biblical Christians are up against and it is time that we gird for the fight. I'm hearing rumblings of religious leaders gearing for the aftermath of the Supreme Court's destined assault on the nation's core by enshrining sodomy into American law. Against the will of a sizeable number of American citizens, I might add. I hope those rumblings will come to full fruition.

By the way, I pay little attention to so-called polls that say 50 percent of Americans now support same-sex marriage. Americans are in such fear of the circumstances that could befall them if they stand up to leftist bullying that they are likely to respond to a pollster with whatever will protect them from harm. That's what our nation has become. Those of us who want no part of what it has become must now begin organizing, planning, and resisting with the full knowledge that our side is right and their side is oh so wrong. It is as simple as that.

© Sylvia Thompson


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