Gabriel Garnica
Add Napolitano and Obama drivel, stir vigorously, and prove just how asinine liberal PC really is
By Gabriel Garnica
March 24, 2009

If you think that pondering liberal spew in isolation is a tragically comical exercise in irrational waste, try combining two such gems and you will get a month's supply of stupidity rarely seen right of the political line.

Special Children Should Sue

Barack Obama's offensive comment regarding The Special Olympics on Jay Leno's show has all the earmarks of legal libel. It was made in a more permanent, reproducible format unlike merely verbal slander, made to other people in the form of Leno's huge audience, and harmed the reputation of a respected part of society.

To begin with, only a fawning Obama fanatic, adoring media type or entranced celebrity would believe that Obama's comment did not reveal Obama's true views about the mentally and physically challenged. His imbecilic swipe at humor was not an attack on The Special Olympics per se, but really a mocking of the special children this event celebrates. In defining his poor bowling skills as he did, Obama was inferring that poor skills, spastic athletic ability and pathetic performance characterize the usual fare at The Special Olympics. Mocking these beautiful children for the sake of a cheap laugh is the kind of trash that one should not expect, never mind tolerate, from the alleged leader of this nation. The fact that so many, including Obama himself, bask in the supposed change toward greater tolerance that this new leadership represents merely adds a touch of hypocrisy to this already despicable serving.

This was the suave, sophisticated and handsome Obama surrounded by the beautiful rich and elitist intellectuals who worship him poking fun at those young people who do not fit this superficial society's definition of beautiful, suave, sophisticated or athletic. This was the popular high school student body president laughing at the overweight girl or the uncoordinated nerd as the rest of the students laugh in agreement. The biggest irony here is that the man who loves to criticize his predecessor is the one who is bush league now.

Make no mistake about it. By characterizing his sad bowling skills as Special Olympics material, Barack Obama was not honoring or respecting the children who deserve our honor and respect in that event. In fact, he was using their struggles to achieve and believe as a measure of pathetic spectacle most should define as comical. Likewise, it is not the place of that event's chairman, Tim Shriver, to excuse, condone or rationalize Obama's stupid comment. Shriver does not speak for special children any more than his event defines them. These kids are special and worthy of our respect and admiration far greater than any mere event could bestow. They teach us with their love, their sincerity, and their truly human and inspirational efforts.

Anyone wishing to assess this society's absurd values and this media's despicable bias need only realize that it bashed Sarah Palin despite her noble and inspirational defense of special children while condoning or tolerating Obama's juvenile and insensitive remarks on Leno.

If you ask me, special children are the ones who should be offended that Barack Obama compared himself to them.

Liberal-Made Logic

Janet Napolitano's reluctance to refer to terrorism and terrorists directly while testifying before Congress and her later explanation that this was an effort to move away from a politics of fear is about as lame as it gets. Tragically, since this sad example of liberal logic comes from the supposed leader of our nation's homeland security, the lame tag turns dangerous.

It is the height of foolishness to treat terrorism as merely some "man-made disaster" like pollution or so-called global warming. Playing games with our nation's defense and homeland security is a bit more significant than dumping trash in a river or spilling oil at sea. While taking care of our natural resources and protecting our rivers and animals is important, liberals have a way of elevating these things above and beyond common sense and national interest.

Likewise, fear in and of itself is not a bad thing if it is used and viewed constructively. Perceived this way, fear can motivate us to protect ourselves, our nation and our future. People eat better and exercise out of fear of disease and poor health. They put on their seatbelts and drive carefully out of fear of accidents and their risk. Individuals buy locks, develop effective police forces and create laws out of fear of crime and social chaos. Only a fool fails to have fear in dangerous situations. Fear should inspire and motivate us to do good and be the best we can be, not retreat, escape or hide under a bed.

The fear that liberals sell is a dysfunctional, paralyzing, morbid and dangerous one. It instills paranoia, mistrust, twisted priorities, irrational self-focus and selfish agendas. It is used as a political tool to promote liberal causes which makes Napolitano's claim to seek an escape a politics of fear the more absurd and hypocritical given her party's fascination and use of fear as one of its primary weapons.

The only ones who should be offended by the use of terrorism and terrorists would be anyone falsely accused of being one. Actual terrorists are no more offended by the term than burglars are of being called burglars. Sadly, tyrants and despots do not like being called terrorists because they have redefined reality to suit their agenda. This is what liberals do as well.

They speak of avoiding a politics of fear while spreading fear of racism, injustice, religion, conservative values, opposing radio viewpoints and unborn children. They defend criminals and illegal aliens while seeking to destroy fetuses and religious people. The very ones who ask us to shun fear inspire, perpetuate and defend their own brand of fear on a daily basis.

If you ask me, liberals are the ones who sell fear even as they ask us to avoid it.

Liberal Logic Lunacy

Combine Obama's mockery of special children and Napolitano's defense of terrorists and you have the lunacy of liberal logic. They who claim to read and think and feel more than conservatives do end up looking like contradictory fools bumbling their way toward fictional justifications their own logical flaws render impossible.

It is acceptable to mock and insult special children, unborn children, the old, the sick, the religious, the patriotic and the responsible while unacceptable to offend terrorists, criminals, illegal aliens, disrespectful bullies, spoiled children and incompetent adults.

If you ask me, liberals should get a headache anytime they fall on their posteriors.


Every once in a while liberals will offer you a gift in the form of some inane, stupid, illogical or absurd comment. We accept these favors as expected and predictable parts of daily life. However, less often, we get two of these stupid comments near enough to each other as to brilliantly, powerfully and profoundly illustrate just how asinine and imbecilic liberal thinking can really be.

Janet Napolitano nearly received an Olympic gold medal in gymnastics for her efforts to bend over backwards to avoid telling us that terrorism exists and is evil. Liberals, you see, think that if you avoid reality or put a flower on it, you fix it their way. They think that words define truth and they get to choose the words. Illegal immigrants become immigrants and unborn children become reproductive material. Conservative slips of the tongue become seismic disasters and liberal slips of the tongue and mind become invisible. Women not being allowed to murder their unborn child becomes an outdated evil and enslavement while women being murdered in honor killings by protected groups become invisible as well. Thus is the logic and world of liberals.

Perhaps Napolitano will someday tell us that the Twin Towers hit the planes and Barack Obama will someday admit that at least Special Olympics children can find their birth certificates.

Barack Obama once again reminded us that he can do no wrong in the eyes of his adoring media and fawning, drooling fans. He can say and do the most asinine things and merely explain them away with a bright smile while supermarket rags tell us how cool and beautiful his family is. Princess Diana was beautiful, popular and admired, yet she found the time to take her kids to visit the poor and marginalized. One gets the impression that the last place Barack Obama wants to be is with the special children he so ignorantly mocked on Jay Leno's show. After all, he laughingly defined one of his flaws as reflecting Special Olympics level.

Barack Obama and one of his chosen ones, Janet Napolitano remind us that liberals stick their foot in their mouths so often that common sense, logic and respect for the truly special in our society rarely find their way out.

© Gabriel Garnica


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