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August 8, 2022
THE FEDERALIST — On Thursday, Barack Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder decided it was the time to bring the subtext of the Jan. 6 show trials and related domestic security state activities into the open. “My guess is that by the end of this process, you’re going to see indictments involving high-level people in the White House, you’re going to see indictments against people outside the White House who were advising them with regard to the attempt to steal the election, and I think ultimately you’re probably going to see the president, former president of the United States indicted as well,” Holder told SiriusXM host Joe Madison.... (more)

August 8, 2022
PAUL CAMERON — PRIDE, a summer-long homosexual bacchanalia, is spreading Monkeypox. Though the CDC and the World Health Organization have issued warnings about monkeypox, and its dangerousness is at the top of gay websites, hundreds of thousands of gays are having sex with locals in scores of cities across the world.... (more)

August 8, 2022
CDC — Notes: Case data reported since January 1, 2022 are provided for situational awareness and subject to change. Confirmed cases include those laboratory-confirmed as monkeypox virus (MPX) and may include cases only confirmed as orthopoxvirus. Among locations (including countries, territories, and areas) that have not historically reported MPX, several have reported sporadic cases linked to travel or imported animals prior to 2022. Additionally, Ghana has not historicaly reported MPX cases, however, the country was identified as the source of a shipment of wild mammals that subsequently led to the 2003 outbreak in the U.S.... (more)

August 8, 2022
ART MOORE — Another meeting between Joe Biden and business partners tied to the family influence-peddling operation run by his son Hunter has been discovered, further undermining the president's insistence that he never discussed the business with his son. It's the 15th meeting uncovered between Joe Biden and businessmen linked to his son, DailyMail.com exclusively reported.... (more)

August 8, 2022
DAILY CALLER — Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, has been putting Democrats and the corporate press on defense by refusing to play along with what she says are partisan narratives.... (more)

August 8, 2022
WAYNE ALLYN ROOT — Before I get to Trump-DeSantis, first a few observations about recent GOP primaries. Congratulations to Kari Lake and to the people of Arizona. Kari may very well be the best GOP candidate in America, and she will make the best governor Arizona ever had. If she is elected in November, I guarantee you we'll have fair and honest elections moving forward in Arizona. Which means in 2024, former President Donald Trump wins Arizona.... (more)

August 7, 2022
LIFE NEWS — Abortion activists are now literally building altars dedicated to sacrificing their unborn babies in abortions. Drew Hernandez, a conservative commentator with FRONTLINES and Turning Point USA, uncovered a disturbing “DIY” video on YouTube of a woman explaining how to build an abortion altar at home. “A woman teaches how to build an altar for a post abortion, which includes a container for the remains of the baby after being aborted and the abortion pills on the altar, she ends the DIY video by kneeling before the altar,” Hernandez wrote, linking to the video.... (more)

August 7, 2022
ART MOORE — A Jan. 6 defendant who faces decades in prison on charges related to the Capitol riot wants to know why the Arizona man he claims tried to recruit him to go inside the Capitol – and is seen in numerous videos doing the same – is not "on the stand to answer the tough questions."... (more)

August 7, 2022
ROBERT SPENCER — Old Joe Biden’s handlers are pulling out all the stops to keep the sacrifices to Moloch going. On Wednesday, Old Joe signed an executive order that he said, “helps women travel out of state for medical care.” Biden added that Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra “is going to work with states through the Medicaid to allow them to provide reproductive healthcare for women who live in states where — where abortions are being banned in that state.”... (more)

August 6, 2022
ART MOORE — America's far left has taken control of the Democratic Party, becoming an "enemy within" that has transformed the United States into an unrecognizable country, said Republican Sen. Rick Scott of Florida on Friday. "Today we face the greatest danger we have ever faced," said Scott in a speech at the Dallas, Texas, meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference, known as CPAC... (more)

August 4, 2022
JAPAN TIMES — Mars Wrigley, maker of the Snickers candy bar, apologized on Friday for a Snickers product launch that Chinese social media users said suggested Taiwan was a country. Videos and pictures showing a Snickers website promoting a limited edition Snickers bar and saying the product was only available in the “countries” of South Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan triggered an outpouring of anger on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo on Friday.... (more)

August 4, 2022
JERRY NEWCOMBE — For 42 years, American school children have been subject to a barrage of misinformation about our American history. This has caused many of them to hate America. And virtually every day we read about the results. For example, there’s a curriculum clash in one of our nation’s most conservative states. On Friday, Gary Bauer reported that the Oklahoma Board of Education decided to downgrade the Tulsa Public School District’s accreditation. This is because in Tulsa they’re still teaching Marxist critical race theory—which is now against the law in the Sooner State.... (more)

