Gabriel Garnica
The delicious irony of New York's Obama/Patterson issue
By Gabriel Garnica
September 26, 2009

We have the ridiculous spectacle of a president which the vast majority of Americans know was carried to the White House via a fawning media entourage which painted him out to be the best thing since sliced bread. Add to that absurdity the ominous sight of school children being brainwashed to nearly bow down in adoration of this man and you have the makings of a nation's pathetic slide toward precisely the kind of environment that many brave souls perished fighting against in past wars.

If that is not enough, this so-called leader of our great country consistently betrays the nation which he purports to represent with every other word that drips from his mouth, only pausing to allow the lies that spew forth whenever convenience demands it. A legislator is reprimanded for having the gall to mention "lie" in congress in reference to this paragon of truth, as we see Nancy Pelosi, whose promise to clean up congress apparently did not include Charles Rangel, and Joe Biden, whose relationship with the truth is distant at best, cringe in shock behind our fearless community organizer. He brushes off strings to radicals who routinely dance on our flag and clerics who preach hatred with weak excuses that no conservative could sell to preschoolers, all the while referencing religion while pulling the plug on innocent unborn with alarming ease.

In case you have not had enough of this mockery, our Marxist messiah embraces every despot like Chavez and every leader who spits on his country's constitution like Zelaya proving that those who think alike are loyal to each other. You can not make this up, nor would you dare to try to sell this mockery as fiction, much less non-fiction, to any publisher. This is the world of one nation under Obama, with liberty and justice to any who agree with him or are delusional enough to worship the ground he walks on. To those who dare oppose or expose him, he answers with a smug frown or a patronizing swipe of superficial denial.

Add to this present spectacle the painful past wherein this man was swept into office via promises of change and hymns of a new beginning for America wherein all would work for the good a nation over personal benefit. The naïve envisioned a new respect and unselfishness that would carry the country to new heights. Those changes and new paths have proven to be directed not toward the good of a nation but, rather, toward the personal and political benefit of the pilot of this socialist ship, the one anointed by the media, the left, and his own mind to the role where he can do the most harm to this country while that very same media spends its useless time teaching the world what radical propaganda is really about. It is into this mess that we find the amusingly delicious irony of the nation's first black president putting a political hit on New York's first black governor, proving once and for all that Obama's use of the race card was limited to getting him into office and is now annoying dribble more harmful than good, which is a lesson that New York Governor David Patterson has apparently not learned yet.

Please do not get me wrong. I find David Patterson to be about as incompetent a state leader as you can find, and seeing him sit awkwardly stone-faced while Obama treats his political rival Andrew Cuomo like the best thing since himself is about as entertaining a sight one can have. However, there is something unique in watching the train wreck of a man whose blindness apparently goes beyond physical blindness to a blindness apparently shared by many souls dumbed down in this flash drive society, which is the earth-shattering news that only thing Barack Obama cares about is his own political hide and hold on power.

The equation is numbingly simple. Obama wants to stamp out any perceived threats to an eight-year run as this nation's version of what Hugo Chavez would sound like if he actually had an education. Rudy Giuliani could pose such a threat, and that threat would look a lot stronger if Rudy launched it from the New York Governor's seat. Given Patterson's established ability to reach now lows of ineptness and stick his foot in his mouth, as well as his plunging poll numbers, it is not surprising that all polls show Giuliani handing Patterson his lunch and securing that political launching pad. However, those same polls show Cuomo giving Rudy his walking papers in such a battle and thereby likely turning Rudy from threat to blip on the political screen.

David Patterson is a political liability to Barack Obama's future plans so, true to form, Obama has moved to eliminate David Patterson from the picture, regardless of what the people of New York may ultimately decide. After all, why should Obama care about the state political sovereignty of NewYork when he does not give a moment's concern about the nation's, the constitution's, or the American people's interests?


If there is one word to describe Barack Obama, it is irony. The leftist media amuses itself asking what wild accusation the right will next hurl at Obama and comes up with the accusation that Obama is a theocrat. The irony is that the left thinks that Obama's swipes at spirituality even make him a candidate for the accusation despite his strong support of abortion and relentless disrespect for anything Christian. Barack Obama is not a theocrat unless you define theocrat as anyone who constantly pretends to be religious.

A legislator is roundly criticized for daring to call Obama a liar when half the things Obama says are lies. Obama defends and embraces every imbecilic despot he can find and reprimands every peace and freedom loving neighbor threatened by that tyrant. Obama vows to uphold a constitution he treats like a handkerchief during flu season. Obama struts around as if he had a mandate to rule for life when he needed and continues to need 24/7 media support to keep his disastrous administration floating. He treats average Americans like dirt and is shocked that they dare protest in return, likening them to ignorant mobs. Lastly, he manipulates being the first serious black presidential candidate only to push a state's first black governor out the window as soon as that governor becomes a political liability to his anointed run toward some delusional destiny more fueled by his own ego, bully tactics, and a fawning geisha media than any particular merit on his part. I do not know about you, but Shakespeare himself could not cook up a better yarn than this one.

© Gabriel Garnica


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