Curtis Dahlgren
AHA: politics thy name is demagoguery (Affordable Healthcare Act)
By Curtis Dahlgren
July 16, 2013

"To my mind the power possessed and exercised by the bureaucrats in Washington represents the most dangerous situation in America . If the wrong man should come along and be elected president, we could see a dictatorship erected almost overnight." – Barry Morris Goldwater (1976)

WE MAY HAVE MORE IRS AGENTS THAN DOCTORS SOMEDAY (and the IRS may have more to say about your life-and-death decisions than your doctor, if you can even find one). The following piece is from a letter to the editor one of my local newspapers, by me:

re the "ObomaCare Facts Ignored" column:

That Donna Brazile is one slick spinmeister (7/12/13), except that after 80 lines of type praising ObomaCare with rose-colored glasses she let the truth slip out: "less-healthy people will have lower premiums" and young healthy people will get higher premiums [and be forced to buy "insurance"]. HUH? I suppose that makes sense to the bureaucrats Goldwater talked about, but if Donna wants facts, we'll give her facts:

1) Two-thirds of the people were against centralized health "insurance" from the beginning, plus it wasn't even passed legally (John Roberts says that the "fines" are taxes – no kidding! – and tax legislation must pass the House of Representatives first)!

2) I hate to be the one to point out the obvious, but we are having a real-life doctor shortage. The A.P. said "Some states already have a shortage of primary care physicians, and their problems could get worse when federal health care reforms go into effect in January. A November 2011 report by the Wisconsin Hospital Association said Wisconsin needs about 100 more physicians per year." [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 23, 2013]

3) We now have fewer people with full-time jobs than the number getting some form of "free lunch."

My dumb question is, why should hard-working taxpayers subsidize the so-called "insurance" of people who "drop out" of the work force – and don't even bother finishing high school – because they know their great Uncle Sam will take care of them (at least until Uncle runs out of money). Demagogues who vote for handouts and bailouts should be given a time out! And then taken to the woodshed.

Where's the incentive to stay fit and work full time under socialized everything? "To each according to his needs" was the M.O. of Stalin and Castro, not Washington, Adams, and Jefferson. And even Castro has admitted that centralized planning doesn't work. Where's the incentive to study hard and work hard? I think the morbidly obese and the people getting $200-a-month in food stamps are the same people!

As an aside, a "scientific" study was just announced that says people who were spanked as children are more likely to become obese than the rest of the people. Next time you see a fat person, just say "you must have been a very naughty kid"! Statistics can tell you anything. They say that so many people in America go to bed hungry and so many people are getting free food; I think they're the same people because if you eat three square meals a day and really would like four, you're going to bed "hungry."

BTW – I've lived the majority of my life without health insurance – and may be better off because of that. I qualify for food stamps but refuse to take them because there is simply no free lunch! You virtually have to sell your soul to Big Bro when you go on the dole. I know you can live on a LOT less than $200 a month. I do. I eat chicken while food stamp recipients eat filet minon'.

Centralized bureaucratic government-by-fiat has the Reverse Midas Touch. Everything it sticks its nose into turns to crap. It's funny, but Donna Brazile's column was printed the same day as Thoreau's "quote-of-the-day":

"How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live."

When my brother was younger someone suggested that he run for the state legislature. "Oh I could never write laws," he said.

"Don't worry about it," he was told. "We have people who do that for us!"


Proposed bills on immigration contain more than a thousand pages, and ObamaCare is over 3,000 pages and growing, counting the details added by the Madam Secretary, not to mention waivers for this and waivers for that favored "group" (even the unions are getting teed off with the "reforms" – Jimmie Hoffa says so!). The authors of all these bills should have to sign their names to them. There oughta be a law, even if I have to write it myself!

Know why we need more doctors? I've never seen America more divided or discouraged – stressed – and I've been around for going on 72 years if you count my conception date (and I do). By the way, in all those years I've done almost all of those "jobs Americans won't do." And neither my brother nor I were ever unemployed (surprise, surprise!). There shouldn't be any Americans who "won't do" that stuff.

Tell me again, Ms. Brazile, what's so wonderful about the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA – WE GOTCHA!)?

P.S. If you're a low-information voter and don't know what "demagoguery" means, go look it up for yourself.

© Curtis Dahlgren


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