Gabriel Garnica
When it comes to the sanctity of life, Obama & the Democrats burn the candle at both ends
By Gabriel Garnica
August 17, 2009

If there are two things one can count on Barack Obama and his minions to exhibit, it is a complete disregard for the truth and a similar disregard for the sanctity of human life.

Look Who's Calling Who Nazis

Much has been written on the connection between Nazism and abortion People like Gloria Steinham claim that the Nazis were against abortion and therefore against choice. As usual, this is a lie. In reality, the Nazis were against abortions by Aryan women and in favor of abortions, even forced, by women of undesirable backgrounds. Simply put, the Nazis used abortion selectively to help achieve their eugenic end of furthering their race and eliminating other races they found undesirable. In other words, the Nazis believed in using abortion to further their agenda, which is a bit different than what Steinham and others claim.

Much has also been written about the eerie similarities between Nazi extermination rhetoric and the rhetoric used by abortion advocates, including using innocent or neutral sounding euphemisms to describe barbaric procedures. It is believed that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was an admirer of Dr. Ernest Rudin, a Nazi doctor who was the most outspoken advocate for abortion rights in pre-Nazi Germany. Rudin is considered a leading figure in promoting Nazi abortion, eugenics and euthanasia efforts. Some believe that Sanger may have gotten the phrase "Freedom of Choice" from Rudin. Sanger's own connection to eugenics is well known.

Today, abortion advocates likewise use abortion as a tool to further their agenda. They likewise depict this barbaric act as some noble exercise in personal freedom and societal right. They likewise twist the truth to paint this heinous and despicable practice as a societal good. They likewise justify this murder by claiming that the voiceless and powerless victims are less than human. Only the most delusional abortion defenders like Steinham could pretend that pro-life advocates have more in common with the Nazis than pro-abortion forces do. Only a casual and rational review of the facts will reveal quite the opposite .

The Nazis had a habit of manipulating the truth, the media and the masses to achieve their ends and of using force to stamp out those who dared to oppose them. If this sounds familiar, we need only look at Obama and company to find the similarity. That these people should have the gall to accuse anyone of being a Nazi is the typical height of hypocrisy that only liberals have visited.

Abortion, Euthanasia, and The Slippery Slope

Once one develops a total disregard for human life, once one pretends to have the privilege of determining when life begins, what its value is, and when it becomes dispensable, the jump from abortion to euthanasia becomes nothing more than a further step into the darkness of one's arrogant, subjective and perceived omnipotence.

Once one pretends to have the power to determine which lives are worth preserving and which lives are a waste of societal resources, health policy becomes nothing more than the kind of glorified eugenics which would make Hitler, Sanger, and the doctors they both admired very proud.

Abortion, Euthanasia and Eugenics as Genocide

Contrary to the protests of numerous liberals, abortion clearly fits both the United Nations 1946-1948 and Nuremburg Trial definitions of genocide as a crime against a chosen segment of society and against humanity. The various arguments of liberals that genocide generally involves a desire to wipe out all members of a group has been put out by the observation that genocide usually involves a desire to wipe out all members of a selected sub-group which, in this case, would be any unborn children whose mothers found to be more of a nuisance than a blessing.

Just as abortion is the crystallization of the determination that certain people are not worthy of preserving, eugenics and euthanasia continue that line of thinking in the context of "perfecting" society and determining whose life is no longer valuable.

It is proposed that all three of these heinous practices are faces of genocide. Abortion is the determination that unwanted unborn are nuisances to be removed. Eugenics is the determination that certain born individuals are blemishes whose removal can only enhance society's stock. Finally, euthanasia is the determination that certain ill or elderly individuals are better off being put out of their misery than being kept alive.

I have personally never heard of a genocide which respected or requested the opinions or desires of those to be eliminated. Likewise, the personal views and desires of unborn children, "imperfect" societal members, the infirm, or the elderly are unlikely to be taken into account by those pretending to be furthering noble ends.

Historically, those who disrespect life and promote their own brand of authority over the value of others' lives are nothing but cowards, liars and hypocrites determined to impose their brand of morality and reality on others. Consequently, one should never believe anything these cowards, liars and hypocrites say, for their overriding purpose and mission is to impose their version of society on the rest of us by any means possible. One need only look at how these people seek to bully, smear and discredit those who dare oppose them. Truth, morality and legitimacy do not need strong-arm tactics to enter the minds and hearts of free, rational people.


It should be no surprise that those who disrespect life, freedom and our national interest have no problem with burning the candle at both ends of life: pre-birth , infirmity and old age. Freedom and democracy do not convey a perfect or all-knowing immunity from human error in the selection of our leaders. What they do imply, and tyrants like Chavez and Ahmadinejad and their friends in this country oppose for obvious reasons, is the ability and right to spit out the pits one finds along the way.

© Gabriel Garnica


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