Gabriel Garnica
Octuplet story illustrates this nation's twisted hypocrisy and selective outrage
By Gabriel Garnica
February 20, 2009

By now everyone has heard the story of Nadya Suleman, the unwed mother living with her parents who recently had octuplets as a result of fertility treatments despite already having children. While I am not here to in any way justify what this woman and her doctor have done, I would like to point out this society and media's despicable hypocrisy yet again.

Irresponsibility of The Mother is Not The Issue

I doubt that anyone will argue that an unwed mother of six living with her parents has no business even trying to have eight more children. Anti-religion types will mock those of faith pointing this out as another example of nuts painting childbirth as some sacred right that one cannot have too much of. They will and have surely already argued that this is what we get when pro-life fanatics go wild. As usual, they will do a tap dance on something that is not the real issue here in an effort to paint themselves as the voices of reason and intelligence.

Any sincere person of faith would agree that what this woman has done is highly irresponsible and wrong on many levels. God wants us to have children responsibly and not as some hobby like collecting stamps or porcelain dolls to decorate our homes. The widespread criticism of this woman, her doctor, and a system that allows this kind of thing to happen is valid. The fears that this kind of abuse might have a negative impact on future couples trying to conceive are clearly not without sound merit.

Selective Outrage is Usual Hypocrisy in Full Bloom

Where I begin to have a problem with this media and society's collective outrage over this story is the way they go on and on about irresponsibility, unethical medical conduct, possible health issues and what such behavior says about our society. While I agree that what this woman did is wrong on numerous levels, this society and especially this media are in no position to stand on any soapbox to preach about immorality, unethical medicine, health concerns or societal burdens. This is the society and media that either denies that abortion is evil or does a circus act trying to justify, rationalize or decorate abortion as anything other than selfish, pre-meditated and despicable murder of an innocent life.

Simply put, this society and media's ethical, moral and medical integrity is a joke. They selectively accept and justify murder of the unborn by pretending that the dismembered body thrown in the waste is not human and using fancy terms to evade the vile and gruesome selfishness and arrogance of this heinous practice. They speak against every example of genocide they can wrap their politically correct paws around while paying lip service to the most despicable genocide occurring right under their hypocritical noses. They wail passionately against every example of mass murder of innocents in history while having the utter gall to pretend that murdering an unborn child in its mother's womb is glorified tooth pulling.

It is not that this woman was right; rather, it is that this society's right to point fingers expired long ago.


Yes, what Nadya Suleman has done is wrong and irresponsible. True, this society should not have allowed someone who can barely take care of her six children to more than double her maternal responsibility with medical assistance in one fell swoop. That, however, is not the issue. Criticizing Suleman is like catching fish in a pail. It is too easy.

The real issue is how any society or media so steeped in the blood of abortion has the gall, the utterly blatant arrogance and hypocrisy, to pretend to have the authority or right to criticize Suleman while gleefully and passionately defending, justifying, rationalizing or promoting the murder of the unborn in abortion.

From the Pied Piper of Illinois to his Jackie O wannabe through their party of death on down to every organization whose pockets are lined daily with blood money from abortion, this society has no business judging anything about childbirth. Not because there is no wrong out there, as Suleman has so vividly reminded us, but because this society, government and media's collective depravity and apathy regarding abortion is the proverbial slam dunk of despicable hypocrisy, cowardice, selfishness and arrogance.

At the end of the day, any society which gives the innocent unborn its middle finger has no right pointing fingers at anyone else, especially regarding giving birth.

© Gabriel Garnica


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