August 4, 2022
YOUTUBE — FBI Director Christopher Wray is questioned by Sen. Ted Cruz about a piece of FBI literature telling agents to watch for patriotic symbols which may indicate domestic terrorism. Cruz uses his boot to make his point.... (more)

August 4, 2022
ART MOORE — Vowing not to contribute to their "own destruction," officials in Republican states officials are fighting back against banks that adhere to so-called environmental, social and governance standards, known as ESG. BlackRock, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan are among the five financial institutions prohibited from entering into banking contracts with West Virginia's state treasurer's office or any state agency, for example, Fox Business reported.... (more)

August 4, 2022
BOB UNRUH — A George Soros-linked liberal prosecutor in Florida has been suspended from his duties after he openly announced he would defy state law regarding child sex changes. Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday announced that Andrew Warren, the Hillsborough County state attorney, had "indicated his intent to refuse to enforce laws in state related to abortion and child transgender surgery," according to a report from Just the News.... (more)

August 4, 2022
YOUTUBE — Sky News host Rita Panahi speaks with clinical psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Jordan Peterson to discuss issues including the assault on the "masculine spirit," cultural Marxism, and the decline of western universities. Ms.Panahi said Dr Peterson has been described "as a genius and one of the most influential intellectuals in the world," while leftist publications like the Guardian and Crikey have called him a "dangerous culture warrior and a frightening thug." In a wide-ranging interview, the pair discussed a number of pertinent issues relating to modern society and spoke of Dr. Peterson’s upcoming tour in Australia in late 2022.... (more)

August 4, 2022
NEWSMAX — Tudor Dixon hasn't had much time to revel in Monday's GOP primary victory for Michigan's gubernatorial election, beating her three Republican challengers by at least 19 percentage points and 199,000-plus votes. The reason for the restrained jubilation following the decisive triumph: Dixon is too focused on defeating Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in the general election, and she knows that every second counts in the electoral run-up to November.... (more)

August 4, 2022

August 4, 2022
NBC NEWS — Mark Finchem, a prominent 2020 election denier and an Arizona state legislator, has won the Republican secretary of state primary, NBC News projects. With 99% percent of the expected vote in, Finchem, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump, had 40% of the vote. State Rep. Shawnna Bolick, another 2020 election denier, had 19% of the vote, while businessman Beau Lane got 25%.... (more)

August 4, 2022
YAHOO NEWS — A Filipino American mixed martial artist reportedly stopped an attacker after witnessing him hit another man in an unprovoked attack in New York City. Ro Malabanan, a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, was heading to work when saw a homeless man, later identified as 28-year-old Samuel Frazier, sucker-punch a construction worker in SoHo on July 27, according to reports.... (more)

August 2, 2022
CONSERATIVE BRIEF — Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, appeared in court on Wednesday after being charged with Driving Under the Influence back in May. Pelosi was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol causing injury and driving with a .08% blood alcohol level or higher. A lawyer for Paul Pelosi appeared on his behalf in a Napa County court for his arraignment on DUI charges.... (more)

August 2, 2022
BOB UNRUH — U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., long has blasted her own party's most recent president: Donald Trump. She criticized him for his beliefs, his comments, and his actions. She even voted to remove him from office on what were the thinnest of allegations, so thin the House didn't even document any "evidence" of anything he'd done. And she's made herself indispensable to Democrats by being the No. 2 person on Nancy Pelosi's partisan congressional committee set up to "investigate" the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol.... (more)

August 2, 2022
WESTERN JOURNAL — It is official: Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, will be going to jail. On May 28, law enforcement cited Pelosi with two DUI-related charges after he crashed his vehicle into a Jeep in Napa Valley County, California. Those charges were driving under the influence of alcohol causing injury and driving with .08 percent blood alcohol level or higher causing injury.... (more)

August 2, 2022
REV. MARK H. CREECH — Not long ago, I finished reading through the entire Bible again. Of course, I finished in the book of Revelation. The experience of reading “The Revelation of Jesus Christ,” as it is referenced in the first verse of the first chapter, was so remarkably moving I decided to park there a while and examine it more carefully. Moreover, I thought it might be beneficial to share with others some of what I gleaned.... (more)

August 1, 2022
STONE WASHINGTON — “It is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives. ‘The permissibility of abortion, and the limitations upon it, are to be resolved like most important questions in our democracy: by citizens trying to persuade one another and then voting.’” ~Justice Samuel Alito, citing the late Justice Antonin Scalia, in writing the majority opinion of Dobbs v. Jackson.... (more)


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