Gabriel Garnica
Here we go again
By Gabriel Garnica
May 7, 2009

It has become yet another rite of Spring, not as colorful as baseball or as welcomed as warmer weather. In fact, it should safely push allergies to second place as a scourge of the season. Every year, as predictably as the tax deadline and as reliably as spring break, the baby killers at Planned Parenthood drag out their gall and ask us to donate to their organization in honor of, get this, Mother's Day!

Been There, Done That

I vividly remember going over this same topic last year, and the year before that, either in an article or discussing the issue with everyone I know. Somewhere along the line, the same people who tell you that the unborn child in his mother's womb is "reproductive material" or a "blob" or no different than a bad tooth decided that there is nothing wrong with adding one more imbecilic bit of drivel to their long litany of already pathetic claims. It would be somewhat amusing if it were not so blatantly tragic, illogical and plain stupid. This newest bit of foolishness, now dragged out every Mother's Day by people so steeped in twisted logic and mindless rationalizations, is that a good way to honor Mothers on Mother's Day is to donate to an organization that helps mothers avoid motherhood. Are you getting all of this down?

Dense Logic

Would you celebrate New Year's Day by donating to an organization that does not want the new year to begin? How about celebrating Valentine's Day by donating to a group that does not believe in love? Maybe your fancy is celebrating Easter by donating to an atheist organization, Father's Day by donating to a radical feminist group, The Fourth of July by donating to Hugo Chavez, Labor Day by giving to your nearest unemployment office or Thanksgiving by donating to an organization that does not think there is anything to be thankful for. I guess this should not surprise anyone, since many of these very same people want to push Christ out of Christmas and Christianity out of this country's past, present and future.

It makes absolutely no sense to celebrate Mother's Day by donating to Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is the antithesis of Mother's Day. On Mother's Day we celebrate those women in our lives who have chosen and embraced the concept of being a mother, be it once or many times over, every time destiny sent that possibility their way. These are women who, when given the chance, the choice, the responsibility and the privilege, chose life. These woman did not view motherhood as a problem to be avoided, a mistake to be hidden, a scourge to be resented or, as our so-called leader Barack Obama has stated, a punishment to be escaped from.

Motherhood is not the flavor of the month or some temporary fad. It is not a hat to be worn when convenient and discarded otherwise. Yes, it involves sacrifice, courage and dedication, and that is what we celebrate on Mother's Day. Where is the sacrifice, courage and dedication in escaping pregnancy and motherhood through abortion? Exactly how is stopping your impending motherhood honoring motherhood itself?

For all their fancy titles, diplomas, books and degrees, liberals cannot find a way out of this most asinine of claims. Try as they might, they cannot avoid the fact that motherhood is all about women who opted for love, not a way out or an escape or a Florida do-over. Motherhood is about sacrificing yourself for the innocent life within you. It is not about returning an avocado at the supermarket because the four you already have might cost too much. Liberals will tell you that our motherhood is about that foolish woman with the eight new kids who should not be a mom to one. That is all they have; they want to make our motherhood all about foolish irresponsibility. However, if truth be told, it is their motherhood which is foolish. It is a new dress, a manicure, a cool pair of pants, that car you always wanted, the house and, let us not forget, that career or education you deserve. Of course you deserve it, and plenty of women have shown that they can become mothers and reach their dreams as well.

Liberals, however, do not like choices as much as they claim to champion them. In truth, they are all about avoiding choices and sacrifices and headaches and lost waistlines and late night feedings and all that not-so-fancy stuff about motherhood. Their motherhood comes in controlled, manageable doses laced with me first and that's enough for me. That is not what Mother's Day is about. Mother's Day is about my kids always first, my newest kid deserves to live as much as the other ones do and I will always protect them. That is a language liberals have not even bothered to buy the tapes to learn yet, and don't bet your money that they ever will.

It's All in The Definition

The dictionary defines motherhood as "the state of being a mother; the qualities or spirit of a mother, or mothers collectively." Let review each of those possible definitions in the light of abortion, which is what Planned Parenthood is all about. They will claim that they are about women's health, but the truth is that they would close fairly within a year if they could not perform abortions. Certainly, the bulk of their business would disappear, sort of like those innocent unborn children they abort do.

Going back to our definition, the first part defines motherhood as the state of being a mother. The last time I checked, an abortion is a violent termination of that state, which only the most twisted mind could ever equate with celebrating precisely that which is being violently ended. If I told you that someone celebrated their pet by killing it, you would consider that person mentally unstable to say the least.

The second part defines motherhood as the qualities or spirit of being a mother. Quick, when you think of mothers, what adjectives come to your mind? Perhaps it is love, caring, protection or warmth. Only a sick mind would respond to "motherhood" with "abortion."

The final possibility of our definition for motherhood is mothers collectively. Now if every woman had an abortion at Planned Parenthood, that organization would leap for joy but there would be no mothers collectively anywhere.

