Sylvia Thompson
The Secret Service and Michelle Fields as "victim"
By Sylvia Thompson
April 4, 2016

The online blog site reported that besides video of the incident between Donald Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski and Michelle Fields, a reporter, a Secret Service agent also revealed that Fields was inappropriately close to the candidate. According to the report, Fields crossed between agents into a space where she should not have been and was warned by an agent.

The article indicates that the reporting agent did not say why Secret Service agents didn't intervene when Fields touched Donald Trump, in her effort to force a response from him.*

Is it so difficult to understand, in present-day America, why agents might have been hesitant to remove Fields from a restricted space? It's not at all difficult for those who are attuned to the state of every male-dominated agency under the direction of the Obama administration.

The Secret Service, along with all branches of the military, the Border Patrol, and local police forces, has been intentionally demoralized and demeaned by pernicious rules dictated by the Obama administration. As such, no one should be surprised at this turn of events.

If either of those agents had touched Michelle Fields and she made a stink about it, do you think the Obama-appointed director of the agency would stand behind that agent? If you do, you are grossly naive. Do you think Fields would not have played the "girl card" (which is as despicable as the "race card") and screamed "war on women" had one of those agents moved her bodily as he should have? I can see the headlines now, "Female journalists not allowed to do their jobs as males are," or some other such idiocy.

It's quite possible Lewandowski interceded because he observed that the agents, for whatever reason, were not acting. Campaign operatives can assume "body" duty as part of their responsibilities, which is what Lewandowski did. It is not the case that they must always defer to security in instances where their candidate is being accosted. That assumption comes from talking heads in the media, most of whom oppose Donald Trump.

I don't put one bit of stock in Michelle Fields' story, and I applaud Donald Trump for advising Corey Lewandowski never to settle in this case. The fact that Hillary Clinton supporter Florida State Attorney Dave Aronberg will prosecute the case, if he decides to move forward, is reason enough for Lewandowski to fight to the end of this debacle. This event is a calculated political effort to take down Trump.

Additionally, none of Trump's team should apologize. Nothing has happened for which an apology is in order. In response to the question "Why not apologize?" from Chris Wallace on his Fox Sunday show who, like so many media types, thrives on weakness, Trump said he would not, because apologizing encourages more criticism. If you are not guilty of something for which you are accused, you stand and fight. That attitude is one of Donald Trump's greatest appeals in the eyes of everyday Americans. We are sick of weakness in leaders.

This incident has disgusted me to no end, along with everything that has transpired since Donald Trump's candidacy began to be taken seriously.

Many people whom I respected deeply, no longer garner my respect. It is insane how virulent the opposition from so many claiming conservatism has become. I expected no less from the establishment class of elite Republicans, but others surprised me. Donald Trump is being portrayed as something horrendously dangerous by some of his so-called conservative opposition. A way-over-the-top assessment for any reasonable person to make, in my opinion.

I am encouraged by the fact that not all evangelical Christians or Christians in general have made such an extreme assessment of Trump. One conservative Christian friend offered this bit of wisdom: Christians should consider the special capabilities Trump could bring to the presidency, and the many possibilities of assisting him toward a firmer understanding of Christianity if he becomes president. That is, after all, what Christians do – endeavor to bring others closer to Almighty God.

Pastor Robert Jeffress, a prominent evangelical minister in Texas and a Trump supporter, explained that Trump's support among many evangelicals is due to pragmatism. They see Trump as the needed warrior to take down the forces that would destroy this nation. They expect that believing Christian leaders will take care of guiding him through matters of faith. These leaders can serve the same purpose that Pastor Billy Graham served over many decades, ministering to presidents. I see no reason why Trump would not be open to such spiritual direction as were presidents before him.

We don't know as yet if Donald Trump can weather, literally, the world's attacks upon him. I am convinced, however, the nation will not be the same after this election cycle. Trump will either become the next President of the United States and institute needed changes to our political system and our country, or Trump will not become president, likely because of fraud and subterfuge, and there will be major disruption from masses of virulently angry, fed-up patriots.

The Trump phenomenon is indeed the stirrings of a long-overdue revolution.


*

© Sylvia Thompson


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