Gabriel Garnica
Tiller the Killer is liberal filler
By Gabriel Garnica
June 4, 2009

Clearly, the murder of notorious abortionist George Tiller was a terrible event, simply because random violence of any kind against anyone, no matter the motivation of the killer nor the status of the victim, has no place in any society that pretends to be civilized. That having been said, it is time to cut to the chase which, in this case, is that pro-abortion forces who wail on and on about the horror of Tiller's murder are hypocrites of the highest caliber.

Spare Us The Drama, Obama

Barack Obama tells us that he was "shocked and outraged by the murder of Dr. George Tiller as he attended church services this morning. However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence." To begin, it is revealing to see Obama shocked and outraged by the murder of an abortionist, since he has never been shocked and outraged by the murder of the unborn. I guess the most ardent pro-abortion leader this nation has ever known has to pick his spots of shock and outrage and, judging by his pattern of continually and consistently turning his back on the unborn, that direction has never been in the direction of a person with a beating heart and a right to be born.

As for resolving the abortion issue by heinous acts of violence, is that not what abortionists and people seeking abortions do on a daily basis? They have a problem to solve, and they "resolve" it by the heinous, violent act of murdering the unborn problem to be solved. I sure wish that, for once, Barack Obama would actually say something consistent with what he does. Is he shocked and outraged by the act of partially delivering an innocent child, sticking a pair of scissor in his head, sucking out his brains causing the body to go limp, and then removing this now dead child to be thrown in the trash? He must not be, because he has voted to protect this heinous act of violence many times. How despicably delusional or cold must you be to utter disgust over the murder of a man who made his living murdering the unborn while never speaking out against the thousands of unborn children who are murdered in an even more detestable and heinous way than Tiller was?

Spare Us The Drama, Planned Murderhood

Next, we have that bastion of life, Planned Parenthood (PP), the largest abortion provider in the world, which has been caught doing everything from concealing crimes to pushing teens to have sex to pushing them to have abortions, all so they could rake in millions per year, waxing moral about the murder of Tiller. In an open letter on their website, they refer to Tiller's death as an "unimaginable loss" yet have no problem imagining the loss of millions of unborn children to their greed. They refer to abortion critics' protests as "hateful rhetoric" which is "not innocent." Given the fact that these ghouls murder innocent unborn children like peeling bananas, I would not use the term "innocent" too vigorously if I were them.

Next, PP thanks abortionists for providing vital services appreciated by many despite the hateful acts of a few. Considering that polls show most Americans actually oppose abortion and that the number of murdered unborn children exceeds the number of murdered abortionists by an astronomical figure, one has to wonder if PP provides math services to anyone because they cannot add. They constantly mention "women's health" as if providing a woman with an abortion was akin to treating her of breast cancer which, by the way, has been linked to abortions. Referring to politicians, PP asks them to recognize "women's health for what it is....a necessary part of life itself." They then make the common referral to privacy and the right to make decisions about a family. These despicable hypocrites close the letter with the statement " ( each side can make its case to the public)...without resorting to the murder of a physician on a Sunday afternoon in his house of worship."

Please recall that these are the delusional, greedy hypocrites who asked us to honor Mother's Day by donating to their organization, whose main source of income is making sure women terminate a pending motherhood. That PP would have to gall to speak about morality itself or what is right and wrong given what they do is the height of absurdity. Every time these people open their mouths, they embarrass themselves in the eyes of anyone with an inch of brains, an ounce of morality, and an iota of integrity. I never cease to be amazed by PP's gall, their hypocrisy, and their utterly delusional or blatantly detestable façade pretending to be about women's best interests.


By his own admission, George Tiller killed over 60,000 babies in his lifetime. That Barack Obama's newly chosen Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, has been identified as a prime recipient of Tiller campaign funds and is solidly pro-abortion tells us all we need to know about Barack Obama and Kathleen Sebelius. That she is listed as a Catholic tells us all we need to know about the American Catholic Church. As for George Tiller, a career spent procuring the deaths of thousands of innocents speaks for itself.

The murder of George Tiller was wrong on many levels. One does not answer a murderer with murder any more than one answers a liar with lies. As stated earlier, this act was a despicable act of violence and should be condemned forcefully by everyone in a civilized society. However, this piece is not about justifying what cannot be justified; the vigilante murder of a human being.

What this piece is about is the utter and despicable hypocrisy of declaring outrage for the murder of one man while fighting tooth and nail for the right to murder thousands into millions of unborn children. It is about the depravity of ripping an unborn child to pieces while preaching to anyone else about right and wrong. It is about having the gall to speak of innocence while mocking innocent life as expendable.

There is no justification for the murder of George Tiller, but given that unborn children are infinitely more innocent than Tiller was, there is even less justification for their murder. Despite this, those who wrap themselves in pathetic justifications for such murders now wrap themselves in indignation over the murder of one of their own.

The irony here is that, given the depraved and detestable reality of abortion, the least qualified to speak about any murder are those who make their living off murder itself.

To those who argue that women have a right to privacy, we can ask if a woman has a right to privately kill herself? Of course not, for privacy does not trump morality.

To those who argue that the unborn child is part of a woman's body, we can ask since when does a part of your body had a different DNA than you do?

Killing George Tiller was very wrong, but why is killing thousands upon millions of unborn, innocent children acceptable? The simple answer is that the biggest fool in the world is the one trying to find logic in the delusional, arrogant, twisted and very absurd world of the pro-abortion movement. In most cases, liberals use stories like this murder to fill their justifications for everything they do, all the while ignoring the many more stories that discredit those very same claims. It must be very convenient to shape reality and truth to one's convenience.

Regardless of how many unborn children are murdered by PP and the abortion industry, despite the many dollars which that very same industry feeds to people like Obama and Sebelius to keep them dancing to their tune, the most common victim aborted by this industry is the truth, and that may be the biggest tragedy of all.

© Gabriel Garnica


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