So, you see, if one defines motherhood as it is usually defined, then Planned Parenthood should be the last place to celebrate it. Of course, it occurs to me that perhaps Planned Parenthood defines motherhood as the state, condition, or impending threat that fills their pockets in an abortion. It defines motherhood by the way it treats it, as a disease, a condition, a cold, or the swine flu. The fact is, women would not have abortions unless they were on their way to becoming mothers and were either terrified, not ready or inconvenienced by the prospect. So perhaps Planned Parenthood wants to celebrate the fact that women get pregnant since that leads to their biggest profit source, abortion. Maybe that is why they oppose any kind of abstinence program. Why would anyone voluntarily, knowingly and willingly seek something that would reduce his profit?

Sure, the best way to celebrate motherhood is to donate to an organization that treats it like swine flu.

Latest Fool

Judy Blume, who has become rich writing books for children and young adults, is the latest drone to step into this illogical flaming bag of fertilizer. In a letter asking for donations to the number one baby killer in the country, Blume asks us to " Say thanks this Mother's Day with a gift that honors her courage by making a donation to Planned Parenthood in her name. I guarantee you that she'll be pleased. I know I would be."

So by donating to an organization that helps women escape impending motherhood, you are honoring her courage for escaping that motherhood? Also, you are honoring your mother by adding her name to an organization that helps women stop being mothers? Finally, Blume guarantees us that our mothers will be pleased by such a donation? I do not know about you, but I know scores of mothers, and I asked most of them if they would be honored by a donation to Planned Parenthood in their name. The majority looked at me as if I was insane and the rest thought I was drunk. So much for Blume's guarantee.

Blume continues with "There is no organization that I know of that supports motherhood and all that it means more than Planned Parenthood." She continues by adding that more women today are seeking abortions from Planned Parenthood because of the difficult economy and urges readers to support the abortion business on that basis. So I will honor motherhood by supporting a business that profits from women's desperation by encouraging, promoting and assisting them in killing their unborn child in an effort to escape that desperation? How is this honoring motherhood?

Herein lies the biggest stupidity of this idiotic logic. According to fools like Blume, we are honoring mothers because the women who desperately end their impending motherhood happen to be mothers. What about those women who seek abortions who are not yet mothers? How is helping them honoring motherhood? As for those who are already mothers and are now seeking abortions, are they seeking abortions because they are mothers or are they seeking abortions because they do not want to increase their motherhood responsibility and burden? It seems to me that the latter is the reason, so how is supporting that honoring motherhood?

To illustrate how imbecilic this logic is, I will use the comparisons which liberals themselves apply toward abortion. Many of these people treat removing a baby like removing a tooth while others argue that it is like getting a haircut. Leaving aside the obvious stupidity of comparing an innocent human life to a tooth or hair, I can still show how asinine the Planned Parenthood logic is. Do we honor people with bad teeth or hairy people by donating to dentists or barbers? Of course not! If anything, the dentist or barber is removing something unwanted from the person (bad tooth or hair) so supporting them is merely honoring the removal of the unwanted thing. Likewise, supporting Planned Parenthood is not honoring motherhood but, rather, the removal of that motherhood. That being said, how can one honor motherhood by supporting and celebrating its removal?? If this logic holds tight for the removal of something as trivial as a tooth or hair, how much stronger will it be for the removal of an innocent, human life?


I wish I could say that, next year, Planned Parenthood will decide to avoid reminding us how utterly pathetic, absurd and idiotic their logic and cause is, but I fear that would be fiction. I suppose some will argue that Planned Parenthood's cause is helping women stay healthy, but their own income statements prove that would be fiction as well.

The truth is, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards is begging people to rush in support of Judy Blume after Blume has been strongly criticized for her donation plea. Richards writes "Yesterday, Judy Blume- a beloved writer and icon to generations of women-graciously wrote a letter about Mother's Day for Planned, anti-choice extremists are inundating her with hate mail and phone calls...we rarely respond to these outrageous attacks, but when it comes to Judy Blume...well, I can't stand by and do nothing. I just can't," Richards writes.

First of all, calling her good friend Blume an icon to generations of women is a bit much, calling those who criticize Blume's foolish plea extremists is ridiculous and calling their correspondence with Blume outrageous hate mail is typical liberal fare. Secondly, and most importantly, Richards should have no problem standing by and doing nothing. She does it every day while her organization rakes in millions murdering innocent unborn children. As for Blume, her donation plea and its sad logic is just another bit of fiction for someone who should stick to the kind of writing that, for better or worse, has given her the kind of fame and soapbox to delude herself into thinking that she has a clue about anything at all.

Blume has won fame for tackling controversial topics such as masturbation, menstruation and divorce, not exactly the kind of stuff one associates with Mother's Day as well. Given her latest writing effort in support of Planned Parenthood and in a twist of the title of one of her more famous books, Blume should have titled her donation plea Are You There God? It's Me, Clueless.

© Gabriel Garnica


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